55.42% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 470: Hell’s Angel! (1)

Chapter 470: Hell’s Angel! (1)

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The Wolf Cavalry troops did not give Zhou Weiqing much pressure, allowing him to keep up constant observation of the entire battlefield. Currently, the trio had already invaded deep into the ranks of the enemies, and they were totally surrounded by the Wolf Cavalry soldiers. Even their titanium mail armour was starting to show signs of wear and tear from the constant strike of the sabres of the Wolf Cavalry soldiers.

“Haaaah!” Zhou Weiqing shouted loudly, a powerful yet cold aura of bloodlust bursting forth from his body in an explosive manner along with his shout. The angry howl could be clearly heard by the entire battlefield of several tens of thousands of warriors. The few of the closest war wolf mounts actually had their legs buckle and they fell to the ground from the sheer force of the shout. The immense powerful pressure of the Dark Demon God Tiger bloodline was released as he entered the Demonic Change State. In doing so, he was also able to help relieve some pressure from the Gold Crow Tribe and Berserker Tribe at the same time.

As soon as he entered the Demonic Change State, his beleaguered titanium mail was  forced open, and he just threw it aside to reveal a body full of rock hard muscles. His upper body naked, the tiger tattoos swirled with black light, giving him an extra wild and violent look.

Instantly, he used the Tornado Strike, with both Hammers in hand, forcefully carving a path of blood almost ten yards long like a raging bulldozer, with at least twenty Wolf Cavalry soldiers knocked out of his path. It was truly any slight graze causing injury, and a direct collision was death. The ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set coupled with the explosive power of the Demonic Change State could only be described as disgusting. From the start of the fight until now, the number of soldiers who had died under Zhou Weiqing’s hammers already totalled an entire Company!

It’s definitely him…

The moment Barthez saw Zhou Weiqing enter the Demonic Change State, he immediately thought about his big brother’s description of his fight. Without question, this Dual Hammer wielding fellow was the damn brat who had injured his big brother.

Barthez had definitely took his brother’s poisoned injury to heart, and wanted to take revenge. Of course, with his brother’s warning in mind, he would not underestimate the young fighter.

“Bathulu Sabre Formation!”

Barthez shouted out loud. He did not continue charging forward. After all, with his big brother’s powerful nine-Jeweled cultivation level, he had still fallen prey to this youth’s trickery. His own power was no match for his big brother’s, what if he too fell to that terrifying venom?

As the Wolf Cavalry soldiers heard Barthez’s order, their formation which had started to fall into disarray started to stabilize and reform, spreading out momentarily. The next instant, they all shouted “Bathulu!” in anger. Their large sabres all flew out with a strange aura, striking out towards Zhou Weiqing from all directions.

This was a special formation created by the Wolf Cavalry soldiers specially against Heavenly Jewel Master powerhouses, a fighting style and technique designed to take down a lone person far more powerful than themselves. After all, no matter how strong a Heavenly Jewel Master was, he ultimately still had a limit to the amount of Heavenly Energy he had. In theory, even a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse could be surrounded and eventually killed.

The sabres were infused with the powerful totemic energies of the Wolfman warriors, full of bloodthirst and wild rage. Most importantly, mixed within the sabre formation were also the sabres that the Heavenly Jewel Masters of the Wolfmen Tribe had thrown out, and if one was not careful, it would be easy to get struck.

Zhou Weiqing gave a cold humph, the Hammers in his hands swirling about. At the same time, a bout of green light flew out from his hammer, causing a green circle of airflow to form around his body. The various sabres were furled up by the green light and thrown away before returning to the Wolf Cavalry soldiers. Some of the unluckier ones were actually struck by their own returning sabres, and once again blood filled the scene.

Currently, Zhou Weiqing was filled with bloodlust, excited with the fight. All of a sudden, a loud clanging sound, and a sabre actually forcefully broke through Zhou Weiqing’s Wind Attribute protective whirlwind. Although Zhou Weiqing reacted extremely quickly, using the haft of his hammer to strike at it, the power imbued within the sabre was just too strong, and it also had a violent Wind Attribute Skill within. In a flash of green light, it struck down at Zhou Weiqing’s sabre.

The Immortal Deity Technique and its Immortal Deity Shield came into effect. Where the green light struck, a layer of thick white light shone, blocking and warding off most of the offensive power. At the same time, his formidable physique after the Demonic Change State also helped mitigate some of the damage. Even so, a wound appeared on his shoulder, blood seeping out. Although the wound started healing with the aid of the Demonic Change State, and he did not feel much pain in such a state, Zhou Weiqing was still taken by surprise.

In the Demonic Change State, he had the power of the ‘Ice Cold Perception’. Yet, he had not been able to discover the difference of that particular sabre and the strength it held. One could imagine, the that sabre definitely had some unique Skill imbued within, perhaps something similar to Silent Tracking Arrow Shangguan Bing’er had once used. Furthermore, the person who threw that sabre was definitely not too close to him, and to be able to break past all his various defenses to actually injure him, that meant he was a powerhouse of at least six-Jeweled cultivation level or higher.

Naturally, the knife had been thrown by Barthez. All this while, he had been standing not far off waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, and he had finally succeeded in injuring Zhou Weiqing. Alas, the wound was not deep or serious at all. However, stuck in the sabre formation, Zhou Weiqing did not have the time to look for him.

Barthez gave a cold smirk. No matter how powerful a person was or how great the Skills he had, it was still personal strength. Compared to the strength of an entire well trained army, death would still be the final result for him.

On this side, Zhou Weiqing’s trio seemed to be stuck in a tight corner. However, on the other side, for the Peerless Battalion First Main Company, the reverse was true.

Without Zhou Weiqing’s direction, Hua Feng also knew how to fight this battle. Their ultimate goal was to rescue the Gold Crow and Berserker Tribes, but at the same time, the precondition was that they had to preserve the strength of the Peerless Battalion, to incur as few losses as possible.

Seeing the Unicorn Cavalry Regiment charge towards them, the Peerless Battalion’s Consolidated Bows showed their power once more.

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If they fired from a distance of more than five hundred yards, perhaps with the power of the Unicorn Cavalry troops, their skill, training and sheer physique, it might be possible for them to block the arrows. However, Hua Feng waited specifically until they had charged to within the range of five hundred yards before he gave the order to shoot once more. In just a single salvo, several hundred Unicorn Cavalry troops had fallen once more. This time, their enemies were just too many, and they could no longer spare the time to deal with the Unicorn Beasts as well, mainly shooting down the riders as priority. Without the riders’ directions, those Unicorn Beasts would not be able to stay properly in formation and attack.

These Unicorn Beasts were indeed extremely fast, especially with their gliding capabilities, able to instantaneously burst forth with a sudden terrifying speed for a short period of time.

From the time the Peerless Battalion First Main Company had started shooting, they only managed to shoot five rounds of arrows before the Unicorn Cavalry Regiment had charged to the three hundred yard distance. At this distance, the Unicorn Cavalry were finally able to make use of their own longbows to retaliate, and arrows also began to be shot forth from their side.

However, to the Unicorn Cavalry Regiment Leader Campora’s anger, as soon as that happened, the Peerless Battalion actually turned tail and ran. They did not seem to have any intentions of staying to clash with them, and the most hateful thing was that as these fellows ran, they constantly turned back to fire some arrows, continuously taking a toll on his men.

In terms of overall combat strength, the Unicorn Beasts were definitely above the War Wolves. However, just in terms of speed, besides the burst of speed when they were using their gliding charge, their usual speed was actually no match for the War Wolves. Of course, that was still faster than ordinary horses. Still, that was still a limit of how much faster they could be. As the Peerless Battalion were fleeing at full speed, it was not going to be easy to catch up with them in a short amount of time. At the same time, the Peerless Battalion’s archery was not to be trifled with, and the front lines of the chasing Unicorn Cavalry Regiment was constantly being shot down, thus causing their chasing speed to slow down slightly.

Campora could only place hope in their own bows and arrows causing enough harm to their enemies. The Unicorn Cavalry troops were well geared in terms of equipment and their longbows were finely crafted, able to shoot pretty accurately at the three hundred yard range.

Alas, very soon, Campora wanted to start cursing out loud. The reason was simple – the Peerless Battalion soldiers did not seem to even care about their arrows, not even bothering to dodge.

Besides the difference in accuracy, just the difference in the effect of being struck with arrows on both sides was just too huge, more than enough to cause Campora to be so enraged that he wanted to puke out blood.

On the side of the Unicorn Cavalry troops, if they were struck by the titanium arrows shot by those powerful Consolidated Bows, even if they did not die, they would be knocked out or be out of fighting shape. Yet, what about their opponents? They were armed to the teeth, and they totally ignored the incoming arrows, allowing them to bounce off their titanium mail. They were even using their own small round shields to protect their horses’ behind!

At a distance of two to three hundred yards, how could ordinary bows and arrows break through the defense of the titanium mails the Peerless Battalion were wearing? At most, it would leave a small mark.

The Peerless Battalion warriors were extremely overjoyed. No matter how their enemies fired, they remained injury free. Such a feeling was just too amazing. As they retreated, they continued firing, and the death and injury toll on the Unicorn Cavalry Regiment continued growing steadily. The power of the Consolidated Bows when in such numbers was not to be easily dismissed. Even though the Unicorn Cavalry troops also had armour, how could it be compared to the titanium alloy mail of the Peerless Battalion?

The Unicorn Cavalry Troops did not have the same charging technique as the Wolf Cavalry Troops. They did not shrink their formation or use a single line charge to reduce the damage. Instead, they spread into two sides, pincering down onto their opponents like a massive claw.

“Target their horses, shoot down all their horses!” Campora howled in anger. In just a matter of minutes, he had lost yet another Battalion of men. How could he not be enraged? In today’s’ fight, his entire Regiment had already lost at least three whole Battalions worth of fine warriors!

Campora’s plan finally worked. As soon as the Unicorn Cavalry soldiers started targeting their enemies’ mounts, this tactic of fighting while beating a retreat by the Peerless Battalion was finally halted in their tracks.

After all, those warhorses were not equipped with titanium mail like they were. Although the twenty or so officers led by Hua Feng on their Ghost Demon Horses were staying at the back to defend the retreat, and they had their shields to protect their steeds, their numbers were just not enough to protect the entire Main Company, and there were constantly Peerless Battalion soldiers whose horses were killed.

At this point, the individual power and combat abilities of the finest of the Peerless Battalion, the First Main Company, showed itself. Every time a soldier’s steed was killed, a companion at the side would quickly pull him up on his own horseback. As such, the chasing Unicorn Cavalry Regiment could only see horses perish, but not a single Peerless Battalion soldier had been killed thus far.

“Boss, this will not do. Eventually, we will not be able to save everyone.” At this moment, Yi Shi was extremely serious, a rare sight for ‘her’, as she said solemnly to Hua Feng.

The seven God Archers of the Heavenly Bow Unit had definitely killed the most enemies. Each arrow they shot out at least killing one or more enemies.

Hua Feng looked to Mu En, who nodded back to him. “Everyone, dismount. Use your horses as temporary shelter. Get ready for close combat!”

Indeed, they had not heard the wrong command. Hua Feng had ordered for them to fight in close combat, not to rise up into the air!

Zhou Weiqing wanted to train and temper the Peerless Battalion, and just being skilled in ranged combat was far from sufficient. After all, once their enemies were familiar with the Peerless Battalion, it was easy to start specially countering their ranged capabilities. Eventually, it would be impossible to avoid fighting in close range. Only with continuous actual combat experience could these Peerless Battalion soldiers put their close combat training to use, making it their own and soaking thoroughly in it. This would bring up the entire quality of the Peerless Battalion, to make them an all rounded elite unit.

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