58.84% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 499: Dragon and Tiger, Bloodlines Merge! (2)

Chapter 499: Dragon and Tiger, Bloodlines Merge! (2)

Translator: Zen Translations Editor: Zen Translations

Another hour passed, and Zhou Weiqing’s body continued in that seemingly ever-changing state, only his right leg had changed into the black scorpion hook of his Demonic Right Leg, and that seemed to be the only stable part of his entire body, remaining constant all this while, as the rest of his body morphed constantly between the two states.

All of a sudden, with an abrupt sickening sound, a cloud of blood mist burst forth from Zhou Weiqing’s back, giving Long Shiya a fright. He almost thought that in that instant, Zhou Weiqing had been unable to withstand the bloodline power and imploded.

However, just as he was about to react, a pair of huge wings sprouted out from the freshly opened wounds on Zhou Weiqing’s back, unfurling in a jerky, almost childish way, as if it was learning how to do so as it went along, slowing opening up to its full width.

Long Shiya’s eyes opened wide. He had never heard of a bloodline power allowing humans to grow wings… not even the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord’s Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline had such a possible change, even though the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord was born a Heavenly Beast.

Black Tiger with two pairs of wings?!

At last, the two pair of wings spread out, each almost two metres long, curling back and unfurling out constantly behind Zhou Weiqing’s back. Every Time they did so, they seemed to become smoother, more familiarized. The two contrasting colours and light of crimson red and greyish black was also slowly drawn to the wings.

At this point, the highly pained expression of Zhou Weiqing’s face that had remained in that state for so long seemed to finally smooth out, and the scary looking wounds on his back that was the result of the wings seemed to be healing rapidly. Right at the point of those wounds, the crimson red and greyish black seemed to gather… fusing together, finally turning into strange looking purplish scales covering Zhou Weiqing’s skin in that area, before slowly spreading out.

The scales were shaped similar to those of dragonkind, a diamond like structure, and looked to be only a very thin layer without popping out awkwardly, instead extremely fine and densely compacted, as if a type of satin fabric covering every inch of Zhou Weiqing’s body… all the way to his face and the freshly bald head.

Even though these scales were as thin and fine as they could possibly be, but being fully covered by them from top to toe even down to the huge wings on his back, Zhou Weiqing looked absolutely nothing like he did before. His now dark reddish purple face was not ugly at all, but it was clear that his looks had changed subtly after this fusion of his bloodline and evolving of his body. The change was not much, but his previous innocent / honest look was definitely lessened, replaced with a slightly colder, powerful and more dignified look. The black and red orbs respectively had both been replaced with a final purple colour, a deeper purple than even the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers like Tian’er, glowing almost with a strange demonic light.

A raw coldness, darkness, evil… fiery heat, scorching fury… all sorts of different auras burst forth in succession intermittently constantly.

In the end, he still maintained human form, no matter all his other changes. This final result could be called the third evolving of his Demonic Change State, and also the final result of his Solidified Dragon Spirit Awakening.

*Poof**Poof**Poof**Poof* Four explosive sounds rang out from Zhou Weiqing’s body, as all of a sudden, four new Death Acupuncture Points of his body broke through instantly, as his Immortal Deity Technique actually broke through four stages almost simultaneously. A fresh new Physical Jewel and Elemental Jewel immediately formed around his wrist right after that.

Has the fusion succeeded? Alas… no… it had not fully succeeded yet.

Long Shiya’s heart abruptly skipped a beat. His face had just started showing a hint of wild joy, and it was suddenly replaced by worry once more.

Without question, the changes in Zhou Weiqing body showed that the fusion of the bloodlines had already been basically completed, and the terrifying power of the fused bloodline was accepted by his body, and it had endured through the beginnings of this new merger. The last thirty six had not been wasted at all, and the unique combined power of the Four Saint Attributes had indeed been able to harmonize and allow Zhou Weiqing’s body to endure the sheer power of the two combined bloodlines.

However, there was currently something very wrong with Zhou Weiqing’s current eyes and look in them. The previous cold craziness which had appeared when Consolidating his Sixth set of Heavenly Jewels had slowly turned into a wild brutish ferocity… and more so… his ‘lower body’ was slowly expanding… standing up…

“This… this…”

Sacrifice… he needs a sacrificial offering. This strange fusion requires a ‘sacrifice’ to complete the fusion and Awakening… and also to awaken his suppressed consciousness.

Who was Long Shiya? With a single look, he could tell what Zhou Weiqing needed for the final touch.

What do I do? Do I have to actually charge up the Heavenly Snow Mountain to grab Tian’er over here to be the ‘sacrifice’ for Little Fatty’s Awakening? But.. that isn’t realistic at all! Distance was not a problem, but no matter how high an opinion Long Shiya held of himself, he did not think he would be able to grab someone from the hands of the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord.

Alright, I don’t care anymore! After pondering for awhile, Long Shiya finally made a decision. No matter what, he would have to look around for a ‘sacrificial offering’ first for Little Fatty before thinking about anything else. There was still some time before Zhou Weiqing’s final fusion had to complete, and he needed to find a ‘sacrificial offering’ in a short period of time so that the Awakening would be complete and perfect. At the worst, he would greatly compensate whichever young lady he grabbed.

As he thought that, Long Shiya sprang into action. Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy had abruptly broken through four stages to consolidate his Sixth set of Heavenly Jewels, and he had some time to look for a perfect ‘sacrificial offering’ to help Zhou Weiqing Awaken.

Green light surrounded his body and Long Shiya soared into the air, disappearing into the distance. At the same time, he extended his spiritual energy to the maximum distance, using his powerful strength to continuously sense for any signs of life in his surroundings.

As he looked around, Long Shiya couldn’t help but think to himself: Little Fatty, you better pray that this Big Fatty will be able to find a beauty for you… otherwise, if your luck is really bad, if I really can’t find any woman, then maybe I’ll have no choice but to bring back some female Heavenly Beast. Ugh, that Little Fatty… what a little brat, hmph, but his ‘package’ isn’t too bad… could it be this bloodline fusion and evolving this time has let ‘that place’ grown bigger?

Despite having his mind filled with strange and weirdly wandering thoughts, Long Shiya’s speed did not slow at all, and he flew swiftly into the distance.

Not much time passed, and all of a sudden, a light flickered in Long Shiya’s eyes. He had spotted a target within his spiritual energy senses just several li away… with three people headed towards the WanShou Empire Ten Thousand Beast Heavens, at not a slow speed either. Amongst the three of them, he could sense that one had a finer breathing, also smaller and lighter of form, clearly a woman, and more so, a young woman.

Little Fatty, looks like your luck isn’t too bad! At least I don’t have to consider a female Heavenly Beast.

If Zhou Weiqing knew what his Master had been thinking, perhaps he would rather not be Awakened by that ‘alternative’.

“Ohh, actually Heavenly King Stages…” As he got closer, Long Shiya could better sense the three clearly. He was surprised to discover that amongst the other two men of the three were actually both Heavenly King Stage powerhouses.

However, so what if they were Heavenly King Stage powerhouses? That did not change Long Shiya’s plan at all. Time waited for no man, and it was definitely of vital importance to Zhou Weiqing, and he could not possibly just leave them to attempt to look for another target just because there were two Heavenly King powerhouses.

In the distance, the three figures appeared in Long Shiya’s sight, running and jumping along at high speeds.

Before Long Shiya reached them, an overbearingly powerful aura pressured down upon the three of them, a terrifying presence causing the three of them to halt abruptly, shock on his face.

Two men and one lady. The two men were both around the age of sixty, clearly the two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses than Long Shiya had sensed from a distance away. As for the young lady in the middle, she was all dressed in black, her head of black hair streaming behind her back in the wind. Her cultivation level was much lower in comparison, about six to seven Jewels or so. Though it was definitely pretty good for her age, but facing the pressure from the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor, her face turned pale and ashen.

Seeing a massive fat man descending from the skies, the two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses did not hesitate to step in front of the black clothed young lady, their expressions serious as she looked at Long Shiya.

Long Shiya’s character had always been doing things according to his wishes, and now that it had to do with his own precious disciple’s life and safety, he did not even bother wasting time with small talk. With a solemn voice, he said: “Get lost, or I’ll kill you both.”

The old man on the left had his expression change and he said: “Senior… I’m sorry… how have we offended you, what do you need from us?”

Long Shiya said coldly: “I am taking this young lady away, and if you know what’s good for you, you would get lost… otherwise, don’t blame this old man for being merciless.” As he said that, a strange sight occurred.

All they saw next was Long Shiya waving his hand, and eleven glittering Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewels swirling around his wrists. As they twirled one round, six of them landed around Long Shiya’s feet, forming a hexagon shape. The other five floated above Long Shiya’s head, forming a pentagon shape. As they spun, the hexagon at Long Shiya’s feet started changing colours, each glowing with the respective colours of water, fire, earth, wind, light and darkness attributes, forming a layer of light slowly rising from the ground, covering his entire massive body with a glow.

The two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses cried out involuntarily in alarm almost simultaneously: “Six … Six Ultimate Heavenly Formation… Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor…!!!”

Indeed, what was below Long Shiya’s feet was his famed Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts. This was also the reason why he told Zhou Weiqing that the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts could only be properly used when at the Six-Jeweled cultivation level as a base. Once one like them had Six Heavenly Jewels, they would be able to use the true Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, using the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts to its true effect. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Facing two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses, in order to save time, Long Shiya unleashed his strongest Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation without hesitation.

The two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses’ faces were filled with shock and fear. Naturally, they knew of the famed Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation; they knew who the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was and what that meant.

“As I said, if you know what is good for you, get lost, don’t make this old man take action. Since my Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation was complete, I have never used it against any foe lower than a Heavenly Emperor. How? You two want to be the honoured exceptions today?”

The two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses exchanged looks. They knew that with their cultivation level, they would not be able to do anything against the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor no matter how hard they tried. The one on the left swallowed hard and braced himself, saying: “Heavenly Emperor, we are from the Heavenly Demon Sect. Please, for the sake of our Demonic Emperor, we beg that you show mercy. This is our little princess. If the Heavenly Emperor needs women, we can go catch them for you right now, as many as you need we will provide them all.” As he said that, he couldn’t help but think to himself: I’ve never heard about this Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was that fond of women!

Long Shiya growled angrily: “Nonsense, what bullshit. This old man has lived for more than a hundred years and am still a pure virgin, and every morning I will still have ‘one pillar to prop up the sky’1. Why would I need women? Get lost!!”

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