54.83% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 465: Five Jewels! (2)

Chapter 465: Five Jewels! (2)

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Lei Zi flew into a rage. Being chased like this was definitely not a good feeling, and he was being completely suppressed so easily.

With an angry howl, he stopped retreating abruptly. With a sudden motion, a brown rock armour appeared around him, and his right foot stomped hard on the ground. At the same time, a large earth spike appeared under him, abruptly pushing him forward in the opposite direction instead of the retreat, causing him to shoot forth like a cannonball towards Zhou Weiqing. At the same time, sixteen earth spikes erupted from all around Zhou Weiqing’s position, each striking towards different positions of his body.

The smile on Zhou Weiqing’s face did not lessen, and all he did was a simple motion, lifting his right foot and placing back down.

A massive explosion, right below Zhou Weiqing’s feet and his surroundings. All the earth spikes which had been striking out at him vanished abruptly, the combination of sheer physical strength and powerful Heavenly Energy reverberations causing a shockwave that dissipated all the Earth Attribute energy, causing them to lose their form and being unable to sustain the attack. At the same time, the six Skills that had originally been chasing Lei Zi also changed suddenly.

The green wind blade and the grey whirlpool clashed into each other, and the wind blade actually melded into whirlpool, following the direction of the spin. The other four Skills separated out into the surroundings, as if turning into audience, watching the now green-grey whirlpool move into Lei Zi’s path.

By this time, Lei Zi was unable to dodge even if he wanted to. Furthermore, in his eyes, what could a mere single whirlpool do to him?

An earsplitting sound of chafing rang out. A Wind Blade was just a one-Star rated Skill, and even if it were compressed, it was normally at most two-Star. The Rock Armour that Lei Zi had summoned to protect himself was much higher Rated, and under normal circumstances, a Wind Blade could never break its defense.

However, along with the earsplitting sound, Lei Zi felt a sudden cold on his chest, and he was shocked to see that the Rock Armour at his chest was totally unable to block the swift slash of the Wind Blade, which had clearly been boosted severely by the grey whirlpool.

Not good!

It was too late to dodge, and at this moment, Lei Zi’s ferocious nature showed itself. He howled angrily into the air, ignoring his own chest and the attack on it, instead lifting his hands into the sky. Instantly, a thick yellow light burst forth, and dozens of massive rocks consolidated in midair, smashing down savagely onto Zhou Weiqing.

Rock shower. One of the most useful and pragmatic of the Earth Attribute offensive Skills, an area of effect attack to boot. With Lei Zi’s six-Jeweled cultivation level, despite that attack being summoned hastily and without preparation, its power was not to be underestimated.

Alas, just as he unleashed the Skill, an icy cold sensation invaded his entire body, as if he had been plunged into ice, and the momentum of his forward charge plummeted drastically. When he lowered his head to look, he was surprised to see that without knowing when, the blue-purple ball of light that had shot off in another direction earlier had actually somehow reached the front of his chest, entering the Rock Armour through the cut the Wind Blade had opened.

*BANG* The blue-purple light exploded, causing Lei Zi to be sent flying up into the air. There was not much pain, just a strong numbing sensation, as well as an icy cold Demonic Attribute invading his body, causing his entire body to be in a paralyzed state momentarily.

Such powerful control! That was the only thought in Lei Zi’s mind currently. For such a direct combat specialist Heavenly Jewel Master like himself, it was not easy to be controlled by just a few low rated Skills, yet Zhou Weiqing had managed to do so.

However, Lei Zi did not think that this would mean his loss. His Rock Shower Skill had already been put into action, and that was the key for him to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Even if Zhou Weiqing could deal with it, it would not be easy for him to do so while controlling so many Skills. As long as it gave him enough time to force out the Demonic Attribute Heavenly Energy and wait out the numbing effect of the Control Skill, he would still have a chance of victory.

Alas for Lei Zi, still in midair where he had been sent from the explosion, his next sight was a miraculous one. His Rock Shower Skill had just sent over thirty, almost forty falling rocks down, but as they flew to about five yards from Zhou Weiqing, they all halted in midair.

The reason was simple. Under each and every single rock, a small Wind Shield appeared.

In normal circumstances, it was impossible for a Wind Shield to block the Rock Shower. After all, the Rock Shower was Five-Star rated, a powerful Earth Attribute offense Skill. However, if it was several dozen Wind Shields, each blocking a rock with perfect timing? That was a major difference. Not only were the falling rocks stopped from falling by the Wind Shields, they slowly wrapped around the Rocks and gently set them onto the ground, without even making a sound.

The Wind Shields that Zhou Weiqing had unleashed were merely two-Star Rated Skills. After Long Shiya’s teaching, he truly understood that it was not that low Star Rated Skills were useless. Although their power might be small, they also did not have much drain on Heavenly Energy. If one was able to make use of these lower rated Skills to just accomplish a task, what was the point of using a more powerful Skill? That would just be a waste of extra Heavenly Energy!

After Zhou Weiqing had trained for the past two months on the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts, even the strict Long Shiya had finally said that he had some initial success in it, and was through the gates of the first level of the Skill. Currently, as he used it in actual combat, it seemed to come so easily to him. All of the Skills that he had used thus far were not Stored Skills, but just skillful manipulation of Heavenly Energy to consolidate them.

The various Rocks disappeared soon after they landed on the ground, after all they were part of a Skill formed by Heavenly Energy. At the same time, Lei Zi fell hard on the ground with a muffled grunt. In the end, Zhou Weiqing did not hit him with the rest of the six Skills. Although those Skills might not be very powerful by itself, he did not plan on actually hurting Lei Zi, just breaking all of his attacks and knocking him down.

In terms of absolute strength, due to the fact that Lei Zi did not have Consolidated Equipment, he was just slightly stronger overall than Wei Feng. Facing Zhou Weiqing with all his Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills, what chance did he have?

Lei Zi executed a roll on the ground to break his fall and jumped up to his feet. With his powerful Heavenly Energy circulating, the numbness of the Control Skill had ended, and the Icy Cold Demonic Energy had also been purged from his body. Lifting his head, he saw Zhou Weiqing smiling at him.

In truth, although he knew he had lost, he totally did not know how he had lost. It was just a few puny little Skills, yet he had been forced into such a tight corner like that, and he chalked it up to him being too over eager and underestimating his opponent. Lei Zi was still not convinced, vexed at this loss. He was no gentleman, to admit his defeat just like that. With a low howl, he suddenly squatted down, both fists slamming down hard on the ground.

Another massive explosion, and an earth dragon rose into the air accompanying the powerful shockwaves, charging threateningly towards Zhou Weiqing. This was Lei Zi’s strongest Skill, Earth Dragon Transmigration. Zhou Weiqing responded immediately, the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Elemental Jewel on his left wrist lighting up as he struck his palm towards it. A ball of silver light flew out, striking the earth dragon on its forehead accurately. He no longer planned to waste any more time fighting with Lei Zi, and if he only used the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts, it would take some time to take down Lei Zi whose cultivation level was higher than his own.

With a soft thud, that originally ferocious charging earth dragon that looked like it could take down an entire hill stopped abruptly. A large hole opened in its forehead, and as the silver light vanished, the entire earth dragon fell apart.

Before Lei Zi could react, he was shocked to find that Zhou Weiqing had appeared right in front of him. He did not even know how that had happened, and before he could do anything, he found he was unable to move.

A simple Blink, followed by the combination of Absolute Delay and Fetters of Wind. Even if Lei Zi’s cultivation level was higher than Zhou Weiqing’s, he was totally unable to break free within three seconds. The next thing that flew into him was the Lightning Suffering, with its multiple paralysis effects.

His entire body paralyzed, Lei Zi could only watch and see as Zhou Weiqing’s left hand moved slowly to his own forehead. The next instant, a terrifying Darkness Energy flowed directly into his mind, invading his very thoughts. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

His spirit wavered as he somehow lost focus, and within a blink of an eye, Lei Zi could tell that it was a Darkness Sealing Technique.No! I cannot be Sealed like that, or I’ll end up a mere slave!His spirit and consciousness struggled with all his might.

Alas, at this moment, he saw a pair of purple red eyes staring right into his own. Two flashes of purple red light shot forth into his own orbs, and his struggling spirit energy was dispersed. The next moment, he felt a cold sensation on his forehead, followed by a sudden heat. A drop of blood appeared on Zhou Weiqing’s fingers, forming a symbol seared there… It was the Blood Rites – Seal of Darkness!

Under ordinary circumstances, Zhou Weiqing could only use the Blood Rites – Seal of Darkness to seal a person if he was willing and cooperative. Otherwise, it would be easy for him to suffer from backlash. This was especially so since Lei Zi’s Heavenly Energy and cultivation level was higher than his own.

However, with just the spiritual oppression and crashing from the an overpowering Skill like the Demonic Dragon God Seal, he was already able to break through his opponent’s defenses, allowing the Blood Rites – Seal of Darkness to succeed.

Using these two Skills in tandem was a suggestion that Long Shiya had made to him. Under his guidance, Zhou Weiqing was now able to fully control the Demonic Dragon God Seal to unleash a powerful spiritual attack. This was tantamount to making this single Skill have two purposes. Facing enemies with stronger cultivation levels, he was able to use it as a spiritual attack, while facing those weaker than him, he could use it for the original ‘controlling’ purpose. Now, even when compared to the Dragon Silencing Seal, it had become just as useful.

Withdrawing his left hand, Zhou Weiqing beckoned to Wei Feng and said: “Big Bro Wei, let’s go then…”

Lei Zi remained standing there, stunned. It was only after a few minutes that he finally came to his senses, subconsciously touching his forehead. With his memory coming back to him, he was suddenly filled with regret.

He had been Sealed just like that, forcefully Sealed just so easily. Why did this happen? How could this happen?

In truth, he was muddled by the forceful win by Zhou Weiqing. In truth, the entire series of Skills that Zhou Weiqing had unleashed was extremely draining on his Heavenly Energy. He had made use of a highly concentrated and focused Spatial Rend to destroy the Earth Dragon Transmigration. The Earth Dragon Transmigration was a seven-Rated Skill, but the Spatial Rend was a ten-Star Rated, basically remedying the difference in their Heavenly Energy. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing had used his powerful control abilities to compress the Spatial Rend into a single point, thus destroying the Earth Dragon Transmigration had seemed so easy.

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