59.19% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 502: Sacrifice! Wu Yuehan! (3)

Chapter 502: Sacrifice! Wu Yuehan! (3)

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At last, no one knew how many times they had reached the peak of bliss, but at last, the two of them slowly fell into the depths of slumber, still intertwined in an embrace.

At Zhou Weiqing's chest area, a ball of gentle light rose slowly all the way up to his forehead before disappearing. At last, the entire area fell into a dead silence.

At this moment, a powerful ray of Light Attribute Energy suddenly descended from the skies, pushing Zhou Weiqing to the side and enveloping Little Witch's body. At the same time, a long robe floated down, covering her naked body.

Only then did Long Big Fatty appear from outside the smoke. Naturally, it was his Light Attribute Healing Skills that fell upon Wu Yuehan, not holding back as he helped to heal her wounds and renourish her exhausted body. As he did so, there was a forced smile on his face. Up until now, he still did not know how he could compensate this young lady in front of him.

With the healing and aid of such powerful Light Attribute Healing Skills, it wasn't long before Little Witch opened her eyes. No longer affected by the strange scent and aura that Zhou Weiqing previously had, she quickly regained full consciousness and awareness.

The first thing Little Witch felt was the the warm and comfortable Light Attribute Heavenly Energy enveloping her entire body. As a Life Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master, the Heavenly Energy Attribute that they liked the most was definitely the Light Attribute, although the Demonic Attribute in her body was suppressed by the Light Attribute.

A feeling of heaviness soon followed, as if her limbs had been injected by lead, and even lifting her arm seemed so difficult. She felt like all the strength and energy had been drained out of her body.

As compared to the sheer fatigue and weakness in her physical body, her Heavenly Energy was a stark contrast. Little Witch was astonished to find that her Heavenly Energy was actually full and bountiful. More so, she had somehow actually broken through to the seven-Jeweled stage without knowing when!

Contrary to her expectations, her bottom was not hurting, instead feeling numb. After all, after an entire day and night, no matter how tough and flexible her body was, a young maiden like herself with no prior experience being sent to the peak over and over… it undoubtedly was a huge toll on her body.

Long Shiya looked at her with an apologetic expression on his face as he said: "Little girl, I'm sorry. If i did not do this, my disciple would have gone crazy and died. At that time, even if it were a female pig, I would have brought it back for him, but it is your misfortune that I stumbled across you at that particular time. Do you have any requests? As long as I can do it, I will fulfil any requests you have."

Little Witch's eyes were a little hollow, empty. Even though the entire 'sacrifice' process she did not feel any pain, in fact giving her a previously unknown, marvelous feeling, but she had lost her most precious virtue against her will after all! To any girl, this was a blow far worse than anything, perhaps even more than her own life itself.

Long Shiya's mouth twitched slightly as he looked on helplessly. Finally, he waved his hand, and Zhou Weiqing, who had been lying at the side, was dragged into his hands. Currently, Zhou Weiqing had lost that purple hue, and the wings behind his back had disappeared into his body, and he had finally resumed his normal look and features. Of course, all of his hair that had been burnt away in the magma could not be regrown so quickly, and his features did contain some differences from his previous look. At this moment, his eyes were closed, sleeping peacefully with a satisfied look on his face.

"How about this, little lady, I have a proposition for you and you can see whether or not you want to accept it. Anyway, this little brat has already taken your body, how about you make do with him and marry him. If you want to take revenge for that one day and night and how roughly he treated you, you have a lifetime ahead of you to do so."

Throughout his entire long life, Long Shiya had stood upright on his legs between heaven and earth, upstanding and dauntless, and though he might do things according to his own likes and dislikes, he could hold his head up high and say he had never done anything against his conscience. However, this time, catching Little Witch as a Sacrifice for Zhou Weiqing, he had been torn by both anxiety and worry and his conscience. Now that all of it was over, he felt an unprecedented apologetic feeling towards this young lady.

Subconsciously, Little Witch raised her head. As she slowly calmed down, she knew that she could not seek death so easily. After all, the entire Heavenly Demon Sect only had her as a direct bloodline heir. If she died like that, who would be able to inherit the Heavenly Demon Sect and help direct it… to help it grow? Furthermore, she had so many things left undone. She started to look up, wanting to see this man who had stolen her virtue, to see what he looked like, and remember that image. Since he had already taken her body, perhaps what this Heavenly Emperor powerhouse said was true, and it would not be a bad thing to marry his disciple. Feelings aside, at least it would bring a strong and powerful Heavenly Emperor ally to the Heavenly Demon Sect.

As she thought about all that, Little Witch's tears couldn't help but stream down her cheeks uncontrollable. However, when she slowly raised her head once more to look upon that man, and that familiar face entered her eyes, in that instant, her eyes widened fully.

"What?!" Despite still feeling weak and feeble, Little Witch sat up fully upright instantly, her eyes filled with disbelief as her lips trembled violently in sheer shock.

"Errr…." Long Shiya looked at Little Witch, then looked back at his precious disciple, a helpless look on his face as he said: "As the saying goes, if one marries a chicken, one should follow the chicken; if one marries a dog, then one should follow the dog [1. A very awkward direct translation of an old chinese idiom, basically means to persuade a girl to be content with her husband no matter what his lot is]. My disciple might not be the most handsome or suave, but you two already have that connection… so, perhaps you can make do with him?"

Long Big Fatty had also thought things through rather clearly. Only by bringing his precious disciple and this little young lady from the Heavenly Demon Sect together could the knot in his heart be eased. Although his disciple had done wrong to her, but at least if he took responsibility for it, then he wouldn't feel as guilty.

"Zhou… Zhou Weiqing?!" Little Witch's voice was filled with uncertainty. If a second ago, she had been filled with despair and hopelessness in her future, with all her negative emotions buried deep within her heart with a mask… then now, in this very instant, powerful fires of hope sprang forth. She had never thought that this man who had forcefully stolen her virtue would actually… actually be … him. If… If she had to be forced to make a choice of a man in this world, then our dear Zhou Little Fatty would definitely be the first choice. Currently, Little Witch felt as if the heavens had played a cruel joke on her… first letting her lose her most precious virtue, turning everything into a living hell for her, before springing such a strong hope on her once more, as if the sheer agony she was in wasn't as bad as she thought after all.

"Oh?! You… you know him?" This time, it was Long Shiya's turn to be surprised.

A ray green light lit up brightly. It was Little Witch, using her Life Attribute Skills to heal herself, even as she eyed Zhou Weiqing, who was being supported by Long Shiya… a complicated look on her face as her heart was mired with a myriad confused thoughts.

It was… How could it be him? Since when did he have a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse as teacher? More so… what was he doing here? How did they all end up like this? This is too much of a coincidence?! Thinking back to their entire day and night of embarrassing joining, Little Witch's pale face turned beet red instantly. At the same time, she couldn't help but think to herself: Thank the heavens… in such a terrible scenario of pain and suffering, at least this is the best possible outcome already.

Slowly supporting herself as she stood up shakily, Little Witch nodded her head lightly. "Indeed, Senior, I know him. We are actually friends. I… I...."

Speaking up to this point, Little Witch's eyes reddened. No matter what, she had been forced against her will to lose her most precious virtue, and more so, so abruptly… so out of the blue!

Long Shiya started momentarily. "Recognize? You recognize that little brat? That is great, even better than I thought! What a great coincidence! Heh heh, then… can I consider it as you being relatively voluntary in helping out rather than me forcing you? After all, this old man has not done anything against my conscience all my life, sigh… this time, for that damn little brat's sake, I have…" As he said that, he rubbed his hands together, a rather embarrassed look on his face.

How intelligent was Little Witch. She immediately understood what Long Shiya meant from his words, and she couldn't help but look at him scornfully in her heart momentarily. However, as her consciousness fully awakened and she knew that the man who had stolen her virtue was actually Zhou Weiqing, she was now extremely clear-headed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

At this point, what was the point of crying or causing a commotion? The only true thing to do now was to find a way to gain the most. That fellow Zhou Weiqing did not just have a single woman!

"Senior…" Wu Yuehan said grievously: "This is too much of a coincidence. Sigh… yes, I am willing. If I knew it was him beforehand, could I possibly leave him in the lurch and watch him die?"

Long Shiya was delighted. He had not expected that Wu Yuehan would be so understanding and considerate. In fact, looking at how she was now, it seemed like she had some feelings for his precious disciple, and he couldn't help but heave an internal sigh of relief, thinking to himself: Such luck! Heh heh! What a good girl indeed! "Don't worry, I know about your circumstance, and you have given your most precious body to this little brat. If he dares not want you, I will beat him all his skin off! Don't worry, I will make sure that this little brat marries you. Oh right, child, I still do not know your name."

Little Witch lowered his head and said: "This Junior is Wu Yuehan."

Long Shiya nodded repeatedly and said: "Very good, in that case, you might as well not leave. When that little brat wakes up, I'll make the decision for you two."

"No… no need, Senior." Little Witch quickly looked up, a complicated look in her eyes as she said: "Senior, I do not want to meet him under such a circumstance. Please do not force him, after all it was just to save his life. He originally never liked me. Please can I trouble you to send me back?"

"What like or dislike. Hmph. He has already taken your body, and you are willing to let it go like that? Child, do not worry, in this matter, this old man will settle it for you. You are from the Heavenly Demon Sect right, later on I will bring that little brat and personally go to your Heavenly Demon Sect to propose marriage."

Wu Yuehan was delighted in her heart, looking at Long Shiya with a face full of hope. "Senior, is that for real?"

Long Shiya thumped his own chest steadily and said: "Since when have I, Long Shiya, told any lie. However, I must first tell you that this little brat is a don juan in his own right, and I'm afraid you will not be his only woman."

Wu Yuehan gave a bitter smile and said: "How can I not know that? As long as he still has a place for me in his heart in the future, I will be satisfied. Senior, can you please send me back now?"

"You still want to leave now?" Long Shiya started momentarily.

Wu Yuehan flushed deeply and said: "I truly do not want to meet him under such circumstances. I need to calm down and think through things. Senior, can you please tell me where I can find him in the future?"

Long Shiya sighed. He was not familiar with what had exactly gone on between Zhou Weiqing and Little Witch before this, and subconsciously he thought it was this current situation and that the shade in her heart from this incident was still deep in her mind, and time was needed for her to process it. As such, he nodded to her and said: "You change your clothes first, and I will send you back."

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    she already fell for him at the the dragon realm but she knew she had no hope to be with him but now she does

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