70.51% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 598: Bloody Battle in Crescent City! (2)

Chapter 598: Bloody Battle in Crescent City! (2)

Translator: Zen Translations Editor: Zen Translations

Closer… closer… closer… As the siege vehicles entered the two hundred yard range, so did the trebuchets, which were already primed and ready.


Six Trebuchets. Almost as one, they launched their loads with an angry roar. The trebuchets did not launch a single large rock, instead each of them having six decent sized rocks. As they were flung up into the air in an arc, all in the same direction but spreading out as they flew. For these rocks, thrown at a distance of two hundred yards, even ordinary Heavy Cavalry soldiers would be severely wounded or even killed if struck.

The greatest weakness of the trebuchet was its accuracy. For the first volley, the majority of the rocks smashed ineffectually onto the city walls, causing a round of explosions. However, just the small percentage that actually hit the top of the walls managed to take the lives of eight ordinary Heavenly Bow Empire soldiers.

This was time for the show of the Peerless Regiment Heavy Cavalry once more. Out of all the soldiers, these rocks from the trebuchets posed the least threat to them. For a time, the large spiked maces or giant battle axes waved in the air, and any of the large rocks that came near them were smashed into bits instantly.

F**k your sister! Zhou Weiqing screamed angrily in his heart. All around his body, a bluish purple light burst forth as he nocked another arrow. This time, his arrow was not shot at any particular target, instead towards the skies. Instantly, along with a chain of explosions, a large patch of lightning struck down from the skies, fully enveloping the six trebuchets. Immediately, many of the soldiers in charge of reloading the trebuchets fell to the ground.

Thousand Lightning Strikes.

The destructive power of this Skill was not strong, definitely not sufficient to destroy the trebuchets. However, it was enough to disable the Kalise Empire soldiers who were manning it. Left with no choice, Zhou Weiqing could only use such a method to delay the attacks from the trebuchets.

However, since the Kalise soldiers had reached the two hundred yards, they could also begin their actual charge. No matter how skillful the Peerless Regiment soldiers were, they only numbered two hundred. Facing the charge of several thousands at once, even with their firing rates they could only take down a portion of enemies. They could only watch as the rest of the Kalise Empire armies charged to the walls despite their best efforts.

One by one, siege climbing ladders were placed onto the walls as soldiers scrambled to climb up. Right behind them, the plodding giant battering ram cart still moved on, advancing slowly and steadily like an unstoppable force.

This was the first time Zhou Weiqing truly felt the terror of the battlefield. No matter how powerful he was individually, he still could not take care of everything that was happening. When he tried to deal with the trebuchets, the battering ram cart moved on unimpeded. Even the delay on the trebuchets did not last long, as more soldiers ran forward to continue reloading them. Taking a deep breath, a thick purplish black light began to gather crazily about him, and with an explosive shout, Zhou Weiqing flew up once more.

Ten days ago, the purplish black light which had shocked everyone, taking thousands of lives instantly, it appeared once more. When the six giant wings spread out and the illusory light spread across the entire field with the oppressive pressure… the charging Kalise soldiers suddenly stalled, stunned.

All of a sudden, some of the soldiers just turned and ran, not even caring about their orders. In their haste to flee, they did not even care about their siege ladders, just dumping them on the ground in the sudden trample of movement.

This was something that Zhou Weiqing did not expect. The fear the Hell’s Angel caused even before he unleashed it was actually at such a level.

For the first time since the battle had started, a cold smile flashed across Zhou Weiqing’s face. However, it was not one of happiness, but one filled with a cold killing intent.

This time, the Hell’s Angel Skill did not show any signs of coming to life. Naturally, Zhou Weiqing did not dare to infuse Saint Energy within once more, and it was just an ordinary Skill that was close to the Heavenly God Tier stage. A thick darkness aura welled up, and with the powerful control of his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, the terrifying skill that had been stored into his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation was not transformed into a purplish black arrow nocked to his Overlord Bow.

Above Zhou Weiqing’s head, the illusory figure of the Hell’s Angel flapped its wings hard, and along with the explosive release of the Overlord Bow and the shrill screech, the arrow flew towards the trebuchets.

This time, none of the Kalise powerhouses dared to block it. When they saw the image of the Hell’s Angel above Zhou Weiqing’s head, they had been scared silly. After all, it was just too similar to what had happened ten days ago, and they did not even care to be curious why the Heavenly Emperor on the Heavenly Bow Empire side would actually dare to break the rules again. The powerhouses were the ones who fled the fastest, and within moments they were back at the end of the army lines.

One could clearly see that currently, all of the Kalise soldiers who had been charging forward were now retreating like the waves which had crashed upon a shore. Indeed! Who would be willing to withstand the terrifying force of nature they had witnessed ten days ago?!

Even Zhou Weiqing did not realise the awe and deterrent power his Hell’s Angel Skill suddenly had. In that moment, he felt laugher almost bubbling up to the front. Without question, as the enemy started retreating, the pressure on their defense was greatly reduced.


Once again the explosive effect of the Overlord Bow caused another violent detonation. Next, the six trebuchets were totally swallowed by the purplish grey swirls of air that rose from the very earth, the terrifying corrosive nature and destructive power causing the six trebuchets to disintegrate into thin air. Some of the slower Kalise Empire soldiers who did not flee in time were also swallowed up.

Once again, the Kalise Empire soldiers were stunned silly, but this time for a totally different reason. Indeed, the Hell’s Angel Skill of Zhou Weiqing’s was extremely powerful, and the area of effect was not small at all; otherwise it couldn’t have swallowed all six trebuchets at once. However, when compared to the horrifying image ten days ago and the deep impression it left, this current Hell’s Angel was like child’s play! The Hell’s Angel that had been brought to life was just at a whole different level, and the force that defied nature did not appear once more. However, by the time they realised it, the Kalise forces had already retreated back past the three hundred yard range.

With that, the Peerless Regiment soldiers on the wall burst out laughing at the sight. They did not hesitate to make full use of the opportunity, arrow after arrow chasing after their enemies’ butts, and wave after wave of Kalise soldiers fell like wheat harvested in the fields.

From the start of the battle until now, out of the twenty thousand Kalise soldiers on this front, at least three thousand would never witness the dawn tomorrow. In stark contrast, the Heavenly Bow Empire had only lost a few dozen soldiers. Such a huge difference in death and wounded could only be found in a siege battle.

The Kalise Empire army command were no fools, after a short moment of shock, they immediately reacted. Indeed! Since the Heavenly Bow Empire had already received strong warnings, how could they possibly dare to use the same terrifying Skill again? Instantly, a series of strict orders were issued again, and only then did the Kalise soldiers barely stabilize and begin to turn back, charging back towards the Crescent City once more.

However, in just the matter of retreating and returning, the Kalise had left behind another thousand or so corpses before they reached the city walls again. The Peerless Regiment soldiers were all godly archers, and they might not be able to take down the Heavy Infantry soldiers in the front, but that did not stop them from focusing on the backlines. Furthermore, there were still the ballista turrets. In the extra time given, it was sufficient for four more salvos from them. Once again, they focused on the siege vehicles, and by now only a dozen or so actually remained fully intact.

However, despite all of the success, this also spelled the end of some of the main defensive advantages of the Crescent City. The true siege had begun, and once again siege ladders were thrown against the wall, arrows flying up and towards them like swarms of locusts.

Without a doubt, the destruction of the trebuchets meant they were facing much less pressure, but the waves of attacks from their enemies were just as crazy as before.

The Heavy Infantry soldiers had accomplished their goals. Actually attacking the walls were not their forte indeed, as climbing would be difficult. As such, they slowly moved back to continue escorting other Kalise soldiers to charge to the front once more.

On top of the city walls, the piles of fallen logs and large rocks which had been prepared over the past months were now put to good use, thrown down to smash into the climbing foes. This also caused many casualties on the Kalise side. However, there were elites mixed within those soldiers, especially some of the powerhouses who had reached the front along with the ordinary soldiers. Although the Heavy Cavalry soldiers were still pushing down and destroying ladder after ladder, they just couldn’t take care of the entire section of wall.

As soon as the enemies reached the top of the walls, the arrows of the Peerless Regiment soldiers would no longer be as effective, and they would have to resort to hand to hand combat. Still, their effectiveness had proven itself. More than four thousand enemies had fallen by the time the first Kalise soldier reached the top of the walls, and this was under the fact that they still had a large number of siege weapons

The Peerless Regiment only numbered seven hundred in total, and on this wall alone, Zhou Weiqing and his men only totalled two hundred and fifty. With just this two hundred and fifty core of elite soldiers, they had actually already managed to kill a total of more than ten times their number. For any defending army, that was already something to be proud of.

However, despite all their resistance, their enemies had still reached the top of the wall. At this moment, the terrifying combat prowess of the Heavy Cavalry soldiers truly came into play.

The fifty Peerless Heavy Cavalry soldiers were spread out along the wall, so thinly spread that there was only one of them every hundred metres. However, as soon as any enemy broke through the barricade and reached the top of the walls, the destructive force of the Heavy Cavalry soldiers would greet them.

This was especially so for the Berserker Tribe warriors, whose performance stood out strikingly. In terms of destructive powers, perhaps they were slightly inferior to the Gold Crow Tribe members; after all the large spiked maces and massive battle axes could not be compared in terms of destructive power.

However, the length of the spiked maces were far beyond the battle axes, and these Berserker Tribe members who had inherited a hint of the ancient Titan Bloodlines, they all stood even taller with a startling arm reach. Even if they stood there unmoving, the pair of supreme spiked maces in their hands could reach and area of more than a dozen square metres. As long as enemies climbed up to the city walls, before they could take action, a terrifying blow would greet them.

From below the city, it was an even scarier sight. For those Kalise soldiers, they could clearly see their fellow soldiers who had painstaking climbed all the way to the top, and within moments, it was as if an entire cart had slammed into them, their bodies exploding out from the city walls and smashed several dozen metres away before falling to the ground. Before they could even land on the ground, they were already mangled corpses.

The Peerless Heavy Cavalry stood there on the city walls, just like gods of war. Unmoving bedrocks of the defense which could not fall. As for the rest of the Peerless Regiment archers, they had long since switched to long spears, and for some time at least, they were still barely able to hold their own and defend the city walls. However, they no longer had any excess energy or time to spare with regards to the enemies outside the wall.

When the enemies had reached the the city walls, Zhou Weiqing had instantly changed his weapon. Although the Overlord Bow was powerful, it was no longer important now that they were climbing up. The most important thing now was to stop them from actually overwhelming the top of the walls. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The two Legendary Hammers in hand, the rest of his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set worn around him, along with the Dragon-Tiger Transformation and the wings behind his back. Where there was the most enemies, Zhou Weiqing would appear there, slaughtering countless numbers of enemies. Even he did not know how many he had killed, having lost count long ago, and before his eyes was just a sea of red.

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  • Ixdaer


    You quings bow has enough explosive power in its non charged shots to disable the trebuchets, battering ram carts and seige tower wheels. This would allow him to remove the threat of the entirety of the enemies seige weapons himself before they got within 500 meyers of the city. Next his lightning pearl attacks are capable of killing any non jewelled soldier with a single pearl. He can spam hundreds of them out per second he should not be having this big of a problem in this fight....

  • Reached_The_Apex_


    What a stupidly written plot has an explosive bow/rapid firing skills/high cultivation and gets beaten by wooden battering ram and trebucket

  • Marno33133



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