66.62% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 565: Fei Li God General! (3)

Chapter 565: Fei Li God General! (3)

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Ming Yu looked at him with a fiery gaze. "As a puppet of ZhongTian?"

"No, of course not. The Heavenly Bow Empire will only belong to our Heavenly Bow citzens, we will never be puppets for anyone else."

Ming Yu’s gaze turned to the warriors in the distance behind Zhou Weiqing. If his own personal troop was full of killing intent, then the Peerless Battalion warriors were filled with confidence and vigor. Only a troop who had constantly won would have such a presence. Their aura was not piercing or forceful, but it was a stable confidence that spoke of absolute victory.

"Is that troop yours… or does it belong to the ZhongTian Empire?" The smile on Ming Yu’s face disappeared, and he grew serious. Instead, as he asked that question, he actually used his Heavenly Energy to transfer his voice.

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: "With your Fei Li Empire’s intelligence gathering service, may I know if you have heard about the strange occurrences in this year’s ZhongTian Northwest border wars?"

Ming Yu nodded and said: "Although the ZhongTian Empire has tried their best to lock any news from spreading, but we have heard some bits and pieces from the captured prisoners of the WanShou Empire. Peerless Battalion right? A troop consisting of a mere few thousand, but they actually managed to assist the Northwest Armies in routing their enemies, which outnumbered them several times over. More so, they actually managed to cause severe casualties to the WanShou Empire, even alarming the Heavenly Snow Mountain."

Zhou Weiqing’s smile widened even further, and he said one more line of words to Ming Yu using voice-transference, before turning back and heading to his own lines. This round of fighting was about to begin.

When Ming Yu heard Zhou Weiqing’s words, he actually stood there for several more minutes, stunned into silence, before he had finally recovered himself. As he looked at the Peerless Battalion warriors opposite of him, there was something else new in his eyes.

Zhou Weiqing’s words to him were simple: "The Peerless Battalion was created by me, and is fully mine."

Just that simple line, it had already disclosed a large amount of information to Ming Yu. As for why Zhou Weiqing chose to tell him that, it was naturally not because he was the Fei Li God General, but because of his background of the Heavenly Demon Sect.

He was about to begin the major undertaking of the revival of his Empire. Although he was confident in their success, he knew it was no easy task, and what he wanted was to gather and unite all possible powers he could. Since he had already had such relations with Little Witch, along with his Master’s promise, he was clear that there was now an undeniable link between him and the Heavenly Demon Sect. Furthermore, he did not hold any hate against the Heavenly Demon Sect; in fact there was some goodwill. After all, after the past time when he had been attacked once, the Heavenly Demon Sect had never done so again, instead helping him out several times and even letting him peruse their secret Demonic Manual without any repayment.

Currently, all Zhou Weiqing had was his Peerless Regiment. For the ZhongTian Empire not to stop him from taking the Peerless Regiment away, it was already a major support and giving him much face. He knew he could not expect any other material support besides their simple aid in contacting the Fei Li Empire. After all, that would be tantamount to declaring war on the Bai Da Empire. Although the Shangguan Brothers placed much importance on Zhou Weiqing, it was not so much that he could compare with an entire Large Empire now.

As such, for Zhou Weiqing to revive his Empire from the yoke of the Kalise and Bai Da Empire occupation, he would have to face many trials and tribulations. As such, any bit of strength he could gather was of great importance.

Today, all that he had done against the Fei Li Empire was not for fun, or that he was too bored and was looking for trouble. The main reason was of course to build up his Heavenly Bow Empire’s reputation and respect, but at the same time, a secondary reason was perhaps the hidden anger and need for vengeance against the Fei Li Empire who had been allies yet did not lift a hand to help them in the past. All of this was on the foundation of the support of the ZhongTian Empire.

Towards Ming Yu, Zhou Weiqing had always had a good impression, and held some approval in his heart regarding him. It was not just because of the approval and acknowledgement that he showed previously, but because of their similar natures on the battlefield that had been displayed at that time. Since Ming Yu was from the Heavenly Demon Sect, who was to say that he could not aid the Heavenly Bow Empire in the future? As such, Zhou Weiqing did not hide anything from him, directly letting him know about his Peerless Battalion.

Ming Yu drew a deep breath, looking at Zhou Weiqing who had long since returned to his lines. His mouth turned up in a faint smile, but no one could know what he was currently thinking about.

After a moment of thought, Ming Yu shouted out. "Prepare for battle!"

An orderly, almost synchronous, sound of armour clashing, and the seven hundred Ghost Demon Horse cavalry troops raised the spears in their hands, a soaring killing intent bursting forth as if a giant spear filled with blood was about to pierce into an enemy’s chest.

On the VIP Stage, the watching group of Fei Li officials were secretly shocked. Most of them had only heard of the Fei Li God General by reputation, but it was their first time seeing him on a battlefield. Witnessing the terrifying presence of the Ghost Demon Horse cavalry with their own eyes, their confidence surged instantly towards this victory.

Shen Wang stood by Cai Cai’s side, a complicated look in his eyes. All along, he had always considered his own Royal Family Cavalry to be the finest elites in the Empire. However, as he looked upon Ming Yu and his personal guard today, he finally understood that the difference between him and Ming Yu was just so huge.

In terms of cultivation level, Ming Yu could not compare to him. However, in terms of leading troops, even a dozen of him could never compare to a single Ming Yu! No wonder Princess Cai Cai liked Ming Yu so much, not him! Who did not like a hero after all!

At this moment, Ming Yu had already drawn the long sword from the scabbard on his belt. Nudging his mount, the Ghost Demon Horse stepped forward three steps, and all seven hundred of his Ghost Demon Horse Cavalry behind him also did the same, in such an amazingly neat and orderly formation.

*Boom**Boom**Boom* Three sounds of all the horse hooves striking the ground simultaneously, causing everyone’s heart to grip abruptly.

These three steps were actually carefully planned. Firstly, Ming Yu was informing Zhou Weiqing that they were beginning their attack. Next, the three steps also instantaneously powered his personal guard’s aura and momentum to the max, and the killing intent grew suffocatingly.

Facing Ming Yu, Zhou Weiqing dared not be careless. Solemnly, he shouted: "Enter formation" Behind his back, the Peerless Battalion warriors instantly entered the formation he had given the orders for previously.

The First Main Company of the Peerless Regiment was truly their strongest elites, and every single one of them had impressive personal strength. At the same time, they had also worked the hardest in the training and cultivation. Although their formation and movements were definitely not as tidy and orderly as their opponents, their speed was no slower. In an instant, a long snakelike formation emerged on the drilling grounds, a formation that seemed like such a joke to the watching Fei Li officials.

The snake like formation here referred to all seven hundred of them gathered in a line, just like the number ‘1’. (TN: In case the description isn’t clear, it isn’t a single file towards the enemy, but a horizontal line with all of them facing the enemy)

The greatest benefit of such a formation was its coverage and reach, but its flaws were just too obvious – being too thin and frail! With just a single layer of soldiers, what kind of frail formation was that? As long as anyone could charge and burst through any portion of it, the entire snake like formation would be pierced through and broken apart, unable to join up with each other. Even the newest, greenest commander on a battlefield would never use such a formation!

As the Peerless Battalion warriors entered their formation, Ming Yu and his troop had begun their charge.

Compared to the Peerless Battalion warriors, Ming Yu’s personal guard clearly displayed a whole different side. Their training in such matters had clearly far surpassed the Peerless Battalion soldiers, and as they charged, they maintained the same square formation neatly. However, after advancing around a hundred yards, the formation actually changed into a triangular formation; the entire process completed so smoothly without any hint of stalling or messing up.

To change formations so easily in the midst of a charge, how much training did that require to accomplish that? More so, no matter the training given, only the finest elites would be able to do so. Ming Yu used his own actions to teach everyone present a lesson, to tell what was the meaning of ‘crack troops’.

With Ming Yu’s experience in leading troops, the moment Zhou Weiqing used that snake-like formation, he instantly knew Zhou Weiqing’s goal. Very clearly, Zhou Weiqing had absolute confidence in the power of his own troops to be able to choose such a formation, and his goal was to counter-surround Ming Yu’s troops once both sides clashed, allowing the personal combat strength of his soldiers to come into play.

The greatest confidence of Zhou Weiqing stemmed from the two hundred super Heavy Cavalry troops. Towards this point, Ming Yu was confident that he had read the situation clearly. Of course, with his vision, he could also tell how powerful those soldiers were. However, so what about that? This was a battlefield, a fight of seven hundred against seven hundred, not single combat. Ming Yu did not feel that just those two hundred soldiers alone could influence the result of the entire battle. He, too, had great confidence in his own personal guard. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

You want to use that snake-like formation to show off your soldier’s personal strength? Very well, I shall breakthrough by striking on a single point!

A strange light flashed in Ming Yu’s eyes. Although he held much admiration for Zhou Weiqing, it was exactly because of that fact that he wanted to use all his power in this fight, to see how far this youth had grown. Powerhouses would always only respect other powerhouses.

As both formations closed in on each other, the snake-like formation started to move just like Ming Yu had expected. Under Zhou Weiqing’s command, both ends of the formation doubled the speed of their charging towards both sides, while the center started to slow. Just like Ming Yu had guessed, Zhou Weiqing wanted to make use of the advantage of the snake-like formation to attempt to surround his personal guard.

High up on the VIP Stage, Cai Cai subconsciously gripped her fists tightly. Her usual grace and poise was belied by the agitation in her eyes. Although this was not the first time she had seen Ming Yu on the battlefield, she still had that same excitement that set her heart on fire. Ming Yu’s command and direction in fighting just had such artistic appeal. She could almost envision his personal guards smashing through Zhou Weiqing’s warriors and gaining the victory, and Zhou Weiqing’s dejected look afterwards.

Both sides were on the verge of an explosive clash.

Just as Ming Yu’s triangle formation was less than fifty yards from the central lines of Peerless Battalion, a drastic change occurred.

Ming Yu’s Ghost Demon Horse came to an abrupt halt, and his sword pointed to the right. In an instant, he had disappeared into the entire triangle formation that seemed to swallow him up. In the swift charge of the formation, they wheeled and turn to the right, arcing in a perfect small line towards the left flank of Zhou Weiqing’s formation.

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  • Ankit1480


    What the **** is with all this bull****. The author is really writing chapters are chapters for such a boring thing. Just get on with it already. And in this battle, all little fatty needs to do is release his aura and the entire cavalry of Ming Yu would go down in an instant. The author is really desperately chasing after word count this time.

  • GreatApeGogetaSS4


    I feel bad for the guy, he can't be with the girl he loves, and is tired of helping an Empire who despises him because of his tactics. I hope he has a good future. If you are not the 1st thing in your womans heart you might as well be the last.

  • Noire


    I get you xD Skim reading really helps, almost the entirety of chinese novels should be read by skimming most things.

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