55.66% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 472: Hell’s Angel! (3)

Chapter 472: Hell’s Angel! (3)

Translator: Zen Translations Editor: Zen Translations

Currently, besides Lin TianAo who was in full defense formation and was not having a big problem, even Shangguan Fei’er was in a flurried frenzy as she too was beset by the sabre formation.

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“You two back off, get away from me at least a hundred yards.” Zhou Weiqing yelled out to Shangguan Fei’er and Lin TianAo, who had been working their way towards him to gather and join forces.

Shangguan Fei’er was currently extremely furious, being surrounded by the sabre formation and struck at by so many, causing even her to find it hard to cope with. After all, her own God Tier Consolidated Equipment were still not enough to cover her entire body, and though the ordinary sabres would not have any effect on her even if they landed, but there were a few powerhouses whose sabres were imbued with various Skills, that were extremely hateful.

Shangguan Fei’er was after all still a young lady, and even if a single injury left a permanent mark on her body, she would not be happy about it! As such, she could only try her best to dodge or block all the attacks, before unleash bout after bout of Wind Blades from her feet to kill her opponents.

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, Lin TianAo turned to the side and charged towards Shangguan Fei’er. It did not take him long before he reached her side, and the Assembly Shield Set in his hands whirled about as he blocked the majority of the sabres striking out at Shangguan Fei’er. The clash of metal against metal rang out loud, but Shangguan Fei’er felt the pressure upon her lessen considerable. With Lin TianAo covering them, the two of them immediately retreated back according to Zhou Weiqing’s instructions.

At the same time, Zhou Weiqing started his own series of actions. Tired from running about and having the marks of Barthez’s sneak attacks on his body, he suddenly lifted the crying-face hammer up high. The next moment, a thick layer of grey light burst forth from within, enveloping his entire body. All the incoming sabres which struck the newly formed shield of grey light just bounced off, and the sabres actually started corroding swiftly.

Standing right in the middle of the grey shield of light, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were serious and he focused all his attention. By now, he had sent his Ghost Demon Horse back into his Spatial Ring, afraid that his own Skill would injure it by accident. He stood there awaiting for Shangguan Fei’er and Lin TianAo to get a safe distance, while the surrounding Wolf Cavalry soldiers gathered closer, constantly attacking at him. Finally, he unleashed his attack.

This shield of grey light was called the Ward of the Demon God, and it was another Demonic Attribute Skill that had automatically Awakened for Zhou Weiqing when he had reached the five-Jeweled stage; in a similar fashion to how his Dark Demon God Lightning had Awakened previously.

The Ward of the Demon God was not a Fusion Skill like the Dark Demon God Lightning, purely only of the Demonic Attribute. However, once he stood in the Ward of the Demon God, the Demonic Attribute Heavenly Energy seemed to have a new and unique circulation fashion, able to Devour all the Evil, Demonic and negative emotions in the atmosphere for its own use. To use it in the middle of a battlefield could be said to be like a fish entering water, and the grievances and negative emotions of all the fresh deaths of soldiers swarmed into the grey shield of light like many rivers streaming towards the sea. The Ward of the Demon God had an extremely powerful defensive capabilities even at the start, and this increase in energy only made it stronger. Even Barthez’s sabre was not able to break through the layer of defense, not even leaving a mark.

When Zhou Weiqing realised that he had Awakened a purely defensive Skill, he had been so overjoyed that tears almost streamed down his face! This could be said to be a dream Skill of his, especially given his character and how afraid of death he was. At that point, one could imagine his sheer joy and excitement. This was also the reason why he had dared to bring Shangguan Fei’er and Lin TianAo alone to invade so deeply into enemy territory. Indeed, in order to break through his current Ward of the Demon God, even for a seven or eight Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, if they did not have a God Tier Consolidated Equipment, they would not be able to do so.

After the raised Dual Legendary Hammers released the Ward of the Demon God, in the next instant, above the Hammers a pitch black light shimmered into existence, slowly spreading outwards into a vague human shape, with three sets of wings behind its back. Although it was hazy and unclear, its basic shape was still relatively recognizable.

The six black wings spread out slowly, and a strong and majestic aura pressured down the entire area, as if making it difficult for them to breathe.

The senses of the war wolves were definitely much keener than their riders, and in that instance they all sensed danger, desperately attempting to retreat. However, as they were in the midst of the sabre formation, which was extremely tightly packed, how could they retreat so easily like that?

What… what is that?! Barthez was given a big shock. He was at the outer regions of the formation, and without hesitation he retreated. He had heard so much from his big brother about how Zhou Weiqing had used the Dark Demon God Lightning on him, and how a shadowy image had appeared then.

Behind the six black wings of the shimmering image, a deep purple colour appeared, and the presence and pressure intensified. In that very moment, it was as if the bright sun in the sky grew dimmer.

A thick darkness seemed to fall over them all, along with the beating of the six wings. With Zhou Weiqing in the center, the darkness spread outwards, enveloping a hundred yard radius totally.

Originally, with Zhou Weiqing’s Five-Jeweled cultivation level, when he unleashed this Skill, it would only be a radius of fifty yards. However, with the boost from the Legendary Hammers, it allowed him to extend the radius of the Skill to affect a hundred yard radius.

Usually, the boost of the Legendary Hammers were not as effective on the offensive power of Skills, but very effective on the lasting time or area of effect of the Skills. For example, if it were the Fetters of Wind, the boost would be on doubling the time it lasted. After all, Zhou Weiqing was still only a five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. Of course, with the boost on the power of Skills also came the increase in drain of Heavenly Energy, though with the effect of the Dual Legendary Hammers, the gain in the effect far outweighed the increase in Energy used.

As the black purple light flashed across, all the Wolfman Cavalry soldiers suddenly felt a terror deep in their hearts. However, they were soon surprised to realise that they were all fine after all. That dark purple light had flashed once and disappeared, as if having no effect or damage on them at all. Even the swiftly retreating Barthez started momentarily as he saw his soldiers in front were totally fine. It was clear that the Skill was different from the one his brother had described, but could it be that it was just a useless Skill that was only for scaring others? Well… the answer could only reveal itself next.

The floor on the radius of hundred yards which the light had covered had somehow turned a dark purple colour unknowingly. The next instant, several large dark purple bubble of air rushed out from below the ground, as if there was boiling water below. The entire zone turned into a world of black and purple, and screams rang out from within. Any Wolfman Cavalry soldier enveloped by the bubbles were totally melted swiftly into a black gooey liquid before being totally swallowed up, and the bubbles continued growing, swallowing everything before them.

All of this did not seem to happen at a very fast speed, but it was definitely an overpowering and brutal, unstoppable force. Facing such a terrifying destructive power, even some of the low ranked Heavenly Jewel Masters amongst the Wolf Cavalry soldiers could not escape or hold out against it. These black-purple bubbles seemed to have a strangely powerful suction, and even if the soldiers tried to get their war wolves to bound over them to dodge it, it was a futile attempt. In the end, no matter blood, flesh or bone, all matter seemed to be dissolved within that terrifying bubble to become part of it. A thick field of negative emotions seemed to grow continually over the area, concentrating over the center where Zhou Weiqing was, causing his Ward of the Demon God to continually grow stronger. In truth, even Zhou Weiqing was startled, as he did not imagine this Skill of his would have such a terrifying effect.

This was a Skill that he had Stored in the Heavenly Jewel Island, from a top level Heavenly Emperor stage Heavenly Beast. That Heavenly Beast was the most powerful one in the entire Heavenly Jewel Island for Darkness Attributes, at least amongst those that were open to public. Just like the Demonic Dragon Lady, a Heavenly Skill Image also appeared when he used the Skill, showing that it was as close to a Heavenly God Tier Skill as possible.

Long Shiya had told Zhou Weiqing previously that although these Skills had a Heavenly Skill Image, they were not truly at the Heavenly God Tier stage yet. The difference between the two was that a true Heavenly God Tier Stage Skill’s Heavenly Skill Image would be extremely clear and distinct, and they would also change accordingly as the Skill activated.

Even so, though Zhou Weiqing’s Skill was not truly at the Heavenly God Tier Stage, its power was terrifying enough, definitely not one to be scoffed at. Previously, the reason why Zhou Weiqing had chosen it to be his Fourth Darkness Attribute Skill was because of its mass area of effect.

The name of this Skill was Hell’s Angel. This was Zhou Weiqing’s first time using this skill, and even he had not expected that its power would be so terrifying. Within the radius, not a single person was able to withstand the Skill. Every contact with the bubble taking a life… and the entire glowing blackish purple light seemed to denote the descent of hell on earth. The shimmering image of the Hell’s Angel Heavenly Skill Image seemed to grow thicker and more solid; at the same time Zhou Weiqing could sense his Heavenly Energy draining out of him at a shockingly rapid rate. The Hell’s Angel Skill was one that could be continually maintained, and would move along with Zhou Weiqing as he moved. That was to say, if Zhou Weiqing stepped forward, the Skill and its radius would move along with him. Of course, that was at the premise that he had sufficient Heavenly Energy to maintain it.

After a short moment of shock, Zhou Weiqing recovered his senses. Without hesitation, he activated a Tornado Strike Skill, charging forward. In the next moment, another large bunch of Wolf Cavalry soldiers were covered within the new radius. However, after a fresh release of the bubbles, Zhou Weiqing immediately dropped the Skill. In just that short time he had held up the Skill, his entire Heavenly Energy was expended by more than sixty percent. From the start of him unleashing the Skill to dropping it, it was barely three seconds!

What a shame! Zhou Weiqing lamented to himself inwardly. If he had started moving the instant he activated the Hell’s Angel, perhaps he could have taken down many more wolf cavalry soldiers. Such a Skill, it was just too terrifying, not just in its effect but its toll on him! The Hell’s Angel was also one of the rare Skills that he had not gone through the Three Thousand Tempering Training, as such mass area of effect Skills did not require much fine control. Furthermore, such a Skill was just too powerful, and Zhou Weiqing could not possibly massacre everything around him when practicing it.

From the start of Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation up until now, this was the first offensive Skill amongst all his Darkness Attribute Skills, and its power was certainly considerable… terrifying! Even though he had made some mistakes and not utilized its power to the maximum, also with some holding back due to being on a large scale battlefield… even so, just unleashing it for three seconds and moving a little, he had already caused over three hundred Wolf Cavalry soldiers and their war wolf mounts to disappear from this very world, not a remaining sign left of them! No matter how ferocious and valiant Beastmen were, they were still mortal, and subject to mortal emotion. Seeing such a terrifying sight happen right before their eyes, the surviving beastmen’s hearts were filled with fear and shock, and they backed away in panic, not even caring if them bumped into each other. In their eyes, Zhou Weiqing was no longer a human, but a devil!

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    he already has the curse of doom, sealing one and that octopus one along with two of the dragon ladies skills wtff is going on with his darkness attribute.. how many skills dose he have!!!!!! this is utter crap.

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    I think this was supposed to be a demonic attribute 😂he doesn’t have enough jewels for another darkness I don’t think

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    The darkness attribute is more terrifying than the demonic one.

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