76.29% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 647: Demon God Finger! (1)

Chapter 647: Demon God Finger! (1)

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The area the shield of light encapsulated was extremely large, not just the original stage, but several times over, especially up into the air. The shield was a faint milky white, but still transparent in nature, allowing those outside to look in. The thick Heavenly Energy reverberations were subtle and well hidden. In the skies, no one knew when but forty nine figures had appeared, all floating in midair. At their head were the Shangguan brothers, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Masters Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue. The forty nine of them unleashed their Heavenly Energy in a unique formation that melded together perfectly, fusing together in a subliminal distillation, rising together to form the strange energy reverberation. Although the shield did not seem particularly thick, but the powerful energy fluctuations and aura that Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er, TianFeng and TianMa gave off, no matter Destruction or Creation, all of it had vanished; at least from the perspective of the outside world.

To the entire ZhongTian Empire, the words Heaven’s Expanse Palace was of paramount importance, of supreme height. As such, as soon as the citizens heard the three words, their fear, panic and nervousness calmed down dramatically. As soon as they saw the miraculous sight in front of their eyes, all of them stopped, silenced, their gazes drawn back to the center of the plaza once more.

Since the Boundless Infinitium Formation’s Shield was translucent in nature, they could all still at least see what was happening within.

As compared to the ordinary citizens and audience members, the respective members of the various Battle Teams had a totally different feeling.

The power that the Heavenly Bow Battle Team and the Dan Dun Battle Team had displayed had already far surpassed their knowledge and experience, even those from the other Great Saint Lands were no exception. However, when the Heaven’s Expanse Palace showed their hand, revealing the Boundless Infinitium Formation’s Shield, the shock in their hearts could only grow stronger, to the max.

All along, everyone accepted that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace was the strongest of the five Great Saint Lands. However, no one had ever seen the true power of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. However, what happened before their eyes truly shocked them to the core.

For the forty nine figures floating in the air, not a single one of them had wings at all. That was to say, all of their cultivation level was at least of the Heavenly King Stage or higher; after all, that was the minimum requirement for flight, outside of wings, to use the Heavenly Dao Energy stage of power to soar in the air.

Forty nine Heavenly King stage powerhouses… and possibly higher! What kind of notion was that? Even the powerful Heavenly Snow Mountain could not present such a powerful formation.

Their overall strength being the strongest had always been the reason why the Heaven’s Expanse Palace was the top of the five Great Saint Lands. Furthermore, who dared say that this was the entirety of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace’s power?

Of course, for the four combatants still facing off against each other, they did not pay much attention to all that had happened outside their fight. Currently, no matter Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er, or the brothers TianFeng and TianMa, they only had their opponents in their eyes. This was especially so for TianFeng and TianMa. When they had unleashed the full power of the Destruction Attribute, they were only left with basic combat instinct. That terrifying Destruction Attribute,, it was even burning up their life force from within to sustain itself, how could they possibly care about anything else?

They massive grey figure behind Zhou Weiqing’s back was growing more and more solid, and slowly they were starting to see that the figure was that a huge man dressed in a grey robe. The grey robe extended all the way past his legs, while on his shoulders, a pair of massive grey pauldrons that were crafted from some unknown materials, lined with bright decorative patterns. A head full of black hair hung loosely behind his back, falling on the massive grey cape that flowed from below the pauldrons, covering his entire back. 0

All around the massive grey figure, the entire air had turned cold to the extreme. His eyes had been closed all this time, and the only thing that could be clearly seen on his face was a strange symbol, which looked like three silk threads tangled with each other, with the three ends sticking out. The sheer aura that the figure emitted was actually able to suppress that terrifying destructive aura of the giant crab across the side.

The giant crab lifted its eyes towards the giant grey figure, but its eyes did not show any hint of fear at all, still filled with the promise of death and destruction. Even though its aura was being suppressed, if one examined them closely, they would discover in its eyes there was a strange light of pondering, as if absorbed in thought.

The silver-white light that was emitting from Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er was growing weaker and weaker, and their faces were also growing paler by the second. This was especially so for Zhou Weiqing, as the one who had actually activated the Skill, his entire body was now trembling slightly. Even he had not imagined that unleashing this Skill would bring such a heavy burden to both of them.

In preparation for today’s fight, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er could be said to have done the maximum they could have. Yesterday, why had they ascended the Heavenly Jewel Island? Naturally, it was to enter the Heavenly Jewel Island’s Skill Storing Palace, and there, misfortune fell upon all the powerful Heavenly Beasts. An entire night of Devouring, and they had ‘visited’ more than twenty Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Beasts. Although they had only Devoured a little from each Heavenly Beast, it was already sufficient for both of them to each gather about a hundred drops of Saint Energy. Of course, in order for Tian’er to access the Heavenly Jewel Island, Zhou Weiqing had also told the Heaven’s Expanse Palace everything they had learned about the Destruction Attribute.

Originally, Zhou Weiqing had thought that since they had almost three hundred drops of Saint Energy between the two of them, and the support of the Saint Energy whirlpool, it should be more than sufficient to sustain the unleashing of this Skill. Alas, when he actually used the Skill, he realised that even the three hundred drops of Saint Energy was actually insufficient! As the Saint Energy infused into the Skill, he felt as if his soul was being sucked out. If not for the large Saint Energy whirlpool swirling violently, perhaps they would have already been drained dry, but even though the whirlpool was working overtime to help replenish them, it was barely able to do so.

That’s it, this is the limit, I can’t hold on much longer! Zhou Weiqing’s body began to shudder violently, as an intense feeling of frailty caused him to be on the verge of breakdown.

Perhaps sensing the condition of his body, just like the previous time when he had revived the Hell’s Angel, at this critical point, the suction of the Saint Energy stopped abruptly, and the massive grey figure stopped the draw of Saint Energy.

However, it was clear that the grey figure looked rather strange, with most of his body still illusory, and only his face was still relatively clear and solid. It was definitely clear that the infusion of Saint Energy from Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er was far from sufficient.

"You only have one second." An ancient, vast and boundless voice rang out in Zhou Weiqing’s mind, shaking him down to his very core and soul.

Only a second? Zhou Weiqing’s heart gripped with shock.

However, he did not hesitate as he raised his left hand instantly, pointing towards the bright purple crab in the air, which had already drawn in the brothers TianFeng and TianMa, and was currently staring at the grey figure.

The giant crab looked extremely fierce, vicious and terrifying, with several hundred sharp spikes from all directions of its body, especially on the edges of its pincers, where the spikes were interlocked in a jagged crisscross pattern. The thick destructive aura constantly burst forth from its body, as its two pincers pointed towards the grey figure that Zhou Weiqing had summoned. Purple light blazed from its eyes, filled with a sense of provocation.

Both Tian’er and Zhou Weiqing were panting heavily from exhaustion, with Tian’er staring at ZHou Weiqing in shock. That was three hundred whole drops of Saint Energy! In both their bodies, there was only the last ten drops that could maintain their little Saint Energy whirlpool, and in a short period of time, it would definitely be difficult to recover to more than a hundred drops of Saint Energy.

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Tian’er asked Zhou Weiqing, her expression still filled with shock. Luckily, after this period of cultivation and training, they had managed to practice using Saint Energy alone when infusing, ensuring that most of their Heavenly Energy was still unused. That way, at least when they used Saint Energy to infuse a Skill, they could still protect themselves after that.

Zhou Weiqing gave a bitter smile and said: "I used… the Ward of the Demon God."

Tian’er’s beautiful eyes widened as she stared at Zhou Weiqing speechlessly. Slowly, she raised her head, looking at the giant grey figure behind his back in disbelief. With a trembling voice, she said: "You… you … actually… wha… revived… the Demon God…?"

Indeed, Zhou Weiqing had truly been just too daring. With just the previous feeling of the summoning of the Hell’s Angel, he had actually dared to attempt to revive the Demon God this time. He knew that it couldn’t possibly be the real Demon God, as a result he had made the attempt. Alas, he had never expected that the requirement for even this illusory Demon God would be such a terrifying amount.

In truth, Zhou Weiqing himself did not know that originally, when he revived the Hell’s Angel, it was just a powerful Heavenly Beast’s Skill. That was to say, the Hell’s Angel was just a normal revival and amplification.

However, the Ward of the Demon God was different, an innate Skill that was granted to him through the bloodline of the Dark Demon God Tiger. The reason why the Dark Demon God Tiger was so powerful was actually because within its bloodline, it had a hint of the actual Demon God’s bloodline power. In fact, what Zhou Weiqing had just attempt to revive was not just a Skill, but the actual Demon God. Let alone three hundred drops of Saint Energy, even thirty thousand drops of Saint Energy would not have been sufficient. Unless… one day, his cultivation level could reach the same level as the Demon God, would such a possibility exist.

However, thanks to the inbuilt self protection of the Saint Energy, the infusion of the Saint Energy had stopped before they were drained dry, allowing the illusion of the Demon God to still have some offensive capabilities.

Just as Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were speaking, the giant grey figure behind Zhou Weiqing finally moved. His actions were extremely simple, just lifting his massive right hand, extending his index finger and pointing towards the giant bright purple crab.

*Puuu* A soft sound, but in that instant, the entire Boundless Infinitium Formation began to shake violently. The brothers Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue’s expressions grew bleak and serious.

The shaking was not due to Heavenly Energy or any energy fluctuations, but a sort of willpower… the will of the Demon God. If not for the fact that Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had just infused too little Saint Energy, no matter how strong the Boundless Infinitium Formation was, it could not possibly contain the Will of the Demon God. With the pride of the Demon God, how could it possibly allow anyone to seal or contain it? Alas, Zhou Weiqing had only revived an illusion, a projection, and the Will was still a bit too weak in that regards.

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