62.26% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 528: Phelia’s Approval! (3)

Chapter 528: Phelia’s Approval! (3)

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Xue AoTian smiled faintly and said: "Bro Long and the Lion King, both of you have countless experience in fighting. Compared to the two young ones, both of your fighting capabilities are much stronger. However, Bro Long’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation is unparalleled in the world. If at the same level, even I will not be Bro Long’s match. As such, let’s have Bro Long be at the limit of nine-Jewels while testing Yingbing. In such an arrangement, Yingbing will be able to fully spark his potential as well. As for Zhou Weiqing, he is at the six-Jeweled cultivation level, and should have already learned Bro Long’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. In addition to that, as I said previously, Yingbing will be given some advantage in the test. As such, the Lion King can test Zhou Weiqing at the limit of eight Jewels. How does that sound to both of you?"

"I do not agree." Long Shiya said without hesitation, his face angry. "Old Monster Xue, that is too obviously a bias. What difference is there from a eight-Jeweled Lion King and a nine-Jeweled Gu Yingbing? In that case, we might as well let the two youths fight each other. Who needs your so-called fairness?"

Xue AoTian smiled and said: "Bro Long, hold your horses, let me finish. During the entire process of the test, both Bro Long and the Lion King are not allowed to use any of your Consolidated Equipment. You can only use your Elemental Jewel Skills. Alright, now, that is fair right?"

Hearing his words, Long Shiya couldn’t help but be slightly surprised. Indeed, if it were the Lion King restricted at Eight Jewels and not allowed to use any Consolidated Equipment, then he would be slightly weaker than Gu Yingbing who could use everything in his arsenal. As for himself, even if he did not use any Consolidated Equipment, just with his Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation alone at the nine-Jeweled cultivation level, he was confident of taking down Gu Yingbing fairly quickly.

Seeing that Long Shiya was no longer protesting, Xue AoTian turned to the Lion King questioningly.

Almost without thinking, Gu Site immediately nodded. As a King of an entire Empire, how could he not have faith in himself? Even if he could only use the Elemental Jewels, his restricted strength would still mean he would be two Jewels higher than the little brat. Furthermore, do not forget that as the King of the WanShou Empire, in terms of Skill Storing, he was definitely at the top of the entire world. It could be said that all the Skills that he had Stored were amongst the most powerful. Furthermore, he had many years of combat experience, and Gu Site was absolutely confident in himself. As for his son, although he knew Long Shiya was strong, without the use of his Consolidated Equipment, he felt that Gu Yingbing would be able to hold on for enough time.

This competition was no longer a competition between Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing; it had also become a competition between Long Shiya and Gu Site!

Xue AoTian looked at both sides and said: "This round, both the Tiger King and myself will be the judge. Bro Long, Lion King, I will now start to place the Seal on you both."

Long Shiya gave a cold laugh and said: "Old Monster Xue, no need for my Seal. This is your Heavenly Snow Mountain, how can I possibly trust you with that? With you at the side judging, are you still afraid that I will use any Heavenly Energy above ninth Jewel? Well, on the other hand, that Lion King, you better Seal him, otherwise who knows what he will do with his character."

The Lion King immediately retorted angrily: "Fatty Long, you dare say that about my character?"

Long Shiya said arily: "Whose character is bad, we know by ourselves. Stop acting with that rash face, you think this old man still can’t see through all your acts? Otherwise, I wouldn’t be called the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor. You fake old lion, better be careful, with only an eight-Jeweled cultivation, you better not stumble and capsize before my disciple. Heh heh, we’ll see then if you still have the face to remain King."

"You…" Gu Site’s eyes turned cold, as he snapped out of that ‘rash anger’ he had been acting with. Coldly, he said: "Very good, Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor. We shall see who is the one who actually fails miserably and capsizes in a storm drain!"

At Xue AoTian’s signal, both sides slowly separated. In the end, Xue AoTian really did not Seal Long Shiya, but he still personally Sealed the Lion King, with the excuse of not allowing outsiders to call them out. The judges were then split as well, with the Tiger King keeping watch on the Lion King and Zhou Weiqing, while Xue AoTian personally kept watch on Long Shiya against Gu Yingbing. As such, the second test was finally ready and about to begin.

Ever since Xue AoTian had revealed the details of the second competition, Zhou Weiqing had been keeping silent at the side, waiting for the test to start without making a sound. He did not bother thinking about the third test, or when that might happen. Everything depended on getting through this fight first. As such, he now placed full attention on the Lion King Gu Site.

Facing a Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse, Zhou Weiqing dared not be careless at all. Although the rules were that the Lion King could only use Heavenly Energy up to the eight-Jeweled stage, but Zhou Weiqing still decided to treat him as a Heavenly Emperor. In the midst of the dim light falling upon him, Zhou Weiqing’s face was grave and solemn. Although he had just gained an unexpected benefit earlier, facing the King of the entire WanShou Empire, he could only do his best, put his all, and the result could only depend on how well he could bring all his powers into play against the restrained Lion King.

Xue AoTian looked at both sides. The Lion King and Zhou Weiqing were about ten yards apart, and the same case for Long Shiya and Gu Yingbing. At such a distance, towards people of their caliber, any Skill would already be effective. Any attack would be able to work from there, crushing down with irresistible force, and it would be up to the other to handle it. This was a good starting distance indeed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Begin." At last, Xue AoTian shouted the word out loud, and both sides sprang into action as combat began.

For the sake of his precious disciple, Long Shiya did not hold back at all. Instantly, six coloured lights rose from his body, flashing brightly. His Heavenly Jewels rose and spun over his head as his Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation was unleashed. Instantly, a vast amount of atmospheric Heavenly Energy gathered around him, as well as his Six Attribute powers, revolving around Long Shiya.

Xue AoTian was watching from the side all this while. From Long Shiya, he could only sense the Heavenly Energy of the Nine-Jeweled stage. Of course, Long Shiya did not hesitate to use the Max Level Nine Jeweled stage, not the Low Level Nine Jeweled Stage that Gu Yingbing currently was.

As the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation sprang up around Long Shiya, Gu Yingbing did not remain idle. He did not bother attempting to use his Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura to slowly block the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor’s attack individually. He had long since heard from Xue AoTian before that Long Shiya’s fighting style was extremely different from any other ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master. In a fight, if you gave Long Shiya any advantage, his offense would then be a crazed flurry like the cascading waters of a raging river. With the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, he did not have any cooldown or waiting time, and even the smallest, tiniest Skill… in Long Shiya’s hands it would be at full power, maximum effect. Even when Xue AoTian was facing Long Shiya, he did not dare to let him get a good head start and build up momentum… Let alone Gu Yingbing now.

As such, as soon as the fight started, Gu Yingbing did not hesitate to unleash all of his Consolidated Equipment. Six God Tier Consolidated Equipment and three Zong Stage Consolidated Equipment appeared around his body instantly, all nine of his current possible Consolidated Equipment.

A resplendent gold light of his Equipment mixed with the dark-gold light of the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura, and Gu Yingbing’s aura was extended to the max. From just the outward appearance of the intensity of lights alone, even Long Shiya was lesser than he was currently.

However, just from the Consolidated Equipment that Gu Yingbing had summoned, one could see the difference between the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

The Heavenly Snow Mountain’s advantage and superiority lay in its vast numbers of powerful Heavenly Beasts, which also led to them having a massive advantage in Skill Storing. More so, with these Heavenly Beasts, though they might not be able to attack out so easily, protecting themselves was a guarantee. Otherwise, they might have been long since crushed by the other four Great Saint Lands.

However, in terms of wealth, The Heavenly Snow Mountain was no match at all for the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Do not forget that Gu Yingbing was the Lion Prince, not only was he the Crown Prince of the entire WanShou Empire, though he had given up the position as heir to the throne for now, but he was also the main disciple to the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord! It was without a doubt that the Lion King Gu Site had placed so much hope on this eldest son of his, and even under such a circumstance, with Gu Yingbing reaching the Ninth Jewel Stage, he was still only able to have six God Tier Consolidated Equipment instead of all nine. From that, one could just imagine how lacking the WanShou Empire were in terms of Consolidated Equipment.

If it were any of the main or core disciples of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, for example of Shangguan Fei’er reached the Nine-Jeweled stage… she would definitely have nine pieces of an entire Legendary Set. If the Legendary Set only had nine pieces in total, then she would have already completed the entire set at this stage… and her future Consolidated Equipment would surely still be God Tier Consolidated Equipment.

The sheer difference between an entire Legendary Set of Consolidated Equipment as compared to just nine ordinary pieces of even God Tier Consolidated Equipment was like Heaven and Earth. If Gu Yingbing really had an entire Set like that, then perhaps even a restrained Long Shiya who could only use the nine-Jeweled Heavenly Energy and not his own ‘Hate Sky No Handle’ Legendary Set would be hard pressed to take him on. Perhaps even to the extent of having a chance of losing! After all, the boost of an entire Legendary Set was just too terrifying.

Even so, under the current circumstance, a six piece Legendary Set of God Tier Consolidated Equipment still brought quite a massive advantage, but compared to Long Shiya’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, it was still just not enough. Of course, Gu Yingbing had already brought out all of his current power and was in tip top condition for this fight.

After unleashing all his Consolidated Equipment, Gu Yingbing instantly launched his own attacks. In a flash, he already appeared in midair. A distance of ten yards, it was perfect for him to strike out with the large gold long cudgel which had appeared in his hands. An earsplitting whistle as he smashed through the air alongside a massive surge of Heavenly Energy that morphed in a gold blur smashing out at Long Shiya.

In his first attack, Gu Yingbing had already used his strongest Divine Attribute. Having a Saint Attribute was his greatest weapon, and without a doubt he had to go all out from the start. He could only win this round, or hold out for a longer time than Zhou Weiqing, only then would he smash through all the barriers between him and Tian’er as his wife.

On the other side, Zhou Weiqing’s thoughts on this fight was almost identical to Gu Yingbing. Both youths could be said to have set full resolve to pit their lives in this fight. They did not focus on the ‘opposing’ side at all, only focusing all their attention on their own fight. At least, even if they lost in the end, they had to have given their all. Only then could they have no regrets in this competition.

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