75% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 636: Devouring Earth Spirit! (2)

Chapter 636: Devouring Earth Spirit! (2)

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"True enough… those Heavenly Bow Battle Team fellows are indeed strong, and we are not able to fight against them. Even so, I just feel like by leaving in this manner, it is just so humiliating. We even had to ask the Bai Da Battle Team to help us inform the ZhongTian Empire about us giving up on the tournament. Leader, you saw for yourself what expression those Bai Da Empire fellows had. Hmph… even if they meet the Heavenly Bow Battle Team, they may not fair much better than us."

The team leader gave a long sigh before saying: "Somehow, I feel like our Kalise Empire is not going to have a good time ahead of us. The Bai Da Empire only treats us like a dog, but the Heavenly Bow Empire looks to be growing stronger and stronger. If I did not guess wrongly, the Heavenly Bow Empire should be supported by the Fei Li Empire. Otherwise, where are they getting so much manpower and resources to revive their Empire? It looks like they, are just a dog for the Fei Li Empire."

"Your guess is only half right. Your Kalise Empire will not have good times ahead. However, our Heavenly Bow Empire is still our Heavenly Bow Empire, and the Fei Li Empire is just our ally. Do you really think that everyone is like your Kalise Empire, willing to become mere dogs?"

Along with the abrupt appearance of the voice came a loud crash of lightning, and the horse carriages stalled.

A series of smashing sounds, and all the Kalise Battle Team members rushed out of their horse carriages. All they saw was a grey-clad figure standing right in their path in the road.

Simple grey clothes, bamboo hat, veil. He just stood there, but the impression he gave all the Kalise Battle Team members was that of an insurmountable mountain.

Slowly taking off the bamboo hat, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were filled with a cold light. Under his feet, the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation began to glow brightly, with the purple light of the Lightning Attribute.

"You… you are that person on the stage just now?" A quiver could be heard in the voice of the Kalise Team leader, whose face had changed swiftly. All of the Kalise Battle Team members released their Heavenly Jewels as one as their leader spoke.

It had to be said, when compared to most of the other teams, especially in this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament, the Kalise Battle Team was definitely much weaker. Amongst the six official team members, even the strongest leader was only at the five-Jeweled stage, with two four-Jeweled members, while the rest were only three-Jeweled stage. The two reserve members were also at the three-Jeweled stage. With their team makeup, perhaps it would have been alright for the previous tournament, but in the current one, it would have been impossible for them to go far.

Having just defeated a seven-Jeweled powerhouse, how could Zhou Weiqing not give them immense pressure? Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Zhou Weiqing laughed coldly, saying: "Let me introduce myself. My name is Zhou Weiqing. Perhaps, you might not be familiar with my name. If I did not guess wrongly, you Heavenly Jewel Masters should have been recruited by the Kalise Empire after they destroyed my Heavenly Bow Empire. However, perhaps you will know who I am after I speak of another relationship. My father, he is the Heavenly Bow Empire Admiral Zhou Shui Niu."

The Kalise Battle Team Leader’s face paled further as he looked at Zhou Weiqing, saying: "Sir, you are right. We are Heavenly Jewel Masters who have only been recently recruited by the Kalise Empire, and we are not actually Kalise citizens. If you are willing to let us go, we promise to leave the Kalise Empire, and not work for them any longer."

Zhou Weiqing lifted his right hand, waggling his index finger at them, saying: "Being afraid before you fight, you are not a good leader. If you are already like this, how could your team members possibly have any fighting spirit? I can only say, once you made the choice to join the Kalise Empire, it was already a mistake. What reason do I have to believe you? The only interest I have is crushing all of my enemy’s power, isn’t that right?"

The lifted right hand dropped down at the end of his words, and a thick bluish purple light burst forth.

Eight bouts of lightning, each perfectly landing on one of the Kalise Battle Team members.

With Zhou Weiqing’s control and the speed of the lightning, as well as the absolute suppression of Heavenly Energy levels, these Kalise Battle Team members did not even have time to react, let alone release their own Skills to defend themselves.

As lightning spread through their bodies, they were all left numb and in shock… a sickening burnt smell emitting from their bodies.

In the next instant, a black light appeared stealthily, enveloping all eight of them, and a thick grey light lit up around Zhou Weiqing’s hand.

A few minutes later, the only thing remaining on the road were the shattered remains of the horse carriages and the corpses of the horses which had been slain by the initial lightning attack. The eight Kalise Battle Team members had disappeared totally.

A flash of blood red crossed Zhou Weiqing’s eyes before disappearing, as he looked to the west with a heated gaze. "Kalise Empire… this is just the beginning. Step by step, I will give you back the payment you deserve."

The Heavenly Jewel Tournament proceeded smoothly. As the fourth day of the tournament arrived, the citizens which were now highly anticipating the next performance of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team were disappointed, as their opponent for the day, the Kalise Battle Team, had withdrawn from the tournament, giving them a default win. Currently, with three victories and one loss out of four fights, they were at the third position in the First Group.

Naturally, the top of the group was the ZhongTian Battle Team, and the second was the Dan Dun Battle Team. The latter’s results were currently exactly the same as the Heavenly Bow Battle Team, three victories and one loss, but as the team with the better results last year, they were temporarily positioned at second place.

However, for this fourth day, once again the First Group exploded in another major fight. That was between the Dan Dun Battle Team and the Geritimo Battle Team.

The round lasted four fights, and the Dan Dun Battle Team actually lost one.

The four fights could only be described with the phrase ‘horrifying’. Bai Qiu and another one of the Geritimo Battle Team members were actually killed in battle. The brother and sister pair, Yu Yun and Yuling, managed to achieve victory in the 2v2 fight. Alas, in the fourth match, Yu Yun had lost, not giving his sister chance to fight in the fifth match. The one who defeated Yu Yun was Shen Little Demon, who had also reached the seven-Jeweled stage.

However, though Yu Yun had lost in the end, it could be said that both sides were greatly injured. Shen Little Demon had one arm severely injured, while Yu Yun lapsed into a coma from his serious injuries.

For this round, though the final victor was the Dan Dun Battle Team, the Geritimo Battle Team had definitely won the respects of everyone. They used their blood, courage and fighting spirit to show everyone that the Geritimo Empire would not admit defeat to anyone easily. If someone dared to invade them, they would fight to the bitter end.

The fourth day of the Tournament ended in such a bloody process, after a relatively quiet day.

Zhou Weiqing held Tian’er’s hand as they walked along the streets of the ZhongTian City. Both of them had changed clothes, but they were still wearing the bamboo hats. The reason for that was because Tian’er was just too beautiful, and the selfish Zhou Weiqing did not want to let his wife be seen by others so easily.

"Little Fatty, why did you drag me out here? We’ll be fighting against the Dan Dun Battle Team tomorrow, do you really have that much confidence? You have seen for yourself… their two strongest fighters have not even fought today."

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: "We are going to gift a favour to others. Our Heavenly Bow Empire needs allies, even if this ally is a little far from us."

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