61.91% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 525: Heavenly God Beast! Mother-in-Law! (3)

Chapter 525: Heavenly God Beast! Mother-in-Law! (3)

Translator: Zen Translations Editor: Zen Translations

As he looked down upon himself, all of a sudden his vision actually left his body, soaring into the skies, giving him a bird’s eyes view down.

It was a massive black tiger, fully pure black with not a second colour. Its red bloodshot eyes were cold and ferocious, with its body length more than eight metres long. Its huge size belied its sleek but muscled body, looking to be at least three thousand jin heavy or more. The ‘King’ word on its forehead was black, but somehow a different shade from its black fur, more a deep, gloomy black like the mist around the moon. The strangest thing was its tail… as compared to ordinary tigers, its tail was much longer, standing up straight upwards into the air, made out of several bone joints ending in a giant hook which gleamed with a scary shine.

Dark Demon God Tiger.

As he continued watching from above, Zhou Weiqing felt his heart clench. He finally understood what he was looking at – the original owner of his bloodline inheritance!

The huge forest had been brimming with life, but as soon as the Dark Demon God Tiger released its aura, the entire area turned icy cold and dead silent, its evil energy spreading crazily in all directions.

The next instant, the Dark Demon God Tiger seemed to sense something, its gaze turning to fix upon something in the distance, its bloodshot eyes filled with cold killing intent and powerful bloodlust.

Very quickly, Zhou Weiqing’s vision perspective followed the Dark Demon God Tiger to see a human man… a man who was actually flying!

He had a head of long blue hair, and his handsome features were more than sufficient to cause any man to feel jealousy. In his hands, there was a glowing trident raised up, showering brilliant light all around. At the same time, that man seemed to have discovered the Dark Demon God Tiger’s existence, and a blue light shot out from his forehead, while the gold trident in his hands also lit up even brighter, the powerful Light Aura causing Zhou Weiqing to feel a sense of aversion and fear. He could not sense how powerful this man actually was, but just the energy reverberations around him was as vast as the oceans, as if it was about to devour the entire surroundings at all time, yet his body seemed filled with pure life and vitality. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Black, black, black, black, red, black, red, red, red. Nine rings of light rose from below the handsome youth’s feet, encircling his body. Man and tiger faced off, and tension rose as a battle seemed inevitable. Observing from the side, Zhou Weiqing could only feel his own heart starting to fill with bloodlust, as if he was about to turn back into the Dark Demon God Tiger.

The fight between the two erupted almost in the next instant, but alas Zhou Weiqing was no longer able to see clearly. Their speed was just too fast, multi colours flashing out non-stop from the youth’s body, and the Dark Demon God Tiger was just as fast, its terrifying strength and boundless energy smashing into its foe’s attacks. Very soon, their clashes had destroyed everything around.

All of a sudden, Zhou Weiqing saw a layer of grey light spring forth around the Dark Demon God Tiger. He instantly recognized it; for it was the Ward of the Demon God that he had once used before! Next, he saw countless of lightning arcs strike out… a sudden yet familiar sight, the Dark Demon God Lightning that had saved him several times! However, in comparison to his own, the lightning just burst forth from the Dark Demon God Tiger’s body, and not a single bolt, but thousands striking out in different directions towards the youth!

What followed next was a sudden glow on the tail hook of the Dark Demon God Tiger, a terrifying burst of energy followed suit, shooting out in a powerful offensive attack, and in the sudden onslaught of attacks, the handsome youth almost failed to take on all the attacks.

Although Zhou Weiqing’s current cultivation level and power did not allow him to see all the details of this fight, and he was thus unable to gauge who was having the upper hand, it did not stop him from feeling his blood boil with excitement. It was as if he could see his future in front of him, and he swore that he would become as powerful of them one day! At that point, Zhou Weiqing suddenly saw the entire Dark Demon God Tiger turn into a similar gray colour as the energy that had burst out of its tail. It was a crystalline grey light, spreading across the entire battlefield.

Seeing that colour, all of a sudden Zhou Weiqing was reminded of a similar ‘King’ word, of the same colour. A cold shiver ran down his spine as his entire body trembled. Instantly, he remembered that he was still in an illusion! This entire scene was created by the Entropic Nether Tiger Phelia!

Alas, the next instant, the Dark Demon God Tiger had suddenly lost… lost to the trident of the handsome youth. Zhou Weiqing felt a strong sense of sorrow overwhelm him. As he watched the Dark Demon God Tiger stumble and throw up with large mouthfuls of grey liquid, how he wished he could rush forward and accept the blow on behalf of the Dark Demon God Tiger. Alas, he could not.

Another green light shot forth from the young man, enveloping the entire Dark Demon God Tiger. However, right at the same time, the Dark Demon God Tiger abruptly looked up, the dimming light in its eyes suddenly flashing with a sudden brightness.

The pain and exhaustion in its eyes disappeared, and the grey mist turned black, bringing its entire body like a grey cloud which pounced onto the youth. The speed was unbelievably quick, even faster than all their fighting had been earlier. However, the instant it pounced up, the tail hook lashed out, a bright light appearing between itself and the handsome youth. An intense black light burst forth, swiftly becoming a three metre radius black hole.

What… what was that?! Zhou Weiqing stared in shock at the sight before him. All of a sudden, he understood. That black was not Darkness as he first thought, but Time. Indeed, it was a Time Attribute Skill!

Almost simultaneously, Zhou Weiqing heard a heartrending scream, and he quickly focused away from his thoughts back to the battlefield, only to see two bolts of bluish purple light shoot forth from the youth’s eyes, smashing into the protective greyish black layer of light around the Dark Demon God Tiger, destroying it instantly.

That youth was indeed powerful. Even caught by surprise by the Dark Demon God Tiger’s acting, he still managed to launch such a counterattack.

Yet, a strange sight happened in the next second, and Zhou Weiqing’s eyes almost bulged out in surprise as soon as the scene changed in front of him. The forest seemed to have vanished, replaced with a massive round arena. His true surprise came when he saw the two parties on the arena stage.

What was that?! A six year old boy… and a one and a half metre long black tiger?!

This… this is?!

Zhou Weiqing was no fool, but even he was taken aback for a moment, his mind blank. After a moment, he finally recollected himself and understanding dawned upon him. This was the handsome youth and the Dark Demon God Tiger that had been fighting earlier! Somehow, they had turned into their youthful selves again!

At once, Zhou Weiqing realised that the Skill which the Dark Demon God Tiger had unleashed, in forming that huge black hole. It had to be the Time Attribute Skill that forced the two to reincarnate back into their younger selves. More so, he guessed that it was because the Dark Demon God Tiger’s protective shield had been destroyed, otherwise it would still remain in its original form to face the young child form of its foe… one could imagine the ease of victory then? That Skill was truly unbelievable, not just in sheer strength, but also in how odd it was. Alas, the Dark Demon God Tiger had not expected things to progress this way.

"Welcome to the Life and Death Arena. This will be a fight to the death, and only the sole survivor can ever leave this Spatial Zone. Countdown begins – Five, Four, Three, Two, One. Start!"

A strange voice rang forth, reverberating throughout this strange new Spatial Zone. The next instant, the new fight against the two young forms began.

To Zhou Weiqing, this was a fight without suspense at all. He could easily guess the victor; after all, even if both sides were transformed to their youthful states, the young Dark Demon God Tiger should be far stronger than a mere six year old child right?

Alas, very quickly, Zhou Weiqing realised he was dreadfully wrong. The six year old child actually managed to nimbly dodge the Dark Demon God Tiger’s attacks. Once. Twice. And suddenly, there was a black box in the child’s hands.

A soft mechanical *QIANG* sound, as the black box was slowly lifted up.

*SWOOSH* … A Dark Demon God Lightning shot out, just a small bolt far weaker in comparison to the waves of thousands that its adult form had shot out. Alas, at the same time, another resounding crack *QIANG*, and intense buzzing sounds erupted. Sixteen lines of black light spat out from the black box in the child’s hands, flying out in a blur.

*BOOM* The first explosion was the Dark Demon God Lightning. Even diminished, its explosive power was truly astonishing, smashing away at least six of the black shadow lines and sending them spinning in various directions. However, the remaining twelve black lines continued shooting towards the Dark Demon God Tiger in the same instant.

*Thud**Thud**Thud**Thud**Thud**Thud* A series of muffled impact sounds, and the Dark Demon God Tiger froze in place. Large clouds of grey burst forth from its body, each causing its body to tremble slightly. Its bloodshot eyes were filled with pain and disbelief.

The handsome youth opened his mouth to speak. During the entire long battle between man and beast, this was the first time Zhou Weiqing had heard any words exchanged.

"My apologies, you have indeed been a worthy opponent. I must admit that out of all the spirit beasts I have seen, you are the most cunning and treacherous, perhaps the most intelligent one. Not only do you have such formidable strength, but such calculation, strategy and battle planning… It’s no wonder you are able to survive up to now, even as a Dark Demon God Tiger who all attack. I believe that you would be considered a king amongst the entire Dark Demon God Tiger Tribe, however few they number. I must admit that in terms of planning and control, I have lost terribly. I underestimated your strength too much, and my overconfidence let me overlook the possibility of danger. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on your side today. I have to say that even if I am six years old, I may or may not have lost to you, but I remain confident because I am a Tang Sect disciple. But more importantly, even though your Time ability is exceedingly powerful, it was not able to restrain my Spirit Tool. The Godly Zhuge Crossbow has once again become the key to my victory. When you and I were returned to childhood and arrived in this strange Spatial Zone, your loss was already destined. But I will admit that you are an enemy worthy of respect. A powerful opponent indeed."

Saying so, the handsome youth gave the Dark Demon God Tiger a slight bow, expressing his respect. At the same time, the Dark Demon God Tiger also seemed to understand what had been said to him, giving the youth a hateful glare and a last unwilling roar. Its bloodshot eyes seemed to blaze with fire, as if spitting out flame.

All of a sudden, the youth shuddered all over, as if he had understood something from the Dark Demon God Tiger’s gaze. His face paled, and at last he said: "Well, it seems my luck has really been excellent. Goodbye then."

A/N: Do you all still remember this scene? Haha. This is the last accounting of the Dark Demon God Tiger I will write about. It’s a new day, and I wish you all well, with good anticipation ahead. I hope everyone can vote for me

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  • Aurealis


    Wtf tang sect?? From douluo dalu??

  • Aurealis


    It is obviously tang san because the trident is the weapon of god of Poseidon after he become one.. not to mention godly zhuge crosssbow from tang sect

  • Xieshen


    Hahaha cross over. Douluo Dalu and Heavenly Jewel Change actually is in the same universe.

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