66.86% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 567: Power vs Strategy! (2)

Chapter 567: Power vs Strategy! (2)

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Just as Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er unleashed their respective Skills, the forty attacks from Ming Yu’s personal guards had also reached them.

A massive shield rose up from below the duo, and as it appeared, it had a diametre of two metres. However, as it rose, it actually started growing, and by the time it reached Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er, it had already expanded to a diametre of five metres, fully covering both their bodies behind it. Attack after attack smashed into the massive shield as it glowed with a thick yellow light, but besides a ripple in the light, all the attacks did not seem to have any other effect.

Naturally, this was the work of Lin TianAo. As Zhou Weiqing’s Follower, his greatest effect was to be his shield and protection on the battlefield, how could he miss out at this critical time?

Lin TianAo’s cultivation level could be said to have improved by leaps and bounds, faster than he had ever imagined. Ever since he had Followed Zhou Weiqing, he had never lacked for resources. The best food, drink, cultivation resources, Heavenly Cores, even Storing Skills and Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. All of it was provided for him, and he no longer needed to worry about them, allowing him to focus fully on training and cultivation. Currently, Lin TianAo was just a small step away from breaking through to the seven-Jeweled stage, and the six Jeweled Assembly Set Shield he unleashed was naturally with a considerable defensive power.

Previously, even the attack of a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse had not been able to break through his defenses with just a single blow, let alone these mere forty casual ranged attacks whose power had to have dissipated slightly from the distance. Furthermore, though there were quite a few Heavenly Jewel Masters, barely any had even reached the six-Jeweled stage. After all, if one was that strong, who would be willing to be just an ordinary soldier? It was only because he had the support of the Heavenly Demon Sect that he was able to have so many Jewel Masters in his personal guard!

So many things happened at once, but all of it had actually occurred in a few blinks of an eye. Both sides almost clashing, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s Skills, the boosts, Lin TianAo helping them block the attacks… the next instant the two armies finally clashed at last.

The attack of the Peerless Battalion soldiers were simple and direct. Although their previous battles were mostly fought with bow and arrow, that did not mean their close combat skills were lacking. On the contrary, having been drilled so hard by Shangguan Fei’er, it could be said that the blood and sweat they poured into close combat training was even more than their archery training. After all, up to a certain point, it was hard for the ordinary soldier to improve further in archery; whereas close combat skills was always requiring countless experience.

As both sides were about thirty yards from each other, the Peerless Battalion soldiers began their first round of attacks. Throwing javelins.

Each of the Peerless Battalion soldiers were equipped with six javelins. Previously, they had all bound these javelins with thick cloth to prevent any serious injuries. Currently, with that distance of thirty yards, it was the perfect range for throwing javelins. At once, nearly three hundred javelins flew out straight towards the incoming crazed charge of Ming Yu’s personal guards.

Intense, violent sounds of clashing rang out constantly. The impetus and force of impact of these javelins were not weak, and do not forget what the Peerless Battalion was most known for? It was not their great strength, but their shamelessness.

Previously, Zhou Weiqing had given them the instructions that for their first salvo of javelins, the aim was not to injure their opponents, but to slow them down, to give him more time to unleash his Skills. As such, for this first salvo of javelins thrown, all the Peerless Battalion soldiers actually did not use any Heavenly Energy at all!

Ming Yu’s personal guards were indeed strong, and they had quite some number of Physical Jewel Masters, and others who had some level of Heavenly Energy. If the Peerless Battalion soldiers infused their Heavenly Energy in this first salvo of javelins, they might gain some benefit, but it would undoubtedly cause their opponents to be wary. As such, they shamelessly decided to play the act of pigs to devour tigers.

Their plan was a success indeed. Although these javelins did not have any Heavenly Energy infused, their weight was not light, and the soldiers were strong and well trained in the art. Add on the fact the javelins were laced with titanium alloy, and were extremely tough… this salvo actually managed to slow the charge of the incoming personal guards. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s Skills had managed to land. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Ming Yu’s personal guards were undoubtedly decent at withstanding the offensive Skills, with some Heavenly Jewel Masters even releasing some area of effect defensive Skills. However, the actual area, range and control of their Skills were far weaker than Zhou Weiqing’s, especially since his Skill was a continuous one. For a time, quite a few of the charging warriors felt their bodies go numb slightly, affecting their offensive capabilities.

On the reverse side, the opposing Peerless Battalion warriors were all getting boosted by Tian’er’s Skill. Their offense and defense were boosted to the maximum, even increasing their charging speeds.

Unicorn Heavenly Beasts had the Light Attribute, and with the Angel’s Blessing, it was as if they had been injected with stimulants, the boost having an even greater effect on them. All the Unicorn Beasts immediately used their own innate abilities – the Gliding Charge.

Lowering their heads, the tough horns in the front, the wings on their sides spread open, their charging speed accelerated instantly, bringing their riders in a valiant charge towards the triangular formation.

At last, it was time for the actual clash.

In a massive explosive crash, both sides smashed savagely into each other. It was at this very second that Zhou Weiqing’s ‘Flying Lightning God Technique’ halted abruptly. All the other Peerless Battalion soldiers also began accelerating their charge, bearing down on their opponents.

In most of the audience’s eyes, for the entire of Ming Yu’s triangle formation to smash into such a narrow portion of the snake-like formation, it should be easy for them to pierce right through. However, as both sides clashed, everyone, including Ming Yu, suddenly realised that they were very wrong.

In that abrupt crash, the front of the triangle formation was actually whittled off shockingly. The charge of the Peerless Battalion soldiers line had actually forcefully blocked the entire triangle formation.

In Ming Yu’s strategy, the most important point was for them to pierce right through a single point, using their superior maneuverability to move back and forth to continually pierce through the snake-like formation and causing chaos to break out in their opponent’s formation.

Alas, the events and results were contrary to their expectations. The piercing of the formation had been forcefully stopped in their tracks, failing spectacularly in an inconceivable fashion. The instant before the clash, all the Peerless Battalion soldiers abruptly burst forth in violent Heavenly Energy reverberations, especially the dozen or so who were right in front to receive the main vanguard of the triangle formation. Their Heavenly Energy reverberation were clearly at least of the Upper Level of the Heavenly Shen Energy (six Jewels), with one even at the Heavenly Xu Stage (seven or more Jewels)!

The five in front were even Heavenly Jewel Masters!

Originally, Ming Yu’s personal guard formation was also extremely powerful. To be able to be the vanguard of the triangle formation, they were naturally the strongest and finest elite of his troops. In terms of cultivation level, they would not lose out to the Peerless Battalion soldiers. Alas, they had been taking harassment from Zhou Weiqing, while on the other side their opponents were not only boosted by the Angel’s Blessing, but their Unicorn Heavenly Beasts’ Gliding Charge!

With such a disparity, in the savage clash, the first several dozen of Ming Yu’s personal guard vanguard were all knocked off their mounts. Even their Ghost Demon Horses were sent tumbling by the excited Unicorns, many sustaining some injuries. This was also because of the powerful defenses of the Ghost Demon Horses, otherwise any ordinary horses might have been killed instantly.

What the… Ming Yu had been directing the clash right in the center of the formation, and he was shocked to realise that the formation was actually halted. He instantly knew something was wrong, and in a flash he stood up right on horseback, looking at the Heavenly Energy reverberation and glows in the distance.

This… this… this was…

Physical Jewel Masters? They were all Physical Jewel Masters! From the looks of things, there was not a single one below the five-Jeweled stage!

In that split second, even the Fei Li God General was struck senseless. Although he had already given a high appraisal of Zhou Weiqing’s Peerless Battalion soldiers, he had never in his wildest dreams thought that this would happen.

In his entire Personal Guard, he had three hundred Physical Jewel Masters, and that number was inclusive of the forty Heavenly Jewel Masters.

This was already a major point of pride for Ming Yu, and this strength was also because of heavy support from the Heavenly Demon Sect, with several of his guard being from the sect. All along, it had also been this core backbone that had allowed Ming Yu to sweep victory after victory.

However, it seemed like the Peerless Battalion soldiers in front of him all had even greater individual strengths! Ming Yu’s Physical Jewel Masters were all on the average at the three-Jeweled stage. Although they still had room to grow, but that would require a large amount of time and effort. However, their opponents were already at the five-Jeweled stage or higher!

In the next instant, Ming Yu had already formed a judgement. These seven hundred soldiers were even tougher to deal with than seven hundred WanShou Empire cavalry soldiers!

The next few moments truly displayed Ming Yu’s impressive tactics and command abilities. Although they had been greatly disadvantaged by this clash, Ming Yu instantly reined in his troop from imminent disaster, dragging them back from the the brink of the precipice. In a matter of seconds, the rear guard suddenly turned into the vanguard, a miraculous turn in formations as they began their retreat.

It was impossible not to retreat. At this time, the advantages of the snake-like formation were starting to come into play, and they were about to be surrounded. Once they were fully surrounded, and the two hundred Heavy Cavalry troops joined the fight, they would no longer have any chance at all.

Ming Yu’s on the spot command had always been known for having the strongest point of being absolutely calm. No matter what he faced, no matter how much losses they had suffered, he would still be able to calmly make the most accurate judgements and decisions in the shortest possible time.

Ming Yu’s personal guard was actually forced to retreat… from just a single clash?!

Up on the VIP stand, Cai Cai could only watch with her jaw agape with shock.

Currently, the Peerless Battalion warriors gave the impression of magnificence and glory; especially the flanked soldiers who had been the first to withstand the furious primary clash. Their titanium mail was glowing silver in brilliant resplendence, added on to the golden glow of the Angel’s Blessing, they suddenly seemed like divine troops descended from the heavens.

Flying in midair, Zhou Weiqing was now being ignored. He grinned widely, flying across in the skies.

The wings that the Dragon-Tiger Transformation brought to him gave him an extremely powerful flying ability and speed. At full power, it was truly a terrifying speed. All the others could see was a purple-red streak flash through the skies, and Zhou Weiqing had already risen to a much higher vantage point. This time, his flight destination was the path that Ming Yu’s personal guard were retreating in.

Large patches of lightning pearls descended from the skies, under the fine control of the ‘Flying Lightning God Technique’, floating in the air before their paths. His goal was not to actually attack them, as he did not wish to kill anyone. Zhou Weiqing’s intention was simple, just to block them.

The first patch of lightning pearls smashed down onto the ground, exploding with much sound and dirt, spinning dust into the air. As the terrifying explosions blew up, this was the first time that Ming Yu’s personal guard were thrown into disarray.

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