76.17% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 646: War between Destruction and Creation! (3)

Chapter 646: War between Destruction and Creation! (3)

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In truth, with Zhou Weiqing’s current cultivation level and his current control over the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, he was still far from being able to fuse any Skill of the Heavenly King stage or above.

In a flash, TianMa disappeared, as did the spear in his hands. However, in the next instant, he reappeared behind his elder brother TianFeng, making an action that no one else could understand. His arms wrapped around TianFeng from under his arms, around his chest as he placed his face on TianFeng’s back. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

No matter how one looked at it, the action seemed just to… strange… ambiguous…

However, in the moment that he embraced TianFeng, the bright purple flames around them rose to the extreme, and that terrifying purple light actually caused the already massive hole in the ground they were standing in to slowly sink even further. That was to say… just the aura of those flames alone was able to destroy everything around them. Any Attribute Heavenly Energy close to the purple flames would be instantly disassembled into … nothing.

The horrifying energy reverberation in the air was so strong that Zhou Weiqing’s expression grew even bleaker. The Destruction Attribute energy they were facing was already far beyond the eight-Jeweled stage, and the sense of danger he felt was far beyond even that he had when he was facing the Heavenly King assassin. It was clear that this incoming strike that their foes were preparing was far beyond anything he had faced before.

As soon as TianMa put his arms around him, TianFeng’s eyes closed as his sword pointed into the skies. As the thick purple flames and light wrapped around them, behind the two brothers, the illusory image of a single massive crab, brightly lit in purple, slowly appeared.

This time, the image of the crab was extremely clear, and the entire audience could see the countless massive spikes around the entire crab’s body, as well as the destructive aura it held, as if it was about to destroy the entire world.

The giant crab in the air was more than twenty metres long, its massive pincers slowly raising up, and the bright purple flames around TianFeng and TianMa was slowly being devoured by the crab. Slowly, the tiny eyes, so disproportionate from its giant body, opened…

It was a pair of eyes that were like looking into the depths of hell, and as soon as they opened, the air around seemed to freeze totally. In that instant, even Shangguan Longyin in midair could no longer maintain flight, actually falling down. At the same time, his shocked voice rang out: "Quick! Evacuate the citizens!"

This was the first time in the entire long history of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament that something like this had happened… for a fight between two Battle Teams to actually rise to a point that an evacuation was required. However, Shangguan Longyin could clearly sense that the Destruction power of the brothers TianFeng and TianMa, especially after infusion into that huge, strange crab, had the ability to even threaten him. Furthermore, in that instant, it was as if the giant chasm the four were in was filled with an indescribable aura, and even a top level Heavenly King like him dared not intervene, as if he would be taking on all four of their powers at once.

In the end, everyone was afraid of death, and Shangguan Longyin was no exception. He dared not take the risk.

Both Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er’s smiles had vanished long ago. Shangguan Xue’er had even unleashed her Boundless Infinitum Set, ready to intervene at anytime. Of course, with their cultivation level, all that Shangguan Longyin had sensed, they could also sense it, and they knew that if they forcefully intervened, it was tantamount to seeking death. Even so, their concern for Zhou Weiqing was so great that they primed themselves to do so if things looked bad.

What kind of creature is that? Looking at that massive crab, Shangguan Longyin was left with that burning question.

Previously, the Silver Emperor that Zhou Weiqing had created, at least he had recognized it, though he still wasn’t sure what had happened. However, in his entire life and considerable experience, he had never even heard of such a powerful Heavenly Beast like this crab.

Naturally, Crab Heavenly Beasts were plentiful in the ocean, but they were mostly the bottom of the food chain, and there had never been a case of one with such power, let alone such a terrifying aura. That was to say… this bright purple illusory figure was not as simple as a mere Crab Type Heavenly Beast. In its eyes, there was a wild mania, the cold light of destruction, as it focused on Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er. Just as the giant illusory figure of the crab opened its eyes, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er felt as if their Heavenly Energy was freezing in their bodies, as if they were about to self destruct from within.

This was no simple Heavenly Skill Image! The thought instantly entered Zhou Weiqing’s mind. He was no longer the ‘newbie’ Zhou Weiqing that had first started learning about Heavenly Jewel Masters from Shangguan Bing’er. The current him had seen, experienced and learned so much over the years, and could even be called experienced and well informed. This was especially so after he had taken Long Shiya as his Master, he had learned so much knowledge from his Master, things that he had never even dreamed about previously.

The reason he could tell this crab was not just a Heavenly Skill Image was because within its eyes, Zhou Weiqing could sense… emotion.

A Heavenly Skill Image was merely the reflection of a Skill, that was too powerful to contain and thus was displayed out. Even if there was any emotion, it was just an illusion. Although these Skills could use those images to undergo their attacks or effects, the illusion itself was just that… an illusion, without any life of its own. However, true emotion could only be found on a living creature. For an illusory figure to show illusion… what did that mean?

That could only mean it was not a Heavenly Skill Image. Perhaps, a totemic figure, or even a figure of bloodline creation.

Both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had a similar totemic bloodline image. For Zhou Weiqing, it was currently the Dragon and Tiger, while Tian’er’s was the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger.

However, it was exactly because they had a similar bloodline image that the shock in their hearts was so powerful. That was because they could clearly sense that this bloodline image of the giant crab was far beyond their own, even Zhou Weiqing’s powerful dragon and tiger bloodline fusion. Otherwise, how could the brothers TianFeng and TianMa use this terrifying bloodline power to form an attack?

Heavenly Jewel Island. Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Deep in cultivation, Shangguan Tianyang’s eyes suddenly snapped open. As a max level Heavenly Emperor, in that instant, his eyes were filled with shock.

"Brother." Shangguan Tianyue’s voice also rang out at the same time. "What is going on? That power…"

In a flash, Shangguan Tianyue appeared before Shangguan Tianyang.

A cold light flashed in Shangguan Tianyang’s eyes. "It is from the ZhongTian Grand Plaza."

Shock flashed in Shangguan Tianyue’s eyes. "The Heavenly Jewel Tournament? How is that possible? The strength of the power is not that high, but that level… it actually reminds me of the pressure of that Old Monster Xue AoTian…"

Abruptly, the two brothers’ expressions changed as they both sensed a icy cold aura rise, filled with power. That feeling, it was as if the entire Heavenly Jewel Island was about to be destroyed.

"Quick! Summon all the Elders, deploy the Boundless Infinitium Formation. The ZhongTian Plaza still has more than a million citizens!" As the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Master, Shangguan Tianyang was extremely anxious as he gave the order.

ZhongTian Plaza.

"Tian’er, support me!" Zhou Weiqing said softly. In this moment, if they just made a simple attack, they would definitely die to the destructive power of the large crab. At this point, it was clear that it was too late to disrupt the Skill that TianFeng and TianMa was using, and any attempt at doing so would result in the last crazed killing blow of the massive crab.

The silver white light appeared in both Zhou Weiqing’s and Tian’er’s eyes. If one would describe what was in the crab’s eyes as infinite destruction, then what was in their eyes was infinite light of creation.

Circles of silver white light rose from the two of them without reservation as they held hands. Where their hands met, the silver white light was the strongest, as if their hands had become a gemstone, glowing brilliantly. In their jade-like palms, the energy fluctuation was not especially strong, but when the silver white light rose up, the feeling of self destruction within their bodies vanished.

The pair of massive wings behind his back spread open, and in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, the silver white light began to grow stronger. At the same time, a massive illusory figure began to slowly rise up behind their backs.

Even compared to the massive crab, this illusory figure seemed far more terrifying. It was at least a hundred metres tall, fully grey in colour. The instant it appeared, the entire ZhongTian City fell in temperature, an icy cold feeling causing the entire skies to darken, as if dark clouds had blotted out the entire sun.

An indescribable feeling of awe and dignity rose from the grey figure. Including even Shangguan Tianxin, the ZhongTian Empire Emperor seated on the VIP stand, everyone couldn’t help but feel an urge to kneel down and pay obeisance towards the figure.

Along with the appearance of the illusory figure, the silver-white light around Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s body grew even more brilliant, as if flames that were constantly rising and soaring. At the tip of the flames, a circular halo of silver and white began to infuse into the massive grey figure, causing its illusory body to constantly turn more solid.

Under the orders of Shangguan Longyin, the citizens in the ZhongTian Plaza began to slowly retreat. However, there were so many people there, how could it be so easy for them to evacuate swiftly?

Currently, the entire ZhongTian Plaza was a mess of chaos. Even the ordinary citizens could sense the sheer scale of power that both sides facing off in the chasm. Everyone wanted to leave as quickly as they could, but there were just too many people in the plaza, and it was not so easy to do so as chaos reigned.

As the chaos grew to the point where the crowd was almost beginning to hurt each other as people fell as were almost stepped on, a sudden voice rang out in the air, filled with stately dignity.

"Do not panic. You do not need to leave. The Heaven’s Expanse Palace will take care of the defense for this fight. Boundless Infinitium Formation, Deploy!"

Accompanying the voice were bouts of lights appearing all over the skies, each of them formed from pure Heavenly Energy. Massive amounts of Heavenly Energy poured all over the skies, forming a white cloud, slowly pressuring downwards before spreading out. It was as if a massive shield of light was formed around the chasm, and the four ‘culprits’ within.

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