72.16% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 612: Meeting Ye Paopao (1)

Chapter 612: Meeting Ye Paopao (1)

Translator: Zen Translations Editor: Zen Translations

Who were Zhou Weiqing and the others? With their cultivation levels, although the youth tried to speak in a low volume, they could naturally hear him loud and clear.

Zhou Weiqing could easily control his expressions, and Yun Li also relaxed, ignoring the comment. However, Ma Qun had always had a character who loved to cause trouble. Hearing someone call them gluttons, how could he hold back. Instantly, he slammed his palm on the table as he stood up abruptly.

"Dammit, you little gigolo, who did you say is good for nothing?"

Ma Qun’s height and stature was definitely a terrifying one, but it wasn’t too obvious when they were all seated. As he stood up abruptly, he gave the group of youths a scare. Towering at than 2.3 metres of height, he could definitely be considered a giant amongst these ordinary humans, almost as if he were a crane in the midst of a flock of chickens1. Furthermore, Ma Qun was extremely muscular, his broad shoulders more than twice that of normal human. As he stood there now, it was as if a mountain was towering over them.

"I am only speaking out facts, who is the one eating the most and responding is the one. What so great about being big sized, I’m afraid that one could be a a pewter spearhead that shines like silver2, looking fine but useless in reality…" The tart youth said caustically, not willing to admit defeat, looking at Ma Qun disdainfully, not even caring about his palpable anger.

What kind of temper did Ma Qun have? If no one else came to cause trouble, he might even be the one causing trouble! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been taught a lesson by Zhou Weiqing when they first met. Now that someone had actually spoken to him in such a manner, and right to his face, how could he possibly hold back. He was just about to step out when Crow at his side grabbed him.

"Don’t cause trouble, listen to Weiqing." As she said that, Crow forcefully dragged Ma Qun down to his seat.

Ma Qun glared at the harsh youth savagely, saying: "Little rabbit, if you talk some more trash, I’ll destroy you."

"Who are you calling rabbit?!" This time, it was the youth’s turn to slam the table and get up.

However, this time, the young lady called Xuan’er frowned, her brow furrowing slightly as she said: "Ah Dou, how can you lower yourself arguing with a bunch of commoner bumpkins. Don’t affect my mood for eating…"

The youth pointed at Ma Qun, a cold savage look in his eyes. Ma Qun did not back down, pointing his middle finger back at the youth.

The young lady called Xuan’er suddenly took out a dark gold card and placed it on the table. "Staff. Send us some of your best food at once. Also, please cleanse this area of these irrelevant rabble. I will pay one thousand gold coins."

By saying that, she was literally slapping their faces. After all, Zhou Weiqing and the others had not finished eating yet, and if she wanted them to clear the site, wasn’t that tantamount to chasing them out?

After Xuan’er said that, she even turned to the youth called Ah Dou, saying: "Don’t always be so rash. Anything that can be solved by money is never a problem. A bunch of country bumpkins, just chase them away…"

The server had long heard the commotion between both groups. At this point, he knew it was no longer possible to hide, and he quickly stepped forward with an embarrassed expression towards the purple clad young lady, saying: "Young Miss, that isn’t too good right? Those customers there have not finished eating. How about, I bring your group to a reserved room? How about that? We have large reserved rooms here, quiet and far more luxurious than sitting in the dining hall."

Xuan’er’s face darkened. "No need. I just want to eat in the dining hall, not your reserved rooms. I will cover their bill, let them leave now. I will add another thousand gold to book the entire dining hall."

"But…" Although the gold was very tempting, the server could see that Zhou Weiqing’s group were no ordinary bunch as well, and he dared not go over to chase them out.

"Three thousand…" Xuan’er held up the dark-gold card, saying passively. The act of using money to smash into other’s face, truly overbearing and tyrannical.

"Young Miss, please do not make it tough for us." The staff was clearly tempted. Though he was not the boss, if he could help the inn earn such a large sum of money, there would definitely be a bonus for him.

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Zhou Weiqing finally finished eating his Green Jade Cake Roll, lifting his head he muttered: "This Green Jade Cake Roll is really not bad… soft and spongy, sweet and fragrant, with just a faint hint of the freshness of bamboo leaves. An exquisite delicacy indeed!"

Ma Qun couldn’t help but say: "Boss, when has your temper become so good? You can even endure this?!"

Zhou Weiqing glanced at him and said: "Ma Qun, do you know what reason there could be for a young lady to show off her wealth like that?"

Ma Qun started momentarily, but he played along, shaking his head quickly. He had known Zhou Weiqing for quite awhile, and hearing those words, he knew this boss of his definitely had something else up his sleeve.

Zhou Weiqing said calmly and in a dignified fashion: "For a young lady to show off her wealth like that, there can only be two reasons. One, the one who ‘suns’3 her is extremely formidable4. Second, the one who ****s her mother is extremely formidable."

As soon as Zhou Weiqing’s words left his mouth, Ma Qun’s jaw dropped. At the side, Crow had just drank a mouthful of tea, and she sprayed it all out onto the table. At the end, she turned unwittingly and even got some on Ma Qun’s body.

Yun Li had been eating a Green Jade Cake Roll calmly, and he choked on it as he heard that. Even Tian’er couldn’t help but cover her mouth to suppress a giggle. Only Xixi, who was still relatively innocent, had a puzzled look on her face, not understanding what Zhou Weiqing was saying.

With great difficulty, Yun Li recovered and managed to force the mouthful of Green Jade Cake Roll down his throat. Mutteringly he said: "Weiqing, are you trying to murder me?"

Zhou Weiqing said with an innocent look on his face: "I’m just speaking the truth…"

Yun Li gave a humph and said: "So vulgar… but there is truth in that…"

"For a young lady to show off her wealth like that, there can only be two reasons. The one who ****s her is extremely formidable or the one who ****s her mother is extremely formidable… Boss, that line of yours is just too amazing, such an analysis, such a brilliant exposition indeed. Impressive, impressive." Ma Qun burst out laughing as he repeated Zhou Weiqing’s words, the anger his heart having been swept away by his own laughter.

Zhou Weiqing had not spoken too loudly, and on the other side, they had been haggling and did not hear his words too clearly. However, with Ma Qun repeating it out loud, with the massive volume of his, even those on the road outside would be able to hear him, let alone those just a few tables away.

As soon as the young lady Xuan’er heard those words, her body froze. She stood up slowly, and the rest of the four youths also stood up one after the other. Ah Dou shoved the serving staff aside, his eyes filled with killing intent as he snarled savagely: "You are asking for death!"

A cold light flashed in Xuan’er’s eyes. "Tear off their mouths and throw them out. If they resist, kill them."

Ah Dou was clearly eager to impress, and with a large stride he bounded forward. At the same time, an obvious Heavenly Energy reverberation sprang forth from his body, as he struck out at Ma Qun.

Around his wrists, four Jewels sprang into existence respectively, whirling about. He was actually a Low Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Master!

Seeing that this youth was actually a four-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, Zhou Weiqing and the others started momentarily. It looked like the group of youths did have the capital and ability to back their arrogance.

The youth called Ah Dou had the Icy Jade Physical Jewels, a Strength Type Heavenly Jewel Master, while his Elemental Jewels were of the Fire Attribute. As his fist flew towards Ma Qun, thick flames rose around it, causing the entire air around to grow heated.

Ma Qun gave a cold humph, not even bothering to stand up. He raised his massive hand, looking almost like a fan as he did so, slapping out towards his opponent’s fist. At the same time, he also unleashed his Heavenly Jewels. Since his opponent was also a Heavenly Jewel Master, he did not want to lose by underestimating him.


A muffled thump.

Ah Dou had come at them so quickly, but his ‘return’ was even faster. He had been sent flying with a single slap from Ma Qun.

In terms of Heavenly Energy cultivation level, both of them were pretty equal. However, Ma Qun was of the Berserker Tribe with a trace of Ancient Titan bloodline. How could Ah Dou’s strength even begin to compare with Ma Qun? As such, he staggered back more than a dozen steps, smashing apart two tables while doing so, before he finally barely regained his balance. The expressions of the rest of his group also changed instantly.

Being Heavenly Jewel Masters had always been something they were proudest off. However, they not not expected that this strange looking bunch in front of them also had Heavenly Jewel Masters amongst them, and that huge fellow was actually at the four-Jeweled stage too!

After sending Ah Dou flying off with a slap, Ma Qun stood up once more. His hands gripped together, making a grinding sound as he said: "You want to fight? Your Father, I, loves to fight the most!"

A thick, heavy aura burst forth from Ma Qun. In the first place, ignoring the fact that his strength was far above his opponent, just in terms of aura alone Ma Qun far outstripped his opponent as well. Having been through several actual battles, Ma Qun had slain hundreds of enemies, and currently when his aura burst forth, it held the scent of blood. How could it be compared to a youth who had never been blooded before?

Ah Dou shouted angrily as he charged forward once more. This time, he was no longer so rash and impetuous. His hands circled twice, and a large flaming sword appeared in both hands, striking out at Ma Qun’s head as his entire body flew along sword first.

Ma Qun laughed heartily. He lifted his left hand, and a yellow shield coalesced in his hands. Simple, without flourishes, he just moved it directly into the path of the flaming sword.

That Ah Dou clearly knew his strength was no match for Ma Qun, and the Earth Attribute that Ma Qun had was a slight counter to his own Fire Attribute. In a flash of movement, he had spun to the back of Ma Qun, the flaming sword in his hand abruptly changing directions, drawing an arc in the air as it sped towards Ma Qun’s throat.

This change was extremely subtle but ingenious. Ah Dou had clearly been thought by a master, and his actual combat experience was not bad at all.

Alas, the one he was facing was Ma Qun. Ma Qun’s close combat skills had been ‘tortured’ out by Shangguan Fei’er, and he also had been in massive scale battles before. Facing an opponent of the same level, with his own innate talent and battle experience, how could he let his opponent gain an advantage over him so easily?

From Zhou Weiqing’s group angle, Ma Qun’s body seemed to slow down suddenly, and he was unable to dodge his opponent’s attack.

Xixi couldn’t help but cry out in alarm, but as she was about to spring forward, Crow pulled her back.

The next instant, the flaming sword swept across Ma Qun’s throat. However, a shocking scene occurred next. The instant that it swept across his throat, all of a sudden a strong yellow light burst forth, and along Ma Qun’s skin, a thick yellow armour appeared out of nowhere.

*Pfft* The flaming sword struck into it, Heavenly Energy bursting forth, but it did not seem to have the slightest chance of breaking the stone armour.

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