66.15% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 561: Three out of Five? (2)

Chapter 561: Three out of Five? (2)

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Zhou Weiqing did not release his own Consolidated Equipment. Instead, at the moment which Shen Wang unleashed his Consolidated Equipment, the two triangle formations in front of Zhou Weiqing stacked upon one another and fused together, forming his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation.

A strange light instantly burst out in an overpowering glow, and the six light hexagon settled into place below Zhou Weiqing’s feet, which were now positioned right in the middle of the hexagon. As the light glowed below his feet, the shimmer of gold reflecting on his armour caused him to look like a god that had descended from the heavens. Just from outlook alone, Shen Wang had lost terribly.

A hexagon made of six lights?!

Looking at the strange formation of light, all the Fei Li Empire members present were stunned and puzzled. In fact, even most of the Heavenly Bow Empire side, besides Shangguan Xue’er and Tian’er, were just as puzzled.

What was that hexagon formation of lights? What did that mean? Why were there the six Elemental Jewels at each of the end peaks of the hexagon?

No one actually recognized it. After all, in the entire Fei Li Empire, no one was worthy of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya to personally go and challenge him. Furthermore, the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation that Zhou Weiqing was using was his own customized version, and it was the first time it was on display for such a large number of people.

Although Shen Wang was surprised, but the longsword in his hands still pointed towards Zhou Weiqing, giving a gesture inviting him to attack first.

Zhou Weiqing smirked coldly. He was in no rush at all. Letting me attack first? Trying to show how powerful you are? Well, if you want to act, I’ll see how long you can act for!

Zhou Weiqing did not charge forward in attacking, instead a purple-red light began to gather above his head. You want to act right? Not attacking me first right? Fine, just wait then!

In the next instant, Shen Wang’s expression changed, and he no longer dared to wait at all. The reason was simple, he could clearly see the illusory image of the massive Demonic Dragon Lady appearing above Zhou Weiqing’s head.

As Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level had grown, the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady had also grown clearly and more solid. The top half of an absolute beauty, and the bottom half of a serpent, both clearly defined like the legend of the naga of old. The purple-red light of the massive image painted the skies, causing the clouds to look different. The aura and pressure that Zhou Weiqing was giving out was even suppressing the nine-Jeweled Shen Wang!

Heavenly Skill Image?! Cai Cai almost exclaimed in shock. The next moment, she suddenly recalled Ye Paopao’s description years ago. Indeed, Zhou Weiqing had used this very Skill two years back in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, and it was this Skill that had allowed him to defeat the genius Zhan LingTian of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace… snatching the final championship of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament for the Fei Li Battle Team!

However, even Ye Paopao did not fully understand what that Skill of Zhou Weiqing’s was, or its effects… he could only say that it was definitely very powerful. At this moment, as Zhou Weiqing unleashed it, it could be said that the entire audience was shaken.

He dared not wait any longer. Naturally, Shen Wang could no longer care about face and wait for Zhou Weiqing to finish that move. He might not know exactly what Skill Zhou Weiqing was using, but it was without question that any Skill with a Heavenly Skill Image was unbelievably strong. He might be at the nine-Jeweled stage, but he did not own any such powerful Skill! He did not come from a Great Saint Lands, and a Skill with a Heavenly Skill Image was not so easily gotten.

In a flash, Shen Wang had charged towards Zhou Weiqing, a thick green light bursting from his body, causing his speed to rise abruptly more than three times. The sword in his hands leading the way, he was like a bolt of lightning barrelling down at Zhou Weiqing.

Attacking first might be shameful for one of his age and status, but it was not as shameful as losing.

Seeing that Shen Wang had used a Skill, Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly. It was a Skill he was just too familiar with – the Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce from the Silver Emperor!

Even if he used his toenails to think, Zhou Weiqing could easily know that this Shen Wang should have Stored it from the Silver Emperor that had been in the Fei Li Heavenly Skill Palace, the same one he had Stored many of his own Skills from. Of course, that Silver Emperor had been set free by Tian’er later. It looked like this Shen Wang had succeeded pretty early on!

The distance between the two was barely thirty yards, and with the speed from the Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce, Shen Wang reached Zhou Weiqing almost instantly. He could still remember Princess Cai Cai’s warning, and he did not try to go for any killing blow, striking out at Zhou Weiqing’s left shoulder.

Facing such a blow from Shen Wang, Zhou Weiqing did not even bother dodging. In an almost instant reaction, he shocked the entire audience once more. Five bouts of dark-gold light sprang into place around him, like waves of light expelling out from his body.

The Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce was an extremely powerful Skill, and with Shen Wang’s cultivation level and that Consolidated Sword, he should be able to break through Zhou Weiqing’s Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura. However, that was if it were only a single Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura. Currently, Zhou Weiqing did not hesitate to unleash five at once, how could he possibly break through them all?!

In the audience’s eyes, all they saw was Shen Wang charging towards Zhou Weiqing at breakneck speed, and in the next instant, light sprang up around Zhou Weiqing, and Shen Wang bounced off it and was sent flying back. As for Zhou Weiqing, he remained standing in place impassively, equipment appearing around his body.

The Refined Gold armour seemed to have disappeared somehow, to an unknown place, and Zhou Weiqing was instead in an ordinary cloth attire. In his hands, there were two immense warhammers, gleaming dark gold gauntlets tipped with scary looking claws, extending all the way up to his arms and shoulders until the thick dark-gold Heart Mirror that drew everyone’s attention, glowing with chilling light. The dark-gold would continue spreading all the way to his waist before it stopped. All around his body, a powerful Heavenly Energy fluctuation burst forth.

The hammer in his right hand pointed forward, and an array of purple-red light flew out from the crying-face hammer, chasing right towards Shen Wang who had been thrown back from the impact earlier.

Although Zhou Weiqing needed time to unleash his Dragon Silencing Seal, it was already much faster than previously. Added to the fact that Shen Wang had spent some time waiting, and the delay of his own Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura, it was enough time for Zhou Weiqing to finish completing it.

The purple-red light instantly caught up to Shen Wang’s body, enveloping him in it. The Absolute Effect that it was meant he had no chance of evading it, and under the gaze of the thousand onlookers, Shen Wang’s nine Consolidated Equipment vanished like snow in the summer sun. Above his head, a strange purple-red symbol rotated slowly.

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes also turned a similar purple-red. However, he did not chase forward to strike, instead both his hammers pointed at Shen Wang. In an instant, thousands of blue Lightning Pearls appeared in the air, forming a web of lightning pearls which flew towards Shen Wang, surrounding him.

The instant Shen Wang had been hit by the Dragon Silencing Seal, he had been given such a huge fright that he paled instantly. He had never imagined that Zhou Weiqing’s Skill would be so overbearing, instantly crippling all his Skills and Consolidated Equipment! Although he could guess that this situation should not last long, but as a Heavenly Jewel Master so used to his Consolidated Equipment, in a short period of time it was very hard for him to adjust. As his feet struck the ground and he retreated backwards, he suddenly saw the blanket of lightning pearls cover the skies around him.

Shen Wang did live up to his rank as the Fei Li Royal Family Cavalry Vice Commander. Facing such a vastly unfavourable scenario, he did not panic. Both his hands circled in motion, and a thick Heavenly Energy reverberation appeared, forming a thick layer of faint white light around his body.

His Heavenly Energy cultivation level had already reached the maximum of the Heavenly Xu Stage. Although it was still far from reaching the Heavenly Dao Energy, it was clear that his total Energy was already beyond that Upper Level Zong Stage Master that Zhou Weiqing had faced long ago, Ming Yu’s father Ming Wu!

Explosions started to ring as Zhou Weiqing’s lightning pearls began to smash into the shield of white light.

In Shen Wang’s eyes, Zhou Weiqing should have been a Wind Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master! However, when the lightning pearls exploded, he realised he had been fooled. However, even as he realised he had been tricked, he did not know how or what happened.

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The strength of the Lightning Attribute was in its explosive offensive power, and those lightning pearls that Zhou Weiqing had summoned was under his fine control through the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, allowing him to channel out as much Lightning Attribute Heavenly Energy as possible at once. With the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation’s powerful control and regenerative rate, those lightning pearls were not so easily taken on.

One… two… even ten lightning pearls would not be able to hurt Shen Wang at all. However, the current Shen Wang was after all unable to use any Skills or Consolidated Equipment. It could be said he was fully in Zhou Weiqing’s battle rhythm.

Both were at the nine-Jeweled stage, and in terms of Heavenly Energy cultivation level, Shen Wang was even higher than the Lion Prince Gu Site. However, if one would compare both their total strengths, he was far far far from Gu Site. Even the Lion Prince had not been able to gain an advantage over Zhou Weiqing, let alone Shen Wang!

Several hundred lightning pearls surrounded him from all directions almost simultaneously, and the terrifying explosions rang out one after the other in unison.

Shen Wang channeled his Heavenly Energy with all his might to protect himself, but every single lightning pearl explosion would take over some Heavenly Energy. Let us not speak of counterattacking; in this series of massive explosions, both his body and hearing were greatly affected, as if he were a tiny little boat floating in the vast ocean, being smashed around by the waves of the lightning pearls, tossing and turning around turbulently.

Ever since Zhou Weiqing had completed training in this ‘Flying Lightning God Technique’ of his, this was only the second time he had ever used it in actual combat. The first time was naturally against Shangguan Xue’er. Of course, Shangguan Xue’er had broken it apart the first time with her Boundless Infinitum Sword, but upon the second time even with her supreme sword skills, she had not been able to take them too easily. Let alone now for Shen Wang, without his Skills and Consolidated Equipment!

The most shocking thing to the audience was actually Zhou Weiqing himself. In their eyes, they could all still see him standing there simply. Since the fight had started, he had not even moved a step, and all he had done was to lift his hammer and point twice. Even now, his hammers were still pointed forward, lightning pearls still swarming out of them crazily!

In those officials’ eyes, Shen Wang was extremely powerful, yet currently in the midst of the ‘Flying Lightning God Technique’, he was barely hanging on, as if on the verge of collapse. Anyone could see that Zhou Weiqing clearly had the upper hand, but perhaps more terrifying was the fact that no one could understand how Zhou Weiqing was winning.

Wasn’t that just too powerful? That’s crazy! Similar thoughts appeared in every single onlooker. However, at that very instant, all of them were struck speechless.

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