55.77% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 473: Lion Prince! (1)

Chapter 473: Lion Prince! (1)

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When he had first chosen the Hell's Angel Skill, Zhou Weiqing only had one purpose, that was to increase his offensive capabilities in the battlefield. Normally, area of effect attack Skills were no match in terms of offense compared to single target Skills of the same level. However, it was clear that this Skill was not just good in its area effect, even its sheer power was unbelievable. Just a single Hell's Angel had not only broken the Wolf Cavalry troop's sabre formation, it also wiped out a large number of them. Seeing the dark purple light slowly dissipate, another bright illusory figure started to appear above Zhou Weiqing's head, replacing the previous one. This time, it was a purple red colour, as the figure of the Demonic Dragon Lady appeared out of nowhere, with an even more powerful presence.

No order was required. The wolf cavalry troops scattered like crazy in all directions. Who knew what crazy Skills would come next.

Shangguan Fei'er and Lin TianAo quickly caught back up to Zhou Weiqing, who watched the enemy retreating with the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady above his head. After they regrouped, they headed towards the Gold Crow and Berserker Tribes.

Alas for the Wolfman Cavalry troops, how could they have known that the second Heavenly Skill Image was just a trick, its purpose just to scare them… and it had succeeded amazingly. The Dragon Silencing Seal was indeed a powerful Skill, but it was totally useless against ordinary soldiers like them, let alone so many of them. Only powerful Heavenly Jewel Masters would be afraid of such a Skill. Of course, with the prior Hell's Angel, this bluff was not easily called, and the effect was effective indeed. Soon enough, they reached the defensive lines of the two tribes.

When the Peerless Battalion had came earlier, the Gold Crow and Berserker Tribes had instantly noticed it. Especially when the Unicorn Cavalry Regiment had moved out to attack the Peerless Battalion, the pressure on them had lessened considerably. Naturally, they had also clearly seen the dark purple light of the Hell's Angel and its effect on the Wolfman Cavalry Regiment. Now that the enemy was retreating, the two powerful tribes also heaved a sigh of relief.

They had been surrounded and attacked for more than two hours, and though they had definitely given much trouble to the Wolfman Cavalry and Unicorn Cavalry Regiments, the two tribes had not remained unwounded. After all, they were severely lacking in armour and weapons, and no matter how tough they were, they could not possibly last forever against the continuous charges of the powerful cavalry units, and several of them were already critically injured. If not for the timely appearance of the Peerless Battalion, perhaps their injuries would have increased to the point that their lines would collapse. By that time, they might even be in danger of being wiped out eventually, no matter the toll that would take on the two Regiments.

As they got closer, Zhou Weiqing immediately saw how the tribesmen of the two Tribes were all injured. The two tribes were rather easy to differentiate, with the Gold Crow Tribe consisting of more females, with fewer males. As for the Berserker Tribe, they had a good mix of both sexes, with the males mostly all with their upper bodies naked, grasping all different sorts of weapons. Various wounds and injuries could be clearly seen on their bodies, and right in front of their defensive line there were large numbers of the WanShou Empire soldier corpses.

Too strong…

Zhou Weiqing knew that he was as stout and muscular as they were, yet when he compared himself to the two Tribes, he found that he was nothing compared to them. From just a single look, he could not even find one less than two metres tall. All of them were so muscular that they did not even seem human, with some of the larger ones almost built like mountains, reaching at least 2.5 metres tall, their shoulders broad and thick as city walls.

"Boss!" Ma Qun's excited voice rang out and the next moment he charged out with his large Consolidated Assembly Set Shield, pouncing onto Zhou Weiqing and giving him a bear hug. He was currently covered in blood, and it was as if he had seen his closest kin when he spotted Zhou Weiqing.

Ever since they reached this place and were surrounded, both Crow and Ma Qun's eyes had reddened. They were under so much pressure in convincing their tribes to migrate and move, and when this had happened, they could clearly feel their entire tribe's eyes on them, no matter whether it was true or not. After all, they were responsible for bringing their tribesmen here, yet upon reaching they had been greeted with such powerful enemies. Let alone speaking of the danger of having their entire tribes wiped out, even if a single of their tribe members were killed, they would be the greatest sinners of their tribe.

Being hugged by Ma Qun, Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that this brother of his was trembling. Such a stout and muscular fellow, yet he was currently giving off such a weak feeling, obviously totally drained of strength from the long fight.

"Good bro, don't worry, our reinforcements will be coming soon. I will definitely bring your tribes safely to our new camp." It was no time for lengthy explanations, and Zhou Weiqing's strong and resolute voice brought Ma Qun a fresh bout of confidence.

At this moment, due to the Wolf Cavalry Soldiers being frightened by Zhou Weiqing's terrifying Skills, Barthez gave the order to retreat temporarily and regroup slightly ahead, reforming into a different formation. At the same time, this gave the Gold Crow and Berserker Tribes a rare and highly treasured chance to rest.

Two massive figures disengaged from the crowd and walked towards them, both covered in blood. Along with them came Crow, carrying her massive Gold Crow Legendary Axes.

Zhou Weiqing and Ma Qun stopped hugging and went ahead to receive them.

The two figures together with Crow were a male and a female. The man was so huge and tall that even with Zhou Weiqing's size, he had to totally raise his head to be able to see his features…He is at least a metre taller than I am! That was Zhou Weiqing's first thought upon looking at him. As he looked closer, he could see that the huge man resembled Ma Qun, and in his large grip, there was an enormous Great Hammer in each hand, much larger than even Zhou Weiqing's considerable Dual Legendary Hammers. His broad muscular chest were filled with many small wounds, and his entire body was covered with blood. Still, it was evident that most of the blood were from his enemies.

As for the lady, her figure was even taller than Crow, with a head of short hair, carry a pair of massive war axes. As the two of them strode towards them, it was definitely an intimidating and valiant looking group.

"Boss, let me introduce you. This is my father, our Berserker Tribe Tribe Leader." Ma Qun quickly said.

Zhou Weiqing took a few steps forward and extended his hand to the huge man.

Ma Qun's father gripped the two Great Hammers in a single hand before extending the empty hand to grasp Zhou Weiqing's. "My name is Ma Long." His voice was loud, deep and rich, with an almost slight metallic tone to it. Just a few words, yet Zhou Weiqing's ears were almost ringing with that.

"Uncle Ma, good to meet you. I'm sorry that we have come so late, we never expected that your arrival would coincide with the WanShou Empire's attacks." Zhou Weiqing said with an apologetic look on his face.

Zhou Weiqing's hands were not small, but in the middle of Ma Long's massive hand, it was as if it was totally enveloped, like a baby's hand.

Zhou Weiqing felt a firm grasp and a large strength applied. However, his face did not change, and he too applied more pressure, not going on the offensive but just maintaining his grip without allowing Ma Long's strength to overwhelm him.

Ma Long continued slowly increasing the pressure, his gaze fixed upon Zhou Weiqing though he did not speak.

After a moment, surprise slowly showed on Ma Long's face. He felt as if Zhou Weiqing's hand was a tough bedrock; no matter how much force he applied, Zhou Weiqing would respond with an equal strength. At this point, he was already using seventy percent of his strength, but looking at Zhou Weiqing, he was smiling with an honest look, not flinching or showing any sign of weakness at all.

"Very good, no wonder that little brat Ma Qun was praising you so much. That strength, it is indeed impressive." Ma Long finally let go of his grip, looking at Zhou Weiqing approvingly as he nodded.

"Let me try." The middle aged lady warrior who had came together with Crow passed the axes to Crow, taking a large stride forward to Zhou Weiqing. She was even more direct, not hiding the fact that she was about to test Zhou Weiqing.

Crow quickly piped out: "Weiqing, this is my mother."

The middle aged lady warrior was even more straightforward and forthright, saying: "My name is Hong Yu, you can call me Aunty Hong Yu. Crow said that your strength is even greater than hers, let me see for myself."

As she said that, she extended her hand out, one that was no smaller than Ma Long's.

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: "Please kindly guide me Aunty." As he said that, he extended his hand out without batting an eye.

They were fully pitting physical strength, as such neither side released their Power Jewels.

Hong Yu was unlike Ma Long; as soon as the two gripped palms, Zhou Weiqing instantly felt a surge of power come from her. His expression changed slightly, and he dared not be careless and quickly focused his full attention. Instantly, a surge of power came from deep within, and the skin of their two palms where they met immediately turned pale from the sheer strength between.

"Alright, alright… Hong Yu, do you really think that your strength is greater than mine?" Ma Long said exasperatedly. With a swift tap of his left Great Hammer onto the two tightly gripped palms, Zhou Weiqing and Hong Yu released their grip at the same time.

Hong Yu glanced at Ma Long and said: "What? Are you unwilling to concede? Of course your strength is not comparable to mine. If you dare, don't enter your Berserk state, and we can just compete purely in physical strength, how about that?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Ma Long said angrily: "Hmph, if you have the capability, bring down your weight and mass to an ordinary human level!"

Zhou Weiqing's lips twisted awry as his heart spasmed slightly. It looked like these two were not too harmonious normally.

At the side, Crow suddenly burst into giggles before saying: "Weiqing, don't mind them. My mother and Uncle Ma are just too used to arguing all the time. In truth, they are very good friends." Ma Long glanced at Crow and said exasperatedly: "In those days past, if not for your father hijacking my love, you will not be my daughter in law, but my daughter!"

Hong Yu responded exasperatedly: "Bullshit, as if I would fall for you? Stop dreaming. Be careful, or I will report your words to sis."

To Zhou Weiqing's surprise, such a stout and muscular berserker warrior like Ma Qun, upon hearing Hong Yu's words, he actually turned back with a guilty look. His voice lowered much obviously, as she said: "Hmph, who knows what you were thinking, you are so large, yet you can fall for such a tiny man."

Hong Yu said angrily: "Shut your mouth! If you dare mention him again, don't think I won't kill you." Zhou Weiqing could only intervene at such a moment. After all, they were still not in a good state, and who knew if the WanShou Empire would send reinforcements as well. "Two Tribe Leaders, we still have not escaped danger yet, we should leave first before continuing such conversation."

Ma Long furrowed his brow and said: "Those Wolf Cavalry soldiers… they still number at least seven to eight Battalions worth of men. How can we leave like that?"

Zhou Weiqing said: "You all retreat while protecting your tribesmen. I will lead my men to cover your retreat."

"Your men?" Both Ma Long and Hong Yu were slightly puzzled, and they couldn't help but look to the distance.

No matter the two Tribes or the Wolfmen Cavalry Regiment, they could still see the Unicorn Cavalry Regiment in the distance surrounding and attacking the small Peerless Battalion troop.

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