59.43% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 504: Dragon-Tiger Transformation! (2)

Chapter 504: Dragon-Tiger Transformation! (2)

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Now… with yet one more... Little Witch added to the mix… that was up to four women in his life! Furthermore, all of them were from Great Saint Lands… and different ones to boot! However, what Long Shiya said was also true, it was no time to think about all that now, and currently what was most important to him was to increase his strength. If he had the power of a Heavenly God Tier, even if it were all five Great Saint Lands, so what? Even if it seemed impossible, as long as the girls were willing, he could just elope and run away with them in the future.

Thinking up to this point, Zhou Weiqing did not continue obsessing over the matter any longer. Turning back to look as his Master, he said: "Master, how long more until the coldest day of Winter?"

Long Shiya thought about it momentarily before replying: "We still have about less than a month. In this period of time, not only do you have to familiarise yourself to all the changes in your body and power, and any new abilities you have. At the same time, it is also time for you to continue training in the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts, to truly wield the maximum power of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. As long as you have some small completion of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, along with the advantage you have with your body and powers, you will not lose easily even facing that Lion Prince. Little brat, if you want to keep your love, it is time for you to pit your life. There is not much time left." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Yes." Even if Long Shiya did not say that, Zhou Weiqing also knew what he needed to do.

Long Shiya continued: "Alright, let us begin then. Start by sensing all the changes in your body, use your new Demonic Change State and let me see."

Zhou Weiqing rubbed his stomach with a bitter smile and said: "Master, I haven't eaten for so long, can I at least have a meal first?"

Long Shiya scratched his head and said: "Eat… alright, eat first then."

In such an area, there was naturally nothing good to eat, and they could only eat some dry rations to barely replenish their body's requirements. However, even though it was just dry rations, Zhou Weiqing enjoyed gorging himself on them. Although his body could replenish energy by drawing energy from the atmosphere, but it was still very different from eating, especially in terms of enjoyment. After a large meal, his spirit perked up as well.

Without any further prompting from Long Shiya, as soon as Zhou Weiqing finished eating, he immediately sat down cross legged on the ground, circulating his Heavenly Energy to sense all the changes in his body.

As soon as he started circulating his Heavenly Energy, Zhou Weiqing immediately felt the difference. This time, thirty six days of Awakening his Solidified Dragon Spirit had caused his Heavenly Energy to jump four entire levels, from the Heavenly Shen Energy Eighth Stage to the Twelfth Stage, reaching the Four-Jeweled cultivation level, barely entering the Heavenly Xu Energy stage.

From Heavenly Jing Energy to Heavenly Shen Energy was from real to void, and from Heavenly Shen Energy, it was warping back from void to real. However, this time the void was not within, but outside the body.

Heavenly Jing Energy and Heavenly Shen Energy stages, both were still at the level of training and cultivating one's own body. By the time a Heavenly Jewel Master reached the Heavenly Xu Energy Stage, it was beginning to step out of their body and to start controlling from outside.

Within his body, the twenty four Death Acupuncture Points that had been broken through and formed the large energy whirlpools, like massive mouths devouring any energy from the outside world. The Immortal Deity Technique's power showed itself once more, and within moments, Zhou Weiqing felt his Heavenly Energy gathering, lifting, even improving. Without question, thanks to the Immortal Deity Technique, his cultivation speed did not seem to slow in the slightest despite entering the Heavenly Xu Energy stage.

The merits and demerits of the Immortal Deity Technique were obvious, and being able to directly break through four stages, Zhou Weiqing was extremely overjoyed. It also meant he could suffer four times less. Currently, there was still three more Death Acupuncture Points until he was done with the third portion of the Immortal Deity Technique. According to the notes recorded on the Immortal Deity Technique, the most difficult would be the nine Death Acupuncture Points on the fourth portion of the Immortal Deity Technique, as they were all on the head. After all, the head was one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, and any damage could possibly mean death.

Of course, now was not the time to think of that, and it was of utmost importance for Zhou Weiqing to now concentrate on solidifying and securing his current strength.

The immense Heavenly Energy fluctuations in his body caused Zhou Weiqing to be overjoyed, especially as he sensed the various Attributes of Heavenly Energy circulating in accordance with the fluctuations, a miraculous feeling of resonance that was a pleasant surprise for him.

Up until now, he finally understood what Tang Xian, the three Shangguan sisters' mother, had once told him. That he would only have some measure of protecting himself after he broke through the six-Jeweled cultivation level.

That level of self protection was not just simply because of a six-Jeweled cultivation level, but because of his six Elemental Attributes. Once an ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master reached the Heavenly Xu Energy stage, he could only draw in one attribute of Heavenly Energy from the atmosphere for his own use. However, it was very different for him, especially with his six Attributes, allowing him to draw far more energy from the atmosphere as compared to any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master. However, in terms of how to use the atmospheric energy drawn from outside, he was still quite at a loss. Of course, that was not a big problem since he had his teacher the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor beside him.

Sensing the changes in his own body, Zhou Weiqing suddenly felt a bit of assurance about fighting the Lion Prince Gu Yingbing. With a flicker of thought, he called upon the power of his bloodline within.

With that spark of will, instantly Zhou Weiqing felt a sudden itch on his back. The next moment, a feeling of being attached by blood burst forth from behind his back, and in a sudden swishing sound, two immense wings burst forth from the portion of his back that had been itching.

As the wings spread open, Zhou Weiqing immediately saw that his own skin had turned a bright purple, a layer of scales all over his entire body like a strange pattern, including his face.

In that instant, the first thing that Zhou Weiqing sensed was not strength, but a sense of all the outer energies. If one were to say that previously after just entering the Heavenly Xu Stage, he could clearly sense the various Attribute Heavenly Energies from the atmosphere; then now, he himself had turned into a source, a fountain of those very energies.

Indeed, it was a fountain. As soon as the wings spread open, the various Attribute Heavenly Energies gathered and swarmed into his back through those wings crazily. The twenty four Death Acupuncture Points energy whirlpools no longer drew energy in, instead forming twenty four pivot points, the Immortal Deity Shield immersed deeply within each of them as well as his body. In fact, at this point, the vast amounts of Heavenly Energy pouring in from outside was far beyond his energy expenditure in maintaining his Demonic Change State.

This is? Zhou Weiqing''s heart was filled with shock. In truth, his muscles were not as huge or bulging and obvious as they were previously in the Demonic Change State, and the almost crystalline purple of his body was very different from the old tiger tattoos of his Demonic Change State. His senses had also changed apparently, and the Icy Cold Perception was much stronger than before.

From Long Shiya's angle, Zhou Weiqing''s wings had billowed out, and his skin had changed colour almost simultaneously. At that moment, his entire person seemed to change, a unique pressure and aura bursting forth from his person. Even with Long Shiya's Heavenly Emperor cultivation level, he could still sense that pressure clearly.

That pressure did not have anything to do with cultivation level, fully a pressure that stemmed from bloodline. It was just like how a high ranked bloodline Heavenly Beast would have an intense pressure against any low ranked bloodline Heavenly Beast.

Perhaps a more accurate summary was that currently Zhou Weiqing had become an extremely high ranked creature of sorts.

The wings behind his back beat gently once, and Zhou Weiqing did not feel as if he had used much strength, but an intense air flow surged behind his back, shoving his body along with a startled cry as he flew into the sky like a cannonball. In the blink of an eye, he had soared far above the smoke clouds of the Fire Spirit Mountain.

This was the first time that Zhou Weiqing was flying of his own power, and he did not feel good about it at all. That was because he did not know how to balance himself while in mid air, and his arms flailed about clumsily. As soon as he reached a high point, he began falling, still flailing as he did so.

"You idiot! Spread your wings, sense the wind all about you!" Long Shiya's voice rang out in Zhou Weiqing's ears.

Subconsciously, Zhou Weiqing spread his wings. Instantly, his falling speed dropped drastically. Relieved, his will moved to sense the Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy all around his body. The Wind seemed to be like his slave, fully under his control and listening to his every command. Very carefully, he started changing the angle of his wings before starting to beat them. At last, Zhou Weiqing''s body started the soar.

At that moment, Zhou Weiqing finally felt great, unbelievably great to the extreme.

Originally, when Zhou Weiqing had first seen Shangguan Fei'er flying, his heart had been filled with admiration and envy; especially after he had experienced flight on his own, that envy had grown even stronger. From Long Shiya, he had learned that his own 'Hate Earth No Handle' did not have any wings. It was a set that purely chased absolute strength.

As a result, Zhou Weiqing could only place his hopes of flying to when he broke through the Heavenly King Stage, with his Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy.

However, it was without question that flying with wings and just using Heavenly Energy to fly was extremely different. Leaving aside the sheer difference in expenditure of Heavenly Energy, just the agility and flexibility in flight was also drastically different. Zhou Weiqing had personally seen Shangguan Fei'er show various flying skills and combat abilities in midair to the Peerless Battalion soldiers, and the free flow movement, spinning, wheeling and rolling about, able to attack in any and all motions in a beautiful dance… it had truly been a cause of deep envy for Zhou Weiqing.

Currently, he finally had his own wings. More so, they were different from Shangguan Fei'er's Consolidated Wings… they were grown directly on his body, able to be used as soon as he transformed! Furthermore, not only did they not have any toll on their Heavenly Energy, they actually increased his Heavenly Energy recovery rate… only a massive boost.

Just as Zhou Weiqing was lost in his excitement, all of a sudden he felt an intense sense of danger. Instantly, his wings beat down hard, and he flew high up into the sky. Right behind him, a consolidated green-gold Wind Blade flashed past.

Zhou Weiqing turned pale in fright. That was a highly compressed Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy Wind Blade! That was not something an ordinary Wind Blade could compare with. Had his Master gone insane?

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    Still wondering whether he will get fire and light elements or not...

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    He can get 2 pairs of wings but still can't get a tail... smh..

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    Isn’t the Immortal Diety Technique suppose to have a special power or “boon” everytime Zhou gets 10 Death Acupuntcure Points? Like his Immortal Diety Shield???? (He is at 24 points now but has not gained a new ability although he is already stacked with what he has now lol)

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