70.16% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 595: Peerless! (1)

Chapter 595: Peerless! (1)

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On their own side, the overall number of troop was a mere three thousand seven hundred, and they were defending a city which didn’t even have a moat. How could Zhou Weiqing deal with this?

Their reinforcements would reach in at most ten days, at top speed and some luck, perhaps five days was sufficient. However, would the Kalise Empire really give him five to ten more days?

The answer was a clear no.

The next morning after the Kalise Empire armies had surrounded the Crescent City, they finally began their attack.

Zhou Weiqing and the others were actually still considered newbies in terms of commanding troops. Even for Yan Zhexi and the other top students in the Fei Li Military Academy, as they did not have any battle experience. When the enemy started attacking at dawn, the entire Crescent City walls was thrown in a bustle as everyone rushed around in reaction.

The Kalise Empire armies charged forward simultaneously from all four sides. Of course, the frontal assault was still the strongest. Just like the previous time, all of the siege weapons were focused on the south front. However, the other three sides were no longer fake attacks, each with a massive number of soldiers actually charging in.

Facing such a situation, Zhou Weiqing did not have Shangguan Xue’er and Tian’er stay on the front walls with him. The four sides were all being attacks, and each side needed a powerhouse to stabilize the core of their defense. Not just for morale purposes, but also to do their best to save the situation if possible. Furthermore, the Heavenly King assassin had been killed, so there was no need to gather all their powerhouses together.

As such, Tian’er, Shangguan Xue’er and Lei Zi were each dispatched to one of other walls for defense, while Lin TianAo remained by Zhou Weiqing’s side. The other powerhouse remaining at his side was also Xiao Yan.

Just like the previous time, besides the fifty Heavy Cavalry soldiers, Zhou Weiqing only kept two hundred Peerless Regiment archers on the front. Both Ma Qun and Crow had also been dispatched to the east and west walls respectively. Zhou Weiqing had sufficient confidence in himself. As long as the enemy did not have a Heavenly King stage powerhouse, he believed that with his strength, he could still hold on for some time.

After all, at such a level, just in terms of sustained fighting capability, who could compare to him with the Immortal Deity Technique and Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation?

In the distance, a large number of siege weapons were being pushed slowly to the front again. However, this time there was a notable exception of siege towers. Clearly, there had not been sufficient time to craft them. Even so, there were still fifty siege vehicles like the last time, as well as a few battering ram carts and trebuchets. This was already all of the siege weapons that the Kalise Empire could gather in such a short period of time.

To Zhou Weiqing’s surprise, the soldiers standing on the Crescent City walls, even the new recruits… none of them revealed any nervous or fearful looks at all. Instead, many of them looked at Zhou Weiqing with a hint of excitement. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Zhou Weiqing did not realise that the previous time where his Hell’s Angel had wrought such havoc, it had given him the unconditional trust of his soldiers. So what if their enemies came in the numbers? Our Boss can get rid of a few thousand with just a single Skill! No matter how many came, they were just ants! After all, they did not know much about the Heavenly Jewel Master world or Heavenly Emperors restrictions, as well as the warning he had received.

Especially when the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation and Dragon-Tiger Transformation appeared, along with the Overlord Bow with a faint icy mist around it. The morale of the Heavenly Bow Empire soldiers raised to a maximum.

Zhou Weiqing gave the order solemnly: "All ballista turrets, focus on the enemy siege vehicles. I do not need you to shoot quickly, but you must be accurate. Take down as many siege vehicles as you can."

In Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, these siege vehicles were actually the greatest threat to the Crescent City. If they were allowed to continue transferring soldiers to the front of the city walls, it would greatly restrict the greatest power of the Peerless Regiment archers. As such, to him destroying the siege vehicles was of utmost importance.

There were four ballista turrets along each of the four walls. This was definitely one of the most powerful defensive siege weapons in the world, and each required eight soldiers to even draw the mechanism and properly man it. One load was seven of the ballista shot heavy arrows, each two metres long and with a thickness diameter of twenty centimetres. The ballista range easily reached a terrifying eight hundred yards, and the destructive power was definitely extremely high. No ordinary bow and arrow could match these. Of course, the shortcomings were obvious as well. Their weight was just too heavy, and could not be moved around, so they could only be used for siege defenses. Furthermore, they were extremely expensive to create, and took a long time to assemble as well. However, as long as their aim was good, it should not be too difficult to take down siege weapons.

The Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation glowed brightly below Zhou Weiqing’s feet, and the wings behind his back unfurled as a large amount of atmospheric energy swarmed towards him.

Pulling his Overlord Bow to a full crescent, Zhou Weiqing narrowed his eyes in focus. Instantly, he locked onto his first target. Naturally, this time he dared not use his Saint Energy so easily.

In an instant, the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation under his feet which had been glowing in six different lights turned a full bluish purple.

He did not even need to nock any arrow, as a bluish purple arrow formed in position in his Overlord Bow.

A variant of his ‘Flying Lightning God Technique’ forming the arrow, and Zhou Weiqing’s full concentration was on the further siege vehicle, almost one thousand five hundred yards from the Crescent City walls now. Even with his cultivation level, archery skills and the powerful Overlord Bow, this was already at the limit of his accuracy.

A shrill, ear-piercing screech covered the buzz of the bowstring releasing, and the bluish purple lightning that streaked across the skies only left a faint illusory light behind. The soldiers on the city walls nearby could clearly smell the faint burnt smell that the lightning left behind.

Wherever the illusory light passed, the very space and air around it was warped.


The bluish purple light struck directly onto the siege vehicle targeted, one thousand five hundred yards away. The next instant, it exploded in a violent bang. From the city walls, they could even see a small mushroom cloud rise up in the distance. As for the siege vehicle, known for its frontal defense, it just disintegrated in the bluish purple light of the explosion.Boom!

Screams of agony rang out. For the Kalise soldiers in that siege vehicle, it was likely that more than half had perished instantly. The terrifying explosive power of the lightning strike caused broken limbs and flesh to fly up and around in the mushroom cloud.

Cheers rang out from the Crescent City walls. Once again, Zhou Weiqing had brought them shock an awe. After all, a distance of one thousand five hundred yards, most ordinary people could barely see at such distance, and even an object the size of the siege vehicle would just be a small black dot far off. Yet, Zhou Weiqing had still managed to destroy one with just an arrow. What kind of accuracy, what kind of destructive power was that!

Zhou Weiqing let loose a breath as he stood on the city walls, the twenty five energy whirlpools at his Death Acupuncture Points whirling crazily and drawing energy. Behind his back, the wings also helped him draw more energy and his Heavenly Energy recovered at a rapid rate. The arrow just now had indeed used up a large amount of his Heavenly Energy, but with the assistance of his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, he did not worry at all.

Just two days ago, along with the recovery of his Heavenly Energy, Zhou Weiqing had finally broken through to his next cultivation stage. The Immortal Deity Technique had reached the next point, causing him to breakthrough his next barrier only three months after reaching the six-Jeweled stage, and his Heavenly Energy was now at the Heavenly Xu Energy stage.

This time, as he broke through, his Saint Energy had once again given Zhou Weiqing a pleasant surprise. As he broke through the next Death Acupuncture Point and his body was at its frailest state, the Saint Energy in his body had automatically reacted by forcing out a drop of Saint Energy, entering that particular Death Acupuncture Point, causing the energy whirlpool to form at a much faster speed. The intense pain that he used to have to endure was thus greatly diminished.

This also gave Zhou Weiqing an even greater understanding about the Saint Energy. Vaguely, he realised that the greatest use of the Saint Energy was perhaps in the word – Creation.

Without any hesitation, Zhou Weiqing drew his bow once more. The bluish purple light arrow formed again at the bowstring. His aim was to destroy as many siege vehicles as he could before the enemies reached the city.

The familiar shrill cry rang out once more. For this type of straightforward, single-lined shooting, even at such a great distance, Zhou Weiqing’s archery and accuracy was absolutely a hundred percent.

Yet another explosion, and another siege vehicle was destroyed.

Zhou Weiqing did not spare his Heavenly Energy at all, firing five arrows one after the other. Just like that, five of the siege vehicles had been destroyed totally, along with a large number of Kalise soldiers in them.

However, just as Zhou Weiqing was about to shoot his sixth arrow, there was a sudden change in the situation.

In the distance, over a dozen figures suddenly charged to the front of the Kalise army. One of the figures at the front jumped up abruptly, a thick green light forming a blade, striking savagely onto the sixth arrow that Zhou Weiqing had shot out.

It had to be known that the speed of the arrow formed by Zhou Weiqing’s ‘Flying Lightning God Technique’ was unbelievably quick. To be able to block it so accurately, this person’s cultivation level was at least equal to or higher than Zhou Weiqing!

Another explosion rang out, and the figure that had blocked Zhou Weiqing’s arrow was sent flying back. However, the siege vehicle had been saved.

On the city walls, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were dismal and dissatisfied. He did not continue firing any longer. After six arrows in succession, even for him with his various insane recovery rates, it wasn’t sufficient to fully recover all his Heavenly Energy. It would be better for him to take a short break to recover for the upcoming fight. After all, since the dozen figures had come to the front, they were clearly the Jewel Master powerhouses on the enemy’s side. They had already successfully blocked an arrow, so it shouldn’t be a surprise if they could block any others. Zhou Weiqing naturally did not want to waste time and energy on fruitless efforts.

"Prepare to fight!" Zhou Weiqing shouted out loud. Currently, the siege vehicle which had charged closest to the Crescent City was only about a thousand yards from them.

Currently, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were cold. One could just imagine how much pressure the Heavenly Bow side were in for this battle, and as their commander, the stress he was facing was definitely the greatest.

The Kalise Empire army had held back for so long to gather everything into their favour. Today’s fight, they would definitely be going all out. If they could repulse the Kalise forces today, it would definitely be an important step in enduring and surviving until their reinforcements. However, towards this point, even Zhou Weiqing did not have absolute confidence.

I’ve just been too careless! Zhou Weiqing admonished himself. He had not imagined that after they had entered the original Heavenly Bow Empire lands for such a short period of time, the Kalise Empire would place such importance on them and actually respond with such a huge show of force so quickly. Such a scenario did not even give him a chance to gather his own Peerless Regiment here, throwing back his plans dramatically and putting them in danger now. 1

Still, there were still advantages and disadvantages to this. If they were just destroyed here by the Kalise Empire, then there was nothing else to speak of about the situation. However, if they could actually dig in and really hold on against the Kalise Empire long enough for their reinforcements to arrive, with the full power of the Peerless Regiment, he was confident in destroying these several tens of thousands of Kalise soldiers.

From the overall strength of the Kalise Empire, even if they had been taking great efforts in conscription and recruitment in the past few years, their total army numbers should not be much more than a Legion. If they could destroy all fifty thousand soldiers here, along with the Sixth Regiment that Zhou Weiqing had crippled previously, it could be said that almost half of their army would be totally destroyed here.

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    Should have equipped archers with spatial rings filled with rocks. Just dropping them from the skies would have sufficient destructive effect

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    From the biggining when mc settle in this city with only 700 troops I already know is not a wise move, but im sure he will be fine cause author is on his side. 🤔😂😂

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    Why did they not wait at the border for the rest of their regiment?

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