60.14% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 510: True might of Emperor! (2)

Chapter 510: True might of Emperor! (2)

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However, Gu Yingbing's face quickly resumed his normal expression, once he saw clearly who that man was. Even if he were the Lion Prince, even if he was the future heir to the Heavenly Snow Mountain, towards this man, he did not have the qualification to be angry. Taking two quick steps forward, he said respectfully: "Junior greets the Heavenly Emperor."

The big fatty glanced at him, his face overcast as he said coldly: "Where is that Old Monster Xue? This old man is looking for him, I have things to speak to him about."

Gu Yingbing's brow furrowed slightly and he said: "Senior Long, the day after tomorrow is this Junior's wedding date, and I will be marrying my Master's daughter. If it is convenient for Senior, why not stay and join the wedding feast. As for your issue with Master, is it possible trouble you to please wait a few days until it is all over?"

Without question, the large fatty in front of Gu Yingbing now was the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor, Long Shiya. Of course, the one following behind him was naturally Zhou Weiqing. However, at this moment, Zhou Weiqing had his cloak drawn up around him fully, covering his entire face.

Long Shiya had been up the Heavenly Snow Mountain several times, and every time it was to challenge Xue AoTian. Naturally, Gu Yingbing thought that this time was no exception. His wedding was upcoming, and he naturally did not wish that Long Shiya's arrival would ruin the festive atmosphere. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Oh? You are going to be marry?" Long Shiya looked at Gu Yingbing with an exaggerated look of surprise.

Gu Yingbing quickly said: "Yes Sir. This Junior and Tian'er have been in love for many years, and it is my greatest luck to be able to marry her and have her as my wife."

Long Shiya suddenly smiled and burst out laughing. "Very good, very good, your greatest luck. However, you haven't asked this old man whether or not I agree to it!"

Hearing Long Shiya's words, Gu Yingbing almost couldn't believe his own ears. Although Long Shiya often came to the Heavenly Snow Mountain to challenge his Master, it could be said that the two of them actually had a pretty good relationship. In fact, while it was true that Long Shiya was fully bent on defeating Xue AoTian, and they should technically be considered enemies, the two of them shared a sense of together-ness of sorts, both almost similar in nature. As such, he had never expected that Long Shiya would come here purposely to cause trouble now.

Gu Yingbing's expression soured instantly: "Senior Long, what do you mean? At such a time that Master is marrying off his daughter, you are actually here to cause trouble?"

Long Shiya gave a few disdainful hmphs, saying: "Causing trouble… far from it… however, I need Old Monster Xue to give me a reckoning."

Two figures flashed out of the shadows abruptly. It was the two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses that had previously accompanied Gu Yingbing to the border to take care of Zhou Weiqing, and they were currently looking at Long Shiya with an unfriendly look on their faces. From the looks of it, as soon as Gu Yingbing gave the order, they would immediately take action against Long Shiya.

They had not witnessed the power of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor for themselves.

"Just the mere two of you, and you want to take on this old man? If I wasn't giving that Old Monster Xue a bit of face, I wouldn't have come here to speak so nicely. If not… when your wedding date comes, it won't be as easy as this."

As he said that, Long Shiya waved his arm lazily, and a massive amount of Heavenly Energy appeared abruptly, pressuring Gu Yingbing and the two Lion Tribe Heavenly King Stage powerhouse to stagger back a few steps. Almost at the same time, six different coloured lights shone forth from Long Shiya's body, soaring up into the skies. It was evening time, and the spray of lights gave a brilliant show in the darkened skies of the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

Sensing the terrifying boundless Heavenly Energy from Long Shiya, the two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses' expressions changed, paling drastically. However, they did not back off, instead both moved to the side to stand in front of Gu Yingbing protectively, afraid that Long Shiya would take action against their Lion Prince.

This was after all the Heavenly Snow Mountain. If it were any other place, they would never dare to stand so easily in front of a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse, but this was the sacred land of the entire WanShou Empire, the grand Heavenly Snow Mountain. Let alone the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, the only Heavenly God Tier powerhouse in the entire world, they also had other Heavenly Emperor powerhouses in the Heavenly Snow Mountain. As such, to them, protecting the Lion Prince Gu Yingbing was more important than anything, even their own lives.

Long Shiya did not care about them at all, standing right there with an proud and unyielding look on his face. Two mere Heavenly King Stage powerhouses were not worthy of him to take action.

Gu Yingbing's expression was now extremely ugly. After all, someone was coming here to cause trouble at his own upcoming wedding, who could be comfortable hearing such a news. However, just like Long Shiya said, he had not come on the wedding day itself, and though Gu Yingbing was rather vexed, he was at least not resentful.

Right at that moment, a deep and resonant voice rang out. "Who dares to barge in our Heavenly Snow Mountain to cause trouble?"

Accompanying the voice was a sudden lightning quick figure streaking down from the top of the Heavenly Snow Castle in a flash of light. As the light came down, the figure appeared, a tall and large man appearing out of nowhere.

Seeing that man appear, Gu Yingbing and the two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses instantly bowed deeply. Gu Yingbing said respectfully: "Uncle Xue, how do you do."

The man who had just appeared looked to be a middle aged man around forty odd years old, a head of short white hair upright. His features were rather handsome, a squarish face with well defined features, his two metre tall height and broad shoulders matching his dignified and majestic bearing. His simple white robes were laced with gold thread patterns, and he did not have any other ornaments, all of which just added to the noble and stately air he had. Standing still right there, he was like a tall and majestic tower.

"En?" The man glanced at Gu Yingbing and the other two before his gaze landed on Long Shiya. With much surprise, he said: "Isn't this Fa… Big Bro Long? What brings you here?"

He had almost blurted out the words Fatty Long, luckily he had seen Long Shiya's face start to turn black, and he had managed to change his words in time. Long Shiya gave a cold humph and said: "Old Tiger, you are here as well… to attend that wedding?"

This middle aged man with the short white hair was naturally the current Tribe Leader of the Tiger Tribe, also one of the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline. In fact, he was the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue AoTian's younger brother, Tian'er's uncle, Xue Aoying.

Of course, his features and actual age were not proportional. Although he was not like Long Shiya being over the age of hundred, but he was already over ninety years old.

He was also at the Heavenly Emperor cultivation level, but he did not have the same talent as his elder brother Xue AoTian, only at the Mid Level Heavenly Emperor stage. Even compared to Long Shiya, the gap was clear.

Xue Aoying laughed heartily and said: "My niece is about to be wed, as her beloved uncle, how could I not come. Big Bro Long, since you are here, come join in the festivities and have a drink with me. Even if you want to challenge my big brother, you can wait until my niece is married right?"

Long Shiya gave a cold humph. "Old Tiger, this matter has nothing to do with you… you better not meddle in this matter. This time, I am here to look for your brother and get him to proper reckoning for this matter. If not, this wedding cannot be held."

Hearing those words, Xue Aoying's expression also changed. He knew clearly the relationship between his brother and Long Shiya, and though they were considered adversaries, under normal circumstances, Long Shiya would not go to such an extent and not give his brother face at all. As compared to Gu Yingbing, his thoughts went much deeper, and he immediately knew that Long Shiya truly had something to bring up this time.

Just as Xue Aoying was lost in thought, a strong and loud voice rang out. "Such big talk! Fatty Long, aren't you afraid that you will sprain your tongue[1. Direct translation, basically means brag too much that one is unable to uphold his own end of bragging]?"

Another flash of light, and another figure appeared. An old man, with a similar large built to Xue Aoying, but with a hair of golden red hair, abruptly showed up beside him. As soon as he appeared, Gu Yingbing and the two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses immediately bowed respectfully to him.

"Father." Gu Yingbing said respectfully. As for the two elders, they greeted him "Lion King."

Under the influence of Long Shiya's six coloured lights, all Heavenly Emperor stage powerhouses and above could sense it. As for the man who had just appeared, it was naturally the Lion Tribe's Tribe Leader, the strongest powerhouse of the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions, the Lion King Gu Site [2. Pronounced Si Te, but I didn't want to separate it as it], also Gu Yingbing's father.

As compared to the steady nature of the Tiger King Xue Aoying, Gu Site's nature was like fire, and his cultivation level had also reached the High Level Heavenly Emperor level. Seeing that the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was here to cause trouble at his son's wedding, how could he not be angry? In that moment, he could not refrain himself from calling out 'Fatty Long'.

"What did you call me?" Long Shiya's eyes narrowed, a cold light flickering within.

The Lion King Gu Site did not back down, saying: "I called you Fatty Long, what about it? Look at your whole body of fats, and you won't let anyone call you?"

Long Shiya smiled, a strangely wicked smile. "Good, very good. Since Xue AoTian hasn't come yet, let me teach you, this little watchdog, a lesson first." As he said that, with a wave of Long Shiya's arms, instantly the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation at his feet glowed brightly, a thick and terrifying Heavenly Energy reverberation rising into the air instantly along with the brilliant six coloured lights. The next moment, a palm struck out at Gu Site.

At their cultivation level, fighting was now extremely simplified, and all they used were just the simplest, most basic, fighting styles.

Although Gu Site's words had been so unforgiving and arrogant, he was actually very wary towards Long Shiya. He was after all a King, an Emperor, the sole leader of the entire WanShou Empire, and he had never had the chance to fight against Long Shiya previously. Towards this Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor and his strength, all he knew was what he had heard from the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue AoTian. Against this Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor, that even the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord had praised, he did not dare let down his guard at all or underestimate him in the slightest. Responding instantly as well, his right hand struck out as well towards Long Shiya's incoming strike.

All around could clearly see that along with Gu Site's palm strike, a layer of red light sprang forth around his body, and his right palm seemed to turn into a ruby, glowing brilliantly. It was clear that his Elemental Jewel Attribute was that of Fire, yet as he struck out there wasn't the usual fiery hot aura that one would associate with a Fire Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master. The air around still remained icy cold as ever. Just from that alone, one could see how much control he had over his Heavenly Energy.

As the palms from both sides slammed into each other, there was no sound, no explosion; yet the shield of lights around both their bodies flickered and shrank slightly. In the next instant, Gu Site's expression changed drastically, his palm shrinking back as his entire body staggered back three steps before he barely regained his balance.

Long Shiya did not continue attacking. By now, his left hand had also retracted, a slightly disdainful expression on his face as he glanced at Gu Site. "Compared to Old Monster Xue, you are far from him. Hmph, just with your abilities, you dare to call me Fatty Long? You have not earned such a right." As his said that, his right hand lifted once more, and all around Long Shiya's body, a total of thirty six blades of various coloured lights appeared. Each were at least a metre long, with the width of the blades almost reaching half a metre. The brilliant glow of the six lights consolidated into a terrifying energy that any onlooker could sense, each and every one of them locked onto the Lion King Gu Site.

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