59.31% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 503: Dragon-Tiger Transformation! (1)

Chapter 503: Dragon-Tiger Transformation! (1)

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Long Shiya released his Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy, soaring up together with Wu Yuehan far into the skies once again, speeding towards the original place where he had grabbed her.

As expected, the two Heavenly King Stage powerhouse Elders from the Heavenly Demon Sect were still waiting there for them. Although they were feeling terrible about Wu Yuehan being kidnapped from them, but it had already happened, and there was no use crying over spilt milk as they could not do anything about it. They could only wait there and pray that the Heavenly Emperor powerhouse would stick to his word return Wu Yuehan to them. No matter what, being able to bring back a live Young Miss was much better than losing her forever.

In a flash of green light, Long Big Fatty descended from the skies with Wu Yuehan in tow. The two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses instantly perked up alertly, quickly advancing forward to greet them.

Seeing Long Shiya, the two of them were filled with hostility. However, they knew their strength was far below this Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor and they could not show any signs of it. If not for that, they would definitely want to immediately tear Long Shiya from limb to limb. To the Heavenly Demon Sect, what happened in the past few days was definitely a terrible humiliation and disgrace.

Little Witch was not dressed in the same clothes she had left in, clearly having changed during her time away. At the same time, they both could see that her expression was weary and almost haggard. With their cultivation level and experience, how could they not see that she had lost her virginity?

"Elders, I have returned." Little Witch said with a faint smile, as if nothing had happened.

The two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses started momentarily. How could Young Miss be so calm and composed after having lost her virtue? Their gaze flickered and landed onto Long Shiya, but he was not even looking at them, smiling gently at Little Witch.

Wu Yuehan said: "Elders, please do not worry. Senior Long only asked me to help someone out, and the person who needed help happened to be a good friend of mine. Now that he has recovered, we can return. You two do not need to say anything, it was of my own free will. We do not need to head to the WanShou Ten Thousand Beast Heavens, when we return I will personally speak to my father."

"Yes, Young Miss." The two Heavenly King Stage powerhouse elders were still clearly confused, not knowing what was going on. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Long Shiya smiled faintly and said: "Yuehan, this time is truly a big inconvenience for you. Do not worry, Little Fatty has some things to clear up first, and once he is done, I will personally bring him to look for you. When that time comes, you just make the preparations. Alright, he is still quite unstable, I will return first." After saying all that, he did not even look at the two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses, and soared up into the air and disappeared swiftly.

"Young Miss, are you okay?" The two Heavenly King Stage powerhouse Elders quickly advanced forward to ask Little Witch concernedly. The Elder on the left said angrily: "It must be that old bastard, did he threaten you to say that? Although the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor is powerful, our Heavenly Demon Sect is not to be trifled with as well. The Sect Master will definitely get revenge for Young Miss."

A bitter smile crossed Wu Yuehan's face and she said: "Elders, I was not threatened at all. I truly did it of my own accord, and I was willing to do so. It is truly a coincidence… that Senior Long's disciple is the person I mentioned to the Sect previously. Father originally wished that I marry him… this time is…"

""Ahh?" The two Elders stared speechlessly at each other. What kind of magic was that, such a coincidence?!

Little Witch sighed softly. Although she did not regret that her virtue had been stolen by Zhou Weiqing, but deep inside her heart, she did not wish that it had been taken under such dubious circumstances. However, now that things had already played out like this, there was no turning back already.

Back atop the Fire Spirit Mountain, Zhou Weiqing slept deeply for an entire day and night. As he slowly drifted out of his dreams into awakening, he felt his entire body itching, especially his back which was especially itchy. He moaned subconsciously before extending all his limbs out to the maximum in a lazy stretch.

At that moment, Zhou Weiqing felt his entire body, down to his muscles, bones and even meridian channels were straining with a strange sound. The next moment, he felt an unprecedented relaxing and comfortable feeling throughout his entire body, as if he had been given a new lease on life.

So comfortable! Feels so good! Opening his eyes, Zhou Weiqing's thoughts were still a little slow. After all, he had been 'cultivating' for almost forty days, and his consciousness was still a bit muddled.

Eh? Why do I feel so weird 'down below'? Zhou Weiqing subconsciously touched himself questioningly, and his mouth twitched slightly as fragments of memories trickled back into his mind one after the other. Was it just me… or was I just dreaming that I had intimate relations with a girl?? A long time… so tight… feeling so good… that's not real right? Wasn't I cultivating under Master's protection? Was it all a dream?

"Damn little brat, you are finally awake." Long Shiya''s voice rang out and the thick smoke around suddenly cleared, revealing his stout figure.

At this point, only then did Zhou Weiqing realise that he was still atop the Fire Spirit Mountain. To his surprise, for the sheer heat and high temperatures of the Fire Spirit Mountain, he did not even feel hot at all, in fact feeling extremely comfortable.

"Master, I succeeded in Awakening and Fusing?" Zhou Weiqing asked.

Long Shiya nodded in a satisfied manner, saying:: "Little brat, luckily your willpower is strong and tenacious enough, and you actually succeeded. More so, you did so in a shorter time than even I expected. However, this time, your success has come at quite a price!"

At such, Long Shiya described in detail the entire happenings during the last thirty odd days that Zhou Weiqing had spent in the depths of the volcano training; all the various surprises and changes that had happened. That would also allow Zhou Weiqing to understand what had happened, as well as the various changes that happened to him and allow him to start familiarising himself with those changes… only then would he be able to make use of them and convert it into actual fighting prowess.

At the end, naturally Long Shiya could not avoid speaking about Little Witch.

When Zhou Weiqing heard the word 'Sacrifice', his first reaction was to think of Shangguan Bing'er. In that instant, he suddenly realised he missed her so much. He had not seen her for such a long time, and yet he was collecting more 'love debts'.

This time, after saving Tian'er, if he managed to return he would definitely have to head back to the Heaven's Expanse Palace. He only had to defeat that Shangguan Xue'er, then he could be with Bing'er at last. And… there was still Fei'er to think about. Sigh.. things were indeed messy.

"Wait… Master… what did you just say? You found a girl to be a Sacrifice for me and I actually did that to her… ?" Lost in his own thoughts, all of a suddenly Zhou Weiqing was abruptly disrupted from them as Long Shiya's words finally registered in his mind, and he stared with utter shock at his teacher.

Long Shiya said sorrowfully: "In my entire life, I have never done anything against my conscience, and you little brat made your teacher ruin that record, and almost destroying my reputation! If I didn't help you look for a Sacrifice, do you think you can actually Awake and return to consciousness?"

Zhou Weiqing stared at his teacher, jaw agape, his mind in a blur. His love life was already messy enough, and now he had to add one more, especially since he had 'taken' her as a Sacrifice to his Demonic Attribute. This...

"I know this will not be comfortable news for you to, but as a man, since you have already done it, you better take responsibility for it. As the saying goes, a man already in debt would not mind incurring more debt, since you already have so many women, one more won't make a big difference." Long Big Fatty said carelessly.

Zhou Weiqing's heart twitched inwardly! What kind of saying was that… a man already in debt would not mind incurring more debt?! There was another saying, three women was like an opera, with so many women, what would his life be like in the future?

"Your luck is not too bad, at least she is a great beauty, and she also knows who you are. Such a good girl, very sensible and understanding… being bullied by you for an entire day and night! Yet, she did not blame you in the end. Little Fatty, you better not let Little Witch down!"

"Wait… what?! Who did you say it was again?" This time, Zhou Weiqing's jaw truly dropped.

"Little Witch… Wu Yuehan… she said you two knew each other! Don't tell me you don't know who she is?" Long Shiya said.

Know? Of course he knew her, but it was without question she was a troublesome one indeed! Previously, Zhou Weiqing had painstakingly avoided Little Witch after their experiences. After all, he did owe the Heavenly Demon Sect a debt in one sense, since he had read their Heavenly Demon Sect Demonic Manual, and it had been of great help in him learning how to cultivate his Demonic Attribute and learning how to use his Devour Skill. However, the Heavenly Demon Sect resided in the Bai Da Empire and was aiding them, and who knew if the destruction of the Heavenly Bow Empire had their shadow behind it. It was just too messy and troublesome indeed.

In that moment, Zhou Weiqing felt a migraine incoming. The comfortable feeling after the Bloodline Fusion and evolving had disappeared.

Towards his Master, he did not have to hide anything. As such, he explained the entire relationship and what had happened between him and Little Witch all that time, as well as all his issues with the Heavenly Demon Sect.

After hearing his explanations, Long Shiya's expression remained impassive as he said passively: "What is there for you to think or stress about? Any other matter I will not interfere, but in this matter between you and the Heavenly Demon Sect, I will take charge. In the past, you were afraid that they might take advantage of you, even take control of you… but with this old man here, what do you have to be afraid of? The Bai Da Empire is not the same as your Heavenly Bow Empire, as one of the stronger Empires in the entire Mainland, it is unlikely that they will have any close connection with the Heavenly Demon Sect. Otherwise, it is tantamount to outright opposing the other four Great Saint Lands, and they would never do something like that. It is too much of a risk to them. As such, I can practically guarantee that your Heavenly Bow Empire's destruction has nothing to do with the Heavenly Demon Sect. To put it more bluntly, with your Heavenly Bow Empire's original strength, would the Bai Da Empire even need the Heavenly Demon Sect to destroy them? Nonsense. Alright, it is settled between you and Little Witch then. You have already done that to her, and especially under such a forced circumstance, how can you not take responsibility? In any case, now is not the time to think too much on this… everything else is of lesser importance now than getting your cultivation level and strength up."

Zhou Weiqing was still somewhat dazed, and upon hearing Long Shiya's words, it seemed like things weren't as messy as he feared. As for the situation between all these young ladies, even he could not untangle that tangled web, and he could only sigh inwardly for now. Amongst all the girls he was attached to, it was without a doubt that his feelings were strongest for Shangguan Bing'er, followed by Tian'er and Shangguan Fei'er. Now… there was another Little Witch added to the mix… that was up to four!

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