74.52% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 632: Spiritual Body of Earth! (1)

Chapter 632: Spiritual Body of Earth! (1)

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As the judge proclaimed the start of the fight, Yuling lifted her hands. Facing Ma Qun, this young lady did not seem afraid at all, her expression calm and steady as she charged towards him. At the same time, she released her Heavenly Jewels.

Strength Attribute Physical Jewels… Earth Attribute Elemental Jewels… her Heavenly Jewels were actually exactly the same as Ma Qun!

Seeing his opponent charge at him, Ma Qun hesitated instead. After all, his opponent was a young lady, and he was just slightly unwilling to swing that massive spiked mace at her so easily.

In a flash, Yuling had arrived in front of Ma Qun. her speed was not too fast, but her steps stable all the way. Just as Ma Qun had been hesitating, she had already reached him, both hands striking out in a shoving motion at Ma Qun’s chest.

Ma Qun had his own thoughts. In his eyes, with this young lady’s figure and stature, her strength should not be anywhere equal to his own. Even if he allowed her to attack him at will, he thought she should not be able to break through his defense. On the other hand, if he smashed down at her with his large spiked mace, that wouldn’t be too good right? As such, he didn’t even attempt to dodge, puffing up his chest in readiness to accept the blow, allowing these seemingly gentle palms to press up against his chest.

Alas, a surprising sight occurred next. The instant that Yuling had pressed her hands to Ma Qun’s chest, her entire body suddenly turned an earthen yellow, the thick yellow light spreading across the entire stage, causing all the other attribute energies to be expelled, leaving only Earth Attribute energies.

Soon after, Yuling’s body disappeared, and in the position where she had been standing, a huge cone appeared, smashing hard onto Ma Qun’s chest.

Ma Qun’s own strength was definitely on the level, and with the weight of his armour, one could just imagine how strong and tough he was. Currently, he was even in the state of preparedness to receive the blow. However, even so, when the massive yellow earthen spike smashed savagely into his chest, he was sent flying all the way, landing out of the stage.

In a single step, Crow stepped forward, her hands lifting to receive the falling Ma Qun. She had to spin three times to fully relieve the immense power and momentum.

The entire area fell silent. A few seconds later, cheers erupted like the waves crashing upon a shore.

Who could have imagined that with Ma Qun’s size and power, he would be smashed off the stage in moments after facing such a small looking lady.

The earthen yellow light on the stage slowly dissipated, revealing Yuling. The young lady was expressionless, her stable aura not changing the slightest despite her victory, only nodding towards Ma Qun. When the judge proclaimed her victory, she turned and walked off.

In the Heavenly Bow Battle Team Rest House, Zhou Weqing and Tian’er stood up, both their faces filled with shock.

"That… that is?" Tian’er exclaimed in a low tone.

Zhou Weiqing nodded, saying: "Spirit of Earth! That is the Spirit of Earth! I never dreamed that such a legendary spiritual body would actually exist."

Spiritual Body. Even amongst Heavenly Jewel Masters, they were considered a unique presence. As soon as they were born, their bodies were without any impurities, and would remain so forever, filled with the single Attribute Heavenly Energy through their existence.

Those who had spiritual bodies were not able to use Consolidated Equipment. However, in terms of Stored Skills, they had unparalleled possibilities. That was to say, they could Store any Skill that belonged to their particular Attribute. Furthermore, when they used those Skills, it would be far more powerful than any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master using the same skills.

Earlier, that young lady named Yuling had used pure Earth Attribute Heavenly Energy. It was not her own strength that had sent Ma Qun flying, but borrowing the strength of the earth. No matter how strong Ma Qun was, how could be compare with the power of the earth itself? As for how exactly she was able to borrow such strength, even Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er who had the Saint Energy was not clear. Without question, this young lady named Yuling’s cultivation level was not comparable to Bai Qiu, but her fighting capabilities were superior to Bai Qiu. Even Zhou Weiqing did not dare guarantee what would happen if he met her.

The shock was not just amongst them. The Earth Attribute Spiritual Body, or Spirit of Earth, was so powerful that even the various seeded teams were stunned. The various team members of the Dan Dun Battle Team also revealed serious, gloomy looks on their faces. The Geritimo Battle Team was a lot stronger than they had expected. If that Bai Qiu had not lost the first round, it was likely that Yuling would not reveal herself in this second round.

On the stage, the judge said: "Heavenly Bow Battle Team versus Geritimo Battle Team. Third match. Please send your fighters on the stage."

The Heavenly Bow Battle Team focused their gazes on Zhou Weiqing. Who were they sending next?

Tian’er looked at Zhou Weiqing and said: "Let me fight." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Zhou Weiqing shook his head, saying: "How could I let you go? If I have not guessed wrongly, that lady who has the Spirit of Earth Body will fight again, perhaps together with that Bai Qiu."

"Boss, let me. I was too careless just now." Ma Qun was not injured at all, as he stood with a shamed look at the side. Indeed, he had not fully flourished all his strength, his Consolidated Equipment Shield, or his Stored Skills were not used at all.

Zhou Weiqing shook his head, glancing at him coldly, saying: "If you were on the battlefield, you would have died once already. Today, you will no longer be allowed to fight, this is a good time for you to reflect on it. Don’t you understand the principle of a lion catching a rabbit? If your Drillmaster Fei’er was here, what kind of punishment would she give you? Sit down."

Ma Qun could only scratch his head embarrassedly and take a seat at the side. Zhou Weiqing’s gaze turned to Crow and Xixi, saying: "You two sisters1, go ahead."

Crow nodded, beginning to wear all of her full armour. With the full armour covering her features, no one should recognize her.

Yun Li said with a slight discontent. "Why don’t you let me fight? I haven’t used much Heavenly Energy in the previous fight."

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: "No, your fighting capabilities are no match for Crow."

Yun Li’s eyes widened. "What did you say? Zhou Weiqing, if this tiger doesn’t show his power, are you treating me as a sick cat?"

Zhou Weiqing said: "Look for yourself… once this fight is over, if you still think you are stronger than Crow, I won’t mind letting you two have a duel after that."

Currently, Crow and Xixi had both worn their armour, taking large strides up the stage.

Perhaps to give the judge face, the two sisters did not jump up directly onto the stage, stepping up the stairs.

In terms of height, Crow and Xixi were about the same, and with their armour, no one could really tell the difference. As for their weapons, the axes were very similar, with Xixi’s ones slightly larger. Of course, the axes in Crow’s hands were the Legendary Axes of the Gold Crow Tribe.

As Zhou Weiqing had expected, the pair facing them was Bai Qiu and the one who had just beat Ma Qun so easily, Yuling.

Facing the heavily armoured pair, Bai Qiu’s face showed a clear disdain, saying mockingly: "Did you all not learn from the previous lesson? Or does your Heavenly Bow Empire not have anyone else? Strength does not mean everything."

Xixi did not utter a sound of protest, but Crow just said passively: "Strength might not mean everything… However, it is more than enough to deal with you two."

As she said that, both Crow and Xixi did something strange, springing away from each other, pulling the gap between them to about a seven to eight yards distance.

There was a reason why Zhou Weiqing had sent the two sisters to this fight. In terms of fighting capabilities, amongst all six of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team, Crow’s fighting strength was only below Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er. Furthermore, she had said that Xixi’s combat powers were not that much lower than her own. Lastly, they were both from the Gold Crow Tribe, and had grown up together. Fighting together, their tacit understanding and cooperation would be superior.

Yuling’s gaze focused on Crow. She did not speak, just giving both Crow and Xixi an inviting gesture.

Cheers erupted once more, as the ZhongTian citizens’ emotions were roused to the max.

Originally, they had been here to watch the ZhongTian Battle Team against the Dan Dun Battle Team, but who knew that the Dan Dun Battle Team would surrender so easily, and many were extremely discontent or resentful. On the other hand, this fight between the Heavenly Bow Battle Team and Geritimo Battle Team was far more exciting and interesting than they had expected. Especially watching Yuling send Ma Qun flying off was such a shocking sight that caused their blood to boil. As the saying goes, laymen would just be watching for the bustle and excitement. In their eyes, this was a scene of the weaker side defeating the stronger side.

At this moment, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team had sent another two ‘tin cans’, and that Yuling appeared on the opposing side again. Instantly, the citizens were filled buzz once more.

"Both sides, introduce yourselves."

"Heavenly Bow Battle Team, Xixi, Crow." When Crow spoke, she purposely lowered her voice, keeping it muffled. At least, most of the other Battle Team members in the Rest House were unable to hear clearly.

"Geritimo Battle Team, Yuling, Bai Qiu."

As the announcement came for the fight to start, it entailed a massive battle… the spirit of earth and an Upper level Zun Stage powerhouse against the famous Fire and Ice pair of the Gold Crow Tribe’s younger generation. This would definitely be a intense and violent fight.

Crow and Xixi burst into action at the same time, and their movement was exactly the same. Their legs stomped on the ground and in a burst of power, they charged towards their opponents. Xixi targeted Bai Qiu, while Crow targeted Yuling. The two sisters’ movements and their stature was such a huge contrast.

Bai Qiu was just as vexed and gloomy as Ma Qun. When he had lost to Yun Li in the first fight, he realised he had fell for a trick. He still had many powerful Skills he had not managed to use. Seeing Xixi charging towards him, he did not hold back at all, summoning all six Consolidated Equipment instantly. In a flash, he received her incoming charge. This time, he charged his speed to the max, filling the air with several illusory figures.

However, right at that moment, Crow and Xixi suddenly went through a change.

Previously, when they were charging, Crow was clearly faster than Xixi by a little, and she was thus in front. The battle between her and Yuling should have exploded first. However, in that instant, the entire battleground changed.

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