77% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 653: Divine Faith! (1)

Chapter 653: Divine Faith! (1)

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Both of them still remained hand in hand, the unique characteristics of the Time Attribute flourishing to the max as the strange Time energy reverberations caused warping in time all around their bodies, occasionally causing tiny rifts in time and space about them. The lightning explosion attacks were indeed terrifying, but they were just unable to breakthrough their defenses.

All of a sudden, XiHua seemed to realise something. "Not good!" He exclaimed. Before Butterfly Orchid could understand what was going on, his Heavenly Energy flared up explosively, the sword in his hands drawing a circle in midair as he pulled on Butterfly Orchid, and both of them entered the circle. In a flash, they suddenly appeared outside of the area of effect of the lightning pearls.

As soon as they left the area, Butterfly Orchid quickly realised why XiHua would suddenly exclaim out like that.

Zhou Weiqing had been going all out in his attacks, and they were doing well in their defense against him. However, that was a 2v2 fight, not a 1v2 fight! Besides him, there was still that equally dangerous Tian’er! With their status in the Passion Valley, how could they not know where Tian’er was from? XiHua had suddenly thought about how both him and Butterfly Orchid were so focused on the explosions of the lightning attribute attacks, and thus had not sensed any danger from Tian’er, who had not been seen for so long. As a result, that instinctive sense of unease had caused him to not stint on using such a Skill to swiftly leave the area.

Currently, Tian’er had her God Spirit Staff held high above her head, a thick gold light rising into the skies. Behind her back, the illusory image of a six-winged angel was flickering into existence.

A Heavenly Skill Image Skill!

Without even thinking further into it, XiHua already knew that it was just too late to unleash a Skill powerful enough to fight against Tian’er’s Skill in a direct clash. They had already given Tian’er just too much time to slowly gather and unleash that Skill.

The twisting energy fluctuations flowed in the air, forming the illusory figure of a strange creature that Zhou Weiqing had never seen before. As soon as the illusory image appeared, it did not continue to gather into a Skill, instead flying directly towards the six-winged Angel above Tian’er’s head. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

However, just as the illusory image flew out, the illusory image of a large, fat insect appeared in the path, blocking right in front of it and forcefully intercepting it. At the same time, a purplish red glow lit up at the other side.

As XiHua and Butterfly Orchid glanced to the side, they saw Zhou Weiqing grinning at them evilly. Above his head, the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady was swiftly gathering.

Towards the reactions of XiHua and Butterfly Orchid, Zhou Weiqing was inwardly very impressed. Originally, his goal had been to used a continuous onslaught of powerful lightning pearls, forcing them to maintain a defensive state to allow Tian’er to gather a powerful Skill. However, though XiHua had not realised it at first, as soon as he did so he had not hesitated to use a powerful Skill to escape his attack range. In truth, Zhou Weiqing was rather envious of the Skill he had just used, which he recognized swiftly though he did not have it himself. It was a Skill called Spatial Shuttle, very similar to the Blink Skill he had, but not only was the range far greater, it also had greater flexibility in movement, and more importantly, it could bring someone along as well. Of course, the expenditure of Heavenly Energy was correspondingly much higher compared to the Blink Skill as well.

However, Zhou Weiqing’s combat experience was just too rich. As soon as he saw XiHua’s reaction, he counterattacked in a similar fashion, swiftly using the Time Attribute Heavenly Skill Image Skill he had, the Time Reversal. Both sides were using the clash of Heavenly Skill Images to Neutralise the other’s Skills, alas the mantis stalked the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind called Zhou Weiqing!

The crux of the situation was that Zhou Weiqing did not hesitate right after he had disrupted their Heavenly Skill Image Skill, instantly starting on the Dragon Silencing Seal right after.

At this point, one of the major advantages of Zhou Weiqing’s Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation showed itself. The greatest difference between his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation and Long Shiya’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation was that he could ‘store’ a Skill in each of the six ‘angled’ corners of the star hexagon, and with the resonance of the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, he was able to use his Heavenly Energy and activate them at a far faster rate than any other Heavenly Jewel Master.

To unleash any Heavenly Skill Image Skill was a great toll on any Heavenly Jewel Master, no matter if it was just for the purpose of the clash of Heavenly Skill Images. It was extremely difficult to use them in quick succession in such a chaining fashion, unless one’s cultivation level had broken past the Heavenly King Stage, then it would become slightly easier.

In the first place, ordinarily speaking such Skills could only be used by Heavenly King Stage powerhouses and above. The four fighters right now could be said to be highly exceptional and talented, richly endowed by nature. With their mere cultivation stages of six or seven Jewels, they could all use such powerful Skills. However, it was only Zhou Weiqing who could continuously unleash Heavenly Skill Image Skills like that.

XiHua had just unleashed one, and it had been disrupted by Zhou Weiqing. In a short period of time, he would not be able to unleash a second one. Of course, Butterfly Orchid might be able to unleash one, but in the current state of things, she could only disrupt one! Under such a circumstance, no matter Zhou Weiqing or Tian’er, as long as they could unleash their Skill, it would definitely put them in an unassailable advantageous position.

It could be said that from the start of the fight, both XiHua and Butterfly Orchid had fallen into Zhou Weiqing’s trap. Of course, this was also because they were not familiar with his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, allowing such a circumstance to occur.

XiHua and Butterfly Orchid instantly exchanged looks. Both of them were also linked empathically, and their greatest strength was fighting together. Even if they were in such a disadvantaged position, they managed to instantly react.

In a flash, XiHua appeared behind Butterfly Orchid, both his hands pressing on her back. Instantly, with their bodies as the central focal point, a twisted light shook violently outwards, and Butterfly Orchid’s eyes shone brightly at once.

A brilliant, gorgeous coloured butterfly image rose swiftly above her head, but she did not use it in a clash of Heavenly Skill Images. The beautiful butterfly quickly turned clear, and a clear sound rang from Butterfly Orchid’s mouth as the white Consolidated Armour she was wearing flashed with a layer of white, forming a column of white light fusing into the giant butterfly image.

The butterfly was originally a faint blue colour, but as soon as the light column infused into it, many spots of light began to appear on its wings.

Butterfly Goddess of Light. In the world of the Heavenly Beasts, it was the most powerful amongst all Butterfly type beasts, and it was at the same level as the Demonic Dragon Lady, belonging to those which were one step from entering the Heavenly God Stage.

Although its name had the words ‘Light’ within, in truth the Butterfly Goddess of Light was actually a Time Attribute Heavenly Beast. With a brilliant flash along its wings, a faint, twisting light fell upon Zhou Weiqing, who was still in the midst of unleashing the image of the Demonic Dragon Lady.

In that moment, Zhou Weiqing felt as if everything around him turned unreal. Inwardly, he muttered to himself. No good! It was the Cage of Time Skill, able to cause the time he experienced to slow down. That was to say, the Dragon Silencing Seal he was unleashing would also be much slower.

It was not that Zhou Weiqing did not want to use his own Heavenly Skill Image to directly disrupt Butterfly Orchid’s Skills, but she had just unleashed the Skill too quickly.

Such a powerful Skill, yet she had somehow managed to unleash it in barely the time it took for two breaths. Without question, this was because of XiHua’s support. The couple had somehow managed to join their Heavenly Energy together perfectly, to unleash a Skill as one, before actually using the power of the Time Attribute to greatly increase the speed of using the Skill.

This had to be one of the exclusive secret arts of the Passion Valley. As one of the Great Saint Lands, how could they be so easily taken down after all.

A single Cage of Time had caused the Dragon Silencing Seal of Zhou Weiqing’s to become so much slower. However, at this point, for Tian’er’s side, she had finally completed her Skill.

The six-winged angel above Tian’er’s head flapped its wings, and a wave of gold light floated out like a water wave, rushing towards Butterfly Orchid and XiHua.

Butterfly Orchid took a deep breath, and the Butterfly Goddess of Light actually flew out just like that, throwing itself into the sea of gold light.

A strange sight occurred next. The Skill which could summon the Heavenly Skill Image of the six-winged Angel was undoubtedly strong. However, when the Butterfly Goddess of Light touched the gold light, all of the light went through a strange change, fluctuating violently in the air, but it was just unable to fly towards XiHua and Butterfly Orchid.

No matter what a Skill’s effect was, no matter how powerful it was, if it was unable to reach the target, then it would not be able to use its power… it would be useless.

However, one could clearly see that although the couple Butterfly Orchid and XiHua were working together, it was a major struggle for them to face up against Tian’er’s Skill. Both husband and wifes’ faces were extremely bleak, and the Butterfly Goddess of Light in the air was slowly growing dim. However, the six-winged Angel above Tian’er’s head was still brilliantly bright.

A faint purple light lit up in Tian’er’s eyes, and the next sight that appeared was of immense shock to Butterfly Orchid and XiHua. The gold light that soared into the skies actually warped in a strange parabolic arc right back down to return to the six-winged Angel. In that next moment, it actually formed a sword of gold light in the angel’s hands.

How was that possible?!

Shock flashed uncontrollably in XiHua and Butterfly Orchid’s eyes. Being from the Great Saint Lands, they knew that currently the power that Tian’er was using was actual control of the Heavenly Skill Image, a power that only Heavenly King Stage powerhouses and above should be able to use. Furthermore, to be able to carry out control of such offensive nature, not only did it require a massive amount of Heavenly Energy, a sustained level of it, there was also a need for an extremely powerful Spiritual Force to maintain control. Otherwise, it could cause a severe backlash instead.

Tian’er had followed Zhou Weiqing for such a long period of time, and most of the time it was Zhou Weiqing fighting, and she had fallen into the role of supporting him, healing and boosting as required. As such, she had rarely shown her true powers.

Even for Zhou Weiqing, it was the first time that he had seen Tian’er in full power, and he had never expected that her combat abilities were at such an astonishing level. No wonder she had taken so long to actually gather this six-winged Angel!

The blade of light in the six-winged Angel’s hands flashed across the skies, a powerful divine aura spreading out at once, so powerful that even the ordinary audience members in the crowd of the ZhongTian Plaza could sense it. However, not only did this divine aura not harm them, it actually gave them a feeling of being perked up, rousing their vigor and energy. Any of the audience members who felt the aura couldn’t help but reveal a light of devotion in their eyes, with some with lower willpower actually kneeling down right there.

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