73.11% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 620: Spatial Collapse! (1)

Chapter 620: Spatial Collapse! (1)

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The reason why Zhou Weiqing had decided to use the Saint Energy to draw in Shangguan Tianyue and let this father in law of his to approve of him, it was after much serious considerations.

Before entering the Heavenly Jewel Island, he had already anticipated that this time he would not have a nice reception. After all, he had ‘seduced’ all three of his daughters, how could Shangguan Tianyue give him a good face.

However, Zhou Weiqing also knew that this was an important chance for him. If he failed to grasp this chance, it would be even tougher for him to be together with the three Shangguan Sisters in the future. The Heavenly Jewel Tournament might be a good test in most eyes, but Zhou Weiqing was clear that for the Shangguan brothers, Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue, the Heavenly Jewel Tournament would not count for much.

As such, after much thought, Zhou Weiqing decided to speak out regarding the Saint Energy, also indicating he would definitely help the Shangguan Sisters cultivate with the Saint Energy.

However, to his surprise, Shangguan Xue’er had not informed her father and uncle about the Saint Energy when she had returned.

Of course, that had not influenced Zhou Weiqing’s entire plan. Another reason why Zhou Weiqing was willing to speak of the Saint Energy was to gain the trust of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The Heavenly Bow Empire had just started the revival of their Empire, and though it seemed like everything was proceeding well, the problem was that the Heavenly Bow Empire’s border wasn’t just the Kalise Empire alone! There was still the powerful Bai Da Empire, and the shadow of the Dan Dun Empire beyond. With just the Heavenly Bow Empire alone, how could they possibly stop them? As such, Zhou Weiqing needed to obtain the support of the ZhongTian Empire without any reservation… only then could he have a go at it freely.

The Saint Energy, no matter to which Heavenly Jewel Master, it was definitely a top secret matter. For Zhou Weiqing to be willing to speak of it, it would only show that he had absolute trust and close relations with the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. With that, he believed that Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue could make their own judgements.

To gain the Heaven’s Expanse Palace support, and his three beautiful wives… it was a matter of killing two birds with one stone. That was Zhou Weiqing’s thought. After all, even if others knew of his Saint Energy, they could not cultivate it on their own. This was something that could only be done with the four Saint Attributes.

Even if someone else really gathered the four Saint Attributes, without Zhou Weiqing’s Devour Skill, they would still not be able to cultivate the Saint Energy. This was another area which Zhou Weiqing had held back in. Of course, if it were an enemy or opposing influence, if they knew he had the Saint Energy, they would definitely try to kill him off. However, Zhou Weiqing believed that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace would not do so… as they did not need to! Even if Shangguan Tianyue decided to only marry a single daughter to him, he would still be a son in law to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace!

With all of those thoughts in mind, that was the reason Zhou Weiqing actually dared to speak out regarding the Saint Energy to Shangguan Tianyue. He also believed that this time, his trip to the Heavenly Jewel Island would not be a waste.

Zhou Weiqing waited for more than an hour before Shangguan Tianyue finally returned. He did not even speak, and once again a gust of Heavenly Energy enveloped Zhou Weiqing’s body. Moments later, he was in another room.

Towards this room, Zhou Weiqing was actually familiar. That was because the first time he met Shangguan Tianyang was also in this hall.

As expected, Shangguan Tianyang was seated in the main seat above. In the entire hall, there were only the three of them.

"Greetings Uncle." Zhou Weiqing stepped forward and bowed in greeting. With his thick skin, he called out ‘uncle’ with such feelings, as if he was returning to his own home.

Shangguan Tianyang smiled faintly and said: "Weiqing, your speed of growth is truly amazing, even I am extremely surprised! In just a few short years, you have already reached the six-Jeweled stage. I know about what you have done in the northern borders, well done indeed."

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: "Heh heh, thank you uncle for your praise. I had no choice in that matter, like a duck forced onto a perch1. In truth, I do not have much ambition towards authority. However, for my family and my home, I had to fight it out no matter what."

Shangguan Tianyang nodded and said: "What you told Tianyue, he has already told me. Enn… it isn’t so easy to marry a girl from our Heaven’s Expanse Palace… especially since one of your targets is Xue’er. You should know… to our Heaven’s Expanse Palace, what Xue’er means. Ever since she accepted the Boundless Infinitum Set, she has already been bound as the heir to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Furthermore, you still have entanglements and relations to the Heavenly Snow Mountain."

Zhou Weiqing also smiled faintly, however he did not act humble at all. "Uncle, for Xue’er to marry me, that is the best choice. Indeed, she has inherited the legacy of the Boundless Infinitum Technique and the Boundless Infinitum Set, this might be slightly more troublesome. After all, my wife will follow by my side. However, I have some tentative thoughts, and I’m not sure if I should speak them out now."

Shangguan Tianyang laughed heartily and said: "You little brat, for Xue’er to inherit the strongest Legendary Set in the world, in your mouth it actually turned into trouble. Speak then, let’s see if you can convince me."

Zhou Weiqing said seriously: "Uncle, with your cultivation stage, and the fact that you are still in your prime, you would have no problems leading the Heaven’s Expanse Palace for another hundred years or more. Although Xue’er is considered your heir, but in the near future she would not be able to inherit the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Am I right?"

Shangguan Tianyang laughed in spite of himself. "You sure know how to talk. Indeed, it is unlikely that I pass away anytime soon. However, that does not mean I want to hold on to the burden of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace forever! In any case, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace definitely needs a declared heir."

Zhou Weiqing said: "What if I were to give you three new heirs, letting you choose whoever you prefer?"

Shangguan Tianyang started, not really understanding what Zhou Weiqing meant. "Three new heirs?"

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: "I can have a child with Bing’er, Fei’er and Xue’er… isn’t that three new heirs? At that time, you can choose any of them to be the heir to your Heaven’s Expanse Palace."

Hearing his words, both Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue were totally stunned. Both brothers exchanged looks, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. This little brat really knew how to imagine things creatively!

"I have not yet agreed to let my daughters marry you!" Shangguan Tianyue said huffily.

Zhou Weiqing scratched his head sheepishly and said: "Father in Law, if you do not agree, it is a huge loss to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace! With such an awesome son in law like me, who could also become an important ally in the future, there can only be a hundred benefits to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and no harm!"

Shangguan Tianyang lifted his hand to stop Shangguan Tianyue from continuing. Turning to Zhou Weiqing, he said: "Weiqing, use your strength to convince me. Let me see how miraculous that Saint Energy truly is, whether or not it is worth dozens of years of my time in waiting."

Zhou Weiqing nodded, his expression turning sombre and serious. Since he made the decision to use the Saint Energy as a betrothal gift in marrying the three Shangguan Sisters, he had already expected this scene before him.

In order to gain the approval of the two Heaven’s Expanse Palace Master, to prevent them from stopping him from being together with his loves, he had to show them his own personal strength.

"So, will Father in Law or Uncle be the one testing the Saint Energy attack?"

Shangguan Tianyang said: "Let me. Just go ahead, attack with all your might."

Zhou Weiqing nodded, taking a deep breath as he slowly lifted his left hand. At the same time, he released his Heavenly Jewels. "Uncle, be careful. I am about to use the Spatial Rend."

Shangguan Tianyang smiled faintly. With his max level Heavenly Emperor stage power, he naturally did not think that much about Zhou Weiqing’s attacks. However, he still raised his senses to the maximum. After hearing Shangguan Tianyue’s description of the Saint Energy, he was extremely curious and interested about it. Perhaps more accurately, the attraction of the Heavenly God Tier stage was of greater importance to him than anything else. He knew that although he had been trying to break through that stage for years of closed door cultivation, it was already highly unlikely that he would ever be able to succeed in this lifetime. If Zhou Weiqing was truly able to prove that this Saint Energy could guarantee the three Shangguan Sisters would break through the Heavenly God Tier, marrying them to him was not impossible. After all, they truly did love him as well.

Of course, it was also because Shangguan Tianyang could see that Zhou Weiqing had limitless potential, and a great future ahead. That was the reason why he even gave him a chance to prove himself now. He knew that once they gave this youth enough time, his future ahead could only shock the world.

Zhou Weiqing’s expression grew even more serious and focused. At the side, Shangguan Tianyue was surprised to find that the previous Heavenly Energy around Zhou Weiqing that he could sense easily, had now changed in that instant. When the silvery-white light appeared around Zhou Weiqing’s left hand, his entire body seemed to be encased in a special aura. Even with his Heavenly Emperor senses, he was unable to feel the energy movement in Zhou Weiqing’s body. Shangguan Tianyue was astonished at that, and his curiosity towards that Saint Energy increased even more.

Zhou Weiqing drew out five whole drops of Saint Energy from his little Saint Energy whirlpool. This was already not the first time he had used the Saint Energy, and his understanding of it was already far stronger than those previous times, and he now had relatively more control over it.

The Spatial Rend was considered a Heavenly King stage Skill, without the Heavenly Skill Image. Zhou Weiqing infused the five drops of Saint Energy into it under full control, otherwise if he could just use any amount of Saint Energy, and the result would be according to the amount used.

Zhou Weiqing’s left hand slowly moved towards Shangguan Tianyang. In the next instant, a strange sight occurred. A silver light that did not have any Spatial Attribute appeared abruptly.

Shangguan Tianyang suddenly felt as if the entire Space around him was crumbling, an unforeseen sense of danger caused him to subconsciously channel his Heavenly Energy around his entire body.

Shangguan Tianyang’s Heavenly Energy was at the forty seventh stage, the later stage of the Heavenly Dao Energy. He was after all at the Max Level of the Heavenly Emperor stage, only slightly less than Long Shiya. Currently, with his Heavenly Energy circulating at the maximum, a layer of milky white crystalline light covered his whole body.

However, even as his powerful Heavenly Energy appeared, the center portion of the milky white crystal began to crumble. Next, Shangguan Tianyang gave a shocked exclamation, and he actually staggered back one step. At the same time, he waved his hand, a brutal surge of immense power swelling up. Only then did the Space around him recover and become steady once more.

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    Three new heirs with new fight for the throne!! yeah!!

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    Zhou Weiqing should have told Shangguan Tianyue that he already created an heir for Heavenly Snow Mountain, so it wouldn't be a problem to make 3 more for Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

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