61.32% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 520: Heavenly Emperor Beasts! (1)

Chapter 520: Heavenly Emperor Beasts! (1)

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As for the Lion King Gu Site, the moment he saw the Demonic Change State around Zhou Weiqing, the thought that sprang in mind was very different. His gaze on Zhou Weiqing also changed, turning cold and overcast. Such an unbelievably talented youth, yet he could not be used by himself. If I give him enough time to grow… that could lead to unforeseen, even disastrous circumstances…

Only the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue AoTian remained standing there impassive, his face still expressionless as if he did not care about anything. However, if one examined him closely, they would discover his gaze was also transfixed on Zhou Weiqing

From Xue AoTian’s perspective, he was rather curious about Zhou Weiqing. He had heard a lot of news about this youth from his daughter, and at present, what he was about to do was to create a truly fair fight, although on the surface appearance he was helping Gu Yingbing.

Regarding this young fellow who had stolen his daughter’s heart, Xue AoTian’s feelings were rather mixed. However, it was without a doubt that he was very curious about him, especially when he learned that Zhou Weiqing had the two Saint Attributes, Demonic and Time, that had piqued his interest even more.

Of all the people present, the one who had the strongest impression on Zhou Weiqing’s current aura and presence was naturally Xue AoTian. Just like his daughter years ago, his own Divine and Spirit Attributes, the other two Saint Attributes, could clearly sense the Demonic and Time Saint Attributes from Zhou Weiqing. Vaguely, the four Saint Attributes were resonating with each other.

The Tiger King Xue Aoying also felt a strange connection to Zhou Weiqing as well, and that was the reason why, though he did not know it. As for the Lion King and Prince, although they both had the Divine and Spirit Attributes as well, in terms of purity and strength, it was no match for the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodlines. In addition to the fact that they had strong feelings of enmity and hatred for Zhou Weiqing, the ‘connection’ with Zhou Weiqing was much weaker, even negligible.

Perhaps, a large portion of why Xue AoTian was willing to give Zhou Weiqing a fair chance now was because of his two Saint Attributes.

After all, he would never allow a useless person, a person without a good future, to become his son in law.

Currently, all of Xue AoTian’s senses were focused on Zhou Weiqing, and almost as soon as Zhou Weiqing unleashed it, he sensed something different from his Demonic Change State.

As the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, how could Xue AoTian not have any prior contact with the Heavenly Demon Sect? He had faced many of the powerhouses from the Heavenly Demon Sect in his time, and he naturally knew how powerful the Demonic Change State was. Even for himself, he was also wary about the unique powers of the Demonic Attribute and its special changes. However, Zhou Weiqing’s current Demonic Change State was different from any that he had seen before… perhaps at a higher state than any, even the current Heavenly Demon Sect Master’s!

Heavenly God Tier. That was a terrifying state that could fully control and dominate all energy within their sphere of control. Xue AoTian could naturally sense every minor change, detailed flux in Zhou Weiqing’s body.

The first thing about Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Change State that he felt was the change in his spirit. For all the previous Heavenly Demon Sect powerhouses that Xue AoTian had met, even the Sect Master, when they entered their Demonic Change State, their spirit would fluctuate and be unsettled. However, this was not present for Zhou Weiqing. Indeed, when he entered the Demonic Change State, though his aura and presence underwent an entire upheaval, his spirit was still calm and peaceful like a lake of water. What did that mean? It was no longer as simple as a controlled Demonic Change State!

The next was the sheer power within Zhou Weiqing’s bloodline. The Demonic Change State was originally a kind of mutated power that joined bloodline power with the Demonic Attribute. Generally speaking, it was unique factors within human bloodlines mixed with the Demonic Attribute, and it was exactly because the power held within the Demonic Attribute was far greater than that of the human bloodline, thus many Demonic Jewel Masters entered a crazed state, losing control etc etc.

However, Zhou Weiqing’s situation was clearly very different. The bloodline power that merged with his Demonic Attribute was not just his own human bloodline, but also another bloodline that was no weaker… perhaps even stronger… than his own Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline. This bloodline… even this strongest powerhouse in the world, Xue AoTian, who controlled all the strongest Heavenly Beasts in the entire Heavenly Snow Mountain… he had never seen any bloodline like this before. In fact, he had not even heard anything like it before.

When these two powers merged together, it caused Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Change State to become far stronger than anything he had seen before. The aura emitted by Zhou Weiqing was already far beyond any ordinary Demonic Change State.

Tian’er had told Xue AoTian regarding Zhou Weiqing, and how he had an incomparable talent in overwhelming Heavenly Beasts. Previously, when he his cultivation level was still very low, he had already managed to Skill Store so many powerful Skills. This was also the reason why Xue AoTian had chosen the route of overwhelming Heavenly Beasts during this first competition. After all, just in terms of cultivation level, he was just too far from Gu Yingbing, and the age difference was not inconsiderable. To keep the competition actually fair, he did not want a direct frontal clash between the two youths.

Currently, as he continued sensing all the changes of Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Change State, but Xue AoTian’s face remained impassive and expressionless. Despite that, his heart was actually filled with shock. What kind of bloodline did this Zhou Weiqing have? How could it be so powerful?!

Furthermore, as time passed, the shock in Xue TianAo’s heart grew stronger and stronger, so much so that one could almost describe it as tempestuous storms brewing and raging turbulent waves rolling. That was because he discovered that Zhou Weiqing’s bloodline was also of the Tiger type. More importantly, that bloodline seemed to have a strange complementary relationship with their own Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline!

In that instant, Xue AoTian could fully understand why his daughter had looked for Zhou Weiqing to accompany him on such an easy whim. At that time, Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level was low, and he was not able to hide any of his presence or aura.

At that time, Tian’er had not only sensed the draw of the Four Saint Attributes reverberating and drawing upon each other, but also that complementary aura of their bloodlines that had so strongly drawn her to him.

As he thought up to that point, Xue AoTian’s heartbeat couldn’t help but beat rapidly. Even as the top powerhouse in the world, he was somehow unable to control his own heart from racing. That was because from Zhou Weiqing, he saw a possibility. The possibility of breaching the thirteenth Jewel – the legendary Heavenly Change! In that instant, the scales in his heart were trembling.

At last, with a plop sound, the Snow Wolf King in front of Gu Yingbing fell to the ground. Overwhelming success. Wolves and Lions were not on the same level after all, and Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion perfectly countered the Snow Wolf King, especially since Gu Yingbing was already at the nine-Jeweled stage. More so, Gu Yingbing had already used his Spirit Attribute in pressuring the Snow Wolf King. The power of a Saint Attribute along with the superior bloodline; it was not that difficult to overwhelm the Snow Wolf King. The Divine and Spirit Dual Saint Attributes was one of the important techniques of the Heavenly Snow Mountain in suppressing or controlling Heavenly Beasts, so in a way the Snow Wolf King could be said to be used to being overwhelmed like that.

Just as Gu Yingbing succeeded, on the other side, Zhou Weiqing also succeeded at almost the exact same time.

Zhou Weiqing had raised his Demonic Right Leg behind him, his palms extended out. They could clearly see that between each ‘paw’, there was a ball of grey mist swirling. As for his bloodshot eyes, they were glowing with a shocking intensity, with a thick aura of suppression that somehow succeeded in overwhelming the other Snow Wolf King at the same time.

Of course, this Snow Wolf King was not just afraid of Zhou Weiqing’s Dark Demon God Tiger aura, but also the Devour Skill in his hands. Any Heavenly Beast below the Heavenly God Tier stage would instinctively be terrified of the Devour Skill, and this was also one of the reasons why Zhou Weiqing had been able to overwhelm those powerful Heavenly Beasts in the past when his cultivation level was much lower, allowing him to Skill Store far beyond his normal level.

The reason why he used the simple Demonic Change State instead of his newly gained Dragon-Tiger Transformation was because he still wanted to hide his true power. After all, the Solidified Dragon Spirit was not like his Dark Demon God Tiger bloodline inheritance, affecting his entire body. As such, after melding with the Solidified Dragon Spirit, he was no longer able to enter transformation state without entering the Demonic Change State. Of course, he could still not activate the Dragon-Tiger Transformation and only use the Demonic Change State. Furthermore, even as he used his current Demonic Change State, it was mainly only focused on presence and aura, and was not a large toll on his energy. He could even hide his wings, not allowing his full transformative state to be displayed in front of all the others. Even so, he had managed to succeed in overwhelming the Snow Wolf King. After all, overwhelming Heavenly Beasts was what he excelled in even in the past, let alone now that he had reached the six-Jeweled stage.

The next few Heavenly Beasts, the fifth sixth and seventh, were all also at the Heavenly King Stage, just at the Mid Level, High Level and Max Level respectively. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

So far, Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing had used the same method as in the fourth round, in order to complete their overwhelming. Of course, the time taken had also continued increasing, but the two still continued succeeding.

Seven out of the ten rounds had already completed, and both were still fully equal. Originally fully confident in his victory, Gu Yingbing’s disdain and scorn had changed to seriousness. He had a strange feeling that this current Zhou Weiqing was very different from the puny fellow he had easily trashed just a few months ago. Even his Demonic Change State seemed different. It might not be that easy to defeat him in terms of overwhelming Heavenly Beasts.

For the entire group of onlookers, perhaps the most easy going one was surprisingly the Six Ultimate Emperor Long Shiya. He knew that Zhou Weiqing had not even used the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, but had already completed seven rounds of overwhelming. Although both sides looked exhausted, he was still confident that Zhou Weiqing had this in the bag.

"You both may rest for an hour." Once again, Xue AoTian proclaimed a rest time. This time, Gu Yingbing did not speak out, and the two youths sat down at once, quickly trying to recover their spirit and energy. They might have completed the first seven rounds, but that did not mean that the last three would be easy for them. Without question, it would be time for them to meet Heavenly Emperor stage Heavenly Beasts!

Just like Heavenly Jewel Masters, in terms of cultivation level for Heavenly Beasts, it was also a massive gap between the Heavenly King stage and Heavenly Emperor stage. Both Gu Yingbing and Zhou Weiqing were not confident in continuing to succeed. After all, no matter how strong a bloodline was, there was a limit to how much it could bridge the gap in cultivation level and sheer power. Even if the Heavenly Emperor Beast was restricted from attacking them, it was still a difficult task.

The superior feeling in Gu Yingbing’s heart had long dissipated, but he still did not think he would lose. As a nine-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, he was confident that his recovery speed was far superior to Zhou Weiqing, especially since he had the Spirit Attribute, his Spiritual Energy and recovery speed was definitely astonishing.

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