68.16% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 578: Title Hidden! (1)

Chapter 578: Title Hidden! (1)

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When they had reached the Crescent City, Long Shiya had actually left silently. Even Zhou Weiqing did not know where his Master went or what he was up to. In fact, in Long Shiya’s eyes, in the Heavenly Bow Empire borders, there should not be anyone that could pose a threat to Zhou Weiqing. The Kalise Empire did not have any Heavenly King Stage powerhouses, and thought the Bai Da Empire should have some, they would definitely be holding the fort in the Bai Da Empire. At least in the near future, there was no possibility of them appearing. As such, Long Shiya felt relaxed in leaving.

In the first place, Long Shiya had always been a person who loved freedom. Since Zhou Weiqing had already mastered the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, it could be said that he had already gained his full legacy. The only thing he was lacking was experience and attainment in the skill, as well as cultivation levels. Long Shiya had already passed on all the techniques and the path he needed to take. Now, for the revival of his own Empire, it would be up to Zhou Weiqing as an exercise for him.

Anti-Cavalry TrapAfter being run through by the Peerless Heavy Cavalry, the two Kalise Empire Infantry Battalions had barely a third of them surviving. The thick smell of blood lingered in the air, and in the back, the Kalise light cavalry retreated even further, not wanting to become the egg that threw itself on the rock. Set after set of Anti-Cavalry traps were rolled out, with four Heavy Infantry soldiers and a large number of ordinary Kalise soldiers setting them up in position and taking up their formation behind the traps in preparation.

Zeng Jian’s heart was spasming and bleeding. He had never imagined that he would ever meet such a terrifying army. Just two hundred enemy soldiers, yet they seemed just like two hundred devils, instantly destroying nearly a third of his entire army. More importantly, that had included his most precious four Companies of Heavy Cavalry soldiers!

Just the two hundred Heavy Cavalry soldiers in front of him gave him a strong sense of powerlessness. More importantly, their enemy had only sent out these two hundred men… and he did not even know how many more enemies there were in the Crescent City. In the military world, information was always key, and the unknown was to be feared. Since these enemies dared to come and actually successfully take the Crescent City, it showed a level of preparation and power… that definitely was not limited to these two hundred soldiers. To send out only this small force against him, there could only be one goal… to reduce their own injuries or deaths. Indeed, how could one deal with this Heavy Cavalry force? Even if he was a six-Jeweled Physical Jewel Master, if he charged forward, he would not have any use. These super heavy cavalry units were just like a moving fortress of metal, unstoppable in his eyes.

In midair, Zhou Weiqing had already spotted Zeng Jian. In any army, the outfit of the commander was definitely different from all his soldiers. Furthermore, Zeng Jian had his personal guards in formation around him.

"Ma Qun, Crow. Clear the battlefield. Do not advance any further." Zhou Weiqing’s order came from above. He could see that the Peerless Heavy Cavalry’s bloodlust had been incited in the fight, and he was worried that they might just rashly charge into the enemy’s base. There were just too many obstacles and obstructions around the camp, especially the anti-cavalry traps, and it was not a good ground or position for the Heavy Cavalry soldiers. Of course, he did not think they could be defeated, but if they were entangled within, it would be unnecessary trouble.

As he spoke, Zhou Weiqing drew back the Overlord Bow, a long arrow made out of pure Heavenly Energy suddenly coalescing into existence.

Taking a deep breath, Zhou Weiqing raised his Ice Cold Perception to the max. His gaze was like a bolt of lightning, locked upon Zeng Jian’s body. As long as he could slay this commander, this Kalise Empire force would have no choice but to retreat.

Zeng Jian was after all a relatively high leveled Physical Jewel Master. As soon as Zhou Weiqing locked onto him with his Overlord Bow, he immediately sensed danger. Lifting his head, he spotted Zhou Weiqing in midair, and instantly saw the strange hexagon-star formation glowing with a brilliant bluish purple light. All around Zhou Weiqing’s body, a thick lightning was arcing around, causing the entire air to reverberate around him.

He wants to kill me! Zeng Jian paled instantly as he realised what was happening. Swiftly, he unleashed his three Consolidated Equipment. At the same time, he jumped off his warhorse, darting deeper into the midst of his soldiers’ formation. 1

All this while, though he flew In midair, Zhou Weiqing had not taken action. However, these Heavy Cavalry soldiers were already so strong, could this person be weak at all? Furthermore, that hexagon formation below him was so strange, who knew what unique powers it had?

Dodging? Zhou Weiqing smirked coldly. Do you think that hiding in a crowd would be of any use?

Thick Heavenly Energy, abruptly solidifying, and the now-bluish purple arrow gave off a terrifying energy reverberation. Within this arrow, there were no special effects or flourishes, just a pure terrifying amount of Heavenly Energy that had been consolidated through the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation. If one were able to examine it closely, they would discover that this arrow was truly strange looking. Three inches behind the arrowhead, there was a strange bluish purple round ball, fully made out of pure energy.

With the Overlord Bow drawn to a full crescent, Zhou Weiqing raised his personal spirit and energy to the maximum, and in that instant, he unleashed his arrow.

As his cultivation level had increased, his understanding towards archery was also no longer as simple as before. Within this arrow, it did not just hold energy alone, but it was highly compressed and transmuted to lightning elemental power.

An ear-piercing screech rang out in that moment, and across the skies, all could only see a bolt of lightning flash across. The bluish purple light as if the heavens had thrown down a bolt of lightning, smashing down into the Kalise Sixth Regiment camp.

However, right at the same time as he shot out the arrow, all of a sudden, Zhou Weiqing’s expression changed. In the next moment, his entire body flipped and rolled in midair, and he followed it up with an instant Blink Skill.

That was because, in the instant that he had shot out the arrow, he sensed a sudden cold that he had never felt in his entire life, descending upon his entire body. An ambush!

This foe’s choice of attack timing was just too perfect. Zhou Weiqing’s arrow had been fully focused on chasing an effect of guaranteeing an instant kill, consolidating that arrow from a massive amount of Heavenly Energy, and more so bringing his spirit and focus to a maximum point. As he shot out that arrow, in that instant when he released such a powerful blast of Heavenly Energy, his entire body was in a short temporary period of weakness. It was in this instant that this hidden foe had seized the opportunity to launch his attack.

A thick black light that was almost like ink flew towards Zhou Weiqing’s body from below. Almost as Zhou Weiqing rolled away, it crossed paths with his body, bringing a bead of blood away from him. Right away, the black light seemed as if it had been locked onto its target, in a flash it swooped around and chased up to Zhou Weiqing who had blinked away… a black sword point striking towards Zhou Weiqing’s throat.

At the same time, Zhou Weiqing’s arrow had reached its target. The thick bluish purple light drawing a beautiful arc in the skies, seeming to worm its way across all obstacles, flickering as it did so. It was almost as if the arrow had eyes as it flew past several soldiers, striking onto Zeng Jian’s Consolidated Shield with unbelievable accuracy.

The bluish purple light flashed brightly upon the hit, seeming to lance right into his body through the shield. The next instant, a violent explosion rang out from Zeng Jian’s body. With that ball of lightning attached to the arrow blowing up from within his body, how could Zeng Jian survive?

This critical arrow of Zhou Weiqing’s, it had taken all his power, spirit and planning to launch it. Let alone Zeng Jian, who was a six-Jeweled Physical Jewel Master… even an ordinary six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master would have been hard pressed to defend himself against it.

However, although Zhou Weiqing had successfully killed Zeng Jian, he had now fallen into extreme danger.

Ever since he had become a Heavenly Jewel Master, Zhou Weiqing had experienced his share of close shaves. However, this was truly the first time that he had felt so close to death. No matter even when he had faced the Lion Prince Gu Yingbing for the first time, he did not have such a feeling. After all, Gu Yingbing did not have a strong killing intent at that time, and he had not been trying to kill him.

However, this enemy in front of him only gave Zhou Weiqing a single sensation. A simple one that could be described with one word. Death.

A feeling of death. That icy cold feeling. There was only one single goal he had – to kill Zhou Weiqing. This was an assassin. An absolutely powerful assassin. A terrifying Heavenly Energy reverberations filled the entire air with the scent of death.

The moment Zhou Weiqing fell into trouble, on the distant city wall, Shangguan Xue’er, Tian’er and Lin TianAo immediately leaped off the wall, charging at their top speeds without any hesitation. Alas, they were just too far from him now, at least a few li away, and in a short period of time they would not be able to rescue him.

Zhou Weiqing’s heart was filled with fear. He was already in the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state all this while, and his Ice Cold Perception was at its maximum. For him to have such feelings in such a state, one could just imagine how much danger, how serious this attack truly was.

This was the first time the Ice Cold Perception had failed him. Even in the instant that his enemy had struck out at him, Zhou Weiqing did not even sense his presence. One could just imagine how skillful he was at concealment. Currently, Zhou Weiqing only had one thought. To live! To survive! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

As he rolled around in midair, the Ward of the Demon God had already sprang into existence, along with the automatic Immortal Deity Shield. Added to his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation’s lightning screen around him, as well as his body’s power physical defense in the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state, Zhou Weiqing could be said to be already in his strongest possible defensive state that his body currently possessed.

Despite all of that, the black rapier which darted about like a venomous snake had still managed to leave a deep trail of blood on Zhou Weiqing’s chest area. If not for the fact that his instinctive sense of danger had allowed him to roll away at the last second, his heart would have been pierced through in that strike.

What terrifying offensive capabilities! Zhou Weiqing felt that even if it were his Master, just comparing the instantaneous burst of power in a single point, this assassin might even be slightly higher!

His Blink Skill only gave him a split second of time to catch a breath, and the rapier that was like a disease which had invaded deep into one’s bones 1 had already reached his throat once more.

In the face of such critical danger, Zhou Weiqing’s depth of potential erupted once more. Five bouts of dark-gold light instantly sprang into existence nearly simultaneously. One after the other, they exploded in a horrible scraping sound, but they had successfully blocked that terrifying black rapier for the split second that he needed.

Only at this point did Zhou Weiqing finally see what this assassin looked like. It was an ordinary face, ordinary to the point that no one would be able to pick him out of a crowd. He looked to be around twenty years of age, fully expressionless, and it was almost clear that he was wearing a mask. He was dressed in a set of ordinary Kalise Empire Infantry Soldier’s uniform, which was covered in fresh blood. Clearly, he had been hiding within the Kalise Empire Infantry Battalion previously.

Zhou Weiqing did not have the time to think about where this foe had come from, and who had sent him to kill him. All he could do now was try to stay alive.

A giant black tiger’s illusory figure formed behind Zhou Weiqing’s back. However, it was not the Dark Demon God, as it did not have the scorpion’s tail or the massive wings. Instead, it was the Entropic Nether Tiger!

As that formed, the black rapier had finally pierced through the five Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura. Unbelievably, the five protective shields had barely lasted a split second, only managing to slow the attack slightly before it once again pierced towards Zhou Weiqing.

The Ward of the Demon God and the Immortal Deity Shield had turned back on, but once again they were torn aside just so easily. Like a small bolt of lightning, the black rapier pierced right through Zhou Weiqing’s throat. At this point, Zhou Weiqing’s ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set did not yet cover his head or neck, and he also did not have any chance to dodge such a swift blow.

"NOOO!!!" In the distance, both Shangguan Xue’er and Tian’er howled in sorrow. Instantly, both of them used their respective secret arts to increase their speed to the maximum. Alas, they were still not in time.

However, the subsequent scene caused this powerful assassin to stare dazed for a moment.

That was because, though the black rapier had pierced through Zhou Weiqing’s throat, it did not draw any blood at all. Instead, Zhou Weiqing’s Legendary Hammers smashed out savagely towards him.

A powerful glow of lightning burst forth as the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation circulated to its maximum. Zhou Weiqing gathered almost all his remaining Heavenly Energy onto his Hammers. The black rapier was just too quick, so much so that Zhou Weiqing did not even have the time to release any Skills. All he could chase for was for his strike to land, as he knew that this would likely be his only chance. If he missed it… perhaps the only result for him would be death.

Facing the Legendary Hammers’ attack, the black clad assassin’s reaction was equally fast. Lifting his left hand, palm outwards, he struck out in a parrying motion to clash directly with the Dual Legendary Hammers.

A massive explosion, as if a bolt of thunder in the skies, and Zhou Weiqing’s entire body flew back.

The terrifying strength of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set proved its worth once more. Although the cultivation level and power of the powerhouse assassin was far higher than Zhou Weiqing, but facing the full power of the Legendary Hammers, his entire body which had been moving swiftly was actually stalled in midair, his upper body actually forced to snap back from the massive impact. Zhou Weiqing also seized the opportunity and the throwback of the impact to allow himself to be flung back, temporarily escaping the black rapier’s attack.

It could be said that Zhou Weiqing’s abundant combat experienced had saved him. All his efforts had given him just enough time to release his next step at the last possible second. The Heavenly Skill Image he had summoned earlier was the secret defensive Skill of the Entropic Nether Tiger, the ‘Nether State’, granting him the temporary immunity to physical attacks which had allowed him to survive that lethal blow to the neck. At the same time, the power of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set and the blow of the Legendary Hammers was just enough to give him time to catch his breath.

At this moment, Shangguan Xue’er was charging right at the front, barely three hundred yards from Zhou Weiqing. Tian’er was close behind her, but Lin TianAo had fallen behind, as his speed was not his strong point.

His reinforcements were clearly arriving soon, but Zhou Weiqing did not dare relax at all. The moment his foe had struck out at him, he had sensed that it was a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse. However, this was no ordinary Heavenly King powerhouse, but one trained in the arts of assassination. For a Heavenly King to actually use such ambushing tactics against a mere six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master… Zhou Weiqing could count his lucky stars that he had managed to survive!

However, this Heavenly King Stage powerhouse’s cultivation level was already at the max, and even despite Zhou Weiqing’s sheer power, his foe had been able to shunt it off in time.

Besides the black rapier in his hands, this Heavenly King powerhouse did not seem to have any other Consolidated Equipment. As Zhou Weiqing used the time that his Legendary Hammers had earned, the wings behind his back flapped crazily, increasing the momentum he had from being thrown back as he attempted to fly away. At the same time, he used the Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce to increase his speed by three times as he flew off.

Facing a Heavenly King stage powerhouse, especially one with such terrifying offense, with even all his powerful defenses seeming like paper in front of him… Zhou Weiqing was clear that in order to survive, he would need to join up with Shangguan Xue’er and Tian’er, only then would they have a chance. Otherwise, despite his previous success, it would barely take a few more blows for his foe to take his life.

Ever since he left the Heavenly Snow Mountain, Zhou Weiqing had been extremely confident about his own strength. After all, even the Heavenly Snow Mountain’s disciple, prince of the Lion Tribe, had not been able to defeat him. As a result, his own confidence had perhaps grown too inflated. Right at this moment, he truly understood that in this world, there were just too many things unknown, too many things he had to learn. Just like how he had taken so many people by surprise, if he was too overconfident, he would pay that same price that those who had fallen to him did. This Heavenly King stage powerhouse in front of him was indeed terrifying, far beyond what he could manage on his own.

The short pause did not cause the the Heavenly King Stage assassin to slow down much, and he certainly did not stop. Even as his left hand had been knocked away by the sheer force of the impact, another series of black lights sprang out from his body. As Zhou Weiqing unleashed his Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce, he was shocked to suddenly find himself slamming into a web of black, and in moments, the terrifying keen piercing edge seemed to approach from behind.

This…? This is the Touch of Darkness?! Could the Touch of Darkness could be used in such a manner? Zhou Weiqing was truly taken aback. This black web that had blocked his way, wasn’t it the Touch of Darkness that was so familiar to him? The Darkness Skill that was one of his earliest Skills and had served him so well. The twelve tentacles of the Touch of Darkness had instead formed a large web in the skies, instead of trying to grab or grapple him, it was just used to forcefully block his way and prevent him from flying with his Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce’s boosted speed. In this way, no matter all his flying speed, he was actually unable to move forward even if he had not been actually Controlled.

The black clad assassin was just too fast. Just as Zhou Weiqing had stalled for an instant, a cold chilly sensation gushed through him as the point of the rapier pierced right through his back and out his chest.

The black rapier had struck so craftily, piercing right through the tiny gap of Zhou Weiqing’s currently incomplete ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, from his upper back neck area all the way to the front of his chest. Although it did not pierce through the Consolidated Equipment at all, the terrifying frigid cold caused Zhou Weiqing’s heart to sink to the depths.

Luckily, the ‘Nether State’ was still in effect 2. With the physical immunity, once again the black rapier did not take his life and destroy his body. However, the terrifying darkness energy within the rapier still burst forth, raging crazily within him.

The ‘Nether State’ was truly worthy of the Heavenly God Tier Skill that it was. Even under such a supreme disadvantageous situation, it still managed to barely protect Zhou Weiqing. It brought a total physical immunity, and though energy attacks were not immune, they would still have to erode the Nether State’s energy before actually being able to harm Zhou Weiqing. As such, Zhou Weiqing could sense that the time of the ‘Nether State’ lasting was rapidly reaching its end before its normal time. From the looks of things, it would no longer be able to save him for much longer.

The black clad assassin was currently behind Zhou Weiqing, slightly above in a vantage position. His mouth curved in a mocking smirk as he looked down on the youth. Although he had truly been impressed by Zhou Weiqing’s reactions and skills over the past few seconds in reacting to his attacks, that did not stop him from killing Zhou Weiqing. In truth, the reason why he only had a single black rapier in his hands and no other Consolidated Equipment was actually very simple. The black rapier in his hand was not a single Consolidated Equipment, but an Assembly Set Sword! Just like how Lin TianAo had created an Assembly Set Shield, this black rapier of his was actually formed out of eight Consolidated black rapiers in an Assembly Set. He was just one step away from reaching his ninth and last one, where it could be considered a Legendary Set!

Ordinarily speaking, a set of eight could already be barely considered a Legendary Set. However, for Assembly Sets, they were an exception. That was because their earlier pieces were all lower quality and weaker, that was the only reason they could continue stacking on in an assembly. Even so, a rapier that consisted of eight Assembly pieces… one could just imagine how terrifying the offense was. In a stark contrast and reversal from Lin TianAo’s aspirations, this black clad assassin had chased after an ultimate offense.

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    Found it, chapter 505 introduction of the Dragon Spirit bloodline caused full immunity to Fire and immunity to Darkness but I think that this is a mistake that was never corrected because later during the duels in the Mountain he stated dragons were of Fire and Light attribute and he was granted heavy resistance to Light energy. This makes up for the Darkness and Demonic weakness to Light

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