75.7% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 642: Shen Little Demon’s Destruction Fire Phoenix! (3)

Chapter 642: Shen Little Demon’s Destruction Fire Phoenix! (3)

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At the same time, the giant wings unfurled from behind Zhou Weiqing’s back, flapping abruptly. His entire body rose up like an arrow shot from a bow, and within moments he was more than a hundred metres above ground.

Looking down from such a height of more than a hundred metres, Shen Little Demon on the stage was barely a black dot the size of an ant. Zhou Weiqing spread his wings, stopping just like that in midair, an evil laughter traveling down from above. "Come on! Come hit me then! What are you waiting for?!"

Shen Little Demon missed her first blow, and by the time she realised it, Zhou Weiqing was already far up in the skies. In that instant, even she couldn’t help but stare up, stunned. Previously when she met Zhou Weiqing in the northern borders, he did not have the ability to fly yet! Furthermore, at that time he was already ‘full’ on Consolidated Equipment, even if he raised his cultivation level to the sixth stage, he shouldn’t be able to Consolidate a pair of wings! How did those wings come about?

Zhou Weiqing did not care about what Shen Little Demon was thinking about, casually lounging in the air as he released his Overlord Bow, muttering to himself: "Just shooting a live target, not much of a challenge huh!" His ‘muttering’ was just a tad too loud, so much so that the entire audience could hear him clearly.

It was quite rare that a Heavenly Jewel Master would choose to Consolidate a pair of Wings. After all, it would influence their overall combat prowess. It was definitely more commonly seen for Physical Jewel Masters.

In this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament, this was the first time that someone with wings had appeared, giving the common audience a very interesting sight, as if their eyes had been freshly opened.

A shrill, earsplitting shriek rang out above in the skies, as Zhou Weiqing’s first arrow shot towards Shen Little Demon.

Shen Little Demon gave an angry humph, punching towards the air. A massive explosion, as Zhou Weiqing’s energy arrow was shattered.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: "Block then, let’s see how many arrows you can block." As he said that, he continued firing away with his Overlord Bow, with his Rapid Fire Archery, as if he was a cat playing with a mouse.

In the ZhongTian Battle Team rest house, Shangguan Fei’er was already laughing so hard that she almost collapsed. "That fellow is just too evil, to think of such a method. Sis, what if he uses such a method against you? Luckily, he surrendered to us…"

Shangguan Xue’er said exasperatedly: "That’s what we have you for right? Furthermore, with my sword intent, I can fly temporarily."

Shangguan Fei’er giggled as she said: "Even then, you wouldn’t have the confidence in knocking him down. His archery is accurate in a thousand metre range. Previously, when he first had the idea of creating the Peerless Battalion, he already came up with this plan to bully his enemies from the skies. Such an evil fellow hehe."

Shangguan Fei’er was laughing at her side, but on the stage, Shen Little Demon was fully enraged.

If Zhou Weiqing clashed with her head on, both sides unleashing their biggest skills, even if she lost in the end, it would not feel so bad. However, in this current situation, Zhou Weiqing had already put himself in an impregnable position. With those arrows shooting down at her so rapidly, she did not know what the drain on Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy was, but it was definitely a massive drain on her. That was because she did not know which arrow he shot out would be imbued with Skills.

Originally, even that Heavenly King stage powerhouse from the Blood Red Hell had been blindsided by Zhou Weiqing’s arrows, losing an arm. How could she dare to be careless against him? In such a circumstance, her Heavenly Energy was being expended too quickly, at a much higher rate than Zhou Weiqing.

"Bastard! If you have the ability, come down and slug it out with me!" Shen Little Demon yelled into the skies.

Zhou Weiqing rolled his eyes and said: "Are you an idiot? I am already in an advantageous position, why should I slug it out with you? What is the point? If you have the ability, come up here!"

"Bastard!" Originally, Shen Little Demon was already filled with hate for Zhou Weiqing. Now that she was in such a disadvantaged state from such an approach, how could she take it?

Abruptly raising her head, Shen Little Demon’s eyes suddenly flashed with a thick purple. A deep breath, and her hands raised towards the skies. Instantly, the gold-red flames on the stage rose up, forming a massive fire pillar. Besides the original Light Flames, there was a strangely crazy aura.

Standing at the corner of the stage, Shangguan Longyin could clearly sense the terrifying power within that column. He thought to himself, it’s that Destruction Attribute again!

However, he was not too worried about Zhou Weiqing’s safety. That year, he had just been a mere three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master when he faced up against Shen Little Demon… let alone now when he was at the Zun Stage.

In midair, Zhou Weiqing’s mouth curved into a cold smirk. Although he was more than a hundred metres from the stage, with his vision, how could he not see the flash of purple in Shen Little Demon’s eyes? Destruction Attribute… come on then, give me a taste of it!

A shrill and forceful piercing sound. No one knew what secret arts Shen Little Demon used, and a fire phoenix coalesced above her, one zhang long and with a similar wingspan.

Zhou Weiqing shot a few exploratory arrows, but before they could even reach that strange fire phoenix, they evaporated into nothing.

Although the fire phoenix was not too large, not even comparable to the first attack which Shen Little Demon had shot out at Zhou Weiqing, any discerning audience could tell how terrifying and destructive this Skill would be.

Behind Shen Little Demon, a dark red illusory figure of another fire phoenix subtly appeared. This was clearly a powerful Skill which had a Heavenly Skill Image.

When Zhou Weiqing saw the illusory image, a strange sensation entered his heart. Having entered the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state, it greatly enhanced his Icy Cold Perception. This sensation told him that this Skill that Shen Little Demon had unleashed… using the clash of Heavenly Skill Images would be useless against it. That was to say, even if he unleashed a Heavenly Skill Image against it now, it would not disrupt Shen Little Demon’s Skill.

Could it be because of the Destruction Attribute? This Destruction Attribute seemed to be far above any ordinary Saint Attribute, not even as simple as being fused from Saint Attributes.

That fire phoenix above Shen Little Demon was like an actual entity, every feather could be clearly seen. Its entire body was a gold red colour, which caused the entire air around it to be continually warped and distorted. What Zhou Weiqing noticed most was that this fire phoenix had such a pair of bright purple eyes, making it look even more alive.

In the process of forming the Skill, a unique aura gathered around Shen Little Demon’s body. Even the stage below her was slowly sinking… perhaps more accurately, it was dissolving.

As for Shen Little Demon, her face was growing paler. Even with her seven-Jeweled cultivation level, it looked like it was extremely difficult for her to maintain this Skill.

*Puuu* Shen Little Demon spat out a mouthful of blood and flame. Indeed, blood and flame. As it sprayed onto the Destruction Fire Phoenix in front of her, she crumpled to the ground, and the Fire Phoenix seemed to change instantly. Its gold red body abruptly turned a blood red, shrinking rapidly until it was about half its original size. However, it had truly coleased into nearly a crystalline statue like realism.

"Die, Zhou Weiqing! Destruction Fire Phoenix, Scorch the Earth!" As Shen Little Demon spat out the words, the Fire Phoenix gave off an bright call, flying directly towards Zhou Weiqing swiftly.

Currently, Shangguan Longyin’s expression was filled with shock. Was this girl crazy? That last mouthful she spat out was not just her Natal Core Fire, but also her Natal Core Blood. Her attack might have been strengthened greatly, but at least within a year or more, she would not be able to recover. This was the definition of ‘Killing an enemy by one thousand, losing out by eight hundred! From that alone, one could tell how much she hated Zhou Weiqing.

In mid air, Zhou Weiqing’s expression also changed. The Destruction Fire Phoenix had locked onto him, and his senses towards this terrifying Skill was naturally the deepest.

"This crazy woman. Your Father, I, did not carry her children and jump into a well, did she have to go so far…"

Zhou Weiqing scolded softly, but dared not delay any further. Instantly, the wings behind his back flapped hard, carrying himself higher and higher. Of course, this was not an attempt to deplete the power of the Fire Phoenix, as he knew that was impossible.

Having gained nourishment from Shen Little Demon’s Natal Core Fire and Natal Core Blood, it was as if the Destruction Fire Phoenix came to life, definitely not giving up before accomplishing its task. Furthermore, its energy was contained within, and it could even draw upon the atmospheric Fire Attribute Energy to replenish itself, without worrying it would run out of energy. The act of flying higher now by Zhou Weiqing was just to buy himself time to properly react.

A silver white light flashed in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, and his hands extended on both sides of his body. His left hand turned silver, and his right green, as a thick Wind Attribute and Spatial Attribute Heavenly Energy gathered around his respective hands, compressing together.

Zhou Weiqing’s flying speed was extremely fast, but his hands were moving extremely slowly, as they pressed against each other.

The Destruction Fire Phoenix was extremely fast as well, and where it passed, pitch black cracks were left in the air. Although they quickly closed behind it, the sheer fact it could leave cracks in the space as it passed, was enough to shock everyone. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Finally, Zhou Weiqing’s hands grasped together. In that instant, a strange sight occurred.

In midair, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body exploded forth with a weird aura, a thick green and silver light gathering before his chest, forming a massive ball of light. At the same time, behind Zhou Weiqing, a faint silver image gathered.

It looked like a bird as well, but compared to the Destruction Fire Phoenix, it was much smaller. Due to the fact that Zhou Weiqing was so far up in the sky, very few could actually see clearly what that bird was.

Naturally, Shangguan Longyin was not one of them. In his heart, he exclaimed in surprise: Silver Emperor! That illusory image behind Zhou Weiqing… it’s the Silver Emperor?!

If the illusory image behind Zhou Weiqing’s back was a giant dragon, it would not have given him such a shock. After all, a dragon was a Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beast, and it was normal to have a Heavenly Skill Image. However, the Silver Emperor was merely a Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Beast! He had never heard of a Silver Emperor having any Skill that could bring forth the Heavenly Skill Image. As the Skill Storing Palace Master, Shangguan Longyin was extremely familiar to many various Stored Skills. In the entire mainland, there might be people more powerful than him, but almost no one else would dare say they knew more than him about Stored Skills!

What… This… What is going on? Shangguan Longyin’s heart was filled with shock, and he could no longer understand what Zhou Weiqing was doing.

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    "In this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament, this was the first time that someone with wings had appeared" uhhh. they fought someone with wings already.

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