54.71% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 464: Five Jewels! (1)

Chapter 464: Five Jewels! (1)

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“Battalion Commander, Legion Commander Shen Ji requests your presence at the headquarters military conference.” Wei Feng told Zhou Weiqing.

Three days ago, Zhou Weiqing had finally completed his closed door cultivation. His entire body had shrank a notch, and when Shangguan Fei’er saw him like that, her heart ached for him, and these two days she had stewed some meat soup which was extremely nourishing.

As soon as Zhou Weiqing had finished his closed door cultivation, the first thing he had checked on was the status and progress of the Peerless Battalion. Luckily, things had progressed close to his expectations, and the Peerless Battalion training was on the right track. Although it was still quite some distance from the true, peerless and matchless elite force in his heart, he knew it was not an easy feat to actually get to such a height, and such immense progress was already more than satisfactory.

“Ask me to join a military conference?” Zhou Weiqing said curiously.

Ever since the previous event, none of the Seventh Legion soldiers had dared to come provoke the Peerless Battalion, and even Shen Ji had not come looking for him since.

Wei Feng nodded his head and said: “Perhaps it has something to do with the WanShou Empire armies. I have heard the rumour that this year, the WanShou Empire armies are far greater than past years, and the situation at the border is extremely tense. The higher ups in the headquarters must be contemplating whether or not to clash against them head on or to retreat to the TianBei City to hold the defense.”

Zhou Weiqing furrowed his brow deeply: “Retreat to the TianBei City? How could that be possible? What about the surrounding little towns and villages, wouldn’t they be left out cold to die? Fine, I shall go to this conference then.”

After saying that, Zhou Weiqing changed into his Battalion Commander armour before following Wei Feng out.

As they exited the large tent, they bumped into a man. He was extremely large and muscular, his eyes radiating with vigour and power. The titanium mail of the Peerless Battalion allowed him to cut a dashing and valiant figure, but with a roguish brigand air about him, just like a hunting panther ready to strike at any time. His head of short, inch long black hair accentuated his manly features.

Seeing Wei Feng and Zhou Weiqing, he did not show any signs of respect, striding towards them with large steps.

“Vice Battalion Commander Wei, this is?” The youth looked towards Zhou Weiqing with curiosity, his gaze drawn to the helmet with the yellow feathers denoting the Battalion Commander rank.

Wei Feng laughed heartily and said: “Lei Zi, let me introduce you. This is our Peerless Battalion Battalion Commander Zhou. Battalion Commander, this is our new First Main Company’s Company Leader, Lei Zi. He achieved victory in the last Battalion martial Competition. Mammoth is now his vice commander.”

“Oh? Welcome to the Peerless Battalion.” Zhou Weiqing said politely. However, in Lei Zi’s eyes, this youth who looked to be several years younger than himself actually extended his hand with an honest look on his face, to shake hands with himself, and his heart was filled with disdain.This young fellow, how could he be qualified to be the Battalion Commander of the Peerless Battalion!

Lei Zi grasped Zhou Weiqing’s hand, a mirthless grin on his face as he said: “Battalion Commander Zhou, I have already been with the Peerless Battalion for some time. I think your policy and rules are very well set, allowing us to be united together. However, may I know if the rules that you set also apply to yourself? If I defeat you, does that mean I can become the Battalion Commander?”

After more than two months, the over three thousand new Peerless Battalion soldiers had almost fully integrated into the entire unit. The many impressive means of the Peerless Battalion had impressed even those wild and intractable people like Lei Zi, but he was undoubtedly curious about this so-called legendary Battalion Commander Zhou Weiqing. If Zhou Weiqing was powerful enough, then he would accept it, but right in front him was such a young fellow, looking to be honest and naive. Instantly, that recalcitrant nature within him rushed out, his ruffian nature out to the core and he could not resist challenging Zhou Weiqing right at that moment.

Wei Feng said solemnly: “Lei Zi, do not cause trouble. Battalion Commander Zhou has to attend a meeting at the Seventh Legion now.”

Lei Zi glanced at him dismissively. Wei Feng’s power was actually no match for him, but he had no interest in the position of Vice Battalion Commander, feeling he would rather lead a main Company of his own, which was the reason why he had not challenged Wei Feng. However, it also meant he did not fear or respect Wei Feng at all.

Pursing his lips, he said: “Vice Battalion Commander Wei, that is not correct for you to say. Since the army rules are for everyone, then if I defeat him, I will be the Battalion Commander, and I would be the one going to the Seventh Legion meeting.”

For the three of them to be standing in the center of the Battalion camp and speaking so loudly, several of the Peerless Battalion soldiers passing by had seen it. Naturally, they stealthily walked closer to watch. The older soldiers all knew Zhou Weiqing well, but the newer soldiers were all extremely curious. Lei Zi’s position and prestige in the Peerless Battalion was not low, especially after the Battalion Competition, and he was extremely hardworking in his training as well. Furthermore, his character was extremely valiant and he loved to fight, and he had definitely garnered much respect amongst his peers. More so, he had actually dared to do something that caused everyone to take a second look at him, actually attempting to chase after Shangguan Fei’er. Although that had resulted in him being beaten up severely, but at least he was the only one who had ever dared to do such a thing. As a result, his prestige in the entire Peerless Battalion was extremely high, especially in his own First Main Company.

Seeing the wild arrogance and obstinate look in Lei Zi’s eyes, Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly. Shaking Lei Zi’s hand, he looked to Wei Feng and said: “No problem, it shouldn’t take much time. Alright, you want to challenge me right? Very well, if you win, the Peerless Battalion Battalion Commander position is yours. However, challenging me has a price. What if you lose?”

As Zhou Weiqing spoke, the gentle smiling look of his gave Wei Feng a chill down his spine. He had been working with Zhou Weiqing for almost a year now, and he definitely understood this young Battalion Commander of his. The happier he smiled, the more honest he looked, the more evil thoughts he was up to…Lei Zi ahh Lei Zi, you are asking for trouble yourself!

Lei Zi gave a humph and said: “If I lose, you can deal with me however you wish.” He was originally a person who feared nothing in the heavens or earth, and he couldn’t help but think to himself:Even when the chief instructor herself beat me up, I was still find. What more can you do?

Zhou Weiqing nodded to him and smiled, saying: “Very good. Come on then.”

As he said that, he released Lei Zi’s hand. However, right at the instant that Zhou Weiqing loosened his grip, Lei Zi had charged forth abruptly. He did not pull back his hand, instead using it to strike upwards towards Zhou Weiqing’s throat.

In order to become the ZhongTian Central Army Ruffian Battalion Battalion Commander, Lei Zi had definitely forged his own way up the ranks through fights. Although he was only thirty years old, he was already battle hardened and experienced. It could be said that after joining the army, he had earned his power and rank by clambering through the ranks of the dead powerhouses.

His actual combat experience was just too abundant, definitely not like ordinary Heavenly Jewel Masters who might have the cultivation level but not the wherewithal to use it. He had always been chasing the fight, and as long as he could win, no matter what the method was, he would use it.

Due to his sheer speed, even Zhou Weiqing did not have time to react, and he could only move his head slightly in an attempt to dodge Lei Zi’s strike.

Sweeping his right hand forward, Lei Zi struck out once more at Zhou Weiqing’s neck. At the same time, his entire body of Heavenly Energy was already circulating at the max, a thick white light covering his palm. He was not using any Stored Skills, just purely Heavenly Energy. After all, the two of them were originally already at such a close distance, and with his Heavenly Energy unleashed, it almost instantaneously reached Zhou Weiqing’s neck.

If this palm really hit, perhaps Zhou Weiqing’s head might be sliced off. Around Lei Zi’s wrist, six Icy Jade Physical Jewels shone brilliant, showing his powerful status as a six Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master.

However, even as Lei Zi felt his sudden attack had succeeded and was about to soften the blow slightly, he abruptly realised that his hand was suddenly unable to move. The air around his hand seemed to have coalesced into something, actually binding his hand and causing it to halt in midair. Although it was just a very simple block, Lei Zi’s Heavenly Energy was also successfully stalled by it.

With just that short instant, Zhou Weiqing had spun around to face Lei Zi’s palm. He did not try to dodge again, instead lowering his head abruptly and slamming his forehead onto Lei Zi’s palm. At the same time, his own right hand lifted up towards Lei Zi, a bright silver light flashed out towards his face.

Lei Zi lifted his left hand, an earth shield consolidating in front of him to block Zhou Weiqing’s attack, while his right hand slammed into Zhou Weiqing’s forehead.

*Peng**Peng* Two collision sounds rang out simultaneously. Lei Zi’s earth shield in his left hand shattered. At the same time, he felt a sudden pain from his right hand as an immense force slammed into his entire body, causing him to spin around and almost fall down.

“Careful!” Zhou Weiqing’s voice rang out in his ears. The next moment, he saw a green blade of light, a purple-blue ball of light and a silver blade of light fly towards him from different directions. Their speeds did not seem fast, but the sheer pressure from them instantly hit Lei Zi’s entire body.

Three Attribute Elemental Jewel? Lei Zi’s heart was filled with shock. Although he could see that Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Jewels only had five sets, one less than his own, but if Zhou Weiqing had three Attributes, then he would have many more Skills than his own. Furthermore, with just that single strike of Zhou Weiqing’s forehead on his own hand, he could sense that this young Battalion Commander’s physical strength was not to be underestimated.

There was no time to think, and Lei Zi instantly struck the ground with the tip of his feet, his entire body lunging back in a quick retreat. Before defeating an enemy, one had to protect oneself, this was the law of survival on the battlefield. Still, Lei Zi’s retreat was not unplanned, and every time he took a step back, the previous position he was at would shoot up with an earth spike, accurately striking forth towards the three Skills that Zhou Weiqing had launched.

Alas, to Lei Zi’s surprise, the three seemingly unassuming Skills seemed to come to live, easily dodging his earth spikes. Although their speed did not increase, not fast or slow, they still managed to continue chasing his retreating body.

Lei Zi’s had a discerning vision after all from all his battle experience, and with a look, he could easily tell that these three Skills were highly compressed. If any of them landed on him, it would definitely not be a good feeling. As such, with the stress of the three advancing Skills, he had no choice but to keep retreating.

Zhou Weiqing did not chase forward after him, his hands weaving out in a gesture before striking out once more, and another three bouts of lights shot forth towards Lei Zi. One was a grey whirlwind, one a dark green ball of light, and the last a twisting ball of light, forming a triangular symbol of transparent energy.

These Skills were all unleashed directly from his hands, without any preparation time, instantly unleashed. Six Skills all at once, six different Attributes, and all six of these Skills all came flying into different directions and attacking Lei Zi from different directions. Wei Feng had been standing at the side, and all he saw was Zhou Weiqing’s fingers dancing in a rhythmetic movement, like butterflies dancing through a sea of flowers. At the same time, the six Skills were like puppets, following his instructions, constantly dodging Lei Zi’s attempts at blocking, chasing him unrelentingly and getting closer all the while. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

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  • kumadam


    A part of me wants mc to beat this guy with one hit and another part of me wants mc to toy with the guy without breaking a sweat. Sigh, such dilemma~

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    I certainly hope he would toy him

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    Will he finish as a lifetime follower?

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