77.24% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 655: Breakthrough! Saint Energy entering Death Acupuncture Point! (1)

Chapter 655: Breakthrough! Saint Energy entering Death Acupuncture Point! (1)

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An unexpected joy, a totally unexpected cause for celebration! Zhou Weiqing had certainly not expected it, and even the initiator of the Skill, Tian’er, had not expected it as well.

For a Heavenly Jewel Master with the Divine Attribute to comprehend and gain the Faith (sub)Attribute, it was almost as rare as a Demonic Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master to have the Devour Skill. Of course, the difference was that the Demonic Attribute Devour Skill was an inborn talent, while the Divine Faith was something that had to be comprehended and grasped after cultivation.

In truth, if not for the Saint Energy, Tian’er would most likely never be able to comprehend the profound mysteries of Faith, but she had already succeeded now.

In terms of actual ‘usual’ practical applications or effectiveness, the Divine Faith definitely seemed to pale in comparison to the Devour Skill. However, under unique circumstances like this, the usefulness of the Divine Faith was far more terrifying than even the Devour Skill.

Currently, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er realised that their gain was not just the two hundred drops of Saint Energy each; even their Heavenly Energy had increased greatly. In fact, Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy had already been at the twenty fifth stage, although it had been for quite some time already, he had still been quite a distance from the twenty sixth stage. However, in just a matter of those few moments, he suddenly had a vague feeling of breaking through once more. Tian’er had pretty much the same sensation as Zhou Weiqing feeling was about the same, but due to the fact she was the one who had used the Divine Faith, the increase in Heavenly Energy was even greater for her. Previously, she had been at the first level of the seven-Jeweled stage, and in that short period of time it had reached the maxed level.

However, this time, they could really not continue any longer. Although using the Power of Faith gained from the Divine Faith had given them so much in such a smooth fashion, the Power of Faith in their bodies was already packed to the brim. If they continued trying to absorb it, perhaps it would have an adverse effect or backlash. 0

"Let’s go back." Although the top eight fights had not ended, Zhou Weiqing could no longer wait. Both Tian’er and him needed to start cultivating as soon as possible to quickly transform all the energy they had just absorbed, and make it fully their own. Only at that time could they truly call all this energy their own.

Tian’er’s feeling was far deeper than Zhou Weiqing’s, and she quickly nodded without hesitation. Before the next fight even began, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team had stealthily left their Rest House, heading towards the inn.

As soon as they reached their inn, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er quickly disappeared into their rooms.

The other four team members, including Crow and Ma Qun, gathered together instead.

"What happened in the ZhongTian Plaza just now? Does anyone know?" Ma Qun asked curiously.

Amongst the four, the one with the widest experience and knowledge was definitely Yun Li, and the other three instantly turned to look at him.

Yun Li gave a bitter smile and said: "Don’t look at me, if I knew what was going on, it would be the stranger thing. That fellow Zhou Weiqing is just too disgusting, even his wife is just as disgusting as he is! In the past, I still thought that Lady Tian’er was mainly focused on supporting, who could have guessed… only today would we learn that her combat prowess is actually so strong, to such a shocking level. From the looks of things, perhaps even Zhou Weiqing cannot compare to her!"

Crow nodded in firm agreement, saying: "Just now, that gold light was gathering from all around the entire ZhongTian Plaza, the sensation was truly shocking indeed. This is truly something that no one can confirm… perhaps only those with the backgrounds of the Great Saint Lands might have any idea of what that was."

Ma Qun grinned and said: "Heh heh, no matter what, it is still our Boss’ wife, the stronger she is, the better it is for us all! We have also managed to enter the top four already, and we can soon enter the Heavenly Jewel Island. Ahh, I wish we can hurry up and go up, I truly want to experience it for myself. Crow, didn’t you say there are many good things there? We have won quite some money this time, later you can go choose what you want, your beloved husband will buy it for you!"

For the Heavenly Bow Battle Team side, they were relaxed and easygoing. However, no one noticed that as they left, the Dan Dun Battle Team had also left stealthily.

There was one thing that Ma Qun had been correct. Only those from the Great Saint Lands could possibly recognize what Tian’er had unleashed.

Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er sat cross legged in a meditative position, their four palms held against each other. Naturally, the large Saint Energy whirlpool was necessary for their cultivation. No matter what type of cultivation they were undergoing, with the presence of the large Saint Energy whirlpool, it would bring a result of twice the result with half the effort.

As their Heavenly Energy circulated around their bodies at a crazy speed under their control, they began cultivation in their own respective systems. As their Heavenly Energy crossed the path of the large Saint Energy whirlpool, the impurities in their Heavenly Energy were also swiftly stripped away, disintegrating in the power of the Saint Energy whirlpool.

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At the same time, the smaller Personal Saint Energy whirlpool was also spinning swiftly. With the support of over two hundred drops of Saint Energy, the small whirlpool was clearly spinning at a much faster speed than before. Although it was still not able to form a proper full cycle that could generate Saint Energy by itself, as it slowly grew bigger, their own Heavenly Energy, bones, meridians, internal organs, almost every part was being strengthened slowly, bathed in the silver white light.

Even for Zhou Weiqing’s body, which had evolved several times from the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, he could clearly sense that the Saint Energy was still slowly remoulding and improving his body. From this, one could imagine how powerful and overbearing the Saint Energy truly was.

The twenty five energy whirlpools of the Death Acupuncture Points were spinning crazily, at such speeds that his internal senses and inward vision could not distinguish the actual frequency of the spinning. Subconsciously, he had already entered the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state, the wings behind his back unfurled as it crazily devoured the various atmospheric energies.

As compared to Zhou Weiqing’s crazed speed in cultivation, Tian’er was much slower and stable. With the Divine Faith ability, all Tian’er needed to do was to allow the devout Power of Faith to course through her body, enriching her and improving her. Compared to Zhou Weiqing, her physique and body state was definitely much weaker. Of course, that was only compared to the monstrous Zhou Weiqing, who else could dare say they had a stronger physique or body than a top bloodline Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger? In the entire world, perhaps Zhou Weiqing with his Dragon-Tiger Transformation was one of the rare few had the right to do so.

Comprehension and understanding had already dawned upon Tian’er when she had first gained the Divine Faith, and she could now clearly sense that with the Divine Attribute, she would definitely gain a lot from the Power of Faith. As long as she continued allowing herself to bath and soak in the Power of Faith, then her future cultivation bottlenecks that other ordinary Heavenly Jewel Masters might meet would definitely be much smaller.

As such, as compared to Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er did not rush to breakthrough. Do not just look on the surface of Zhou Weiqing’s Immortal Deity Technique and how it caused him so much pain or be on the verge of death all the time. However, it had also built up that steel clad will that he had, forging it in the fires of immense torture. The sheer toughness, strength and flexibility of his meridian channels and acupoints were also greatly improved through that. Although Zhou Weiqing was only at the six-Jeweled stage, his foundations were extremely stable, and with his physique, he did not need to worry about being able to withstand it at all.

Zhou Weiqing’s Immortal Deity Technique was split into four sections, and currently he was at the later stages of the third section. Amongst all four sections, the third section had the greatest amounts of Death Acupuncture Points, fourteen in total, and they were all Death Acupuncture Points in the chest area. Currently, there were still the last two remaining before he would finally complete the third section of the Immortal Deity Technique and reach the fourth stage.

With a soft *Puuu* sound, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body shuddered. Tian’er could clearly sense the changes within him. He had broken through!

At this moment, the tacit understanding between Tian’er and Zhou Weiqing showed itself. Without any hesitation, without any prompting, she instantly stopped her own cultivation, fully sending her Heavenly Energy into the large Saint Energy whirlpool and allowing Zhou Weiqing to fully control and access the large Saint Energy whirlpool.

The thirteenth chest Death Acupuncture Point, the Zhangmen Acupuncture Point.1

Position: Right at the median axillary line, at the front of the first costa fluctuantes ribs, at the point where the elbow would reach one’s body.

Characteristics: The Liver Meridians, meeting the branch of the spleen meridian and jueyin meridian, considered the focal accumulation point of the abdomen front. Once struck, it would cause spleen and liver trauma, destroying the stomach muscles and even stalling blood flow in the area.

The Zhangmen Acupuncture Point was one of the more important Death Acupuncture Points, and once attacked could definitely cause death swiftly. Breaking the ribs where the Zhangmen Acupuncture Point was would instantly puncture the liver as well.

The Zhangmen Acupuncture Points on both sides of Zhou Weiqing’s body broke through almost instantly, and in that moment, the entire room was filled with a silver white light, shining brightly.

Originally, the Saint Energy whirlpool which was only at Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s hands suddenly appeared outside, a massive silver-white whirlpool forming around the two of them entirely as it spun violently. The smaller Saint Energy whirlpool within Zhou Weiqing’s body also began to spin faster and faster, and his entire body, including his wings, were stained a silver-white colour.

Zhou Weiqing began to shudder violently, but it only lasted the time to take three breaths before he stopped, the expression and colour of his face returning to his normal calm. Vaguely, one could observe that all of his currently open Death Acupuncture Point, there was an energy whirlpool swirling around with the Saint Energy from the air, starting to turn a silver white colour.

Including the freshly opened two Zhangmen Acupuncture Points, one left and right, became part of this whirlpool. At the same time, the Heavenly Energy reverberations that Zhou Weiqing was giving off was obviously increasing.

To complete such a massive breakthrough of the Immortal Deity Technique, and at such a fast pace, allowing his cultivation level to increase dramatically… all of this, Zhou Weiqing had not dared to imagine. Although the pain of breakthrough was still extremely intense, it had only lasted for such a short time before the Zhangmen Acupuncture Point had completed its transformation. This was definitely the contribution of the Saint Energy.

Everytime Zhou Weiqing opened a new Death Acupuncture Point, his entire Heavenly Energy circulation would flow smoother and swifter, and each of the individual energy whirlpools of the respective Death Acupuncture Points would also have slight changes. Currently, he could clearly sense that when his Heavenly Energy had burst in such an increase, all of the silver white light of his meridian channels had grown stronger, especially that of his energy whirlpools in the Death Acupuncture Points. At the same time, the amount of Saint Energy in his own personal Saint Energy whirlpool had dropped by a hundred drops!

After discovering this situation, Zhou Weiqing was not startled or afraid, instead feeling overjoyed. He knew that this could only be a good thing for him. Having the Saint Energy fully infused into the Immortal Deity Technique meant that it would be able to support the cultivation of his Immortal Deity Technique, further improving his speed of cultivating Heavenly Energy. If he could, he would even be willing to infuse all of his Saint Energy into all of his Death Acupuncture energy whirlpools.

Of course, that was not possible at all. After some testing, Zhou Weiqing quickly discovered that he was unable to accomplish that.

After gaining the Saint Energy, this was the second time that he had broken through in his Heavenly Energy stage. The previous time he had broken through, both he and Tian’er still had very little Saint Energy. This time, they had far surpassed the hundred drop mark, and he had a totally fresh and new sensation. After a few tries, Zhou Weiqing realised what it was.

In order to allow the Saint Energy to fully merge into his Death Acupuncture Points permanently, it could only be accomplished in that single instant when his Heavenly Energy was breaking through, right as the Immortal Deity Technique was taking the next step and breaking through one of his Death Acupuncture Points.

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