55.3% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 469: Arrival of the two powerful Tribes! (3)

Chapter 469: Arrival of the two powerful Tribes! (3)

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As they now had the advantage of high ground descending upon them, their speed had increased more than fifty percent. Backed by the powerful inertia of the charge, they hurtled towards Zhou Weiqing’s trio with an indomitable force and aura. The single Unicorn Beast right in front was extremely massive, larger than its kin by a considerable amount. Even its Beastman rider atop him was far more muscular and well built than the others, though Zhou Weiqing and the others were currently unable to see any Power Jewels around his wrists.

Zhou Weiqing lifted his hands, the two Legendary Hammers shimmering and appearing into his grasp along with the dark gold colour of the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura. His Single-Horned Ghost Demon Horse seemed to be provoked by the opposing mounts, and it too accelerated abruptly without prompting, causing Zhou Weiqing to break free from the triangular formation to charge right ahead.

The Unicorn Beastman leader pointed the spear in his hand directly towards Zhou Weiqing. In the instant that it seemed the two would clash, his spear sudden moved back a half metre. From the looks of it, it was as if he wanted to avoid a direct clash with Zhou Weiqing’s warhammers.

At the same time, Zhou Weiqing could clearly hear him shouting something, causing both he and his Unicorn Beast to light up in a brilliant white, before the long spear in his hands darted out like a bolt of lightning once more.

Zhou Weiqing was secretly surprised in his heart. This Unicorn Beastman leader truly had his own unique talents indeed. However, though he was thinking that in his heart, that did not stop him from countering instantly, the crying-face hammer in his right hand striking upwards in a simple arc, without any Skills activated.

In terms of a direct strength competition, Zhou Weiqing had never been afraid of anyone, even if it were a clash against someone with higher cultivation level. As the successor to the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, once he could wear the entire set one day, he would definitely be the strongest person in the entire world, at least in pure physical terms. Even the Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Snow Mountain Mountain Lord would not be able to compare to him in just that respect alone.

On the battlefield, sometimes just pure physical strength was more effective than martial skill, as it was faster and more direct.

*Clang* Another loud sound of the two powerhouses clashed hard. The Unicorn Beastmaster had absolute confidence in his physical strength, but he abruptly felt the grip of his hands heat up as a massive power forcefully struck his spear aside. Next, another Hammer smashed down savagely, striking hard on his beloved Unicorn Beast mount’s head.

Although Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers were one fake and one real, its greatest power was the fact that it could be swapped at will between the hammers. As long as he did not strike down with them at the same time, it was nearly impossible to tell that one was fake and one was real. Even if the enemy had prior knowledge, it would not be easy to read the truth of the matter as well.

Zhou Weiqing had used his first hammer strike to smash his enemy’s spear aside, before smashing down with the second hammer, neatly switching it to its ‘real’ and weighted form before the strike actually hit. Although the Unicorn Beast’s horn was extremely tough, how could it easily take a blow from Zhou Weiqing’s powerful hammer?

A sickening thud, and the entire Unicorn’s head along with its horn exploded like a watermelon being split apart. The Beastman rider’s hands had been injured by the previous strike, and the death of his mount and his own inertia caused him to jerk forward uncontrollably. With another swing of his hammer, Zhou Weiqing ended his life in an unbelievably easy method.

The clash was seemingly complicated, but it all happened in a blink of an eye as the two crossed paths.

On the other hand, Shangguan Fei’er’s fighting style was very different from Zhou Weiqing’s. As both sides met, her legs hooked onto the saddle of her mount, her entire body leaning to the front as her pair of God Tier Consolidated Claws appeared, glinting with cold light. The Unicorn Beastmaster she faced had a pretty decent combat ability, alas when compared to her, the gap was just too great. A flurry of claw afterimages, and all that could be seen was the splattering of blood.

As for Lin TianAo, his fighting style was the simplest. A quick Rock Armour Skill, covering him and his mount along with a fresh infusion of massive Heavenly Energy. Just like that, he continued galloping headlong, forcefully smashing into his opponent. No matter the enemy rider or his Unicorn Beast, both were sent smashing to the ground, broken bones and in a twisted mess.

The three of them, with Zhou Weiqing in the center, galloping ahead with his hammers wielded, as if he could take down ten thousand men by himself. His flanks were guarded respectively by Shangguan Fei’er and Lin TianAo, and just like a spear they drove right into the side of the Unicorn Cavalry Battalion.

The charge of cavalry troops were extremely quick, especially for powerful Heavenly Beasts like the Unicorns, and they were also in the perfect triangular formation. Alas, their formation was quickly smashed into by Zhou Weiqing’s trio, as the three of them bore right through the entire ranks.

The first one who had been slain by Zhou Weiqing was actually the Battalion Commander of this Unicorn Cavalry Battalion. Although the Unicorn Cavalry troops of the Unicorn Beastmen tribe were extremely powerful, their rank in the WanShou Empire was not high. The main reason was because their tribe did not have any Heavenly Jewel Masters. As such, even though their mounts and ordinary cavalry were far superior to the wolf cavalry troops, their rank in the WanShou Empire was actually not even comparable to the Wolfman Tribe, with their strongest powerhouses lacking. As Zhou Weiqing rode in, he forged a path right through with his hammers swinging, smashing along like an unstoppable demon god. Anyone struck by his hammers were either killed instantly or critically injured, with not a single Unicorn Cavalry soldier could stand a round against him. Just like that, the three of them carved a road of blood right through the Unicorn Cavalry Battalion, speeding towards the main battlefield.

One of the most important things about a cavalry charge was momentum, and the air of unstoppability. No matter how elite the Unicorn Cavalry were, having their entire formation carved through like that, their momentum was dulled, throwing them into a mess. Right at that time, the next salvo of arrows from the Peerless Battalion First Main Company flew out, along with the shrill cries in the air.

The Two Companies had failed earlier, but was a single Battalion sufficient this time? Furthermore, it was one which had their entire momentum deflated. Five more salvos, and the entire Battalion had been wiped out again.

As the finest of all the Peerless Battalion elites gathered together to form this First Main Company, ever since they had been formed, this was the first time they had shown their prowess on an actual battleground. The terrifying power of the Consolidated Equipment Bows was once again proven without a doubt.

The sudden change in the battlefield once again drew the attentions of the two WanShou Empire Regiments. After all, an entire Battalion and two Companies had been wiped out with the shrill sounds of the arrows, and besides a few stray Unicorns fleeing into all directions, not a single Beastman was left alive.

Barthez, the Regiment leader of the Wild Wolf Regiment, was actually the younger brother of Butler, the Regiment Leader who had been so severely injured by Zhou Weiqing’s Dark Demon God Lightning previously. Of course, as compared to Butler, his cultivation level was no match, but he was just as ferocious and valiant.

As soon as he discovered that the situation was not right on the other side, he immediately thought of his brother’s Swift Wolf Regiment and the massive defeat they had suffered previously.

When Butler had first returned to their Tribe, he had still been conscious, and he had described the loss in detail to his tribesmen. Although Barthez was a rougher and more straightforward character who did not enjoy thinking too much into things, he was certain that he had definitely met the archery Battalion that had given his brother’s Swift Wolf Regiment such a crushing defeat. After all, his brother had mentioned that the fight had occurred around this area.

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Yet, only five hundred men had appeared now, where were the other one thousand? That was the first thought in Barthez’s mind as cold sweat streamed down his back. He could remember clearly how his big brother had mentioned how the powerful charge of the Swift Wolf Regiment had been met with a forty percent loss result.

“Campora, leave this place to our Regiment. You bring your Regiment to take care of those five hundred archers. Do not underestimate them, make use of all your abilities including your archery, do not just charge in blindly.” Barthez turned to the Unicorn Cavalry Regiment’s Leader and said.

The two of them had been watching from the side and had not joined in the battle previously.

“Who are those people? Such powerful bows and arrows, to be able to kill my warriors at a five hundred yard distance.” The Unicorn Cavalry Regiment Leader Campora was also both angered and shocked. After all, their entire Unicorn Beastmen Tribe only had the two Regiments of warriors, and having an entire Battalion wiped out, how could he not have a severe heartache?”

“How would I know who they are? Hurry up, go. They might have bows and arrows, but don’t you Unicorn Cavalry soldiers also have them? Aren’t you all always calling yourselves born archers? Hurry up and get rid of them, and I will recommend extra merits and commendations for you to the higher ups.” Barthez said passively.

Although in terms of overall strength, the Unicorn Cavalry Regiment was stronger than the Wild Wolf Regiment, in terms of personal ranking, as a seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, Barthez was much higher ranked than Campora.

The Beastmen were all aggressive and warlike, and Campora did not have prior news about the Peerless Battalion from Butler. As such, he did not suspect anything, and howled out loudly. Instantly, all his Unicorn Cavalry troops wheeled around and gathered, charging forth towards the Peerless Battalion First Main Company, with Campora leading them.

The reason why he was so eager to lead his troops over was also because the fighting on this side was not easy at all. The Gold Crow Tribe and Berserk Tribe were a much tougher foe than they had anticipated. Were those really humans? They seemed even more like Beastmen than the actual Beastmen! Each with unbelievable strength and toughness; they were clearly not wearing any armour, yet spear strikes on them only left marks on their skin. Especially those massive female warriors, their defensive capabilities were shocking, even the Bear Tribesmen might not be a match for them in that aspect. After both sides had clashed for so long, those who had fallen were actually a majority from the two WanShou Empire Regiments! As for the Gold Crow and Berserker Tribes, their injuries were ever increasing, but they still fought on valiantly, repelling attack after attack with seeming unending endurance.

If they continued fighting like this, it would definitely be possible to end up killing all of these powerful humans; after all, they barely numbered four thousand fighters in total, and their equipment were simple; without any armour and some even lacking proper weaponry. Many of them were actually using some of the fallen Wolfmen cavalry or Unicorn cavalry soldiers’ weapons. As their injuries increased, their blood loss would as well, and it was likely they would eventually die of exhaustion or their injuries. However, by that time, it would definitely also be a heavy cost to the two Regiments. Up until now, they had already lost almost two Battalions worth of troops, and who knew what would be the final toll to end the fight. Previously, both Barthez and Campora were still wondering since when humans had become so tough and difficult to deal with.

Since Barthez had asked Campora to deal with the Peerless Battalion, he was more than happy to do so. At the same time, Barthez did not stay idle, charging forward with his four Battalion Commanders by his side.

After Zhou Weiqing’s trio had pierced through the previous Battalion’s formation, they were in the heart of the battlefield. His Dual Legendary Hammers were just too terrifying, and with just physical strength alone combined with the two, everywhere he went it was just a mess of bloody meat flying about. He did not even need to infuse them with Heavenly Energy, and the only Heavenly Energy expenditure was what was needed to maintain the two Hammers, plus whatever physical fatigue in wielding them. In fact, his Immortal Deity Technique’s recovery speed was even faster than the expenditure! After all, he had already broken through twenty Death Acupuncture Points when he reached the Five-Jeweled cultivation level.

The power of the Beastmen and their advantage against humans was only comparative to ordinary human soldiers. Against Heavenly Jewel Masters like the trio, ordinary Beastmen would only be courting their own doom, unless they used major numbers to overload them and sacrifice themselves to take down the Heavenly Jewel Masters, otherwise they would be no threat to such powerhouses. Naturally Barthez could not stand there and just watch his tribesmen get slaughtered, and he immediately rallied the several powerhouse subordinates together and charged forth.

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    Indeed. I can really play it out in my mind. Heads flying everywhere. Epic. Hehe.

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    God the trio charging into the army is such an epic scene in my head, I really want to see that animated

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    I almost forgot that he already reached five jewels

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