69.33% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 588: Saint Energy Whirlpool! (3)

Chapter 588: Saint Energy Whirlpool! (3)

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"Thinking about it, if we really use Saint Energy to form the Heavenly Core Nucleus, perhaps it shouldn’t be called that anymore, but a Saint Core Nucleus. No one has ever gone down this path before, and we still have to explore it bit by bit ourselves, so it isn’t going to be as easy or smooth sailing all the time. However, once we actually succeed, just like Xue’er said, forming that Saint Core Nucleus, we will finally truly be part of the top echelon powerhouses in the world."

Their learnings and gains in the month was definitely substantial, but they also knew that they had barely seen the tip of the iceberg regarding the deepest profound secrets of the Saint Attributes and the Saint Energy. However, if they wanted to do more tests, they also needed a greater amount of Saint Energy. Furthermore, the current recovery rate of the Saint Energy was just too slow, and only when Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er joined hands to form the original large whirlpool, would the recovery rate be faster. As such, they truly did need a large supply of Heavenly Energy to refine and transform into Saint Energy, as they delved deeper into the secrets.

Shangguan Xue’er stood by the side, listening silently. In her heart, she was quite envious of Tian’er, but she would never excluse her from Zhou Weiqing’s side any longer. Compared to their three Sisters, perhaps Tian’er was the most compatible with Zhou Weiqing.

Both of them had the top tier Tiger bloodlines, one with the Dark Demon God Tiger bloodline and the other with the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline. More importantly, their energy was perfectly complementary into forming the four Saint Attributes.

At last, Zhou Weiqing said: "Come on, let’s go. It’s time for us to end the closed door cultivation and move out. Regarding the Saint Energy, this is a secret between us. Tian’er, Xue’er, I hope that this secret will remain ours alone. I know that you both are from your respective Great Saint Lands, and you have to consider your families as well. However, in this matter, the fact of the matter is the lesser people who know about it, the better. After all, as the saying goes, the greater the wealth a man has, the greater the greed it can spark in others… and it can only lead to our possible ruin. If anyone else knows about this power of ours, it might cause the entire world to cast greedy eyes upon us. At that time, we would be in deep trouble."

Towards Tian’er’s earlier suggestion, it would be a lie to say that Zhou Weiqing wasn’t tempted. Without question, it would be impossible for them to actually gain a massive amount of Saint Energy with their normal cultivation speed. Zhou Weiqing vaguely sensed that the Saint Energy was actually not something that people of their current levels would usually be able to access. Even with the four Saint Attributes fused together, it was his conjecture that perhaps only when one had consolidated their Heavenly Core Nucleus, then they would start to learn about this, slowly transforming the Heavenly Core Nucleus into the Saint Core Nucleus. However, they now had gained access to it much earlier, and were also able to start cultivating it. The key to the entire matter was actually Zhou Weiqing’s Devour Skill.

Only with the Devour Skill would they be able to gain sufficient energy to support such an impossible cultivation target. To get so much energy, it was not realistic to Devour other Heavenly Jewel Masters, unless Zhou Weiqing wanted to go on a killing spree around the world.

As such, Devouring Heavenly Beasts’ Heavenly Energy could possibly be the best choice. However, there were just too many things for him to do right now, and he was unable to just run off to train like that. Zhou Weiqing made a hidden resolution that once he had established everything onto the right path, he would make a trip down to the WanShou Empire together with Tian’er, entering the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens to raise their Saint Energy. Once they gained large amounts of Saint Energy, one could just imagine their power in the future. Furthermore, in terms of breaking through to the Heavenly King stage, they would not have any bottlenecks at all. Everything else aside, with the Saint Energy, their cultivation speed would be greatly increased. There were still many underlying secrets waiting to be discovered, just like a grand door to a mountain of gold had been opened, awaiting their arrival. How could he not be filled with a great fighting spirit?

Both girls nodded instantly. Although they did not speak much else on the matter, the resolution in their eyes gave Zhou Weiqing the answer he wanted. At least, before they consolidated their Saint Core Nucleus, if anyone knew of this miraculous power, it would bring about unnecessary trouble.

As the three of them left their cultivation room, Duan Tianlang in the next room was immediately alerted. Opening the door, Duan Tianlang came out of his room to greet them.

"How is it, you three little fellows have finally finished your closed door cultivation?" Duan Tianlang smiled faintly as he said, a hint of teasing in his voice as well.

Both Shangguan Xue’er and Tian’er both blushed, and only Zhou Weiqing with his thick skin did not mind at all, only assuming a smug and gloating expression.

"Senior Uncle, thank you so much for this past month. We have greatly troubled you." Zhou Weiqing bowed respectfully towards Duan Tianlang. His respect towards Duan Tianlang was no less than his Master, the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya. This God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master definitely held a respected position deep in Zhou Weiqing’s heart.

Duan Tianlang laughed heartily and said: "There is no need for thanks, after all, Senior Uncle is not an outsider! That damn fatty, your Master, isn’t here, and meeting such a tough circumstance, how can I not intervene? That fellow Fatty Long, if he knows some assassin dares to touch his disciple… heh heh, no matter what remote corner of the world he is hiding in, he will still dig out that assassin and destroy him."

"Towards the profession of assassins, I am really not too familiar. However, for one to reach the Heavenly King stage like that one, I am sure he is one of the top of that profession. Previously, there was a certain level of luck for you to be able to escape death at his hands, so during this next period of time, you all better not let your guard down. Fatty Long has been gone for quite some time, so I am sure he will be back soon. We need to keep our guards up at least until he has returned, so wherever you go in this period of time, Senior Uncle will follow you."

Zhou Weiqing also laughed heartily and said: "Then many thanks to Senior Uncle."

As they exited the cultivation chamber, Zhou Weiqing immediately gave the order for the Peerless Regiment officers to gather for a meeting. They had been in the Crescent City for over a month, and he had been in closed door cultivation for all this time. There were many things to handle, and he also needed first hand news before he could make further decisions.

Before long, the Peerless Regiment officers that were currently in the Crescent City all gathered in the governer’s mansion grand hall.

Lin TianAo was the first to arrive. Towards the assassination attempt on Zhou Weiqing, he was the one who was most self-castigatory. He had always treated himself as Zhou Weiqing’s Follower, even though Zhou Weiqing had already lifted the Seal. He was also adept at defense, yet under such a circumstance, he had failed in his personal mission to defend and protect Zhou Weiqing. How could he not feel vexed and depressed?

However, it was perhaps also this matter and the feeling of vexation that had incited a strong fighting spirit within him. In this month, he had finally broken through to the seven-Jeweled stage, and with the Consolidating Equipment Scrolls that he had gained from the Heavenly Jewel Island previously, he managed to complete his seventh Consolidated Assembly Set Shield piece. His overall defense had grown to a startling degree. Lin TianAo was confident that even if that assassin came once more, he could at least help Zhou Weiqing block one attack.

Zhou Weiqing sat at the head of the table, and for the others, this was the first time in the entire month they had seen their Commander. Their eyes were filled with some surprise, as they realised that no matter Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er or Shangguan Xue’er, they seemed to be very different from a month ago.

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This was mainly in terms of their presence and aura. No one could clearly say what the change was, but the feeling was definitely different.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: "I’m truly sorry everyone. During this period of time, I have been slacking off due to recovering from my injury. However, I am back now. What is our current situation like, everyone please let me know. Bro Lin, you go first."

Lin TianAo was his usual stable self, nodding as he said: "Currently, things are going very well, almost the ideal path we were hoping for. The targets we have set have all been met. Currently, in the entire city, besides our Peerless Regiment warriors, we have also recruited three thousand new soldiers. Of course, these soldiers are still fresh, their combat abilities are nothing much, and they do not have much training yet, let alone any experience in fighting. They will not be much use on an actual battlefield, but at least in terms of everyday guard duties, it is still fine. At least, this greatly solves our manpower issues. After all, though the Crescent City is not considered large, it is still an entire city, and the populace is pretty high."

"As for the Kalise Empire, they currently do not seem to have plans to attack us yet. However, they have already started gathering troops in the Xinyue City three hundred li from here. Currently, our scouts estimate they have already gathered three Regiments of troops by now, one of which is from the Bai Da Empire. Once they start moving out, they can reach the vicinity of the Crescent City within three days to begin attacks on us."

"On the logistics end, the first batch of supplies from the Fei Li Empire have already reached, and is sufficient for us in the near future. More importantly, the supply lines between the Fei Li Empire have also been established and being maintained. Our main force of the Peerless Regiment has already started moving out, and are currently marching from the ZhongTian Empire to the Fei Li Empire, where they will pass through the Fei Li Empire to meet with us. The Fei Li Empire has been informed of their arrival to prevent any misunderstandings. Although it is a major movement of troops, since they are all cavalry soldiers, they should be able to arrive within a month or so. By that time, even if the Kalise Empire can amass an entire Legion of troops, we are confident in fighting them off. The Fei Li Empire will also be helping supply our main Peerless Regiment force as they move through their borders, and Vice Commanders Wei Feng and Hua Feng are in command."

"The main troop is moving out a lot earlier than we had planned. Although their outfitting is not fully complete, the ZhongTian Empire has already promised us that they will be aiding us in sending us our orders once they are completed. They have also given us aid in terms of supplies and gold. At the same time, the ZhongTian Empire has given you a letter, only for your eyes."

After saying that, Lin TianAo retrieved a sealed letter, passing it to Zhou Weiqing.

A letter from the ZhongTian Capital City? Towards this point, Zhou Weiqing was rather surprised. Immediately, he opened the letter to read it, right in front of everyone.

This letter from the ZhongTian Empire was not short. First of all, it described the current situation in the south, especially the attacks and disorder of the Dan Dun Empire, pointing out clearly the possible alliance between the Bai Da Empire and Dan Dun Empire. There was also a greater description of all the Bai Da Empire armies and their formations. At the same time, the ZhongTian Empire expressed that they would be willing to increase their support for the Heavenly Bow Empire, both in terms of supplies and gold, and it would be sent to them via various unique channels. However, they had one request, for the Heavenly Bow Empire to hasten the revival of their Empire. At the same time, they were to declare war on the Kalise Empire, at a certain level to tie down the Bai Da Empire as well. The letter also expressed that if necessary, the ZhongTian Empire was willing to give some actual military support to them, though this would not happen too quickly yet.

The promised support of gold and supplies was definitely not a small amount, and once he read the letter, the first thought in Zhou Weiqing’s mind was awe about the wealth of the ZhongTian Empire.

The gold and supplies that the ZhongTian Empire were giving them was even more than the previous Heavenly Bow Empire’s annual taxes!

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    Umm.. it was said that heavenly bow had around like 150k ish income annual when he was askin' the price of overlord bow, bro u won 100mil from a bet and that amount awes you? Really? The gear total and consolidated equipment of your army of 10k is worth around 10bil and that amount awes you.... REALLLLY?

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