67.33% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 571: Compete in Creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls?! (3)

Chapter 571: Compete in Creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls?! (3)

Translator: Zen Translations Editor: Zen Translations

‘See, not touch’. Zhou Weiqing truly understood the meaning of that simple phrase now, and how torturous it could be. Currently, he was actually praying that Shangguan Bing’er, Shangguan Fei’er or even Little Witch would suddenly appear, somehow changing the equilibrium of this terrible stalemate. At this moment, he no longer held any foolish dreams about enjoying any threesomes, things were bleak enough that such fanciful dreams were just a thing of the past. If this continued, how could he even continue living!?

"*Cough**Cough*, you two, are you practicing some secret eye techniques?" Zhou Weiqing leaned back on the window sill, looking at the two ladies who were glaring at each other without backing down. Helplessly, he gave a cough as he exclaimed tentatively.

Shangguan Xue’er gave a cold humph and said: "Your negotiations are already over, when are we leaving this place?"

Zhou Weiqing said: "Very soon. There are some things that need to happen… at least I need to ascertain… before we can leave. Furthermore, I am still waiting for someone."

Tian’er said: "In that case, isn’t it time that some people return to their homeland. A certain somebody is the Great Heir of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, what’s up with them following us loving husband and wife?"

Shangguan Xui’er said coldly: "Husband and wife? Have you two officially married yet?"

Tian’er gave a humph and said: "When we rescue Little Fatty’s father and mother, we shall."

Shangguan Xue’er said coldly: "Then I will break you two apart. Even if you both marry, my little sister has to be first. You can only be a concubine."

"You want to fight?" Tian’er sprang up abruptly, glaring at Shangguan Xue’er.

Shangguan Xue’er gave a disdainful sniff. "Just with you?"

"You…" Tian’er looked like she was about to explode. These two ladies were unwilling to accept each other, and both were extremely recalcitrant. If not for the fact that Zhou Weiqing was there in the middle of them, perhaps they would have already come to blows long ago. In terms of power, Tian’er was originally no match for Shangguan Xue’er. However, in the past few weeks, she and Zhou Weiqing had been cultivating together with the Four Saint Attributes, and her cultivation level had improved much quicker. At the same time, she had also gained a fresh new insight into her two Saint Attributes. Naturally, her confidence had also grown along with her power, and she was not afraid of Shangguan Xue’er.

Zhou Weiqing interposed his body between the two ladies, smiling bitterly as he said: "You two Grand Aunts1, do we have to go through this same scene every day? How about you both beat me up instead. Isn’t that better?"

"No." This time, both Shangguan Xue’er and Tian’er were united, as they spoke in unison.

Finally, Zhou Weiqing blew up. These past few days, he had been enduring and tolerating it the best he could, and at last he couldn’t take it anymore. Angrily, he said: "Fine, you both fight then. Just you both wait. One day, when I have the power to beat you both up at once, I will Seal you both and take turns in ‘taking’ you both!"

This time, both ladies had vastly different answers.

Shangguan Xue’er’s snapped: "Get lost…"

On the other hand, Tian’er smiled sweetly and said: "Sure! Sounds good!"

Draping an arm around Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder, Tian’er giggled and said: "Little Fatty, do you want me to help you? She is definitely no match for the two of us together. I’ll help you do ‘that’ to her… hee… see if she dares to throw her temper around in the future. If I don’t suppress her now, once both her sisters come, won’t I be bullied to death by the three of them?"

Zhou Weiqing turned his gaze to Shangguan Xue’er, muttering to himself: "That sounds like a very good idea!"

Shangguan Xue’er said angrily: "You dare! If you dare to bully me together with her, I will never forgive you." After saying that, she blushed a deep red before quickly continuing: "Fei’er and Bing’er will never forgive you too."

Tian’er giggled once more. "Well, didn’t you want to cause trouble between me and Little Fatty? Fine, come on then! Your Mother, I, will go ahead and risk everything. If you want to watch, please feel free!" As she said that, she displayed the forthright valiance of the beastmen, actually turning around to unbuckle Zhou Weiqing’s pants.

"You… you… shameless!" A piercing sword qi instantly burst out towards Tian’er’s hands.

"#*$&^@(#*$" Zhou Weiqing paled instantly. If that sword qi accidentally sliced that important part of his, what would he do? Immediately, he abandoned the entire situation, using a Blink Skill to escape.

Just as they were bustling in argument, a sudden voice rang out from outside. "Commander, there is someone outside the Embassy looking for you. He says he is your acquaintance."

Zhou Weiqing acted like he had struck the jackpot. Grumbling, he said: "Alright, stop causing trouble now, it is time for proper business. He is finally here, I’ve waited so long even. Bring him here."

Before long, one of the Peerless Regiment soldiers led a man into the room from the outside. The man was dressed in black robes, a cowl hiding his face. From his looks, it was truly a strange and garish sight, especially since he still had another black cloth covering his face even despite the cowl. This was clearly a person in disguise.

Although Zhou Weiqing could not see any of his features, he grinned and said: "Why did you only come now? I have been waiting for so long."

A clear male voice rang out from behind the cowl. "No choice, as soon as you all moved into the embassy, there have been people keeping watch. It has not been convenient for me to make any moves. It was only after the negotiations ended that the surveillance was removed. At least, the only watchers left are on your soldiers. It is only now that I managed to find an opportunity to come."

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: "Alright alright, come on, have a seat my dear God General."

The black clad man removed the hood, revealing the features of the Fei Li God General, Ming Yu. His gaze naturally swept between Tian’er and Shangguan Xue’er, and he did not hide his envy as he exclaimed: "You are truly blessed indeed!"

Zhou Weiqing was not able to retort otherwise, else the two ladies would be offended. As such, he could only nod his head with a faint smile.

Ming Yu smiled in return and said: "I will not beat around the bush then. Let us be direct. You plan to revive the Heavenly Bow Empire… do you require our help? Of course, that will not come without some conditions."

Zhou Weiqing also smiled, a calm and deliberate smile. "If the help is unconditional, I definitely welcome it. However, if there are any attached conditions, then I’ll have to give it a pass. As long as you all do not come causing trouble to me, I am fine with anything." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Ming Yu started. He had not expected that Zhou Weiqing would actually give such a reply. For a moment, he fell silent.

At last, he asked: "You really have such confidence?"

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily once more. "Why would I not have confidence? You have already witnessed, even tested out, my Peerless Regiment for yourself. Did you think I was lying to you? There is no need for me to do so. As soon as I begin my counter invasion, you will definitely get news of it. Furthermore, do not forget that although my Heavenly Bow Empire is a small country, we have several hundred years of history. Do not underestimate the power of the heart of the citizens. Furthermore, I have also gained the support of the Fei Li Empire, and my backline supplies should not be a problem. I do not foresee any problems in reviving my homeland."

Ming Yu furrowed his brow and said: "Don’t you at least want to hear our conditions first before deciding?"

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: "I am a person who does not react well to threats. To me, your so-called conditions have no meaning to me. The Kalise Empire is nothing in my eyes, and the main enemy I have would be the Bai Da Empire. If I do not remember wrongly, your current headquarters should be in the Bai Da Empire right? If you were to tell me that you all do not have any connection with the Bai Da Empire, heh, do you think I would really believe that? However, you all have at least still been wise and logical. As far as I know, your connection to the Bai Da Empire is not deep, and at least I do not have to direct my attention to you all as well."

"Direct your attention to us? Do you really think you have the power?" Ming Yu scoffed.

Zhou Weiqing did not reply, but Tian’er who had been standing harmlessly beside him actually replied instead. "Do you think we don’t have the power? You should know best what kind of status your Heavenly Demon Sect truly has in the mainland. The only reason the other three Great Saint Lands do not join forces to wipe you out is because the threat of our Heavenly Snow Mountain is just too great. Since there was no chance of joining forces, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace would not take action lest we act up. However, if our Heavenly Snow Mountain actually takes the lead in the matter, I am sure the Heaven’s Expanse Palace would not reject it."

Hearing the words Heavenly Snow Mountain, Ming Yu’s expression changed. As he looked at Tian’er, he instantly remembered the AOE Boost Skill that she had unleashed during their fight. Could it be… it was really the Divine Attribute like he had guessed?

That day, after Ming Yu had returned to his base, he had started analyzing every single detail of the fight. At the same time, he had consulted many people regarding the strange six-coloured formation below Zhou Weiqing’s feet, as well as the AOE Boost Skill that Tian’er had unleashed. The final conclusion that he had arrived at was that Zhou Weiqing’s formation was truly unknown, and that Tian’er’s boost skill could possibly be the legendary Heavenly Snow Mountain’s Divine Attribute.

Upon coming to such a conclusion, Ming Yu was rather dismissive of it. Naturally, he had already received news that Zhou Weiqing had close connections to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. As a result, how could he possibly have someone from the Heavenly Snow Mountain beside him? Even if he did… the Divine Attribute was only from the core bloodline of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers!

Yet, currently, from Tian’er’s words, he could definitely read the underlying meaning. How could he not be shocked? One of the young ladies beside Zhou Weiqing should be the third Young Miss of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, Shangguan Bing’er, while the other… was actually from the Heavenly Snow Mountain? No matter how intelligent and cunning Ming Yu was, in this moment, all his thoughts had been overturned.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: "You do not to find it so strange. I am a loner without any clan or sect, and my Heavenly Bow Empire also does not belong to any camp. Since I am not the Heaven’s Expanse Palace’s enemy, why should I make myself the Heavenly Snow Mountain’s enemy?"

"You… you all…" Ming Yu looked at Tian’er, then back at Shangguan Xue’er. In that moment, he was truly struck speechless. He realised that since he had faced Zhou Weiqing, although that little rascal had not spoken many words, this negotiation that he was representing for the Heavenly Demon Sect was already at a severe disadvantage.

Ming Yu was not a man who was willing to give up easily, but against Zhou Weiqing who constantly played outside the conventions, he was truly given a huge headache.

Shangguan Xue’er said coldly: "You just need to be clear of one thing. Although our Heaven’s Expanse Palace are enemies with the Heavenly Snow Mountain, but there is one thing we have in common. Both of us support Zhou Weiqing and his efforts in reviving his homeland. By speaking like this, it should be clear to understand for you."

Ming Yu couldn’t help but gulp down his saliva. His brow furrowed deeply as he was lost in thought.

Zhou Weiqing was not in a rush, sitting there calmly and sedately. Looking at the two beauties before him, he was also highly satisfied. In this negotiation, he had successfully borrowed the influence of others in a striking manner. At the same time, both Tian’er and Shangguan Xue’er had not disappointed. Despite them being at loggerheads, they had supported him perfectly in this matter.

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