58.13% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 493: Peerless Battalion in war! (2)

Chapter 493: Peerless Battalion in war! (2)

Translator: Zen Translations Editor: Zen Translations

Just like that, ten more days passed. The Heavy Infantry Regiment soldiers could only grudgingly suppress their envy and jealousy towards the Peerless Battalion, while continuing their training regiment.

However, besides eating and drinking, during the minimal leisure time between their training, the Peerless Battalion soldiers managed to chit chat with the Heavy Infantry soldiers.

The Peerless Battalion rules, pay, treatment… their unbelievable amount of Jewel Masters and Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, titanium mail and high quality equipment… all of that was slowly known to the Heavy Infantry Regiment soldiers, causing no small amount of ruckuss. In fact, some of the Peerless Battalion soldiers even started spending money to hire some of the Heavy Infantry soldiers to wash their clothes!

As gossip spread amongst the Heavy Infantry soldiers, and changes occurred, even Shen Ji was almost on the verge of looking for Hua Feng to speak to him. However, at that point, the WanShou Empire armies finally launched their attack…


In an entire day, this was the time that most humans were at their most vulnerable state. The drowsiness of dawn meant that their alertness level was usually at its lowest. Right at this moment, the WanShou Empire armies started bearing down upon their enemies. Of the seventeen Regiments, seven of them charged towards the ZhongTian Northwest Army Camp.

The shrill, urgent cries of the alarms broke the silence of the Northwest Camp, ringing through the various Legions and Regiments as the emergency bells rang.

After all these days of tightly strung nerves, the ZhongTian Empire soldiers were undoubtedly tired and weary. However, they had no choice but to clamber out of their beddings, getting into their armour with weapons in hand. Their enemies had finally come.

At the first moment, Oni readied his troops and rallied them for battle. Getting into their armour was one of the most troublesome things for the Heavy Infantry soldiers, as they needed time to wear their heavy and cumbersome armour.

To Oni’s surprise, the Peerless Battalion did not seem to have any differing actions than usual. It was early in the morning, and the scent of firewood smoke mixed with sweet scent of milk already rose from the Peerless Battalion camp, causing anyone who smelled it to feel refreshed and relaxed.

Oni gave an angry mutter. “Those damn WanShou Empire bastards, they are doing this on purpose so we have to fight on an empty stomach!”

Very quickly, the ZhongTian Northwest Army had mustered several dozen Regiments to meet the incoming enemies, their goal mainly to buy time for their heavy armoured regiments to prepare themselves. The Northwest Army encampment had long since prepared for this, and their various fortifications, trenches, traps and various catapults were being manned to defend against this first wave of WanShou Empire attacks.

To Oni’s anger and frustration, by the time his own Heavy Infantry Regiment were all fully geared and prepared, there was still no sign of movement from the Peerless Battalion. As such, he dispatched one of his soldiers to have a look, who came back to report that the Peerless Battalion soldiers were still having their breakfast as per usual, enjoying their delicious first meal of the day as if nothing special was going on.

Oni was so angry that he almost vomited out a mouthful of blood. Immediately, he personally charged into the Peerless Battalion camp, heading straight for the command tent.

As soon as he charged into the large command tent, Oni saw the entire Peerless Battalion command structure, led by Hua Feng, seated there enjoying their breakfast. Two of the Main Company Leaders were still joking around, snatching food from each other… There was no sign of nervousness or fear that they were experiencing an attack from a powerful foe!?

“What are you all doing? The alarms have already rang, the enemy is attacking, didn’t you all hear?!” Oni shouted angrily. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Shangguan Fei’er lifted her head and swept Oni with a gold glare, before biting down on the apple in her hand.

Seeing the look in Shangguan Fei’er’s eyes, only then did Oni’s bluster fade slightly. He had experienced her terrifying strength for himself.

Hua Feng smiled faintly and said: “Regiment Commander Oni, please do not be so anxious. Even if we have to fight in a war, we have to let our brothers have their fill first. I’m sure the entire Northwest Armies has enough men that our Peerless Battalion need not be the first to muster right?”

“You…” Oni shouted angrily. Just as he was about to continue scolding, he saw the rest of the Peerless Battalion officers glare at him, a ferocious light in their eyes.

As the saying goes, a wise man does not fight when the odds are against him. Oni was no fool, and he gave an angry humph and said: “Fine. Anyway, our Heavy Infantry Regiment’s orders is just to follow your lead and work with you. Since you all aren’t urgent, why should I be? I’ll eat as well!”

As he said that, under the gaping stares of the Peerless Battalion officers, he moved forward bluntly, ignoring their stares as he grabbed three eggs with a single hand. With his other hand, he grabbed a large bowl of milk and started gulping it down.

This fellow has never eaten before? The Peerless Battalion officers held back their smiles as they watched Oni eat, but no one stopped him.

Hua Feng said: “Vice Commander Wei, please get some of our brothers to send some food over to the Heavy Infantry Regiment. We are about to fight, and how can our allies fight well with us on an empty stomach!”

Wei Feng suppressed his laughter and said: “Yes Sir, I’ll arrange that right now.” As he said that, he strode out of the tent in wide strides. As he did so, his entire body was shaking up and down.Too evil, these guys were just too evil! He couldn’t help but think to himself.

Without question, there had been a sudden major improvement in food for the Peerless Battalion ever since they had won the bet… Furthermore, all the chit chat of the Peerless Battalion soldiers to the Heavy Infantry soldiers… all of that was arranged by Hua Feng and the other sly rascals of the Heavenly Bow Unit. In just these few dozen days, the effect was indeed crystal clear. In fact, even some rumours about the Peerless Battalion soldiers having some beauties sent over to deal with their physiological ‘needs’ once in awhile could also be heard. In any case, for almost the entire Heavy Infantry Regiment, as soon as the Peerless Battalion was mentioned, it was with a tone of envy and jealousy…

Although Wei Feng did not know what the exact plans of Hua Feng and Mu En were, it was without a doubt that it would be extremely beneficial to the Peerless Battalion. The war was about to start, and the Peerless Battalion soldiers would all have to enter the battlefield once more. However, more so, this was the first time they would be fighting in such a major war with more than a million on both sides! What role would the Peerless Battalion play? Would it be a major one? Wei Feng was not exactly sure as well, but he was confident in the fighting capabilities of the Peerless Battalion.

Barrels of piping hot milk and baskets of warm bread were soon sent to the Heavy Infantry Regiment, along with Oni’s orders… a single word: “Eat.”

When Oni asked the Peerless Battalion to send out the order along with the food, he was thinking to himself:Dammit, might as well eat and enjoy it all, it’s all bought with our money!


Just as Oni was enjoying himself gorging away in the Peerless Battalion camp, the Heavy Infantry Regiment was also feasting away on their breakfast. At the same time, the orders from the Seventh Legion was already flying out all around.

Shen Ji had already brought the Seventh Legion to defend against the WanShou Empire attacks. As the Legion Commander, he naturally led the charge onto the battlefield, and he was currently directing the main Regiments of the Seventh Legion in fighting the crazed onslaught of enemies. Right at this moment, with the most elite Regiment and the one with the strongest defensive capabilities, the Heavy Infantry Regiment, not appearing, Shen Ji was extremely furious. However, very quickly he remembered that his own Heavy Infantry Regiment was now under the command of the Peerless Battalion. With no other choice, he could only send an order to the Peerless Battalion and request that they join the battle urgently.

If it were any other Battalion or Regiment, Shen Ji would have lost his temper by now. Alas, he knew he could not do anything about the Peerless Battalion. Their strength aside, just their background of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace was not one he could trifle with.

The war had started, and the Northwest Army Camp was under an unprecedented stress. Not only was the WanShou Empire army at an hitherto unknown number, the sheer pressure they had on the spirit was massive, especially with the tactics they had been using. The ZhongTian army soldiers had not had any proper rest for several days, how could they possibly defend against the WanShou Empire soldiers in their top condition? Only with their traps and fortifications along with their sheer numbers allowed them to barely hold back the enemy invasion. However, the sheer amount of injuries and death continued rising.

Soon, breakfast was finished, and the Peerless Battalion finally gave the order to gather. Hua Feng looked to Oni, who had a satiated look on his face, before saying: “Regiment Commander Oni, everything as per our normal training. Your men do not have to be on the offensive at all, you just need to protect my men, and that will be sufficient.”

Oni eyed Hua Feng, muttering to himself inwardly: Your Peerless Battalion soldiers are already entirely dressed in titanium armour, are they even really afraid of the WanShou Empire arrows?

Although he was thinking that in his heart, his face was impassive and did not show anything as he spoke: “Very well, we will definitely protect our good allies, and this breakfast we ate will not be for nothing. However, if the command were to blame us for not being on time, Battalion Commander Hua Feng please put in a good word for me.”

Hua Feng laughed heartily and took a drink of water from his cup gracefully, before finally saying: “Regiment Commander Oni, please do not worry. We are all a family, if there are any responsibilities or blame, we will naturally share it all.”

Although they were already late, the Peerless Battalion gathered swiftly. Before long, the five thousand Peerless Battalion soldiers had already gathered together with the Heavy Infantry Regiment along with their usual formation they had during training, and they advanced towards the defensive fortifications of the Northwest Army.

The fortifications of the camp were situated about ten li from the actual encampment. The reason why they were set at such a distance was because it would allow themselves sufficient room for maneuvering in their formations. On the battlefield, positioning and formations were of utmost importance. Even though the WanShou Empire cavalry were extremely powerful, they would not easily charge towards a heavily fortified heavy infantry squad in proper formation, as that would affect their capabilities in combat, especially their main advantage of speed and momentum.

The movement speed of the Heavy Infantry soldiers was not fast, but ten li wasn’t too far. As they neared the battlefield, the sounds of fighting, killing and clash of metal was deafening.

However, for both the Heavy Infantry Regiment soldiers or the Peerless Battalion soldiers, none of them were surprised or shocked by the sight in front of them. After all, they were not newbies on the battlefield, and they had experienced the brutal realities of war many times before. As elite soldiers, the warriors were filled with excitement for their own upcoming fight with their foes.

Hua Feng did not arrange for the Gold Crow Tribe and Berserker Tribe warriors to join this particular fight. The reason was simple – their equipment was not complete yet. With the Heavy Infantry Regiment as cover for the Peerless Battalion, their presence would not be as sorely missed for this battle.

“Prepare for battle!” Hua Feng gave the order, and the Heavy Infantry soldiers around realised that as soon as the Peerless Battalion soldiers heard Hua Feng’s order, their aura and presence changed instantly.

“Battalion Commander Hua Feng, shouldn’t we report to the higher command first? We need to get our assignments from them!” Oni saw that Hua Feng was about to let the Peerless Battalion join the battle directly, and was extremely surprised.

Armies had their own rules, and the most important thing on the battlefield was undoubtedly to obey orders. Under the command of high ranking officers, they had to work together with the orders to bring about their greatest strength together. Once orders were disobeyed on the battlefield, the consequences could be dire… and punishment would also be severe.

Author’s Note: I rarely write in such a style that deal with issues on two corners of the world simultaneously in my stories, and I hope that you readers enjoy this new take on it. Haha, I will try my best to continue giving you an exciting story ahead. All these years, you all have accompanied me, and I only hope that I can continue giving you joy and enjoyment, new creativity and more excitement all the time. I hope that you all will continue supporting me, I will not disappoint you.

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