63.32% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 537: Tian’er, I love you! (3)

Chapter 537: Tian’er, I love you! (3)

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The three powerhouses’ faces turned strange, especially Xue AoTian, whose face was twitching uncontrollably.

At the side, Long Shiya was trying to force a smirk down, as he looked at Xue AoTian with a strange expression on his face. Musing to himself: Fat Cat, Fat Cat, what a good phrase to use. Perhaps I should start calling Old Monster Xue that as well?

However, the same two words had a totally different feeling in Tian’er’s ears. Just like a heavy warhammer, smashing right into the closed and locked doors of her heart, causing her entire body to tremble violently. In her entire life, only Zhou Weiqing had called her that, and it was how he had called her in those few years they had spent together.

As Gu Yingbing had already failed, Xue AoTian had neglected to raise the sound barrier once more. As such, all present had actually heard Zhou Weiqing’s words.

Tian’er continued looking at Zhou Weiqing, her gaze turning from blank, to dazed, to a strange struggle. She was trying so hard to remember, to remember why this stranger in front of her looked so familiar, yet she did not remember anything about him. Subconsciously, she felt that this person in front of him should be important to her.

"Do you still remember how we first met? You were always so mischievous, yet always loving to hide in my embrace." Zhou Weiqing said softly. His voice was gentle, yet seemed to be filled with a strange magic, every word striking deep into Tian’er’s heart.

"Haha. I still remember the first time I beat your buttocks. Although you were still a tiny little white tiger then, but your little buttocks were still so round and soft, anyone would be unwilling to let go." Not far away, Gu Yingbing vomited out another mouthful of blood, as he stared angrily at Zhou Weiqing.

Xue AoTian’s expression also turned ugly. He truly wanted to send a slap into that little brat’s face! His daughter’s buttocks had been touched by this stinking little brat when she was in her main form!

The Entropic Nether Tiger Phelia was still standing at the side, covering her mouth as she smiled faintly. She couldn’t help but think to herself, no wonder this naughty little brat was able to attract her daughter. His bad boy look was easy to attract attention indeed.

"At that time, I still did not understand why you were struggling so much. Weren’t you just a little tiger, what’s the big deal about touching you. At last, only after looking did I realise that you were a little female tiger."

"Waah* Gu Yingbing vomited another mouthful of blood. This time, he couldn’t take it anymore, his entire body swaying as he fainted, before being caught by Xue Aoying.

"Bastard, are you trying to die? If you continue talking like that, you better get lost!" Xue AoTian was also unable to hold back any longer, and he growled angrily at Zhou Weiqing. He was starting to regret giving that stinking little brat any chance, such a wretched brat!

Long Shiya looked at Xue AoTian’s angrily face and he laughed heartily, saying: "This has nothing to do with me, it is his previous teacher who taught him that."

It was as if Zhou Weiqing did not hear their words. All this while, his gaze was still fixed upon Tian’er. Gently, he continued: "Later on, I still gave you a bath, and that time you struggled even harder. After that, you kept ignoring me for days. Yet, even then, you still did not leave me. From your body, I could vaguely sense some energy reverberations. Later on, many people told me that Tiger type Heavenly Beasts were the top tier amongst all Heavenly Beasts. By then, I already knew that you had your own goals and reasons for staying by my side."

"Your goal was this… right?" As he said that, Zhou Weiqing waved his hands, the two glowing triangles once more, stacking, and in moments he had once again summoned his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation.

The concentrated light seemed to draw Tian’er’s attention, causing her eyes to dull slightly momentarily. The next instant, within the glow of six lights, only two auras remained. Time and Demonic. The two Saint Attributes!

Instantly, Tian’er’s body froze, before she started trembling even more. Subconsciously, her hands raised as well, gold and purple flickering in them. The Divine and Spirit Attributes rose up, mingling with the Demonic and Time Attributes of Zhou Weiqing.

They had after all once had intimate relationship, and in that time the four Saint Attributes had gone through a major fusion. Even before that, they had cultivated and trained many times with the four Saint Attributes. In that moment, the attraction between their Attributes and Heavenly Energy was far stronger than anyone else. Even so, as soon as Zhou Weiqing released his two Saint Attributes alone, in that instant, both Xue AoTian and Xue Aoying felt a strong sense of benign warmth, as if they could not wait to step forward to cultivate together with Zhou Weiqing. Of course, due to the sheer gap between their cultivation levels, the feeling was diluted many times over, and they were clear that it was not a huge benefit for them to cultivate with Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing slowly walked towards Tian’er, step by step, his hands held out with the two Saint Attributes reverberating around.

As he walked, he continued speaking: "In truth, the time when I truly fell in love with you was on the Heavenly Jewel Island. Originally, I had always been wary of you, as I could sense that you had some purpose and goal for staying by my side. At that time, your cultivation level was far higher than mine, and I dared not do anything to you. However, after the events in the Lustre Spatial Realm of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, my view of you totally changed. After that, when I learned of the demise of my homeland, only you stood by my side. You were even willing to use your most precious possession to ease my despair and hurt. If not for you, I do not know how I could have walked out from that state of depression."

At that time, although my heart was mostly filled with vengeance, I could still clearly sense that it had also been seized by you. Tian’er, do you still remember? Just because you did not want to cause any further trouble for me, and you left me that letter before sneaking away. You signed off with ‘Your Tian’er, your Fat Cat.’, along with that last question. Now that I have finally seen you again, I must tell you those words that I owe you, the words that I failed to tell you long ago."

As he spoke up to this point, he had finally reached Tian’er. Tears poured down uncontrollably from his eyes. A man does not easily show his tears, only if his heart is truly broken. His hands slowly grasped onto Tian’er’s hands, and in that moment, the four Saint Attributes swirled around, above their heads, without any sign of rejection or exclusion, as if they belonged together. Almost instantly, they seemed to fuse together, forming a four-coloured whirlpool spinning right over their heads.

"Tian’er, I love you." As he spoke, Zhou Weiqing was already sobbing.

A spark seemed to enter the dazed orbs of Tian’er. As light slowly returned to them, a faint purple mist emitted from her head, and her body began trembling violently. Tears started streaming down her cheeks like the pearls from a broken necklace, following the curve of her cheek before dropping down.

"Tian’er, I love you. I am your Little Fatty! Please wake up!" Zhou Weiqing called out as he sobbed. His voice was not loud, but at that moment, it infected everyone present.

Gu Yingbing had managed to rouse from his faint with the Tiger King Xue Aoying’s help, just in time to see this sight. His already pale face turned even whiter, and he closed his eyes in pain.

"Little Fatty, my Little Fatty… Little Fatty, Little Fatty!" Light seemed to spring from Tian’er’s beautiful eyes, and with a sob, she sprang forward abruptly, her arms encircling Zhou Weiqing’s neck as she burst into tears.

At last, Tian’er had awoken, The faint cloud of purple mist was the Seal that Xue AoTian had used to Seal her memories.

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Zhou Weiqing’s imprint in her heart was too deep, just too deep. How could a mere simple memory seal work to remove it? Zhou Weiqing’s words, the four Saint Attributes, all of it allowed the seed of memory to grow once more. The young couple who loved each other deeply, after all their trials and tribulations, they finally embraced each other again.

In that moment, all words and descriptions were useless, only the deep feelings and emotions, as if they were melding into one another’s body, tying their hearts together, forever.

The ugly expression on Xue AoTian’s face slowly relaxed. Sensing the feelings of his daughter bursting out like crazy, he knew that things were already set in stone.

At that moment, his hand was suddenly grasped by Phelia, who said: "Just wish them well… For our daughter to be able to find true love, it is her fortune. Just like originally when we met each other. Although we had no choice but to separate for twenty years, although we also went through our own trials and tribulations, but I will never regret it. AoTian, hold me."

The feelings that Xue AoTian had hidden deep in his heart for twenty years also burst forth, and he pulled his wife in for a deep hug. At that moment, his eyes were moist.

Long Shiya was beaming from ear to ear. Before coming up the Heavenly Snow Mountain, he had estimated that their chance of success was less than ten percent. However, they had done it, they had succeeded. It was not Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level, power, fighting ability or his bloodline, or even his teachings that had won the day… it was an invincible strength in the world – Love!

"Father." After some time, Tian’er finally lifted her head from Zhou Weiqing’s chest. Looking at her parents in their own embrace, she leaped over to them, hugging them as well. Looking at this woman in front of her that she did not recognize, her beautiful face was filled with a sudden joy. Love, both of intimacy and kinship, this was what the world spun around for… and at this moment, she had finally received both of them at once. Currently, Tian’er felt like she was overwhelmed with joy, all the suffering that she had once undergone evaporating.

Xue AoTian held out an arm, enveloping his daughter into their joined embrace. At this point, he wished he could hold his wife and daughter forever like this, what an amazing thing that would be!

Unknowingly, Long Shiya had somehow appeared behind Zhou Weiqing. Giving him a kick on the buttocks, he said: "Little Fool! What are you still standing there for?!"

Only then did Zhou Weiqing rouse to his senses, and he scrambled forward quickly. With a thud, he knelt down before Xue AoTian and Phelia, kowtowing three times. "This little son-in-law, Zhou Weiqing, greets his father in law, mother in law."

Xue AoTian gave a humph and said: "Stand up. If you let me know that you ever bully my Tian’er… hmph, hmph, you know what will happen."

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    This novel would legit be sooooo much better if it wasn’t a harem

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    Somehow I feel bad for the "old bro"

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    Still dat test was sooo not fair. She still fucking knew him lol, and I would almost certainly say that a 5 year old would have agreed to a dear older brother if they didnt know fully. What a fucking farce!

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