70.99% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 602: To be confirmed! (3)

Chapter 602: To be confirmed! (3)

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With Tian’er’s current cultivation level, when she used the Skill without any Saint Energy, it would be a good day for her if she could cover a hundred square metres. However, with the infusion of the Saint Energy and Zhou Weiqing’s aid, she had increased the area of effect by more than five times, managing to cover all of the Peerless Regiment soldiers, almost enveloping the majority of the south city wall. The regenerative and restoration powers were also at least thirty percent stronger than her normal usage of the Skill.

Zhou Weiqing’s judgement of the Saint Energy had indeed been accurate. One of the underlying profound secrets of the Saint Energy was in Creation, not Destruction. As such, even though both times the Heavenly Skill Image had change induced in them, this Holy Light Skill that Tian’er had unleashed had taken up far less Saint Energy than Zhou Weiqing’s Hell’s Angel Skill. When the Skill ended, both of them still ended up with an average of more than twenty drops of Saint Energy.

Although using an area of effect restoration Skill would also bring their enemies much benefit, do not forget that it would not have any effect on the dead, nor could it cause severed limbs to grow back again.

As such, though more than a thousand enemy soldiers had also benefited from the restoration, but more importantly, the Peerless Regiment soldiers on the city walls could stand up tall once more.

To the Peerless Regiment archers, perhaps the restoration of their physical strength and vigor was still far from bringing them back to their full power. However, to the Peerless Heavy Cavalry, it was like a second life.

The long spiked maces and massive battle axes which had drooped down were now raised up high against, while those previously injured Peerless Regiment soldiers also grabbed weapons from the ground and sprang to their feet again. The tides of the battle were finally turning.

Zhou Weiqing did not dare to slack off. However, the sheer exhaustion he was in was not something that even Tian’er’s restorative Skill could help him fully recover. Holding on tight to Tian’er’s hands, both of them began circulating their Heavenly Energy with full strength, concentrating on recovering as best they could. In using more than twenty drops of Saint Energy just now with Tian’er’s Skill, it had also drained them dry of the Heavenly Energy they had just regenerated.

However, with the aid of the Holy Light Skill, the Peerless Regiment warriors who had recovered some of their combat abilities were once again rejuvenated, once again charging into the fray like tigers into a flock of sheep. At least for a short period of time, there should not be any large problems.

After an entire morning of fighting, the Kalise Empire soldiers were just as exhausted and drained. For now, it looked like an uphill task for them to actually conquer this south wall.

"Tian’er, what actually happened over at your end?" Zhou Weiqing was urgent to hear news about the north wall, and couldn’t help but ask as soon as he regained enough breath. After all, Tian’er had been the only powerhouse on that side.

Tian’er smiled faintly, saying excitedly: "It is the Fei Li Empire, we have some reinforcements from the Fei Li Empire. In the first place, the amount of pressure on us was much smaller than on this south wall. With my smaller and controlled area of effect healing and recovery Skills and my own help, the scale of fighting there was far easier than over here. After all, the enemies there do not include any powerhouses or even any siege vehicles. They could only depend on swarming us with numbers, charging us endlessly and spending lives to reach us. We repulsed them many times, but we were just too few. After such a long time fighting, just as they were about to overwhelm the gates with just numbers alone, the Fei Li Empire reinforcements arrived."

"How many reinforcements?" When Zhou Weiqing heard that news, to be honest, he was extremely surprised. He did not think that the Fei Li Empire had such a good opinion of him, that they would actually send military reinforcements even despite not promising any."

"Just a thousand men. However, they are extremely powerful indeed. With just a single charge, they pierced right through the enemy formation at the north gates and out all the way. They did so several times over, and by that time the Kalise soldiers were no longer able to attack us properly any longer. Even if they could, it had already bought us more than enough time to handle things for now. If I did not see wrongly, it should be those fellows that fought against us on the Fei Li City drilling grounds."

Hearing her words, understanding finally dawned upon Zhou Weiqing. In joy, he exclaimed: "So, it is actually Ming Yu! Haha, he has really come at the right time!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Tian’er nodded and said: "Since I didn’t see much problems at my side, I asked those reinforcements to head to the west gate. After all, Lei Zi’s strength is not comparable to Xue’er or mine, and they should be in the next greatest danger. After that, I also ran over here by myself. Luckily, you were alright. These Kalise fellows are truly crazy, they are really going all out, not caring about the cost it takes to take the city no matter what."

Looking at Tian’er’s worried expression and her slightly reddened eyes, the bloodlust in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes faded slightly. "The Kalise army no longer has any chance. We have killed more than ten thousand of them here on this south wall alone, and now that everyone has recovered some measure of strength, the longer we drag it out, the greater our chances of victory."

Both their Heavenly Energy was recovering bit by bit. Although it would be impossible for them to recover fully in a short period of time, they would have no problems recovering enough Heavenly Energy to just fight. With their cultivation level, as long as they recovered sufficient Heavenly Energy to re-enter the fight, the Kalise army would no longer have any chance, especially with no more powerhouses left on their side. At that point, victory would be sealed.

The large Saint Energy whirlpool had just too great a draw on Heavenly Energy. Even when it was compared to Zhou Weiqing’s Immortal Deity Technique, Dragon-Tiger Transformation and Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation added together, it was still slightly stronger.

If one could magnify their vision, they might be able to see the Heavenly Energy in the atmosphere actually gathering around them and swarming into their bodies… one could imagine how thickly gathered it was for them to almost be able to see it with their naked eyes.

"Weiqing." An exhausted voice rang out, and Zhou Weiqing turned to see Lin TianAo carrying Xiao Yan, who had clearly fainted, towards them in a slow pace. Even with Lin TianAo’s power and defensive capabilities, his titanium mail was almost fully destroyed, the wounds on his body could clearly be seen.

Zhou Weiqing quickly headed towards him with Tian’er. "Bro Lin, how are you both."

Although Lin TianAo was clearly exhausted, the spark of excitement in his eyes was dancing. "I am fine. This was a great fight indeed! I never expected that at the last moment, we would still have the chance to turn the tides. Weiqing, this time you must give Xiao Yan top merits. At the time when you had drawn the attention of all the Bai Da Empire Heavenly Jewel Masters, he unleashed his secret arts and burned his own life force with his Flame of Life, forcefully destroying the giant battering ram cart. Otherwise, our gate and wall might have been destroyed a long time ago."

Hearing Lin TianAo’s words, Zhou Weiqing was indeed shocked. He turned, leaning over the walls to look down, only to see the remnants of the giant battering ram cart still burning, a large portion of it already burnt down to ash.

Previously, he had been just too overwhelmed by the large numbers of powerhouses surrounding him, preventing him from doing anything else on the battlefield. He had to spend every single bit of energy and focus just to survive and destroy his enemies, and could no longer take care of other things on the battlefield. Looking at the burning remains of the cart, he couldn’t help but feel a chill run down his spine, and he thought to himself: What a narrow escape we had!

It had to be known that this battering ram cart was finely crafted using the toughest thousand-year metalwoods. Not only was it lined with metal plates, cured cow leather, it was extremely tough and solid. Ordinary flames would not stand a chance of even harming it.

Lin TianAo was indeed right. If not for Xiao Yan risking his life to destroy this battering ram cart, perhaps it would have been destroyed long ago.

"How is Xiao Yan?" Zhou Weiqing asked urgently.

Lin TianAo gave a bitter smile and said: "He is not injured, but his vigor and life force have been greatly drained. Still, it is relatively alright, he exceeded his limit and fainted, but he should be fine. Earlier, some of our Peerless Regiment soldiers were protecting him."

Zhou Weiqing took a deep breath, asking the question he feared the most. "Big Bro Lin, our Peerless Regiment soldiers… what is the death toll?"

The light in Lin TianAo’s dimmed as he said softly: "There are definitely some heavy injuries and deaths, but I’m not sure exactly how many. Although we killed more than a dozen times our numbers of enemies, it is definitely impossible to go without death or injury. Luckily, everyone was vigilant in protecting each other, though we have many injured, but not too many dead."

Zhou Weiqing heaved a sigh of relief. As long as they were not dead, it was alright. With Tian’er’s Divine Attribute, in terms of healing, she was definitely unparallelled.

"Big Bro Lin, you protect Xiao Yan and rest here for awhile. I’ll bring Tian’er to fight once more." In this short period of time, Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy had recovered slightly, and he was confident of at least being able to fight.

"Be careful."

Lin TianAo nodded towards Zhou Weiqing. Currently, his emotions were highly agitated and excited. He knew that a miraculous victory was about to come to the Heavenly Bow Empire. And the key to the victory had definitely been Zhou Weiqing himself!

If not for Zhou Weiqing holding out against all the enemy powerhouses… if not for him dealing such major damage to the enemies and their siege weapons, how could the Crescent City possibly hold against such hordes of enemies?

Even if the majority of siege weapons had not been able to come into play, most of the Crescent City walls were already greatly broken down.

With three thousand seven hundred men against fifty thousand enemies, to be able to hold on like that, how could it not be described as a miracle?

Zhou Weiqing held onto Tian’er, and both of them charged directly into the thick of battle. At this point, Tian’er did not even bother trying to attack, fully concentrating on circulating the Saint Energy whirlpool and recovering energy for both of them. As for Zhou Weiqing, though that meant he could only use one hand to fight, that was already a weapon of mass destruction.

Zhou Weiqing’s fighting style was a nightmare to the Kalise Empire soldiers. He focused on looking for those officers, especially the Bai Da ones. These army officers all had some form of Heavenly Energy cultivation level, but in front of Zhou Weiqing, they could not even put up any resistance. As long as Zhou Weiqing’s right hand grabbed hold of one, within moments they would be drained dry, turning into dust.

Their Heavenly Energy would directly become food for Zhou Weiqing’s large Saint Energy whirlpool.

Although these were only mere two or three Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters, almost useless for Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er, every little bit counted for something. Every seven or eight he killed actually managed to give them one drop of Saint Energy. With this additional replenishment of energy, Zhou Weiqing did not even have much expenditure of energy, instead his reserves growing larger and larger, allowing him to unleash an AOE Skill once in awhile, killing the enemies in drove.

Under his leadership, the enemies on the city wall grew lesser and lesser, until they were starting to be pushed back.

Right at that moment, a disturbance sounded out below the city walls.

After Zhou Weiqing finished off another Bai Da Company Leader, he looked down to see what the noise was, only to find a triangle formation of black armoured cavalry troops charging deep into the enemy formations below the city, forcing the constantly climbing foes to have to stop.

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