62.02% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 526: Phelia’s Approval! (1)

Chapter 526: Phelia’s Approval! (1)

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*Qiang**Qiang**Qiang* *Pupupupupu*

The mass of blood and grey mist once again exploded out from the Dark Demon God Tiger’s body. No matter how tough or resilient it was, this time all its life was fully extinguished by the exploding shrapnel of the metal crossbow bolts. This arduous fight was finally over.

The entire area twisted and shimmered once more, distorting as the entire Spatial Zone shattered. Darkness fell once more, and the handsome youth finally relaxed his tensed body, slowly lowering the Godly Zhuge Crossbow.

Light flashed, and his entire body grew lighter. By the time his feet were once again firmly planted on the ground, the youth was already back in the Star Dou Great Forest, everything restored back to the previous original state. The Gold Trident also lay quietly at his feet once more. Not far ahead of him, the Dark Demon God Tiger’s giant corpse lay silently, and on top of it floated a strange pearl. The pearl was entirely pure black, but green and blue colored lights seemed to swirl within as well.

What was that? Before the youth could react, the black hole which had been the Time Skill seemed to burst forth with a strange but powerful suction. Instantly, the strange pearl flew inside. Without hesitation, the handsome youth promptly used the Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, but just at the same moment as he caught hold of the pearl, the black hole closed with a bang, the spatial rend in the skies sealing back to normal state. The strange pearl from the Dark Demon God Tiger’s corpse had disappeared.

Shock. Zhou Weiqing was totally shaken by the entire experience.

As soon as the black hole closed, the entire scene in front of Zhou Weiqing distorted once more, blurring into an illusory sight. However, he knew that everything that had happened was true… all those events had definitely happened before, and he finally knew the origin of the black pearl he had swallowed so long ago. It was the Nucleus Core of the Dark Demon God Tiger after its death! An origin that was from another world totally, a world where the Dark Demon God Tiger was not a Heavenly Beast, but called a Spirit Beast. What Zhou Weiqing had inherited was its bloodline!

A sudden powerful exhaustion filled Zhou Weiqing’s entire body, but the distorted reality around him did not vanish. Right in the midst of the illusory environment, a solid figure slowly appeared. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing found that he was no longer in ‘perspective mode’, finally appearing in his own body as well.

The figure that appeared was a woman dressed in black, looking to be about twenty seven years of age or so. She was extremely beautiful, her features at least seventy percent similar to Tian’er. Her gaze was gentle as she looked at Zhou Weiqing silently, not making any sound at all.

A powerful alarm rose in Zhou Weiqing’s heart. Even though he had been caught in this illusory reality for such a long time, he still managed to keep the last bit of clarity in his mind’s core. He knew deep inside that this was not reality, and it was all a created illusion.

"Child, you are far more outstanding than I even imagined, and not only that, you also have this bloodline that shocks even myself. Demonic and Time together, this is a talent that I have been searching for for all these years. Are you willing to help me?"

A familiar voice, as the black clad lady spoke out. Her gentle gaze on Zhou Weiqing was kindly and amiable as she did so.

"You… you are Phelia?" Zhou Weiqing instantly recognized that familiar voice. Wasn’t it the exact same one as the Entropic Nether Tiger, Phelia?

Phelia nodded and said: "Indeed, I am Phelia. Just now, you have already heard my conversation with AoTian. We had the fortune to have relations of man and wife, but unfortunately we have never been able to stay together. That is because I am a guardian, and I have to stay back to guard it. This role of guardian will stay forever unless the Heavens Transform. As for you and Tian’er, it has given me a hope for that to finally happen."

Zhou Weiqing started momentarily: "Aunty, I’m afraid I do not really understand what you mean."

Phelia smiled faintly and said: "It is not time for you to understand yet. Some things are not meant for you to learn too early, otherwise it will not be beneficial for your growth. If you are willing to help me, I will teach you a mating-cultivation technique for you and Tian’er, and it will be of great benefit to both of your cultivation. Of course, one day, when you finally have the power to aid me, I will look for you."

Upon hearing that, Zhou Weiqing was overjoyed. "Does that mean, I am the son-in-law that you approve of?"

Phelia sighed gently and said: "No, you are wrong. It is not my approval, but Tian’er’s. That year, when I gave birth to Tian’er, I had no choice but to leave her and continue my Guardianship. Twenty years… I have never played my role as mother, never executed my responsibilities to her."

"If Tian’er did not love you, then no matter how talented you are, I will never choose you. I have chosen you because my daughter has already chosen you, and you just happened to have the other two Saint Attributes, and such a young age as well. Treat Tian’er well, and love her well. She has been so pitiful since young, never knowing the love of a mother, and she was even prepared to meet death for your sake."

"I will." Zhou Weiqing said firmly, the resolution clear in his voice and eyes.

Phelia smiled faintly and said: "I believe you. In truth, the current you is just like AoTian so many years ago. For the sake of your lover, you can do anything, fight anything to win. Of course, the only difference between you and AoTian is that you have more fraternity in love. You do not need to suspect anything, I can see into your heart. In this world, a powerful man is always able to draw the attention of the opposite sex… that is the natural way of life. I will not blame you, but I hope that you will never disappoint Tian’er or break her heart. This is not a threat, but the request of a mother."

Zhou Weiqing’s expression was rather embarrassed. He truly did not know what to say. Being called that by his woman’s mother, that was a feeling that only someone who experienced it personally could describe.

Phelia took a step forward, and in the distorted reality she appeared in front of Zhou Weiqing, holding onto his left hand.

Just as Zhou Weiqing was taken aback, he suddenly saw Phelia’s eyes turning into the deep black, just like before, as if the orbs had become two black holes of infinity.

"Count this as a present for you." Along with Phelia’s voice, Zhou Weiqing felt a strange cooling energy well into his body. That energy was not Heavenly Energy or even Spiritual Energy purely, but a strange fusion of many types of energies.

The cool feeling quickly spread across Zhou Weiqing’s entire body, and he only felt a soothing comfort all around. The fatigue he was feeling was wiped out, and he could sense that something had been added to his mind.

While Zhou Weiqing was experiencing all that in the illusory world, back in the real world, what the four powerhouses saw was very different.

When the strange entropic field of light enveloped Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing, both their bodies started to shudder violently, as if suffering unimaginable pain. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

In an instant, Gu Yingbing turned into his Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion form, and Zhou Weiqing crouched down onto the ground, his right leg lifted up high as the black tiger tattoos around his body grew thicker and more obvious.

Both the Lion King and Long Shiya were extremely nervous. After all, the Entropic Nether Tiger was a Heavenly God Tier Beast! She was at the same level as Dragon kind. Facing the aura suppression of a Heavenly God Tier Beast, let alone these two little fellows, even for them as Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouses, it would not be easy at all.

Barely a minute passed before the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion form of Gu Yingbing vomited out a mouth of blood. In a flash, Xue AoTian appeared before him, forcefully breaking through the entropic barrier of light to grab him back to the main group, personally circulating his Heavenly Energy to heal Gu Yingbing.

Almost at the same time, a fresh new miracle seemed to happen to Zhou Weiqing, drawing the rest of their attention. From the wings on his back onwards, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body started to change colour.

The original greyish black slowly became a mysterious shade of purple, and the original tiger tattoos were being replaced by scales. The powerful aura of the Dark Demon God Tiger burst forth even stronger, and his entire body started trembling even more violently. Fainitly, they could hear the sounds of tigers and dragons roaring.

"This… this is…" The Tiger King’s eyes opened wide in shock.

He was not the only one. Even Xue AoTian couldn’t help but stare dazedly. "Dragon… Aura of a Dragon?"

Xue AoTian, the Lion King and Tiger King. All their eyes suddenly turned to Long Shiya.

Long Shiya said proudly: "Old Monster Xue, in terms of power I may have lost to you, but in terms of disciples, you are far from me. My precious disciple’s bloodline is truly one of a kind in the entire world, not even you can compare in that sense. He once helped a Dragon in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Lustre Spatial Realm, and from that he gained the Solidified Dragon Spirit. Just before coming here, he managed to complete the blood fusion between his original bloodline and the Solidified Dragon Spirit. Otherwise… do you think I would bring him here to make a fool of himself?"

The meeting of Dragons and Tigers, Bloodline Fusion! The eight words instantly appeared in the minds of the three powerhouses. The Lion King’s expression was now extremely ugly. He had never dreamed that this mere puny little six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master could be of such threat to his own son.

However, Long Shiya did not remain smug for long, instead turning to Xue AoTian worriedly: "Old Monster Xue, the victor is clear. Hurry up and get your wife to stop, and let my disciple go."

Phelia’s barrier of entropic energy, even Long Shiya did not dare to easily enter it. It was not that he was afraid of her, but he was afraid that if he entered, it might cause a chain reaction that ended up in harming Zhou Weiqing. With Phelia’s Heavenly God Tier power, even her little finger could destroy Zhou Weiqing easily.

Right at that moment, they suddenly saw Phelia move. In a single step, she appeared in front of Zhou Weiqing, her front claw gently resting on his left shoulder. The entire entropic shield turned hazy, and they could no longer see into the depths from outside.

Long Shiya was extremely worried, and was about to move in when Xue AoTian stopped him with a hand.

"Phelia knows what she is doing, Bro Long, do not worry." Xue AoTian said solemnly.

Long Shiya was just too worried because he cared too much. However, he had his own thinking. After all, now that they were in the cavern deep within the Heavenly Snow Mountain, and the other side had two Heavenly God Tier and two Heavenly Emperor Tier powerhouses. If they truly wanted to take down him and Zhou Weiqing, it would be hard to say that they could successfully escape.

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  • Aurealis


    Star dou great forest, controling crane catching dragon.. Confirmed Tang san from Douluo Dalu

  • GreatApeGogetaSS4


    The crossover was amazing, how can people hate on it?

  • Aurealis


    Douluo Dalu, Unrivaled Tang Sect, The Legend of Dragon King Heavenly Jewel Change timeline was after Douluo Dalu. Not much are related between them. Just some info about the origin of the tiger and something about the ending of HJC. Will not spoil. There were other novel in the same universe with HJC and Douluo Dalu too.

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