56.6% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 480: Solidified Dragon Spirit! (1)

Chapter 480: Solidified Dragon Spirit! (1)

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Looking at Long Shiya and Duan Tianlang laughing away like that together, Zhou Weiqing only had one thought in his mind… That was, it was as if there were two Mu En teachers standing right in front of him. These two elders, why were they laughing so wretchedly.

"Master… have you perhaps… gone muddled from anger?" Zhou Weiqing asked tentatively.

"Anger? Why would I be angry? I can't even begin to describe how happy I am. Heh heh, you little brat, well done, that beating you took is definitely worth it." Originally, Long Shiya had been full of rage from Zhou Weiqing being beaten up so badly. However, it seemed like his anger had all dissipated now.

Zhou Weiqing looked at the two elders in confusion, totally at a loss at what was happening.

Duan Tianlang laughed heartily and said: "Weiqing, in truth, it is not just myself and Fatty Long who would be so delighted. In fact, any Heavenly Emperor powerhouse would laugh out loud in delight at such a news. That Old Monster Xue AoTian is not known to be the Strongest Powerhouse in the entire Mainland for no reason, and it is no luck that he is known as such. His power is definitely beyond all of us… As long as one is a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse, all of us have definitely taken losses and disadvantages at his hands. In Old Monster Xue's entire life, he only has one daughter, and he got her at such an old age… naturally she is as precious to him as can be. When she was born, she was betrothed to the Lion Prince Gu YingBing of the WanShou Empire Royal Family. Yet, you little brat actually managed to steal her heart, managing to get that Old Monster Xue's precious daughter to fall for you. Fatty Long has been beaten many times by that Old Monster, how could he not be exalted and satisfied now? He may not be able to beat the Old Monster Xue, but his daughter has been stolen by his precious disciple… hahaha look how your teacher is laughing until his mouth is almost crooked!"

Zhou Weiqing's mouth twitched involuntarily. As expected, their smug laughs was not an act.

This is actually happening? Looking at his Master laughing away, somehow Zhou Weiqing felt a strange confidence that he could gain Tian'er back. "Master, what about me and Tian'er, you won't be against it?"

Long Shiya laughed heartily and said: "Against it? Why would I oppose such a thing? You just rest well and recover first, I will bring you up the Heavenly Snow Mountain to look for Old Monster Xue. For other things, your Teacher, I, may not intervene easily. However, this is to do with my disciple's wife to be, how can I not intervene. Let us act out a 'Snatch the bride' play in front of Old Monster Xue… if we succeed, who knows if that Old Monster will be angered to what degree… heh heh heh."

"Master, then do you have any methods for me to gain a great deal of power and cultivation level in a short period of time?" Zhou Weiqing asked again.

Long Shiya started momentarily, and at the side, Duan Tianlang said: "Weiqing, Fatty Long is already intervening on your behalf, why would you try to pull a seedling to help it grow, especially on yourself?"

Zhou Weiqing's gaze grew sombre and serious, a stubborn glint in them as he took a deep breath. Ignoring the aching and itching of his body, he said with a low voice: "Master, Senior Uncle Duan, I hope that I can be allowed to deal with this matter on my own. I must win back my woman with my own strength."

Long Shiya said exasperatedly: "Do you know what the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens is? What kind of place it is like or how dangerous it is? With your own strength, you will not even be able to make it to the Heavenly Snow Mountain before becoming food for a Heavenly Beast. You do not need to think too much. Although that Old Monster Xue is extremely powerful, he is not fully unreasonable. In this matter, we are not in the wrong. Both you and his precious daughter are free to fall in love. However, it is indeed true that you need to improve your strength in the near future. In the WanShou Empire, personal strength is what defines a hero. If you are able to defeat that Lion Prince, he would no longer have the face to insist on upholding the betrothal and marry that girl. However, the gap between you and him is currently massive. We only have two more months before the Coldest Winter… in that short amount of time, it is almost impossible for you to close that gap, unless…"

"Unless… unless what?" Zhou Weiqing asked urgently. Ever since he had become a Heavenly Jewel Master, Zhou Weiqing had never taken such a huge disadvantage like today. To be injured so severely… if not for his Master being here, those wounds alone would take him at least several months to recover, if at all. Deep in his heart, he did not hate his love rival. After all, if it were any other person in place of Gu YingBing, he would have done the same. At the same time, this loss had indeed filled him with fighting spirit. He had to fight and defeat Gu YingBing, and personally gain back Tian'er with his own hands. Otherwise, how could he be worthy of her love?

Long Shiya furrowed his brow and said: "There is only one method that can possibly allow you to grow so much in strength in such a short period of time, a method that only works for you. However, this method is also rather dangerous, and you must withstand an unbelievable amount of pain. Of course, with my protection, you will not be in danger of death, but such pain is definitely not to be underestimated. If you are not able to withstand the pain, you might suffer a nervous breakdown or total mental collapse. In such a case, even the greatest healing Skills or Resurrection Skills will not be able to save you."

Zhou Weiqing smiled and said: "Master, don't you think your disciple is extremely tough and tenacious? Being beaten up like this today, I am still smiling here. As you said, as long as I do not die from it, I will definitely be able to pull through."

Long Shiya said: "That method is to Awaken and Intensify the Solidified Dragon Spirit in your body in advance, allowing it to fully merge with your body before its normal time."

"Solidified Dragon Spirit?" Upon hearing those words, Zhou Weiqing's eyes lit up. Although he had not forgotten about the Solidified Dragon Spirit's existence, he had been training and cultivating hard the past few months, and had not thought much about it. After all, according to normal progress, that Solidified Dragon Spirit would only Awaken when he reached the Nine-Jeweled stage, definitely not something that he could reach or achieve in a few days. As such, he had not paid it much attention. At this moment, hearing Long Shiya bring it up so suddenly, his heart was filled with an abrupt burning hope. After all, the Solidified Dragon Spirit was the power of a Heavenly God Tier True Dragon! Dragons, even amongst the Heavenly Beast world, they were at the apex of nature's pyramid.

Long Shiya nodded and said: "Do you remember last time when you told me how the Solidified Dragon Spirit was momentarily activated by the powerful external Fire Attribute attacks, helping you to absorb it?"

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: "Of course I remember. That time, if not for Fei'er's help, it is likely I would not have survived to stand here before you today."

Long Shiya continued: "If you are able to succeed in Awakening your Solidified Dragon Spirit, it will undoubtedly also greatly increase your Heavenly Energy at the same time, and also allow your body to evolve and improve once again… further strengthening your body and making it tougher and more flexible. It will also purify your Heavenly Energy to an unadulterated form."

"With my aid, I have a sixty percent certainty in ensuring that once you Awaken your Solidified Dragon Spirit, you should be able to reach the six-Jeweled stage directly, leapfrogging four levels of Heavenly Energy directly. As you know, my Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts only starts getting stronger from the six-Jeweled cultivation level and higher, to begin unleashing its true power. With that, you will be able to truly use it in battle. Add on the other abilities that the Solidified Dragon Spirit will grant you, as well as the whatever improvement in your physique and body, it will be a total remould of your power and a major leap. Despite Gu YingBing being at the eight-Jeweled cultivation level, our Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts is adept at challenging above our power levels, and with the Solidified Dragon Spirit and Demonic Change State, I believe you should be able to hold your own against him. More importantly, you will also be able to Consolidate one more piece of your Legendary Set…"

Hearing Long Shiya speak of all the massive advantages of Awakening the Solidified Dragon Spirit in advance, Zhou Weiqing's expression did not relax or show over happiness. He was extremely clear about the importance of having proper order and sequence in Heavenly Jewel Masters cultivation. As Duan Tianlang had previously mentioned, by 'pulling a seedling to help it grow', if one wanted to succeed without destroying his own foundation and future, he would definitely have to pay a heavy price indeed.

As expected, Long Shiya's expression grew solemn as he spoke up to this point. Pausing momentarily, he continued seriously: "However, the major premise of all that is that you actually manage to successfully Awaken your Solidified Dragon Spirit… and in order to do so, you will have to endure Heavenly Fire burning your Soul, and the sheer pain of that. A Dragon is after all a top level ultimate Fire Attribute Heavenly Beast, and just by giving you the Solidified Dragon Spirit, it has also given you a near immunity to the Fire Attribute. For the Solidified Dragon Spirit to Awaken early, it has to be stimulated by a large amount of powerful Heavenly Fire, only then will it have a chance to Awaken in advance. The burning of the Heavenly Fire will be down to your very soul, and the pain will already be considerable. However, in your case, that would also clash with your own Demonic Change State… resulting in the amount of pain you have to endure being much stronger than before, and you will have to withstand it all the way until the Solidified Dragon Spirit is fully Awakened. That is to say, you will have to go through Heavenly Fire purifying Body, Heavenly Fire purifying Soul… all of it. During this process, the only thing i can help you with is to protect your core spirit and ensure you do not die from this. However, at the same time, as I do so, that means you will have to stay conscious and experience the entire process of the Purifying Body and Purifying Soul."

Zhou Weiqing could remember very clearly the previous time his Solidified Dragon Spirit had clashed with his Dark Demon God Tiger bloodline, and the moment Long Shiya spoke about it, he understood the sheer difficulty of the task ahead of him. In order to properly and fully Awaken his Solidified Dragon Spirit, that would mean he had to properly fuse the bloodline power that the Solidified Dragon Spirit with the Dark Demon God Tiger bloodline, merging them as one through their clashing, causing a full change in quality in both.

According to ordinary circumstances, this process would be a slow one fully culminating as he reached the nine-Jeweled cultivation level. At that point, his Heavenly Energy would be so strong, and his body so tough and strong that it would be much easier to withstand the pain, and everything should fall into place relatively easily, allowing the Awakening to succeed without much trouble. However, he was currently only at the Five-Jeweled cultivation stage, and one could just imagine the sheer difference… the sheer difficulty that awaited him.

However, did Zhou Weiqing really have a choice? No, he did not. When Tian'er had fully given herself to him that time at the Heavenly Jewel Island, he no longer had a choice. He could not fail her, fail her love, fail himself… letting down this young girl who had chosen to take everything upon herself and return alone to the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

"Is Tian'er's suffering any less than mine? It should even be greater than me… and if a girl like her can take that, as a man, if I can't even take this amount of pain, what kind of qualification do I have to become the son in law of the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, to become Tian'er's husband? Master, do not worry, I will definitely endure it." Zhou Weiqing said in a resolute and decisive manner.

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Looking at the determination in his eyes, burning with resolution, Long Shiya nodded in approval. Finally, he said: "Very well… good… good… you truly are my good disciple. I am very proud of you. I will definitely put everything I have to ensure that you succeed in this, and succeed in your wish!"

Duan Tianlang stood at the side, a faint smile on his side as he said: "Fatty Long, it has been a long time since I have seen you so motivated and excited. Do you want me to go along with you then?"

Long Shiya shook his head and said: "No need, you just help Weiqing finish his fifth piece of his Legendary Set as quickly as possible. This time, no matter what, this will be another type of fight between that Old Monster Xue and myself… a whole different battleground. I have fought against him so many times, and have never won. This time, I will definitely suppress that Old Creature!"

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