56.83% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 482: Solidified Dragon Spirit! (3)

Chapter 482: Solidified Dragon Spirit! (3)

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“As for the normal resources the rest of both your Tribes require, I will also provide it. If, in any case, these thousand warriors take more than thirty percent losses, then both of your tribes no longer need to join in any of my Peerless Battalion military actions. At the same time, I will first advance each of you five million gold coins. If the thirty percent casualties actually happen, both of you can leave at any time, even keeping all the provided equipment.”

Thirty percent of a thousand men, that was three hundred men. Although the Gold Crow and Berserker Tribes barely numbered more than ten thousand tribesmen in total combined, a loss of that number was still barely acceptable for them. This was a chance that they had to choose whether to bet on or not.

Ma Long and Hong Yu exchanged looks, as if somehow communicating silently, then they both turned back to look at Zhou Weiqing once more.

Zhou Weiqing’s gaze was honest and sincere, and facing their gazes, he just smiled faintly in good faith.

Ma Long couldn’t help but ask: “Battalion Commander Zhou, are you that sure that in all the future fights, our losses will not cross thirty percent? After all, that is extremely difficult to guarantee in a battlefield. In the end, if you want to restore your homeland, you will need to fight many battles, and it will be a long process indeed.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Vice Commander Wei.”

Wei Feng took a step forward and said respectfully: “Yes, Sir?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Please inform the two Tribe Leaders about our Peerless Battalion’s military exploits and accomplishments since we have formed.”

Wei Feng nodded in agreement and turned to face Ma Long and Hong Yu, saying solemnly: “Two Tribe Leaders, Greetings. Our Peerless Battalion has been formed for about nine months or so. In this period of time, we have fought a few times with the WanShou Empire. In our first fight, we faced a Company of enemy forces, managing to kill them all. Our losses, zero. Next, we met with the WanShou Empire Swift Wolf Regiment, ten thousand cavalry soldiers attacking us. At that time, our Peerless Battalion numbered one thousand five hundred. We killed over four thousand of them, and our losses were zero. Yesterday’s fight, we numbered five hundred of our elite, killing over three thousand enemies, and once again, zero losses.”

Hearing Wei Feng’s short and succinct summary, both Hong Yu and Ma Long’s faces showed surprise. In Wei Feng’s report, there was one thing that was constant – the zero losses of the Peerless Battalion fighters. That was to say, every single fight of theirs up until now had been a total and complete victory.

Perhaps, if they had not experienced the fight yesterday, having been saved by the First Main Company of the Peerless Battalion, it would have been extremely difficult or even impossible for the two Tribe Leaders to believe Wei Feng’s words. However, having seen the power of the Peerless Battalion with their own eyes, they naturally did not suspect anything. After all, no matter what, when the Peerless Battalion had come to rescue them yesterday, they had definitely been facing two powerful Regiments of enemy soldiers, and they had experienced the fighting capabilities of the two for themselves. In that fight, the Peerless Battalion First Main Company’s main enemy had even been the stronger of the two, the Unicorn Cavalry Regiment!

After Wei Feng finished his report, he returned to his seat silently.

Zhou Weiqing continued: “Two Tribe Leaders, since our Peerless Battalion was set up, up until now in all our fights on the battlefield, not a single one of our brothers have died. Naturally, injuries are unavoidable, but I have told every single Peerless Battalion soldiers that each and every one of their lives are of utmost importance. In the future, they will all be heroes on the battlefield. My aspiration is not just for us to beat our enemies, but to destroy them without taking any losses. Our numbers are not high, but just think about this…  no matter how powerful the Bai Da Empire is, can they even be compared to the WanShou Empire armies, in terms of either numbers, army strength or personal power? Furthermore, the Heavenly Bow Empire is my homeland, and the Bai Da Empire is the invader from outsider… I believe strongly that when we attack and make a public appeal, we will get much support from the public.”

“Towards your Berserker and Gold Crow tribes, I have already formulated some plans a while back, just awaiting your arrival. I believe that you have already seen for yourselves the equipment of our Peerless Battalion, all of them wearing light mail crafted from titanium alloy.”

Ma Long and Hong Yu nodded their heads subconsciously. It could be said that after they had seen the equipment, they had both been salivating after them. For the entire Peerless Battalion to be equipped with the titanium light mail, how much money did that cost! With such fine weapons and armour to protect them, naturally the soldiers would have a much greater chance of survival on the battlefield.

Hong yu was the first to lose her composure, quickly saying: “Battalion Commander Zhou, are you saying that you will be willing to equip our two Tribes’ warriors with the same titanium light mail?”

Under the heated gazes of the two Tribe Leaders, Zhou Weiqing actually shook his head slowly.

Ma Long’s brow furrowed, but he did not speak. After all, they had just reached, and they had not made any contributions to the Peerless Battalion yet, and they could not ask for too much for now. Of course, logic was logic, but they couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “How could the defensive capabilities of the titanium light mail be sufficient.”

“En?” Both Ma Long and Hong Yu were caught by surprised, their faces revealing their curiosity, as they did not understand what Zhou Weiqing meant.

Zhou Weiqing continued: “Our entire Peerless Battalion currently numbers about five thousand soldiers, and under our special technique arts, they are now all Jewel Masters, with the great majority being Physical Jewel Masters. Regarding our Peerless Battalion finances, both Tribe Leaders do not need to worry; our Physical Jewel Masters are all targeting to be fully becoming the Peerless Air Force that both of you have witnessed in action yesterday. Equipped with Consolidated Wings, their fighting also has to be done high up in the blue skies. Under such a circumstance, if their equipment weighs too much, it will greatly influence their flying speed and more importantly, sustainability and time of flight. As such, the equipment I chose for them is just the titanium alloy light mail.”

Titanium Light Mail… ‘Just’? Both Ma Long and Hong Yu couldn’t help but feel their hearts convulse at such phrasings.

By that point, Hong Yu was not able to resist, and she piped out: “What about our warriors then? Battalion Commander Zhou, please don’t keep us guessing, what is your exact plan?”

Zhou Weiqing smiled and said: “The equipment that I have envisioned for both your Tribes’ warriors is to make them into moving steel fortresses. Not only will they be armed to the death, I want them to be so armoured that even if they stand there and allow low level Jewel Masters to strike at them at will, their defense cannot be broken through. My goal is to make every one of your warriors to become an unstoppable killing machine on the battlefield, to cause all our enemies to fear even the sound of your names. From Ma Qun and Crow, I have seen the immense possibility of the Berserker and Gold Crow Tribes, and the possibilities are endless. You all do not lack power, but currently what you lack is unity, formation, training and the finest equipment. As for the exact details, it is too soon for me to speak of right now, and I am sure that both Tribe Leaders will soon be able to see with your own eyes. What I can tell you in advance is that the equipment for each Berserker or Gold Crow Tribe soldier will cost at least five times that of a Peerless Battalion Air Force soldier.”

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s bold guarantee, both Ma Long and Hong Yu were stunned into silence. Equipment that cost five times that of titanium alloy light mail? What could that possibly be? They could not even envision such a thing.

Zhou Weiqing continued: “Originally, my plan was to mould the Berserker and Gold Crow Tribe Warriors into our Peerless Battalion Heavy Armour Infantry. However, after seeing the Berserker Tribe’s talent in taming and training horses, I might make a few slight changes to that plan. I hope that in the near future, both your Tribes can become a unique force in your own right… Atop horses, you are Heavy Cavalry Soldiers, and upon dismounting, you are Heavy Armour Infantry soldiers. In this way, my plan for you being an unstoppable storm of metal along the battlefield can be perfect.”

That’s it. Your Father, I, will go along with the Peerless Battalion!” At that point, Ma Qun had been incited by Zhou Weiqing’s words, and this valiant but rough man waved his hand and decided the fate of his Berserker Tribe in one instant. If they were afraid to take the risk and fight for their survival, they would have stayed in the Fei Li Empire. Now they had already taken the first step forward, if they did not go ahead, perhaps the Berserker Tribe would never have the opportunity the hold their heads up high ever again. In the past, the Fei Li Empire had once bribed their Tribes to fight… but in the end? They were always used as cannon fodders, and the continued wars had caused so many casualties to their Tribesmen. As a result, over time, both Tribes had started declining, reaching their lowest point. Yet, today, Zhou Weiqing had not spoken about how the two Tribes can fight for him, but first detailing out how he could ensure the survival of all his warriors, how to equip them properly. Just this factor alone had met with both Hong Yu and Ma Long’s approval.”

“Very well, I am also in. However, our Gold Crow Tribe has a unique request.” Hong Yu said.

Zhou Weiqing said: “Please, do tell.”

Hong Yu continued: “Battalion Commander Zhou, I see that you have many stout little fellows in your Peerless Battalion. Look, our Tribe has so many beautiful ladies, don’t you think it would be perfect to match some of them?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Tribe Leader Hong Yu, this issue, Crow has already spoken to me about it previously. However, I do have a question first… since the Berserker and Gold Crow Tribes are have been friends for generations, why do you not marry within the Tribes?”

Hong Yu glanced towards Ma Long with an exasperated, almost indignant look, before turning back to Zhou Weiqing and saying: “Well, it is not that we do not want to marry within our tribes. In fact, we do so indeed. However, the problem is that after so many years, so many generations, both our Tribes have really inter-married so many times, so much so that many of us are related in some way or the other. If we continue doing so, it will soon become endogamy, and possibly causing children with born defects…. As such,, unless we can confirm that both sides do not have too close a relation, for example like Ma Qun and Crow, our Tribesmen usually will not choose to intermarry.”

Zhou Weiqing finally understood this little problem that had been nagging at him all this time, and he said: “Very well, this should be no problem at all, and I will agree to it. Naturally, our Peerless Battalion will be happy to help bring about this mutually beneficial agreement.” Although the Gold Crow Tribe women were taller and larger than normal, but do not forget that these Peerless Battalion soldiers were mostly ruffians from Ruffian Battalions, and they had not had intimate contact with women for years. This should not be a big problem. Furthermore, if the Peerless Battalion warriors do actually get engaged or marry with the Gold Crow Tribe, that would undoubtedly bind the two sides together… Such a good thing, how could Zhou Weiqing be against it? Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

With this, the matter about settling the two powerful Tribes had finally come to a close. Next, Zhou Weiqing began issuing a list of commands.

Lin TianAo would still be in charge of the logistics and supplies, mainly regarding the equipment of the entire Battalion and coordinating with the two Consolidating Equipment Masters. Although the Gold Crow and Berserker Tribes had just arrived, in truth the plan for their equipment had long been in effect, and some starting orders had already been placed previously. Of course, the Peerless Battalion soldiers also had room for improvement in terms of equipment too. In this aspect, their investment was unbelievably huge, and even the original hundred million gold that Zhou Weiqing had given them earlier had already been totally spent. Of course, the Heavenly Cores that Long Shiya had given him were just too numerous and valuable, and just selling them alone would able to finance the massive spending of the Peerless Battalion for more than ten more years.

Zhou Weiqing informed the others about him leaving for a period of time to enter closed door cultivation, asking Hua Feng to take over as a temporary Battalion Commander and leader of the Peerless Battalion, and that all decisions were to be made between him, Wei Feng and Shangguan Fei’er.

The main war against the WanShou Empire was about to begin, and the main goal that Zhou Weiqing had for the Peerless Battalion going forward was to get as much combat experience as possible while ensuring zero losses. At the same time, he asked Lin TianAo to arrange to gather a large sum of gold, to be used as rewards for the soldiers for their merits in combat. As for Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, it would still take some time to complete. After all, several thousand Consolidating Equipment Scrolls of the Dual Wings needed a lot of time to complete, and would be a long, steady process.

What followed next was a matter of training the soldiers before the actual fighting. For the training of the two new powerful infantry troops, Zhou Weiqing left it to Shangguan Fei’er. As for fighting formations, operational efficiency and other military capabilities, Zhou Weiqing decided to send for Zang Lang to join them. With him aiding Shangguan Fei’er, they would be able to train and greatly improve this new Infantry force that would definitely be an important addition to the Peerless Battalion forces.

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