61.55% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 522: Heavenly Emperor Beasts! (3)

Chapter 522: Heavenly Emperor Beasts! (3)

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Furthermore, although Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy was far lower than Gu Yingbing, do not forget about his Immortal Deity Technique! With the twenty four opened Death Acupuncture Points and the energy whirlpools, along with the pair of wings behind his back, his energy regeneration was somehow able to sustain the massive drain on his Heavenly Energy.

"What… what kind of bloodline is that?!" The Tiger King Xue Aoying was finally unable to control himself, turning to the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor beside him and asking.

Long Shiya was eyeing his disciple with unbridled smug satisfaction on his face. There was nothing to hide about the name of Zhou Weiqing’s bloodline; after all, it was his alone. "It is called the Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline, a perfect match for your own Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline! One black tiger, one white tiger… That is why I said that my Little Fatty is more suitable for your little Tian’er. How about it, Tiger King, my precious disciple is not bad huh?"

Xue Aoying smiled bitterly and said: "Bro Long, if you are willing to let me have him as disciple instead, I will satisfy any condition you have! Even that marriage, I will do everything in my power to ensure it happens." He spoke softly to Long Shiya, though he was not afraid of the Lion King listening in.

Long Shiya gave an exasperated humph and said: "Don’t daydream. Even if you use the entire WanShou Empire to swap with me, I will not do so! My precious disciple is one of a kind!"

Both sides had already stabilized, but in comparison, at least in outward appearance, Zhou Weiqing was slightly better off. The Snow Lord Mammoth facing him showed a hint of fear towards his bloodline aura, and even its powerful aura now seemed slightly weaker than than the other one.

Looking at Gu Yingbing’s side, his expression was extremely ugly. He had never in his wildest dreams imagined that Zhou Weiqing could last up to this round, let alone take the advantage here. He could clearly see that this had to be because when Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level had broken through to the six-Jeweled stage, his Demonic Change State had either mutated or evolved somehow, with those wings appearing.

Thinking up to this point, Gu Yingbing suddenly calmed down, breaking out of his state of rage and jealousy. At that moment, he suddenly realised he had been ignoring all this time, a serious problem indeed – Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level.

Previously, he had been disdainful of Zhou Weiqing’s mere six-Jeweled cultivation level. Yet, all of a sudden, as he thought about it, the last time he faced Zhou Weiqing, he had just broken through to the five-Jeweled stage! However, now, in just a matter of months, he had somehow already reached six Jewels! This was something that was impossible just from cultivating… something else must have happened.

As he thought about that, Gu Yingbing’s scorn and underestimation of Zhou Weiqing was wiped away. At last, he realised that for Zhou Weiqing to dare to come here today, especially since he was brought by Long Shiya, he had to have been fully prepared. If there was no chance at all, even if Zhou Weiqing was crazy enough to do so, would the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor be that crazy?

As comprehension dawned upon him, Gu Yingbing turned calm and cool. He knew that if he wanted to defeat Zhou Weiqing today, it would not be an easy task, and he could not afford to underestimate his foe.

Time passed, second after second, minute after minute. Gu Yingbing and Zhou Weiqing were both gritting their teeth as they held on with all their might. The two Snow Lord Mammoths aura continued raising up to a certain before maintaining equilibrium. After all, they were not able to actually strike out in an attack, and if they raised their presence too far, they would have no choice but to strike.

Five minutes was not considered a long time, but it was not too short either. By the time the time ended, both Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing were surrounded by mist – their bodies generating so much sweat that was then quickly evaporated by the vast amounts of Heavenly Energy around them.

The two youths, perhaps the absolute top of their entire generation, had finally passed this round. When the pressure from the two Snow Lord Mammoths disappeared, both of them instantly sank down onto the ground, quickly assuming a meditative position to recover their energy.

This round of testing had not only pushed the two to the limit, but also squeezed out their potential and talent. Facing these two powerful Heavenly Beasts, the drain had been far more than all of the last seven rounds added up together.

When the Snow Lord Mammoths stopped, both Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing had felt utterly exhausted. After all, facing a healthy Heavenly Emperor Stage Heavenly Beast in top condition was far different from those Sealed in the Skill Storing Palaces.

"You both only have one hour of rest." Xue AoTian’s voice rang out, in a rather emotionless and almost unreasonable way.

Currently, all the powerhouses present were interesting in finding out what the limit was for both Gu Yingbing and Zhou Weiqing. There was still two more rounds of this test to go, and since the eighth was already with Mid Level Heavenly Emperor Beasts, the last two were definitely even stronger. How far could they go?

Besides Xue AoTian, not even the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya could claim to do the same as these two youths when he was at their age… let alone the Tiger and Lion King! However, the strongest emotion in his heart now was pride. After all, Zhou Weiqing was not even twenty years old yet! If Long Shiya previously only held some hope that Zhou Weiqing would reach the Heavenly God Tier, now, he was extremely confident that as long as his precious disciple could continue growing and improving at his current speed, he would definitely reach the Heavenly God Tier eventually.

One hour passed quickly, and when Zhou Wieqing and Gu Yingbing stood up once more, their expressions were quite different.

Gu Yingbing’s face was grave and serious, his face still pale. As for Zhou Weiqing, he was still covered in the black tiger tattoos, but his eyes were bright and clear. The powerhouses present could clearly sense that Zhou Weiqing’s spirit and Heavenly Energy recovery was no less than Gu Yingbing! Was this a recovery speed of a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master?! Especially since he was still maintaining his Demonic Change State…

The Lion King Gu Site’s expression was rather ugly. He could not believe that this mere six-Jeweled little brat was holding his own against his son. In theory, that was truly impossible.

A Six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master withstanding a Heavenly Emperor’s pressure? Even if they said it out who could believe it?

Before Xue AoTian could summon the next group of Heavenly Beasts, Gu Site suddenly spoke out. "Mountain Lord, I have a suggestion."

"En?" Xue AoTian turned to him and said passively: "Lion King, what is your suggestion?"

Gu Site continued: "Mountain Lord, from a certain perspective, we can be considered Heavenly Beasts. How about, for this ninth round, let me and the Tiger King be the testers. The Tiger King can suppress Yingbing, while I will do the same for this Zhou Weiqing. My cultivation level is about the same as the Tiger King’s, so that is fair. What do you think?"

"Haha." Long Shiya burst out laughing heartily. "I never expected that the Lion King, head of an entire Empire, would be so shameless. Your WanShou Empire is trying to band together to bully me and my disciple? I do not reject your suggestion, but the one who suppresses your son will have to be me for it to be fair."

"Bullshit. How is that not fair? My cultivation level is the same as the Tiger King’s, but you are already at the Max Level of the Heavenly Emperor, with the boost of your Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor. Your suggestion is the unfair one!" Gu Site said angrily.

Long Shiya said coldly: "Don’t forget that your son is nine-Jeweled, and my disciple is only six-Jeweled. That evens things out."

Xue AoTian swept them both with his gaze before saying solemnly: "Both of you need not argue. This test is mainly about their bloodline power, and though cultivation level is definitely of help, it is not as huge as difference. Bro Long, as I said, in this test, Yingbing will have some advantages. Both of you need not argue, I will still go on with my original test."

As he said that, he waved his hands as he sent out a command. Instantly, all the air in the cavern seemed to freeze and still, as two calm, stable and boundless auras came forth from the cave entrance.

Sensing the two auras, even Long Shiya’s expression changed swiftly.

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This was the true hidden background power of the Heavenly Snow Mountain. In the Heavenly Snow Mountain, they did not have the sheer numbers of powerhouses like the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, nor their terrifying wealth and Consolidated Equipment. However, the Heavenly Snow Mountain had many powerful Heavenly Beasts, and many of these were under the control and command of the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord. Without question, if Xue AoTian were to command these powerful Heavenly Beasts of the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens to war, he could almost wipe out all of humanity, bringing about a holy war between Heavenly Beasts and Humans.

Of course, such a scenario was not just feared by the human empires, but even the WanShou Empire or the Heavenly Snow Mountain did not want something like this to happen. After all, there was no benefit in doing so. Most of the powerful Heavenly Beasts were already divested of their requirement of food, able to gain their nourishment from absorbing the atmospheric energies. As such, their existence in the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens was safe, nor did they fear interference from humans. The best case scenario was for both sides to coexist without interference from each other. At the same time, if the four Great Saint Lands joined forces against the Heavenly Snow Mountain, it would be hard for them to hold out as well.

Two faint gold lights approached, and before Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing could actually see clearly, they felt their vision blur momentarily and there was a man standing in front of them respectively.

Indeed. A man, middle aged, with short gold hair.

Both these middle aged men were gold in colour, their skin a faint gold colour with a yellow-gold short hair. In fact, their entire body was shining with that faint gold light, and even the pupils of their eyes were gold. It was as if they had been carved out of gold.

Long Shiya’s face was full of surprise as he exclaimed: "Old Monster Xue, you have even called upon your Heavenly Snow Mountain Guardians, the two Light Titan Apes… you truly think very highly of this two young fellows huh?"

The two middle aged men looked exactly alike, clearly a pair of identical twins. Hearing Long Shiya’s words, the two smiled at Long Shiya, nodding in greeting as they said: "Since the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor is here to visit, how can we not show up."

Indeed, these two middle aged men were actually the two Light Titan Apes. Some Heavenly Beasts, even if they cultivated up to the Heavenly God Tier stage, they were still unable to take human form. Some were able to do so at a low cultivation level. For example, Tian’er, she had already been able to take human form even though her cultivation level was not too high. Although that did not mean anything for their power or cultivation level, it usually meant their intelligence was higher than those which could not take human form.

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