75.47% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 640: Shen Little Demon’s Destruction Fire Phoenix! (1)

Chapter 640: Shen Little Demon’s Destruction Fire Phoenix! (1)

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Later on, she had met Zhou Weiqing in the northern borders once more, and that fellow had actually succeeded in bluffing the Heavenly King Stage powerhouse from the Blood Red Hell, even injuring him severely.

Originally, when Shen Little Demon did not see Zhou Weiqing in the Fei Li Battle Team, she had heaved a sigh of relief. However, she had never imagined that Zhou Weiqing had still participated in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, just that he no longer belonged to the Fei Li Battle Team, nor the ZhongTian Battle Team… instead representing this Heavenly Bow Empire. No wonder… no wonder he would keep wearing that bamboo hat to keep himself hidden. That was clearly targeted at the Dan Dun Battle Team!

Upon hearing the name Zhou Weiqing, the two youths heading the Dan Dun Battle Team had their eyes turn cold. Towards this name, they were not unfamiliar at all. After the last tournament, they had heard Shen Little Demon bring up that name many times. It was also that person who had given the Blood Red Hell an unprecedented disgrace and humiliation. Hearing that this Zhou Weiqing had appeared before them again, becoming the tiger blocking their way1 again, naturally these two youths were not surprised, but filled with an unparalleled fighting spirit. Both their gazes fixed upon Zhou Weiqing, who had stepped out excitedly to receive the returning Ma Qun, a cold killing spirit bursting forth from both of them.

Zhou Weiqing did not even look at them, as if he could not sense anything, just supporting Ma Qun back to their Rest House. As he did so, his left hand subtly extended towards the Dan Dun Battle Team Rest House, pointing out a long middle finger at them, making a pumping motion.

"Bastard!" Some of the Dan Dun Battle Team members jumped up, about to charge at him.

"Stop there." The leading youth said coldly. He ignored Zhou Weiqing’s mocking gesture.

"We will be facing the Heavenly Bow Battle Team tomorrow, what is there to be anxious about. All that he is doing now… is digging his own grave. "

Hearing the youth’s voice, including the agitated Shen Little Demon, all of the team members nodded in full acceptance.

At this point, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team and Bai Da Battle Team began the next fight.

If the first match gave the audience the impression that the victory had been by accident, then the second match was a total one sided slaughter.

Xixi’s overall combat power was even stronger than Ma Qun, and her opponent was weaker than Noris. Furthermore, it was truly unfortunate that this opponent was a Strength type Heavenly Jewel Master, with the same attribute as Ma Qun, a Strength and Earth Heavenly Jewel Master.

This was a direct clash of strength versus strength, and Xixi only used a single round of crazy flurry of blows to break past her opponent’s defense. Once her terrifying axes slammed into her opponent’s body, along with a cold stream of air… in a flash of white light, the opponent had been sliced into several pieces. Furthermore, there was no blood at all, the shattered corpse having been frozen into a large ice cube before being broken.

After the first match had ended, the Bai Da Battle Team members were filled with rage. However, after the second match ended, the Bai Da Battle Team members became silent like a cicada in cold weather 2. Without their leader, they had lost their core and backbone… and Xixi’s merciless slaughter had crushed their confidence and fighting spirit.

The third match did not even proceed, as the Bai Da Battle Team chose to surrender. After all, no one wanted to die, and they would not choose to charge into sure death. At this point, they suddenly remembered how the Kalise Battle Team had run off without fighting, and their scorn towards them, and they felt a sense of shame. Of course, they did not know that by now, those Kalise Empire members were no longer alive.

The fifth day of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament ended smoothly. This time, Zhou Weiqing did not lead his companions to leave early, staying all the way until the end of all the fights before walking out with his companions. Standing at the door of their rest house, his eyes stared straight at the Dan Dun Battle Team.

By then, the Dan Dun Battle Team had also walked out of their own rest house, and their gazes met.

Zhou Weiqing revealed a disdainful smirk on his face, before making a wretched sign at them, his hands lifted towards the Dan Dun Battle Team, gripped in fists, with his thumb sticking out from between his forefinger and middle finger, before waggling them at the Dan Dun Battle Team members.3

Yun Li stood behind Zhou Weiqing, and he just covered his eyes, muttering to himself: "I don’t recognize this fellow."

The youth leader at the head of the Dan Dun Battle Team looked coldly at Zhou Weiqing’s actions, but remained silent. After a while, he said passively: "Let’s go."

Looking at the Dan Dun Battle Team members leave like that, Zhou Weiqing slowly put down his hands, his eyes turning cold and serious. He knew that tomorrow’s fight would definitely be far tougher than the previous Tournament’s fight against the Dan Dun Battle Team with the Fei Li Battle Team.

At this point, the ZhongTian Battle Team walked towards them, with Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er at the head of their party.

As they reached Zhou Weiqing, they stopped. Shangguan Xue’er said coldly: "For Bing’er’s sake, good luck for tomorrow’s fight."

Shangguan Fei’er giggled, glancing at Tian’er beside Zhou Weiqing as she said: "Tomorrow, if you win, I’ll let you kiss me once. Let’s go."

As soon as she said that, the ZhongTian Battle Team members behind here all stared with jaws agape, looking at Zhou Weiqing with strange looks.

Zhou Weiqing’s expression was not too good; that was because he was actually enduring pain. Tian’er was behind him, pinching a soft area of his waist, executing an extremely difficult movement, the famed 360 degree pinch. Of course, the difficulty was for Zhou Weiqing’s skin.

The Heavenly Bow Battle Team returned to their inn, and Zhou Weiqing told the others to rest inside without heading out. He then spoke for a while with Yun Li before leaving with Tian’er.

"Where are we headed today?" Tian’er asked curiously as soon as they left the inn.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: "Since the Dan Dun Battle Team isn’t easy to handle, we should make some preparations. Let us head up the Heavenly Jewel Island."

Tian’er said in surprise: "But… I do not have the plaque to ascend the Heavenly Jewel Island."

Zhou Weiqing said: "That is not a problem. I think, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace should be extremely interested in news regarding the Destruction Attribute… exchanging it for a temporary ascension to the Heavenly Jewel Island should not be a big issue."

By the time the sun rose in the east, bringing light and warmth to this largest city in the continent, it also signalled the beginning of the sixth day of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. This would also be the last day of the preliminary rounds.

Amongst the four groups, only the First Group matches had not ended. That was because they had an extra team compared to the other groups, and naturally needed one more round of fights.

However, none of the citizens would miss today’s fight just because of the limited amount. On the contrary, their emotions were stoked to the highest point. That was because today’s fight had ended up being one of the anticipated highlights, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team against the Dan Dun Battle Team. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

In this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament, these two teams were not seeded teams, but at this point, no one would dare to underestimate any of them.

In their previous matches, they had both only surrendered to the ZhongTian Battle Team without fighting, but had won every other match against all the other teams. Today’s fight was the one which would determine which of the two would actually be able to advance to the next round. From that alone, one could imagine the intensity of the fights.

It was not just the citizens and audience members who were excited. Even the other teams who had completed their preliminary matches did not want to miss this fight, all of them appearing with exception in their respective rest houses.

To be able to witness such an exciting and high quality fight with their own eyes, it could only be of benefit to them.

The Four Seeded Battle Teams. Bao Po Battle Team Rest House.

As everyone knew, the BaoPo Empire was backed by one of the Great Saint Lands, the Passion Valley. For this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament, the Passion Valley had sent out their absolute elite team, managing to advance as the first in Group 2. This also meant their opponent would be the second position of Group 1… and they would face the victor of today’s fight, the Dan Dun Battle Team or Heavenly Bow Battle Team.

The Bao Po Battle Team had a total of eight team members, six regular members and two reserve. Currently, seated at the main seats were a couple acting intimately.

"Big Bro XiHua, what do you think are the odds that the Heavenly Bow Battle Team can defeat the Dan Dun Battle Team?"

Butterfly Orchid The young lady on the main seat asked softly. She was extremely beautiful, looking to be barely twenty years old. However, those who knew her well knew that she was about to celebrate her thirtieth birthday. She had a beautiful name, called Lan HuDie, but the rest of the Passion Valley members called her Butterfly Orchid4, a beautiful flower indeed.

The youth seated beside her also had dashing features, looking extremely suave with an aura of refined and graceful spirituality.

Shaking his head gently, the youth named XiHua hesitated before saying: "It’s really hard to say."

"Hard to say?" Butterfly Orchid stared at her husband in surprise. "Why is it hard to say? The two leading fellows of the Dan Dun Battle Team, they are both at the seven Jeweled cultivation level. Although that Shen Little Demon is also at the seven-Jeweled cultivation stage, she is positioned at the third. It’s clear that their overall power should be far stronger. Do you really think that the Heavenly Bow Battle Team actually has a chance to threaten the Dan Dun Battle Team?"

XiHua sighed gently, saying: "Originally, I also thought that the Dan Dun Battle Team would definitely win. However, yesterday I actually saw their team leader’s face… and I began to think that it’s not going to be just that simple. Although we did not attend the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament, you should have heard of the reason why the Fei Li Battle Team won that time. At that time, they had a three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master who turned the tides of battle, defeating Shen Little Demon in their fight against the Dan Dun Battle Team. That person’s name is Zhou Weiqing. Yesterday, when we returned, I asked someone from the ZhongTian Battle Team and confirmed my suspicions. That person who dared to use those vulgar signs towards the Dan Dun Battle Team… it is that Zhou Weiqing. Three years… it can change many things, especially for a genius level talent. To them, three years can be an extreme qualitative change. Since he was able to defeat Shen Little Demon three years ago, who’s to say he won’t be able to create another miracle three years later? That day, when he fought against Yu Yun, even I was unable to perceive through him."

Butterfly Orchid stuck her tongue out, smiling sweetly at him as she said: "I also couldn’t understand it. When you visited Yu Yun, what did they say? That day you snuck out, but I forgot to ask you when you returned."

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    Fcking inconsistent author. Ma qun is an absolute defense type. What BS strength earth type

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    He’s a berserker. They naturally have strength plus he’s still on the defense get up just he’s able to have offense which is different from his master. The only inconsistency here is how Shen Little Demon went from barely able to make it to the fourth position to being moved up to the third

  • Chirag_shetty


    Why was the a 3 day break lost time between each battles and not this time

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