53.77% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 456: Adulation of Angels! (3)

Chapter 456: Adulation of Angels! (3)

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Shen Bu also knew that today was truly her fault, but she still could not help but protest: "It is all that Zhou Weiqing… he is just too arrogant, and I could not tolerate it. Senior brother, even if they come from the Heaven's Expanse Palace, do we have to endure everything? I… I just cannot restrain myself."

Shen Ji glared at her coldly: "Cannot restrain yourself? If you cannot restrain yourself, then you better step down from your position first. Later on, you return with me to the Legion headquarters… for now, let Shen Yi take over the Sixteenth Regiment temporarily."

Shen Bu exclaimed in surprise: "Senior Brother, you… you are removing me from office?"

Shen Ji continued coldly: "With your current psychological state, you are not suitable to be an officer in charge of an entire Battalion. Don't you know that your actions could easily cost your subordinates lives… once internal conflict arises in the army, even I cannot bear such a penalty. In the entire army, this is the most dangerous thing, and the thing we fear the most. Who asked you to throw rubbish in their camp… now they have reason on their side, let alone they are from the Heaven's Expanse Palace, even if they aren't, according to the army rules, I cannot punish them. Do you understand?"

Shen Bu's face was still filled with a wronged grievance as she said: "I do not understand, but his men were still drinking… are we going to ignore that?"

Shen Ji said solemnly: "Looking at that Zhou Weiqing's actions, it does not seem like he is bragging or exaggerating. Anyway, at that time, why did you tug on my sleeve?" At this point, only then did Shen Bu recall her original point and quickly described the entire scene about Green Wolf being close to death and being saved by Long Shiya. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Hearing Shen Bu's description, Shen Ji sucked in a cold breath. "Are you absolutely sure? That man… when he used his Skill, there was such a light?"

Shen Bu nodded and said: "I am very sure, it was just so miraculous that I could not possibly mistake it. In theory, although the Light Attribute has some healing properties, it is no match for the Life Attribute in terms of Healing Skills. However, that man just waved his hand, and that dying Company Leader of the Peerless Battalion instantly recovered, even his broken bones seemed to be fixed. It was truly a miracle. If that man is a top level powerhouse, then it is definitely possible that the Peerless Battalion could kill four thousand of the Swift Wolf Regiment… That was the reason why I tugged at your sleeve just now."

Shen Ji's expression changed several times as he thought things through for the next minute or so as Shen Bu watched him, but he did not make a sound.

"Senior Brother, say something? Are we just going to let things go just like that?" Shen Bu asked questioningly.

Shen Ji abruptly lifted up his head and said: "Let things go? Of course not. Come with me to see Master." Shen Bu was immediately delighted. She knew that Shen Ji was their Master's favourite, and as long as he spoke on her behalf, she would have a chance to take revenge.

"Great! As long as Master is willing to help, so what if they come from the Heaven's Expanse Palace? We can still take care of them, especially that bastard Zhou Weiqing. Senior Brother, when that time comes, you must let me deal with him personally, otherwise I will not be able to vent my anger."

"Take care of him personally?" Shen Ji looked at her coldly. "If you really want to die, please do not implicate Master and myself, and your sister Shen Yi."

Shen Bu looked at him in surprise before saying: "Senior Brother, what's wrong?"

"What's wrong? Don't you know what Skill that middle aged man used? To be able to produce that kind of result… that amount of recovery, and with the Heavenly Skill Image you described… There is only one possibility, often described as the most godlike, impossible Skill of the Light Attribute… that Skill is called the Adulation of Angels. For Zhou Weiqing to possess a Skill with the Heavenly Skill Image, I really do not know, but he is only at the Four-Jeweled cultivation stage, and I guess it should be some sort of trickery of sorts. However, that Adulation of Angels is a totally different matter. For that Skill, besides being unable to resurrect the dead, it is no weaker than any Life Attribute healing Skill, being able to cure even the most serious of injuries, as long as there is a single breath left in the person… that even includes poisoned wounds."

"To be able to unleash such a Skill so easily… not only does that require a cultivation level of Heavenly Dao Energy, he must be far within that stage as well, definitely a top level powerhouse. Do you know what kind of person you have provoked? That middle aged man that Zhou Weiqing calls Master is likely to be one of the Elders of the Heaven's Expanse Palace, and one of high standing and importance. His cultivation level might not even be at the Heavenly King Stage… most likely at the Heavenly Emperor Stage. Even in the entire Heaven's Expanse Palace, there aren't that many Heavenly Emperors. How many heads do you think you have, that you dare offend a Heavenly Emperor stage powerhouse?"

"I am bringing you back to Master to ask him to help act on your behalf, to bring you to apologize humbly and take responsibility, to ask for a lenient punishment. This time, the Heaven's Expanse Palace has some actions they are taking."

Hearing Shen Ji's analysis, Shen Bu felt a chill down her spine as sweat beaded around her forehead. She was totally stunned. As a Heavenly Jewel Master, she naturally knew what a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse entailed. Even if she was already at the six-Jeweled cultivation level, it could be said that a Heavenly Emperor was a legendary status to her. In the entire north-west army command, there was only a single Heavenly King Stage powerhouse, and even the entire North Armies of the ZhongTian Empire did not hold a single Heavenly Emperor! If Zhou Weiqing truly had such a Master, not only her being unable to offend them, even the entire Northern Army Command was unable to offend them! That was at the power level of the Heaven's Expanse Palace Palace Master!"

"Senior Brother, I… I…" At this moment, Shen Bu was truly at a loss for words. Regret was not enough to fully describe her current feelings. Looking at her pale, ashen face, Shen Ji sighed and said: "There is no such thing as regret medicines, if you had known it would come to this, you would have acting differently… Still, you do not need to be too worried. After all, we are all allies and part of the same Empire. That Zhou Weiqing might have a strange disposition, but he has the overall big picture in mind. Otherwise, with such a powerful Master at his side, if he really wanted to slaughter all of you just now, no one could do anything about it. As long as we show sufficient sincerity in our apologies, the situation can still be redeemed. However, I'm afraid you will no longer be able to hold the position of the Sixteenth Battalion Battalion Commander, at least not for some time. Come on now, let us go see Master."

Back on the other side, Zhou Weiqing naturally did not know that Shen Ji and Shen Bu had been given a huge fright by the presence of Long Shiya. After a time of cheering and celebration, Zhou Weiqing gave the order for the Peerless Battalion to have three days of rest and recovery, to readjust themselves before resuming their training. At the same time, he announced that their training regiment would be increased.

If that announcement had come before their time here, perhaps there would have been many complaints.

However, after the previous fight and major victory against the Swift Wolf Regiment, coupled with what had happened this morning, the current Peerless Battalion was in extremely high spirits and morale, united together as one, actually proud of being part of the Peerless Battalion. Who did not wish to become stronger? Not just for themselves, but especially more so now that becoming stronger also had a clear set of further rewards in the Peerless Battalion. As a result, there was not a single voice of complaint towards the announcement, only a respectful acquiescence.

As a Company Leader, Green Wolf was also punished by Zhou Weiqing, giving him forty lashes. The reason for the punishment was simple… who asked him to lose in a fight? Throwing the face of the Peerless Battalion!

Green Wolf only felt lucky that he was being punished, as if it was some sort of blissful happiness. After being beaten forty times, that fellow had a smile on his face, an earnest sincere one to boot as he looked on at Zhou Weiqing, causing him to be afraid and suspicious that that fellow's sexual orientation was extremely different.

After everything was done, Long Shiya called Zhou Weiqing to his tent. "Little Fatty, come and tell teacher about your overall plan."

Zhou Weiqing started momentarily. After all, when he first met Long Shiya and was taken under his wing as disciple, this teacher of his had said that he would have to accomplish everything himself, and he would give him any help. Yet, now he was interested in his plans?

How could Long Shiya not be able to tell what Zhou Weiqing was thinking inside, and he said exasperatedly: "Just tell me when I ask you, as if your teacher will harm you? I was just thinking that your Peerless Battalion is really quite interesting… none of them are acting or anything, yet all of them are like ruffians. Still, that is not a bad thing, the thing I hate most are those pretentious people, like those Heaven's Expanse Palace fellows. Of course, that old Heavenly Snow Mountain fellow is just as irritating."

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily. How could he let go of such an opportunity; if he did so he wouldn't be Zhou Weiqing! "Teacher, this is my plan ...…" As such, he began to explain his plan towards Long Shiya.

"... Of course, plans are just plans, and changes will definitely occur along the way, and I will constantly adjust it according to what happens. Even so, I expect that within ten years, I will definitely have a troop of absolute elites, able to fight against any of the Bai Da Empire's elites."

As he spoke, Zhou Weiqing's eyes gleamed brightly, getting more excited as he spoke about his plan.

Hearing his disciple, not even twenty years of age, speak in such detail of his plan, seeing how meticulous and deliberate it was, Long Shiya only had shock and amazement in his heart. It was clear that Zhou Weiqing's talent was not just in his Heavenly Jewel Master talents. Perhaps, his plan was slightly optimistic and idealized, but without question his general view and big picture grasp was extremely impressive, and his creative imagination in doing things was also extremely surprising.

The reason why Long Shiya held so much interest in the Peerless Battalion was not just because he found it so fun, but more so because he had personally witnessed how the Peerless Battalion had defeated the Swift Wolf Regiment the day before.

When the Swift Wolf Regiment had appeared, Long Shiya had actually already reached the area, and he had been prepared to take action as soon as the Peerless Battalion was showing signs of losing. With his Heavenly Emperor stage power levels, perhaps he could not take down an army of hundred thousands or millions, but just a Regiment numbering ten thousand was not an impossible feat. Especially for Long Shiya, with his Six Attributes and the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts allowing him to mimic and unleash so many Skills and without cooldown, it would not be too difficult to slaughter the Wolf Cavalry Soldier en masse. That was also the reason why Shen Ji and Shen Bu had placed the victory of the Peerless Battalion on the shoulders of Long Shiya, as a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse definitely had that capability.

However, in the end, it had been Long Shiya and Duan Tianlang who had been the shocked ones as they watched the Peerless Battalion in action, not just their impressive power levels, but also their preparations, tactics and strategy.

An entire Battalion of archers… that was definitely out of conventional logic. An entire troop without close combat capabilities and only ranged attacks, this sounded impossible. After all, what would happen if their enemies reached them, wouldn't they be wiped out easily? Without close combat specialists to defend them, how much of their power could archers actually unleash?

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