74.41% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 631: Surrender! (3)

Chapter 631: Surrender! (3)

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Facing such a swift attack, it was clear that Yun Li would definitely be unable to dodge it through normal means. In the last critical moment, a flash of silver light, and Yun Li appeared five yards away. It was the Blink Skill.

Having missed his first attack, Bai Qiu was not discouraged at all. In another flash, his arms extended, the wings behind his back flapping abruptly. Just like that he appeared again behind Yun Li, those spread arms closing together strongly, ten wind blades bursting forth from the Consolidated Claws towards Yun Li.

Although the Blink Skill was good, one could not use it continuously, and Bai Qiu was certain that Yun Li would not be able to use the same method to dodge this new attack, enhanced with his Stored Skills.

Indeed, Yun Li was unable to dodge it. This time, his right hand waved out in front of him, and an ear splitting tearing sound rang out. A black hole in space was torn, almost one chi long. A strange sight occurred next as all ten of the wind blades were actually sucked in by the powerful suction of the black hole, and in a flash it was Yun Li’s turn to strike out at his opponent.

The Skill that Yun Li had unleashed was the Minor Dimensional Slash, one of the powerful Skills of the Spatial Attribute. It was actually very similar to Zhou Weiqing’s Spatial Rend Skill, but it did not last as long as the Spatial Rend and its area of effect was also smaller. As a result, its Rating was only at Eight Stars.

Bai Qiu gave a cold smirk, his body abruptly moving to the side about three chi, dodging Yun Li’s attack. At the same time, his hands moved, and a dozen wind blades formed a small tornado, striking out at Yun Li.

Everyone watching could see that though Yun Li had the Spatial Attribute, in front of his opponent’s absolute speed, he was being suppressed.

In the entire Geritimo Battle Team, Bai Qiu was the third ranked powerhouse. Not only did he have six-Jeweled cultivation level, his fighting experience was also rich and plentiful.

Yun Li quickly took a step back. Just as he was about to dodge that small tornado of blades, Bai Qiu had reached his back, his strike was accompanied by the shrill sound of air sliced apart and the Wind Attribute, blocking Yun Li’s path of retreat. Along with the tornado, it was a perfect pincer attack.

In the rest house, seeing Yun Li caught in such a position, Ma Qun said worriedly: "Big Bro Yun Li looks to be in a bad position."

Zhou Weiqing glanced at him and said confidently: "In terms of control of Skills, who can compare to a Consolidating Equipment Master? He creates tons of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls every day, that is training his control. Watch and see."

On the stage, as if he was trying to prove Zhou Weiqing’s words, the dance of offense and defense between Yun Li and Bai Qiu suddenly changed.

Facing a pincer attack like that, Yun Li’s left hand slapped out at the tornado. In his palm, a brilliant silver light glowed.

At the same time, he did not even turn his head to look at the incoming attack from behind. As the light grew brighter, his speed seemed to increase, and it was as if his body was being propelled from behind in a sudden burst of speed.

Strangely enough, when that tornado with such powerful cutting powers touched the silver light around Yun Li’s hands, a soft *Puuu* rang out, and it dissipated into a cloud of green smoke. Yun Li’s body continued moving forward unobstructed right through the green cloud.

The sudden burst of speed from Yun Li caused Bai Qiu to start momentarily. Originally, due to his success in trapping Yun Li in his pincer attack, he had relaxed slightly, and this fresh burst of speed had been faster than his expectations. In the short surprise, he was just a little too slow.

Stopping his charge in midtrack, Yun Li abruptly spun around, his eyes glowing silver. In truth, Bai Qiu had neglected one point… Yun Li’s Physical Jewel was also that of the Agility Type, though he did not have the Wind Attribute. However, one of Yun Li’s Stored Skills was one called the Spatial Explosive Propulsion, able to increase his speed abruptly in an instant. As for the silver light in his palm, it was actually two compressed Skills, perfectly controlled with precise accuracy to use the Spatial Attribute to break apart the tornado’s structure while causing it to be unable to attack. That was the reason why Yun Li was able to escape such a disadvantageous position.

Unknowingly, a spike appeared in Yun Li’s grasp. Still in midair, he took a step forward, and Bai Qiu who had just shook off his surprise had a foreboding premonition when he saw Yun Li disappear. Blink… clearly Yun Li’s Blink had come off cooldown and could be used again.

Subconsciously, Bai Qiu took a step forward, ready to charge away. Since he could not see his opponent, he had to be behind. However, in that moment, his body froze abruptly for just a short instant.

Spatial Freeze. One of the Spatial Attribute’s control Skills.

As Bai Qiu had guessed, Yun Li was indeed behind him, and the spike in his hands struck out directly towards Bai Qiu’s back, where his heart would be.

This Bai Qiu was no pushover either. Even in such a disadvantageous state, the Heavenly Energy within his body exploded forth, unleashing his strongest Tornado Slash Skill. His entire body forcefully spun in midair, breaking free of the Spatial Freeze. Although that sacrifice the majority of his Heavenly Energy, at least he managed to break free just before the spike reached him. With a swipe of his right hand, his glove clashed against Yun Li’s spike.

This was the first head on clash between the two, and in the resulting explosion, Bai Qiu’s entire body was sent flying back by the powerful Heavenly Energy imbued in Yun Li’s spike.

In terms of Heavenly Energy, Bai Qiu and Yun Li still had a certain gap. First of all, the Spatial Attribute was of a slightly higher boost to Heavenly Energy than the Wind Attribute, as it was one of the greater attributes. Even if one just compared Heavenly Energy alone, Yun Li was still ahead of Bai Qiu. Although both were at the six-Jeweled stage, Bai Qiu had just reached the stage, while Yun Li was already at the twenty seventh stage of cultivation, just one step away from his seventh Jewel. Let alone Bai Qiu having spent so much Heavenly Energy breaking free of the Spatial Freeze.

The Spatial Attribute Heavenly Energy brought a strong tearing sensation, causing Bai Qiu’s speed to be restricted, and only then did Yun Li’s attack fully explode forth.

The Spatial Explosive Propulsion appeared once again with a loud bang, and in a flash, Yun Li had caught up to Bai Qiu’s flying body, the spike in his hands striking once more. At the tip of the spike, a silver white light consolidated.

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Left with no choice, Bai Qiu could only gather the remnants of his Heavenly Energy, putting up his claws in a crossguard in a forced attempt to block it.

Another ear splitting explosion. This time, the audience only saw Yun Li’s spike pierce lightly onto Bai Qiu’s hands, and with the accompanying explosion, Bai Qiu’s body was sent flying right out of the stage.

Having defeated his opponent, Yun Li landed on the ground gracefully, a faint smile on his mouth. An opponent who had lost his balance, how could he possibly block the dual compressed Skills he had imbued on his SPike? Such a powerful and explosive attack along with his Consolidated Weapon, the destructive power could reach that of a seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master.

It could be said that right from the beginning of the fight, Yun Li had been hiding his true strength, showing weakness to his opponent. It was a strategy he had no choice but to use. Although his Heavenly Energy was stronger than his opponent’s, he had his weak points… that was his lack of Consolidated Equipment. The only Consolidated Equipment was that single spike he used as his weapon.

The reason was simple… his nine piece Legendary Set. Indeed, although his Legendary Set was only nine pieces, and he technically had three ‘extra’ slots to use. However, that was only if he managed to reach a Heavenly God Stage cultivation level. Although Yun Li was a confident person, he had never dreamed he could breakthrough to such a stage. As such, he dared not give himself any other Consolidated Equipment, sacrificing his current strength until a time he could begin creating his Legendary Set.

At this point, he was already very close to reaching the Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Master. Once he reached that stage, he could begin creating the first few pieces of his Legendary Set. Even so, at this current point, he would be using a single Spike Consolidated Equipment against his opponent’s full six Consolidated Equipment. In such a circumstance, though Yun Li was still confident that they were equal in strength, he had no way of defeating his opponent easily. As a result, from the beginning he had planned to show weakness, allowing his opponent to underestimate him, and the burst forth with all his might in a critical moment. With the explosive strength of his Spatial Skills, he could force victory in a short period of time. In the end, his plan had indeed succeeded.

"Heavenly Bow Battle Team victory. Both sides, please send up your second fighter."

Yun Li returned victoriously, the smug look on his face could not be hidden. Zhou Weiqing sent Ma Qun on the second fight, before looking at Yun Li and giving a sigh, saying: "You should just behave yourself and stick to being an honest Consolidating Equipment Master."

The smug smile on Yun Li’s face froze. "Your Father, I, won this round!"

Zhou Weiqing gave a pained expression. "You can only fool that idiot. This fighting strength of yours, you haven’t improved much in these few years!"

"Hmph" Yun Li glared at Zhou Weiqing before ignoring, sitting down at the side before saying passively: "It’s easy to make sarcastic remarks. These few years… have your Consolidating Equipment Scroll creation skills improved even a tiny bit?"

Tian’er, Crow and Xixi watched the two squabble at the side, giggling away to each other.

Ma Qun had not expected that he would be dispatched to be the second fighter, and he could not contain his excitement, leaping right onto the stage. The opponent facing him there was a five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master.

After all, in the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament, even the seeded teams backed by the Great Saint Lands weren’t all six-Jeweled and above. In the Geritimo Battle Team, Bai Qiu’s strength was already considered rather high. However, the first loss did not give them much cause for fear. The second fighter they dispatched was a young lady of about twenty four or twenty five. She was not exceptionally beautiful, with average features, but she had a rare steady and stable feeling about her.

"Heavenly Bow Empire. Ma Qun."

"Geritimo Empire. Yuling."

Ma Qun was still wearing his Peerless Heavy Cavalry armour, and coupled with his height and stature and those massive spiked maces, facing such a small-sized lady, the visual impact was extremely stunning. Instantly, the young lady called Yuling gained the compassion of the majority of the audience, as all of them began to support her!

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  • MaverickHunterZ


    Cultivation speed of everyone is Crazy!!!

  • Clickmaster3


    Seriously, Yun Li has a higher cultivation then MC? When they met, MC had 3 jewels, and Yun Li had 4. Now, MC is level 25, while Yun Li is 27. Wtf? Yun Li basically put all his time into consolidating equipment scrolls, while MC put all his time into offending people and almost getting killed. MC barely rose at all in consolidating equipment, while Yun Li rose an entire stage, showing how differently they spent their time. Not to mention MC's Immortal Deity technique, Saint cultivating with Tian'er, and boosts from bloodline evolution. What happened to MC's supposed godlike cultivation speed?

  • GreatApeGogetaSS4


    Ma Qun become the villain this time then.

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