60.37% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 512: ‘Your Father’ is here to demand a reckoning! (1)

Chapter 512: ‘Your Father’ is here to demand a reckoning! (1)

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Gu Site gave an angry humph towards Long Shiya, clearly still vexed and unwilling to accept his loss. After all, he still had several powerful aces up his sleeve that he had not used. If this was not the Heavenly Snow Mountain and he could unleash his full power, he still thought he had some chance of fighting against Long Shiya. He did have the Divine Attribute after all.

At this moment, on the top of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, there was now four of the strongest powerhouses in the entire Boundless Mainland. One Heavenly God and three Heavenly Emperors! These four were not only terrifying presences who could awe the lands, they were also some of the strongest in the entire land.

No one dared approach to be an onlooker, no matter how tempting that might be. This was the Heavenly Snow Mountain… the Heavenly Snow Castle! Even the various tribe leaders that had come to celebrate the wedding dared not move out, fearing that they might annoy or anger the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, and cause trouble for their entire tribe.

Xue AoTian smiled faintly at Long Shiya and said: "Bro Long, let us move inside to speak in private? Standing here for everyone to see isn't the best way to solve any issues, and it is not how I greet my guests."

Long Shiya nodded and said: "Very well, Old Monster Xue, I will give you that face."

Xue AoTian waved his hand and said: "Come then." As he said that, he headed for the castle entrance.

Long Shiya's gaze swept across to land upon the Lion King Gu Site and the Lion Prince Gu Yingbing. "You two come as well. The matter I have come to speak off concerns you both as well." After saying that, he beckoned to Zhou Weiqing who was still behind him, still covered with the cowl of his cloak, but his hidden face was filled with shock and awe. He then followed behind Xue AoTian as he entered the castle, easily taking the second position.

All that had just happened was just so quick, and naturally Zhou Weiqing had witnessed everything. With his intelligence, he could easily guess who all these people were as well.

Ever since he had formally acknowledged Long Shiya as his Master, this was the first time that Zhou Weiqing had actually seen him take action. Previously, when Long Shiya had fought, Zhou Weiqing had clearly sensed that around his own body, there was an invisible shield protecting him, so that he would not be affected by any of the energy reverberations from the clash of the two powerhouses.

This was also the first time he had witnessed the true terrifying power of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. As the only disciple and heir of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor, Zhou Weiqing was naturally much clearer about the uses of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation and the intricacies of what Long Shiya had done, even compared to the Lion King Gu Site who had experienced it for himself. Indeed, what Gu Site had guessed was true… Long Shiya did not use his full strength at all, and his control was so impressive and fine to such an unbelievable degree. If Long Shiya had wanted, he could have totally destroyed the Lion King in a flow of continuous attacks.

Invincible amongst the same stage. This was what Long Shiya rated his own Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. This was not hubris at all; and regarding such a rating, even the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord had never refuted it; otherwise he would have never said that this formation was the greatest formation in the entire Boundless Mainland.

Even though the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation had its own drawbacks and disadvantages, the sheer amount of advantages and superiority it had far surpassed those drawbacks. If one were to pick at it stringently, its worst flaw would be the unbelievable demanding amount of innate talent a user would need to have in order to even start learning it. After all, in the entire world, the number of people who could possibly have six Attributes was just too few… too few.

That was the true power of THE Heavenly Emperor! Look at his Master! Just a single person alone, and he had actually intimated all the powerhouses from the Heavenly Snow Mountain. Even the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, while not intimated, treated him with much respect. The pride for his master swelled up in Zhou Weiqing's heart.

His feelings for Long Shiya was not just gratitude, but had grown to true familial love.

The moment when Long Shiya had told him that he would personally bring him up to the Heavenly Snow Mountain, within Zhou Weiqing's heart, Long Shiya's status had risen up to almost the same level as his own father, not just a respected teacher.


As they walked into the Heavenly Snow Castle, Zhou Weiqing focused his will inwards protectively, not paying much attention to his surroundings. That was because he could clearly sense that the Tiger King Xue Aoying who was following behind his teacher was silently observing him. As compared to the Lion King, Gu Site, who kept all his attention on Long Shiya, Xue Aoying was clearly much more interested in this unknown person following behind Long Shiya, face hidden.

After all, everyone knew that the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was the ultimate lone wolf! No one had ever heard of him having any relatives, kin, descendents or even disciples. Yet, this time, ascending the Heavenly Snow Mountain, he had actually brought along this person. For the Tiger King, being so familiar with Long Shiya, how could he not have his interest sparked?

With the Tiger King's cultivation level of Heavenly Emperor, he could naturally sense that Zhou Weiqing was around the six-Jeweled stage. However, that was all his senses could detect on the surface. After all, Long Shiya was right there, and he could not just extend his Heavenly Energy to fully investigate. Furthermore, he could sense that around Zhou Weiqing's presence, Long Shiya's aura remained present protectively.

Zhou Weiqing did his utmost best to keep his breathing steady. He knew that it would soon be his turn to be on the stage. Although the past few months he had spent fully preparing for this very moment, doing all he could to prepare for it, just standing right here in this strongest of the Great Saint Lands, his heart couldn't help but race. However, no matter how nervous or afraid he was, the greatest feeling in his heart was still resolve. No matter for Tian'er's sake, or for his Master's reputation, he would no longer back down at all.

With Xue AoTian in front personally leading the way, the group of them quickly reached the central Grand Hall, right in the middle of the Heavenly Snow Castle.

The Lion King Gu Site had brought along his son Gu Yingbing; as for the two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses, they did not have the qualification to follow the group. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

In following the group, it was not that Gu Site was really that afraid of Long Shiya. As the Royal Emperor of the WanShou Empire, he would never have such an emotion. However, he did want to find out the reason why Long Shiya had come here so aggressively and righteously.

As they entered the Grand Hall of the Heavenly Snow Castle, Xue AoTian took his seat at the head of the table, while the Lion King Gu Site naturally took the primary seat at his left. After all, in the entire WanShou Empire, his rank and status was second only to the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, Xue AoTian.

However, strangely enough, something that might cause others to ponder was that the right hand primary seat was normally for the Tiger King to seat, yet he took the initiative to let Long Shiya have that seat, instead taking the one beside him. [1. In chinese culture (and hence these stories by extension, seating is extremely sensitive to position/rank/status]

As for Gu Yingbing and zhou Weiqing, they naturally just stood behind the Lion King and Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor respectively. In such an occasion, how could they have any seat?

The Lion King Gu Site glanced at the Tiger King Xue Aoying. Although he did not say anything, a flash of discontent crossed his eyes, and even Zhou Weiqing could clearly notice it.

However, very quickly, his attention turned back to Long Shiya, his gaze filled with strong enmity and dissatisfaction with the previous fight result.

Very quickly, servants came to bring tea to the table, the faint fragrance of the tea bringing some life to the icy cold hall. Xue AoTian gave an inviting gesture to Long Shiya, and he did not hesitate. The famous Icy Mist Tea of the Heavenly Snow Mountain was extremely delicious after all.

As they drank their tea, Long Shiya totally ignored the glares from the Lion King, instead looking passively at Xue AoTian, as if in the short period of time his emotions had all calmed down.

The Lion King might seem to have a short fuse and violent temper, but in truth he was not foolish or headstrong, his mind detailed indeed. Otherwise, how could he successfully arrange things to have his son end up as the main disciple of Xue AoTian and possible heir to the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

For Long Shiya to come to the Heavenly Snow Mountain to cause trouble at this critical period, especially with what he had said earlier… it was without question that it had something to do with his own Lion Tribe. The reason why he displayed such an intense enmity towards Long Shiya was also a way to show Xue AoTian his stance and resolve, to attempt to influence him.

"For Bro Long to come here this time, I'm guessing it is not to join in the wedding festivities right?" Xue AoTian said with a faint smile. If one just looked at his outward appearance, no one would imagine that he was the top powerhouse in the entire world. Zhou Weiqing had been observing this possible father-in-law of his, and he was shocked to find that he could not even sense the slightest bit of Heavenly Energy reverberations around Xue AoTian. Yet, he had a strange aura about him that seemed as if he was naturally in control of everything around him.

Long Shiya said coldly: "Of course I'm not here to join any so-called wedding. Old Monster Xue, this time, I have come to get a reckoning from you."

Xue AoTian arched a brow slightly. "Reckoning? What reckoning do I owe Bro Long, I do not recall anything?"

Long Shiya's immense body slowly stood up. Immediately, a powerful and forceful presence emitted from him, but the target was not Xue AoTian, but the Lion Prince Gu Yingbing opposite him.

The Lion King Gu Site immediately stood up, not daring to delay a second, circulating his Heavenly Energy to protect his son as he glared angrily at Long Shiya. "Fatty Long, you are now in the Heavenly Snow Castle, and you dare to behave so obnoxiously?" His words were simple but effective, aiming to sow discord and instigate something if possible.

Xue AoTian's expression also clouded. "Bro Long, I have treated you as a guest here, and it is about to be my daughter's wedding day… I do not wish to clash with you on such an occasion. Please state your business clearly. Yingbing is my son in law."

"Son in law?" All of a sudden, Long Shiya laughed out loud with no warning. "Well, it is hard to say who is your son in law right now. Old Monster Xue, you know my character very well. I, Long Shiya, all my life I have spent alone, chasing the pinnacle of cultivation and the theories of heavens, and I have no other living relatives. Have you ever seen me bring anyone along with me before?"

Xue AoTian started momentarily. He had never expected that Long Shiya would change the subject so quickly. Subconsciously, he said: "No…"

"... Bro Long has always been alone, coming and going freely as you wish. Yet… this time…" At this moment, his interest was also piqued as he turned his attention to Zhou Weiqing.

Of course, compared to his brother Xue Aoying, Xue AoTian's senses were far superior. With just a single glance at Zhou Weiqing, a light of surprise flickered in his eyes. Although he could not fully determine what Zhou Weiqing's Attributes were, he could immediately sense that his Elemental Jewels had six different Attributes.

Long Shiya said: "Not long ago, I finally accepted a disciple. This disciple of mine… he is like me, his Elemental Jewels having six Attributes. At long last, the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts that I have created can finally be passed down, and I have a heir of my own as well… I was so overjoyed, like I had found some precious treasure. I trust that Old Monster Xue, you can understand my feelings in this matter."

Hearing Long Shiya's words, some understanding dawned upon Xue AoTian's heart, but at the same time a sense of foreboding came over him. Towards Long Shiya, he was just too familiar. With that character of his, it was nearly impossible for him to find a disciple. Yet, now that he had truly found one, he could just imagine the sheer protectiveness. Furthermore, he could indistinctly guess who Long Shiya's disciple was… and he knew that it would not be an easy matter to settle.

Long Shiya said coldly: "This old man has already lived for more than a hundred years, and finally I have a relative.. a descendent. Yet… he was almost killed by this disciple of yours. Although he barely managed to survive, but his four limbs were all broken. Old Monster Xue, if do not give me a good reckoning that satisfies me, then this old man will declare war on your Heavenly Snow Mountain and even the WanShou Empire. For the rest of my life, I will make sure that you all will know no peace."

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    YEAH! That's how a Master should be! GO GO GO, make them sweat for mercy!

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    Fatty Long is just awesome. Best teacher ever, and that is really something when talking about Zhou Weiqing

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    Intimated should be intimidated... Written several times incorrectly.

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