72.99% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 619: Bribing Father-in-Law! (3)

Chapter 619: Bribing Father-in-Law! (3)

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Shangguan Tianyue glanced at the wings behind his back, secretly examining all the changes that the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state brought to Zhou Weiqing. Sensing the terrifying bloodline aura within him, a flash of surprise flickered across Shangguan Tianyue’s eyes.

This Dragon-Tiger Transformation, even the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord had never seen or heard of before. It could be said to be one of a kind in the entire Mainland. Although Shangguan Tianyue had heard Xue’er speak of it, it was an entirely different matter to look upon it with his own eyes, to feel it with his senses… only then did he truly sense how miraculous it was. He couldn’t help but nod to himself inwardly. This little brat’s power… one definitely could not judge him with ordinary logic.

"Alright. We are alone now. Speak then. If you aren’t able to satisfy me, I’ll kick you down again." Shangguan Tianyue crossed his arms, looking at Zhou Weiqing with a bleak face.

Zhou Weiqing grinned, moving forward a few steps, a fawning look upon his face.

Looking at him like that, Shangguan Tianyue couldn’t help but chuckle to himself inwardly, thinking: This little brat, why does he not have the proper look of the powerhouse that he is… Still, this is also a good psychology… at least he doesn’t have the overbearing arrogance that most young talents have. No wonder he is able to accomplish so many impressive things.

"Why do you need to get so close to me. Hurry up and speak." Shangguan Tianyue furrowed his brow and said unhappily, despite his thoughts.

Zhou Weiqing lowered his voice dramatically as he said: "Father in law, this is a matter of critical importance, no one else can hear it!"

Shangguan Tianyue glared at him exasperatedly before he waved his hands. Instantly, a faint milky white shield of light enclosed the two of them.

This was naturally Shangguan Tianyue’s terrifying Heavenly Emperor stage Heavenly Energy. With this layer of Heavenly Energy covering them, even if the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord was outside, he would not be able to hear what they were speaking of inside.

Only then did Zhou Weiqing speak, still in the low tone: "Father in Law, I know that I am wrong to want to marry all three of your daughters, I indeed have a heart that loves too much, and it is my fault. However, it is true that for Bing’er, Fei’er and Xue’er, following me is absolutely the right choice… the best choice."

"In fact, as long as you agree to our marriage, I have confidence that not long in the future, all three of them sisters will definitely reach the Heavenly God Stage. Isn’t that a matter that would truly determine the future of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace?"

Shangguan Tianyue looked at Zhou Weiqing’s confident expression and couldn’t help but be stunned slightly. "Hmph, even if you say Heavenly God Stage, does it really mean Heavenly God Stage? Anyone can make empty promises. Nonsense… nonsense…"

Zhou Weiqing said in surprise: "What do you mean empty promises… Father in Law, didn’t Xue’er inform you about the Saint Energy?"

It was Shangguan Tianyue’s turn to be surprised. "Saint Energy? What Saint Energy?"

Zhou Weiqing fell silent. If one examined him closely and knew him well, they would be able to see within his eyes … a hint that he had been greatly moved.

Shangguan Tianyue actually didn’t know about the Saint Energy… what did that prove? Shangguan Xue’er had not even told her father about the Saint Energy that they had. As the Heaven’s Expanse Palace heir, even when she had returned home, she had kept his secret even from those closest to her. How could Zhou Weiqing not be touched… be moved?!

Shangguan Tianyue looked at Zhou Weiqing, puzzled. "Speak then! What is this Saint Energy you speak of? How come Xue’er never spoke of it to me?"

Zhou Weiqing took a deep breath, calming his agitated emotions. Originally, in his heart, Shangguan Bing’er was the most important, followed by Shangguan Fei’er1, while his feelings for Shangguan Xue’er was perhaps relatively more surface or lighter. However, at this moment, he had already set his resolve that no matter what, he would definitely marry all three Shangguan Sisters, and he would never forgive himself if he had to give up on any one.

When Zhou Weiqing set his resolve to do something, he would definitely give it his all. Furthermore, at such a time, it was when his mind was clearest and at its peak.

Taking another deep breath, he cleared his mind and ensured all his lines of thoughts. At last, Zhou Weiqing said solemnly: "Father in Law, have you heard about the miracles of the four Saint Attributes gathered together?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Shangguan Tianyue’s eyes flickered. "Time, Spirit, Divine and the original Demonic Attribute… all four Saint Attributes gathered together?"

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: "Exactly. There are legends which say that when the four Saint Attributes gather together, one can breakthrough past the Heavenly God Tier, the restriction of the twelve Jewels of the Heavenly Jewel Change, to gain the thirteenth Personal Jewel. This is the Legendary Heavenly Change."

Shangguan Tianyue’s heart was sent in turmoil by Zhou Weiqing’s words, but he nodded calmly and said: "I have heard that legend. Continue."

Zhou Weiqing said: "As you know, my Elemental Jewels consist of six Attributes. Amongst them, there is the Time Attribute and the Demonic Attribute… two Saint Attributes. My Demonic Attribute can be said to be the only original-Awakened Demonic Attribute in the world today, at least currently one of a kind. As for the Heavenly Snow Mountain Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger direct descendents, they have the Spirit and Divine Attributes. That is to say, when I am … ahem… cultivating together with one of the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers, we would have gathered the four Saint Attributes together."

Shangguan Tianyue’s brow began to twitch, and the light in his eyes began to fluctuate. He nodded and said: "You are referring to Tian’er right? I know."

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: "Yes, it is Tian’er. After countless experiments, we have begun to have a feel for the true cultivation technique of the four Saint Attributes together… and from there, we have formed a strange new energy… a whole new one that does not belong to the knowledge of any Heavenly Jewel Master. We call it the Saint Energy."

Pausing, Zhou Weiqing finally continued. "… It is difficult for me to describe it with words alone, and perhaps just by saying it you might not understand. Let me show you my Saint Energy and once you feel it, you will understand."

As he said that, Zhou Weiqing lifted his right hand, moving it before Shangguan Tianyue. A silvery white light flashed in his eyes, and instantly, that right hand turned the similar silver-white colour.

The faint glow of light surrounded his palm, moving gently and rhythmically. As soon as the light appeared, the powerful Heavenly Energy shield that Shangguan Tianyue had surrounded them with began to shake violently.

As the owner of the Heavenly Energy, Shangguan Tianyue’s sensation was the deepest. He was shocked to discover that his own Heavenly Energy had began to produce… an emotion akin to fear?! Was it actually afraid of the faint silvery white light in Zhou Weiqing’s hands?

How was this possible? As a Heavenly Emperor, his Heavenly Energy had already reached the Heavenly Dao stage, and more so, was already at the later stage. Even his elder brother Shangguan Tianyang, or even the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, though their cultivation levels were higher than him, just using a bit of energy reverberations, they would never be able to cause his Heavenly Energy to show such a strange fear. This was something impossible as far as he knew.

Yet, Zhou Weiqing had done just that. Shangguan Tianyue’s heart could be said to be surging with turbulent thoughts and emotions. Slowly lifting his hand, he grasped onto Zhou Weiqing’s right hand, his powerful spiritual energy gathering to sense the energy on Zhou Weiqing’s palm.

As soon as he did so, Shangguan Tianyue’s eyes were instantly filled with shock.

When he extended his spiritual energy to sense, he naturally needed to infuse some of his Heavenly Energy to increase his senses. However, as soon as he did so, Shangguan Tianyue felt his Heavenly Energy was like ice water which had entered lava, disappearing in an instant.

Furthermore, the energy in Zhou Weiqing’s palm seemed as boundless and infinite, not belonging to any type of attribute, instantly causing his spiritual energy to shrivel in moments.

As such, his hand could only stay on Zhou Weiqing’s palm for a split second, before he let go immediately, subconsciously taking a step back.

Standing there, Shangguan Tianyue closed his eyes, his full concentration on what he had felt in that instant, and the changes in energy.

Boundless… infinite… with no attributes, yet seemingly encompassing all attributes. Saint Energy… this was the Saint Energy that was created from the gathering of the four Saint Attributes?

Zhou Weiqing withdrew his right hand and his Saint Energy before saying solemnly: "Father in Law, Tian’er and I have only just begun cultivating this Saint Energy. It can be said that we have barely scratched the surface on the intricacies of the four Saint Attributes and this Saint Energy. However, I truly believe that with this Saint Energy, we can perform countless miracles in the future. As for the interflow of this Saint Energy, it requires … intimate relations between man and women to undergo. Through this method, we can transfer Saint Energy. That is to say, my future wives will all gain the benefit of the Saint Energy, which is boundless and inexhaustible. Currently, what we know of the Saint Energy is its greatest strength is in creation. You should have heard about the strange Hell’s Angel phenomenon that appeared at our Crescent City, causing countless destruction right. In truth, that Skill was unleashed by myself and Tian’er, using this very Saint Energy. As long as you are willing to marry Bing’er, Fei’er and Xue’er to me, I can guarantee that with the help of Saint Energy, they will definitely reach the Heavenly God Stage. When that happens, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace can truly become the First Great Saint Lands."

Shangguan Tianyue furrowed his brow, an uncertain light in his eyes. If one were to say that he was not drawn in or attracted by Zhou Weiqing’s words, that would definitely be impossible. After feeling the Saint Energy and its terrifying strength by himself, he knew deep within himself how scary it truly was. If what Zhou Weiqing said was true, the future that lay in the Saint Energy was infinite. With this unique energy, it should not be too difficult to break through to the Heavenly God Stage. However, if he had to give up all three daughters for that, especially Shangguan Xue’er, to marry Zhou Weiqing, he still did not feel too willing.

"Come with me." Shangguan Tianyue waved his hands once more. Instantly, Zhou Weiqing felt himself covered with a hazy white. In the next instant, he could sense that he had left their original position.

It did not take long, and by the time the surroundings cleared up in his eyes, Zhou Weiqing discovered that he was in a clean stone room. Clearly, they had entered the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Shangguan Tianyue’s voice traveled out. "Wait here." As soon as he said that, his presence vanished instantly.

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing understood that Shangguan Tianyue must have gone to look for Shangguan Tianyang. Such a serious matter of major importance, the two brothers definitely had to discuss in detail before making their decision, and Shangguan Tianyue alone could not do so.

Zhou Weiqing was not urgent at all. Previously, when he had spoken those words, he had already thought things through. The story about needing intimate relations between man and woman to transfer the Saint Energy, naturally that part was made up by him. However, everything else was true, and with the sheer power of the Saint Energy, he knew that Shangguan Tianyue would definitely believe him. After all, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had always cultivated in paired cultivation.

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