54.95% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 466: Five Jewels! (3)

Chapter 466: Five Jewels! (3)

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Right after that, Zhou Weiqing had used the Blink Skill to get right next to Lei Zi, before combining the Absolute Delay, Fetters of Wind and Lightning Suffering, three powerful Control Skills to restrict Lei Zi, before ending with the near-Heavenly God Tier Skill Demonic Dragon God Seal and the Blood Rites – Seal of Darkness.

Let alone Lei Zi, even if it were a more powerful six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters with all Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills, it was unlikely he or she would be able to withstand that flurry of Skills.

Of course, Zhou Weiqing did not really want him to become his Follower, but was just teaching this wild and intractable fellow a painful lesson. If the lesson was not strict enough, and he kept coming to challenge him in the future, wouldn’t that be a bother? As such, he had used such a show of force to take down Lei Zi so seemingly easily, at the same time it was also a display for the other newer soldiers to awe them into submission.

Seventh Legion Command Headquarters.

When Zhou Weiqing and Wei Feng reached, the headquarters was already full of the senior officers of the Seventh Legion. Those who were there were at least of the Vice Regiment Commander rank or higher, with their armour clearly depicting their status.

Zhou Weiqing and Wei Feng’s arrival did not rouse anyone’s attention, as they were currently listening to Shen Ji.

However, Shen Ji glanced towards Zhou Weiqing, and his originally strict face smiled faintly for a moment, and he nodded to Zhou Weiqing before continuing.

Although he was a little afraid of Zhou Weiqing’s background, at this moment, Shen Ji would not give him any special treatment. After all, that would easily reveal his identity and status.

Zhou Weiqing also nodded back to Shen Ji in greeting, before standing right behind the rest of the other officers.

Due to Shen Ji’s attention, the officers in front also subconsciously turned back to look at Zhou Weiqing. For the others, it was still alright, but when Shen Bu saw Zhou Weiqing, her expression changed and she quickly turned her head away. To Zhou Weiqing’s great surprise, he saw a blush stain her face as she did so.

Zhou Weiqing blinked in surprise before turning to Wei Feng beside him and saying in a low tone: “Old Wei, that Shen Bu girl is a little… strange today? Why did she blush when she saw me?”

Wei Feng gave a low snigger and said: “Battalion Commander, for this… no matter how intelligent you are, I am sure you will never guess the reason.”

Zhou Weiqing started momentarily before saying: “What… could it be that she has also fallen for me? That can’t be right… even though I am extremely suave, attractive and charismatic, I will not like women of her age!”

Wei Feng almost burst out laughing, restraining himself into a smothered giggle, and he shook his head at Zhou Weiqing. Some of the officers closer to them turned to give them an angry look. In their eyes, it was already very strange that these two low ranked officers were attending this meeting, and they actually dared to chat and laugh in such a serious meeting.

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Zhou Weiqing did not appear to see their angry glares, asking softly: “Quick tell me, what is going on?” He was also extremely curious to find out.

Wei Feng grinned and said: “Heh heh, ever since they had taken such a huge disadvantage from us at the start, Shen Bu was indeed well behaved for some time. Anyway, as you know, Bro Lin is very hardworking, and he would go outside of the camp every single day to train in his martial skills. One day, he bumped into Shen Bu… due to the fact that they had both clashed before, and Shen Bu did not dare take revenge against you… when she saw Bro Lin, they ended up fighting. Naturally, the result was her being taken down by Bro Lin. She knew that Bro Lin would train there every day, and she also ended up looking for him to fight every day. Bro Lin fought with her everyday, but did not injure here. Who knew… after a period of time, it seems like their connection is a little…”

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes widened in surprise, and he muttered to himself: “Well, I’d be damn, even if you had beaten me to death I could never have guessed it! That is a thing?” Due to his shock, his voice had gone a little too loud, and this time, almost all the officers turned back to glare at them.

Shen Ji also heard Zhou Weiqing’s voice, and his brow furrowed slightly before he said: “Battalion Commander Zhou, please come to the front…”

Zhou Weiqing immediately restrained himself, hiding the surprise in his heart, before taking large strides to the front. When he passed by Shen Bu, he gave her a strange look. Well, this lady’s looks and cultivation level were not bad indeed, definitely a good match for Lin TianAo.Well, this was a little unexpected! Such a stable and silent person like Bro Lin, silently finding a wife like that so easily!He thought to himself.

As he stepped to the front, Zhou Weiqing bowed slightly to Shen Ji with a greeting. “Legion Commander Shen Ji.”

Shen Ji also nodded back to him before turning to the other officers and saying: “Let me introduce him to everyone. This is the Battalion Commander of the Peerless Battalion. The Peerless Battalion is a unique existence in our Legion, a special forces unit, and they will be attending this year’s battle. They are fully consistent of archers. Although Battalion Commander Zhou is only at the Battalion Commander rank, his Peerless Battalion numbers over five thousand troops.

As he said that, understanding dawned upon the officers present. No wonder a Battalion Commander ranked officer was able to attend this high level meeting; he was leading a much larger number of troops, and had the right to be here.

Shen Ji continued: “Alright, back to the main topic. This year’s situation does not look good at all. Normally, every year’s WanShou Empire forces are mainly focused at the Central North region, and the pressure there is the greatest. However, this year, their forces are extremely huge, and our pressure will not be small as well. According to preliminary reports from our scouts, the northwest border already has seventeen Regiments of the WanShou Empire soldiers gathered. This is a truly unprecedented show of force. After all, the WanShou Empire only has a total of fifty eight Regiments that we know of. This time, it can be said that they are sallying forth in full strength, attacking us from all fronts. As for our Northwest Army, besides the normal Fourth, Seventh, Eighth Legions stationed here with around three hundred thousand troops, we can also link up with the Ninth and Tenth Legions who are stationed in the TianBei City. Along with some reserve forces, our total strength is slightly over six hundred thousand. Although our fighting forces number about four times that of our enemies, but as you all know, that is not sufficient. The circumstances this year does not look good at all.”

Hearing Shen Ji describe the relative military strength between both sides, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but feel shock in his heart. No wonder that every year the WanShou Empire was able to loot some from the ZhongTian Empire… The difference in strength was truly large!

Although it would be an exaggeration to say that one Regiment of the WanShou Empire could take on a Legion of the ZhongTian Empire, after all the ZhongTian Empire also had some extremely powerful units. Even so, it would already be a stretch for the six hundred thousand troops on their side to fight against ten Regiments of the WanShou Empire, and to do so would already be extremely good. In terms of fighting directly in a clash on terrain like the vast open plains, the WanShou Empire troops were at a greater advantage, being better able to make full use of their abilities. Let alone now that there were seventeen Regiments of enemies… After a couple of fights, perhaps the Northwest Armies might not even be able to stop their advance.

“Seventeen Regiments? Boss, could it be that the scouts are wrong? Every year, our Northwest Armies face at most six to seven Regiments, and that is about our limit as well. How could they double the numbers this year?” One of the Regiment Commanders, the yellow feather in his cap denoting his rank, seated in the front row exclaimed in surprise.

Shen Ji said solemnly: “Wrong? I also wish it was wrong… Alas, the facts are now before us, and we have to deal with it. This year’s situation is extremely strange… the Central Northern armies are facing only fifteen Regiments of the WanShou Empire, about their usual amount. The Northeastern Armies, only five, also their usual amount or less. Even the Bao Po Empire and Fei Li Empire are only facing five Regiments of the WanShou armies each. On the other hand, it is us who have the face the greatest number of enemies. This time, the WanShou Empire actually sent out more than forty Legions, and more than a third of them are gathered at our side. Our headquarters have already sent word to the Central North Command to request for reinforcements, and hopefully they can spare us some forces.”

Shen Bu said: “Legion Commander, I’m afraid that is extremely difficult right. They are also facing great pressure… perhaps it would be better to request for reinforcements from the Northeastern Armies?”

Shen Ji did not reply, but the atmosphere in the large tent had become extremely oppressive. All of them knew that the chances of gaining reinforcements was extremely low, almost impossible. After all, the WanShou Empire forces were just too strong, and even five Regiments could not be underestimated. Each of them were officers, commanders, and who would be willing to send out their troops to help others when they still had their own battles to fight? If that caused their own defenses to break, it would be a serious offense.

After a moment of silence, Shen Ji finally said: “Now, the Northwest Command has not yet decided whether or not to retreat to the TianBei City. In any case, while we are waiting for our orders, I want everyone to start preparing for a tough fight, every bit of preparation is of utmost importance, as the WanShou Empire could attack at any time. Do not be disheartened, I still have a piece of good news to share. The Central North Armies have already agreed to send us some aid. Although the numbers are small, but they will be lending us their strongest elite team, the Special Forces Battalion. This way, no matter what, we should still be able to hold on for some time.”

What followed next was Shen Ji arranging his subordinates and handing out tasks and assignments. Generally, preparations like digging trenches and other battle preparations. There were also other military deployments that Zhou Weiqing did not understand.

At last, after giving out the commands, Shen Ji said: “Alright, we shall end the meeting here today. Everyone, go back and get prepared. Prepare your soldiers to be able to fight at any time.”

“Yes Sir!” The officers gave a salute in unison before heading out of the tent. Before he could leave, Zhou Weiqing was stopped by Shen Ji. “Battalion Commander Zhou, please stay for a while.”

“Legion Commander, do you have any instructions?” Zhou Weiqing stopped and asked.

Shen Ji looked at Zhou Weiqing, hesitating for a moment before asking tentatively: “Battalion Commander Zhou, may I know if your teacher is still together with your Battalion?”

How intelligent was Zhou Weiqing; hearing that question he instantly knew what Shen Ji was trying to get at. With a faint smile on his face, he said: “I’m sorry, Legion Commander Shen Ji. As you know, my teacher is a powerhouse who cannot join such fights, or it might lead to worse ramifications. However, our Peerless Battalion is part of the Seventh Legion after all, and no matter what, we are willing to fight and carry out any requested assignments.”

A hint of disappointment flickered in Shen Ji’s eyes as he said: “Thank you for your support, Battalion Commander Zhou. Your Peerless Battalion soldiers are all archers, and when the fight starts, I will definitely need you to support our main forces.”

In truth, Shen Ji did not have much hopes for the Peerless Battalion. Although he had already personally witnessed some great changes in the Peerless Battalion, they were after all still a bunch of ruffians, and he dared not easily let such a troop enter the battlefield. What if any problems occurred, it could possibly affect the rest of their allies and cause their downfall. As such, he could not easily set his mind at ease towards the over five thousand ruffian soldiers.

The person Shen Ji truly regarded highly was naturally Zhou Weiqing’s teacher. If he had not guessed wrongly, he would be a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse, perhaps even a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse. With the help of such a powerhouse, it could at least threaten one of the enemy’s Regiments, greatly helping their side. In critical moments, such a person might even be the key to victory on their end. Alas, from the way things were going, it seemed like it would not be easy to make use of such a powerhouse.

Support the main forces? Hearing Shen Ji’s words, Zhou Weiqing also felt a little disappointed. From Shen Ji’s tone and words, it was clear that he did not plan on letting them be part of the main fight. Yet, if they did not fight, how could he accomplish his goal of training his Peerless Battalion?

Just as the two of them were lost in thought, they were abruptly interrupted by an urgent voice coming from outside. “Sir, Reporting!”

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