74.64% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 633: Spiritual Body of Earth! (2)

Chapter 633: Spiritual Body of Earth! (2)

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Crow had been charging in a straight line, and all of a sudden her left foot struck down at the floor, her massive body executing a flip in midair. Xixi completed the same action simultaneously, and the two sisters actually slammed towards each other abruptly.

At the same time, right where Crow had been about to pass, a giant earth spike slammed out from the ground.

Crow and Xixi slammed together at an unbelievable speed. Strangely, there was no clashing sound of metals.

Crow’s Legendary Axes somehow managed to hook onto Xixi’s axes, and both girls exerted their full power at once, actually flinging each other out.

Indeed. Flinging each other out. Crow was sent flying into the air in a parabolic arc, while Xixi was sent flying in a straight line. As for how their strength had been used in such a manner, no onlooker could tell just from the surface. In such a strange transference of movement, both girls had exchanged opponents, turning into Crow against Bai Qiu and Xixi against Yuling.

Xixi flew directly towards Yuling, but Yuling did not take it lying down. Taking a step forward, the thick yellow light flooded the area, and another large earth spike struck out at Xixi.

On the other side, Crow rose further into the air, her legendary axes spreading out at her sides. The strength of both sisters combined was just too huge, and Crow actually rose more than twenty metres into the air, causing Bai Qiu to stare slack jawed at her.

Right at that instant, a fiery heat burst forth from the skies. From the soaring Crow, a piercing red light shot out, even causing her heavy armour to turn a crimson red. Especially eye catching was her pair of Legendary Axes, directly turning a rich golden red.

The red light from her body formed a giant pillar of light in the air, directly shrouding Bai Qiu’s body.

Bai Qiu’s speed was not bad indeed, but no matter how fast he was, how could he be faster than light itself?

In that moment, Bai Qiu felt as if his entire surrounding was fiery hot. However, he did not sense any offensive attacks on him, instead a powerful control. He was shocked to find that he was actually unable to escape out of the confines of the red light. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

A Fire Attribute Control Skill?! Bai Qiu thought to himself, stunned.

It had to be known that amongst all the elemental Attributes, the Fire Attribute was possibly the weakest in terms of Control Skills. However, what Crow was using now… wasn’t it exactly a Fire Attribute Control Skill? Furthermore, such a Control Skill was so strong that even Bai Qiu with his six-Jeweled cultivation level wasn’t able to break free.

Almost as if on cue, Crow, who had been in midair glowing like the sun, began to swoop down like a falling meteor, targeted straight at Bai Qiu.

Even Zhou Weiqing did not know Crow actually had such a powerful Skill. His confidence in Crow stemmed from his past experiences with her. When Crow was just a mere three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master in the past, she had dared to fight to the bitter end, defeating opponents at the five-Jeweled stage… let alone now! Furthermore, her current fighting experience was already far beyond what it had been at that time. With all the time spent in the Peerless Regiment, the countless tough training and also battles, it could be said that she had improved in every single aspect.

Bai Qiu couldn’t help but stare dumbfounded. At this point, the only thing he could think of was if he was struck by that massive meteoric fireball that was Crow, he would die for sure. He definitely could not block it.

The terrifying pressure and aura that Crow gave forth was far beyond Bai Qiu’s imagination. Furthermore, he could vaguely sense that the power that she was releasing was not just as simple as Heavenly Energy alone.

"If you do not wish to die, jump down now." Xixi’s soft and gentle voice rang out. At the same time, a massive explosion rang out as Xixi’s axes smashed directly into Yuling’s earthen yellow spike.

A spiritual body of Earth truly lived up to its name indeed. With the aid of the earth itself, her strength had reached a terrifying stage. Even for Xixi with all her strength, and in full preparation, exploding out with all her might, she was still sent flying back by the backlash of the blow.

By this time, Yuling had also realised that Bai Qiu was in a bad state, but Crow’s descending meteor-like body was just too quick. Facing Xixi’s full strength had not been too easy for her, even if she had gained the advantage, and she no longer had the chance to rescue him.

Anyone would be afraid of death, let alone a Heavenly Jewel Master who had a bright future ahead of him. Facing an attack that he obviously wouldn’t able to block, Bai Qiu could only sigh inwardly. He burst forth with all of the Heavenly Energy he had, his entire body spinning urgently. With his own body as the central focal point, his Heavenly Energy burst forth without holding back at all, a massive amount of green Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy forming a dragon-like figure charging into the skies towards the fireball that Crow had become. After firing this strongest attack of his own with all his might, he swiftly jumped off the stage. Even if he had to save himself, he still wanted to use up as much of his opponent’s Heavenly Energy as he could, to aid Yuling as much as possible.

Just as Bai Qiu jumped off the stage, the giant fireball and the wind dragon smashed into each other in a massive explosive. However, at the same time, a single axe flew out of the fireball stealthily. Its target was not the other member of the Geritimo Team, Yuling, instead it flew towards Xixi who had been sent flying.

Are they infighting or something? Yuling had also been forced to stagger a step back from the backlash of Xixi’s strength, and as she looked at the flying axe, she couldn’t help but think to herself, puzzled.

Infighting? Naturally, Crow and Xixi would never do such a thing. Xixi lifted up a hand, the axe in her hand miraculously hooking onto the incoming Gold Crow Legendary Axe. Abruptly, she swept it outwards in a powerful fling. In that instant, the falling massive fireball which had just broken past the wind-dragon was actually changed directions, sent flying towards Yuling. Only then did everyone realise that there was a chain attached to the flying Gold Crow Legendary Axe.

Due to Yuling’s spiritual body of Earth, when this fight started, everyone had not looked well upon the pair of Crow and Xixi. In truth, everyone thought that this Geritimo duo would win easily. However, as soon as the fight started, those who had estimated the Heavenly Bow Battle Team realised that they were severely wrong.

From the start of the fight, Crow and Xixi had displayed amazing teamwork and tacit understanding, a perfect mix along with their strength. As a Upper Level Zun Stage powerhouse, Bai Qiu had actually been forced to jump off the stage by them so quickly, and more so… Crow’s attack had not even been ‘wasted’ by that.

When Crow was sent flying towards Yuling, she abruptly tugged onto the chain of the Gold Crow Legendary Axe with all her might. As a result, Xixi was also sent smashing towards Yuling suddenly at high speeds.

In that moment, Xixi’s entire body began to glow with a brilliant blue light, a thick Water Attribute energy reverberation swiftly transforming into ice. Her massive body actually began spinning in mid flight, seeming to huddle into a ball which began to roll. Pulled by the axe and chain, her entire body slowly formed into a massive ice ball full of destructive power rolling at Yuling.

Yuling’s expression turned grave, her legs retreating slightly as she gave a soft shout. Stomping her right foot on the ground, instantly the entire stage turned a thick yellow colour, the Earth Attribute Energy rising fully. Spinning around, her body began to draw in the yellow light, and instead of continuing her retreat, she began to advance towards Crow.

Another massive explosion, and sparks of fire flew about. Crow’s body finally reappeared, and she had to stagger back seven, eight steps before she finally regained her balance.

Covered by the large amounts of Earth Attribute Heavenly Energy, Yuling had transformed into a stone attribute giant. However, she did not have a chance to chase Crow in a follow up attack, as Xixi’s attack had also reached. An Ice Ball following a Fire Ball, this was truly a dance of Fire and Ice.

Both fists slammed upwards, and yet another explosion rang forth. Such a tremendous strength, it actually shook the entire stage, causing dirt and earth to fly out in all directions, as if it had been smashed deeper into the earth.

Xixi’s body was also sent flying just like Crow, while the yellow stone giant that Yuling had transformed into had her legs buried deep into the floor.

The Geritimo Battle Team members who knew Yuling best couldn’t help but draw in a cold breath. They were extremely clear how powerful Yuling was when she used the power of the Spiritual Body of Earth to draw in the strength of the Earth, the terrifying heights of strength she could reach. Even if she had to clash directly with a nine-Jeweled Upper Level Zong Stage powerhouse, in terms of pure physical strength alone she was comparable! Yet, in just two direct clashes with her opponents, her legs had been buried into the earth. One could imagine the sheer strength these two ladies dressed in full heavy armour held.

Xixi’s stumbling body was caught by Crow. Both sisters were equally shocked by Yuling’s strength. Spiritual Body of Earth… one truly could not use normal logic to understand it.

The Earth Attribute Giant that Yuling had transformed into stood unmoving, almost five metres tall.

"Your strengths are truly terrifying indeed. If not for the aid of the earth, even if there were ten of me, I could not possibly compare in terms of strength with just one of you. However, as long as my feet are on the ground, the earth will aid me. As such, even if I am the only one left, you will still be unable to obtain victory."

Yuling’s voice traveled out to them. In just the short clash earlier, both sides had expended a considerable amount of Heavenly Energy, and currently they needed a short time to catch their breaths.

Crow smiled faintly and said: "Your Spiritual Body of Earth is truly strong indeed. Perhaps, if you are able to unleash its full power and capabilities, neither of us will be your match. Alas, you are too stubborn in matching physical strength with us, insisting on clashing head on. Perhaps you are just too confident in yourself. You are right, the Earth Attribute is very strong, having the strongest defense. However, how could a single Attribute, no matter how much to the extreme you bring it, compare with two Attributes at once? Especially… when these two Attributes are perfect reverse polarities? Try for yourself, are you still able to move?"

Yuling started momentarily. In the next instant, a thick Earth Attribute Heavenly Energy rose up, the yellow light bursting forth once more.

Any discerning audience could tell that the stone giant Yuling had warped into was starting to show cracks on its surface.

"Trying to break free now… it is too late." Crow smiled faintly. Lifting her axes, both girls launched their attacks simultaneously. Four giant broad axes flew out, smashing savagely into the stone giant, sending it flying out of the stage.

*PENG* The stone giant shattered in midair, revealing Yuling’s original body. As she flew back, she vomited out a mouth of fresh blood before she was caught by one of the other Geritimo Battle Team members.

In the Heavenly Bow Battle Team rest house, Zhou Weiqing smiled as he said: "Extreme burning heat to dry all moisture, before applying extreme cold to turn the earth brittle. A dance of Fire and Ice indeed! They truly live up to their name… That Yuling did not lose shamefully. Alas, she did not have proper teamwork and tacit understanding with her teammate, otherwise it would have been more troublesome."

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  • gordee


    Dance of fire and ice, leading into a song of ice and fire

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    I was gonna say no Inc*st here but he is marrying triplets so.....

  • GreatApeGogetaSS4


    That spiritual body of earth seems so OP. So she can use earth skills indefinitely as long as her feet are on the ground and match up to a 9 jewelled Heavenly Jewel master in strength?

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