56.25% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 477: Fight between Love Rivals! (2)

Chapter 477: Fight between Love Rivals! (2)

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Around Zhou Weiqing’s chest area, a round Heart Mirror appeared abruptly, a symbol inscribed on its front as it shimmered with dark gold light. The entire Heart Mirror seemed to swirl with light, moving from the top and down both sides along the thick dark gold metallic chains on the sides. At the same time, shoulder pauldrons appeared, connecting and fusing with his Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms.

The Heart Mirror also appeared behind his back, at the center area where his heart would be. Front and back, the Heart Mirrors in the center glittered with bright light, strange dragon-like tattoos shimmering faintly from within. When the Heart Mirror appeared, a strange, unique aura burst forth from Zhou Weiqing, and in that instant, it was as if he had warped into an ancient Titan with infinite ancient power, his entire aura changing. The Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms were also connected to the Heart Mirror by the two gold chains, and once the connection was set, the dark gold light seemed to come to life, pouring strength into Zhou Weiqing. Even under the Demonic Change State, he could clearly sense his power and strength growing explosively.

As soon as his cultivation level had broken through to the five-Jeweled stage, Zhou Weiqing had not hesitated to Consolidate the Fourth piece of his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set that he had gotten from the Heavenly Jewel Island previously. Improving his power was of utmost importance to him, and naturally he would not delay in such an important addition to his arsenal.

As Long Shiya had the ‘Hate Sky No Handle’ Legendary Set, he was relatively familiar with the usage of Zhou Weiqing’s ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Legendary Set. After all, both were of the same origin, and while there were some differences, his experience was more than sufficient to cover that. As such, he had explained the miraculous usage of the Heart Mirror to Zhou Weiqing. The name of that Heart Mirror was the ‘Source of Strength’, and it was one of the main core components of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set. It did not have any other attached or imbued Skills, and all it did was a pure Strength boost, as well as the main effect of joining all the other pieces together. The more Legendary Set pieces Zhou Weiqing had, the greater the effect it would have, and the greater the boost to strength as well. At the same time, it would naturally also help protect his chest/heart area and his internal organs. As for how much the total strength boost would eventually be, even Long Shiya was not able to confirm.

Appearing together with the Source of Strength was naturally the Dual Legendary Hammers. Seeing his enemy charge forward, the crying-face Hammer in Zhou Weiqing’s right hand slammed upwards as he shouted: “Open!”


To the jaw-dropping surprise of all the watching onlookers, Zhou Weiqing burst forth with a unbelievably terrifying power, despite the fact he had been on the back foot all this time.

The addition of the two God Tier Consolidated Equipment’s boost, and more importantly the Source of Strength’s boost in joining the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms and Dual Legendary Hammers, along with Zhou Weiqing’s own personal strength and Demonic Change State, it had already brought his pure strength to a new height.

The ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set was definitely the best Legendary Set for Strength Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters, and how could it be so simple. Long Shiya had once told Zhou Weiqing that if he could wear the entire Legendary Set, even if his cultivation level did not reach the Heavenly God Tier, his strength would far surpass the Heavenly God Tier powerhouse Heavenly Snow Mountain Mountain Lord.

The overall boost from the Source of Strength was just too insane, bringing Zhou Weiqing’s strength to a terrifying state instantly. With the Source of Strength, it had finally unlocked the true potential of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set.

The Dragon Head Staff and the crying-face Hammer slammed into each other, and Gu YingBing felt a massive strength instantly explode against his Dragon Head Staff, causing its large dragon head top to fly upwards uncontrollably, causing his entire body to leave the ground along with it.

How was that possible? That was the first thought in Gu YingBing’s mind. In the next instant, it was Zhou Weiqing’s turn to charge forward, having activated his Tornado Strike.

At such a critical moment, Zhou Weiqing could not even afford to use the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts. After all, to the current him, the effect of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts was still not comparable to his various powerful Stored Skills in tandem.

The Tornado Strike caused Zhou Weiqing to speed up, and at the same time, a Curse of Doom landed on Gu YingBing. Zhou Weiqing was able to use his Hammers to unleash the Skills one after the other without any delay, using the short opportunity where Gu YingBing’s body had been knocked upwards, and he just threw several Control Skills as quickly as he could on Gu YingBing.

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Zhou Weiqing was extremely clear that the only chance he had to win was to explode forth with all his power at once, making use of his short term explosive power that had worked so well for him thus far, as well as his many powerful Skills able to unleash as much damage as possible in a short amount of time. That would allow him the seize the opportunity while Gu YingBing was not going all out. Only then would he be able to defeat the powerful young Lion Prince.

The Fetters of Wind and Absolute Delay fell upon Gu YingBing one after the other, causing his entire body to slow down and freeze momentarily. At the same time, the laughing-face hammer on his left hand turned a bluish purple as he had already started imbuing it with the Lightning Suffering Skill as he charged forward. As for his true attack, it was hidden in the right hammer, the crying-face hammer shimmering with three colours. Wasn’t it just Zhou Weiqing’s strongest offensive attack, the Dark Demon God Lightning?

In just that short moment of time, Zhou Weiqing had unleashed seven powerful Skills. More so, after training in the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts, he was able to unleash these Skills to their strongest potential of his level.

However, at this moment, Zhou Weiqing could clearly see that above Gu YingBing’s head, a piercing gold light sprang forth. A pure white Heavenly Skill Image of an Angel with six wings appeared. The pale gold light turned into several halos, descending from the sky and covering his body.

A Heavenly God Tier Skill? Zhou Weiqing was caught by surprise. However, he quickly made the judgement that it too was not a Heavenly God Tier Skill, as the Heavenly Skill Image of the white six-winged Angel was similar to his own Heavenly Skill Images. Without question, this was also a Skill that was infinitely close to the Heavenly God stage, but just beyond.

Instantly, the Fetters of Wind and Curse of Doom effects both vanished. Gu YingBing withdrew his Dragon Head Staff calmly and unhurriedly, not even caring about the hammers Zhou Weiqing were striking down upon him. Instead, his Dragon Head Staff sliced down from above, striking down savagely to his head.

Right at this moment, Zhou Weiqing had two choices. Although the Dragon Head Staff was extremely long, but Zhou Weiqing had launched his attack first, so he could still ensure his attack would definitely land first. However, even if he did so, he would still be facing that gold halo which looked so powerful. If his own attack was unable to break through the defense of that Skill, then he would be taking Gu YingBing’s blow for nothing. The second choice would of course be to save himself first and abandon his own attack.

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing did not think that even if he was wearing several God Tier Consolidated Equipment and was in the Demonic Change State, he would be able to take his enemy’s blow head on. At the same time, he was just too familiar with such disgusting Skills that were close to the Heavenly God Tier stage, and he was almost certain that his own attack would not be able to break through that defense. As such, he quickly made his choice, instantly sending the Hammers upwards, the crying-face Hammer in front and the smiling-face Hammer behind, using them to receive Gu YingBing’s Dragon Head Staff.

Another loud explosion. This time, Zhou Weiqing did not have the advantage, as the gold light around Gu YingBing also extended through his hand and covering the staff. At the same time, his entire Dragon head Staff also lit up, boosting his strength considerably.

Both Zhou Weiqing’s feet sank deep into the ground, his right arm going numb. The influence of the first fist had now come into effect. Although he had not felt pain due to his Demonic Change State earlier, and his recovery rate was indeed powerful, in such a sheer contest and clash of strengths, any minor disadvantage would be multiplied several times over.

The greatest shock to Zhou Weiqing was not all that, but rather that all his imbued Skills had totally no effect. The Lightning Suffering Skill on the smiling-face Hammer was instantly dissipated by the gold light, and the Skill that he had been depending on so much, the Dark Demon God Lightning, also disappeared after it was struck by the Dragon Head Staff.

Zhou Weiqing was definitely not in a good state, but Gu YingBing was not feeling great either. The sheer power held within the two Hammers were indeed unbelievably terrifying, especially with the boost from the Tornado Strike, causing his offensive power to increase substantially. At this moment, Gu YingBing’s arms were both aching and numb, as he was sent staggering back six, seven steps.

Facing a five-Jeweled opponent, being forced to such a degree was a true insult, real shame. Furthermore, he had even used his most powerful defensive Skill, the Divine Guardian Angel, to block Zhou Weiqing’s attacks.

The Divine Guardian Angel was actually already at the Heavenly God Tier Stage, and in order to Store such a Skill, Gu YingBing had paid a heavy price. Even with his powerful Bloodline powers, he had barely succeeded. In this, Zhou Weiqing had actually judged the Skill wrongly, as it was truly a real Heavenly God Tier Skill, not a ‘False’ one like he had expected. However, it was because Gu YingBing’s current Heavenly Energy cultivation level was not sufficient to unleash the Skill to its full potential, as a result it had not seemed as strong as it could have been.

When Zhou Weiqing had unleashed a whole chain of Skills onto Gu YingBing, he found that he had no other choice but to use this powerful defensive Skill to protect himself. That Zhou Weiqing’s strength was just too terrifying… just like how Zhou Weiqing did not dare get hit by Gu YingBing’s Dragon Head Staff, in the same vein, Gu YingBing also did not dare let Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Hammers strike him without any defense. As such, he could only turn to this Skill.

Standing back firmly, Gu YingBing’s expression was extremely ugly. Gripping his Dragon Head Staff tightly, he pointed to the front, and abruptly his eyes turned bloodshot. He muttered something, but Zhou Weiqing was not able to hear what he had said clearly, and in the next instant, Gu YingBing’s golden-red mane flew out like it was in an explosion, and his entire body expanded in a burst of muscle, as an intense aura and killing intent came out from within to surround him.

Zhou Weiqing did not realise but the change that had came upon Gu YingBing was the totemic bloodline abilities that the WanShou Empire Beastmen had, just like how the Wolfmen had used previously. However, this totemic ability of his was definitely one of the strongest in the entire WanShou Empire, known as the Lion King Transformation. Although the Lion King Transformation was not comparable to the Demonic Change State, it was still able to allow Gu YingBing’s speed, strength and Heavenly Energy and control to all be boosted by a considerable amount.

Zhou Weiqing also flew into action. He knew that things might not go well for him today, but he would never give up without pitting his all. During the time of the Lion Prince’s Transformation, he used the Blink Skill once more, and in a flash he appeared right before Gu YingBing. However, this time, Zhou Weiqing had already stealthily kept his Dual Legendary Hammers, using his Yin Yang Giant spirit Palms as he grabbed towards Gu YingBing’s shoulders.

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