79.12% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 671: Seven Jewels. Low Level Zong Stage! (2)

Chapter 671: Seven Jewels. Low Level Zong Stage! (2)

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"Reporting, Commander. The Kalise Empire has established a defensive line in the north with a total of twelve Regiments of army strength, of which five come from the Bai Da Empire. I have already noted the position on the sand table map."

As he said that, he pointed to the huge sand table in the middle of the meeting hall. "From the looks of things, the Kalise Empire does not have any intention of attacking us. In a similar fashion to us, their formations are all in defensive positions and arrangements. According to our scouts, the Kalise Empire do not have any plans to attack. In fact, the Bai Da Empire has stationed another six Regiments in the south region of the Kalise Empire, ready to reinforce the defensive lines at short notice."

Ming Yu nodded before his gaze turned to Yan Zhexi. "Zhexi, when you return, I want you to begin recruitment of troops again. I will give you three months… I need you to recruit another forty thousand troops and begin their training."

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"Ahh?" Yan Zhexi was greatly surprised by the command. "Commander, if we do so… our supplies…"

Ming Yu smiled passively, revealing a look of wisdom with everything in his grasp. "Do not worry, just do as I say. I'm afraid that in the very near future, there will be massive changes coming to the south. Our previous deductions were not wrong at all, the Bai Da Empire has definitely come to an agreement with the Dan Dun Empire, and they are united in purpose at least."

Pausing as he looked around at the confused and curious looks around him, Ming Yu continued: "The reason why I am so sure of that is by looking and analysing the situation from a military point of view. Simply put… if I am in charge of the Bai Da Empire, and I find a nail has pierced into my body… this Heavenly Bow Empire… what would I do? I should definitely pull it out as quickly as possible, otherwise the damage the nail does will keep growing. However… the Bai Da Empire did not do such a thing, to gather a massive army to wipe us out as quickly as possible. What does that mean? That can only mean they have something more important to do…"

"Looking at the current situation as well as the map of the mainland… in the south, the Bai Da Empire is closely situated to the Dan Dun Empire. If there was anything important for them, it can only be two possibilities. One – they are about to start a war with the Dan Dun Empire. Second – They are allying with the Dan Dun Empire to accomplish something big. Clearly, the latter is what is happening now."

"The Dan Dun Empire is one of the stronger empires in its own right, especially with one of the Great Saint Lands, the Blood Red Hell. Added on to the Bai Da Empire, they pretty much already have the power to try and contest the ZhongTian Empire. With such a major power gathered in the south, I cannot believe that they will sit around doing nothing. It looks like the Geritimo Empire is in big trouble. This time, the Dan Dun Empire will not be giving them another chance to recover."

"With all those possibilities in mind, our existence and continued presence could possibly become the future defensive line that the Bai Da Empire and Dan Dun Empire chooses to breakthrough after… In such a circumstance, do you think that the ZhongTian Empire and Fei Li Empire would possibly reduce sending us as much resources as possible? Zhexi, this time, when you begin your recruitment, do not limit it to our Heavenly Bow Empire borders. Go to the various border cities of the Fei Li Empire and ZhongTian Empire, don't let either of them go. You can raise the pay and treatment promised slightly, but try to draw in more of their citizens to join in our army. Our Heavenly Bow Empire is just too small, and our population cannot sustain too much more recruitment. Since they are using us as shields, we do not need to be too polite in this matter."

Hearing the step by step analysis by Ming Yu, all the officials slowly revealed convinced looks. At the other side, Hua Feng smiled faintly and said: "I begin to understand why that rascal Weiqing was willing to leave full power in your hands. This is truly a wise and accurate decision. He is no match for you in this matter."

Ming Yu smiled and stood up, his eyes shining brilliantly. "Heroes arise when times are troubled. All of us present here, myself included, we all wish to become the heroes for the Heavenly Bow Empire, even heroes for the entire Mainland. The Bai Da Empire and Dan Dun Empire are indeed powerful in combination, but this is also a chance for us. I love war, especially the sense of control I can feel in the midst of war. Let us use victory after victory to bring up our Heavenly Bow Empire together."

As he spoke up to that point, Ming Yu's voice paused for a moment as he looked into the distance in the direction of the ZhongTian Empire. After a while, he turned back to Hua Feng and said: "Teacher, you are wrong, it is not that Zhou Weiqing is no match for me… in truth, he is already standing in a position far above mine."

Ming Yu's face revealed a hint of mixed emotions, respect, disappointment and unwillingness, but it was quickly replaced with a faint smile. "Although I am not willing to admit it, that fellow is able to take a far and broad view from a much higher position than I have at an earlier time."

Looking at the curious expressions on the officials faces around him, Ming Yu laughed and said: "Do you think I am exaggerating things or trying to flatter him? No, I have always been a person who speaks the truth bluntly, no matter for myself or others. This was also why I was not able to have a good time in the Fei Li Empire… in terms of military matters, I have never been a person who was willing to be under others. However, I have to admit that Zhou Weiqing has earned my respect. Even for myself, all of what I said earlier was an analysis that I had come up with recently. Yet, have you all thought about who it was who brought all of you into the Heavenly Bow Empire in such a perfect timing. If he did not grasp the situation of the entire mainland, how could you all possibly succeed in grabbing a piece of pie from the Bai Da Empire's mouth so easily and build up your own power again?"

The entire meeting hall turned silent, as a look of helpless respect flashed across Ming Yu's face.

Only one person was the exception, looking nonchalant. Mu En's tiny frame was not obvious in the entire meeting hall at all, but he was thinking to himself secretly: What bullshit vision and vantage point… that little brat has just some insane luck!

Brilliant, eye-catching silver light soared into the skies, the boundless Saint Energy that seemed to encompass everything turning into circles and circles of light, spreading out everywhere. In the center of the light, two people slowly opened their eyes. Zhou Weiqing held onto Tian'er as they jumped up as one. Laughing heartily, he looked to his arms. On his wrists, the Icy Jade Physical Jewels and Alexandrite Cat's Eye Elemental Jewels swirled around beautifully, displaying the now seven Jewels each now.

Currently, he was not in the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state, but his skin was glowing with a layer of faint gold light. Within his eyes, a dim silver light could be vaguely seen.

One month. From the time they had arrived in the Lustre Spatial Realm up until now, it had been an entire month. Zhou Weiqing, Tian'er and the other girls had been cultivating non stop in closed door cultivation for this entire month.

After Zhou Weiqing's Heavenly Energy had broken through to the twenty seventh stage, he did not stop as it continued rising. At last, in the previous moment, Zhou Weiqing had finally broken through to the twenty eighth stage, which was also the first successful Death Acupuncture Point in the head area for him. At the same time, his cultivation stage had finally reached the seventh Jewel.

It was not just Zhou Weiqing. Tian'er, as well as the three Shangguan Sisters who were just opening their eyes behind them… all of them had raised at least one level of Heavenly Energy.

Shangguan Xue'er had even stepped into the realm of the eighth Jewel.

The true strength and use of the Saint Energy was slowly presenting itself. At this moment, the Saint Energy within both Zhou Weiqing and Tian'er's body had reached six hundred drops respectively. Constantly bathed and nourished by this large amount of Saint Energy, their bodies were also undergoing constant evolving.

At that moment, a sudden feeling in their soul roused their attention. The mother dragon who had been in a deep sleep all this while slowly opened her eyes. "You all have finally awoken." Although she had just awoken from deep sleep, her eyes revealed an obvious restless impatience. Clearly, her sleep had not been a good one.

Although the mother dragon had been resting all this while, she had kept a threat of awareness focused on Zhou Weiqing and the others, awaiting the end of their cultivation so they could begin reviving her husband. If not for the fact that the Saint Energy reverberations that Zhou Weiqing and Tian'er were giving forth continually nourished her husband's body, allowing it to maintain its life, perhaps she would not have been able to resist waking them earlier.

She could definitely understand the principle that grinding a chopper will not hold up the cutting process 1, and was thus able to hold herself back until now.

"Senior, may I know how to address you properly?" Zhou Weiqing asked. At this current moment, he felt as if his entire body was filled with immense power, the sense of power and freedom upon breaking through gave him a bit more confidence towards reviving the dragon. Breaking through from the sixth-Jeweled stage to the seven-Jeweled stage could be said to be one of the major barriers for most Heavenly Jewel Masters, from the Zun Stage to the Zong Stage, tantamount to breaking past the 'second-rate' Heavenly Jewel Master into the ranks of the 'first-rate' ones. At the Zong Stage, their senses towards the atmospheric Heavenly Energy would increase drastically, and the strength of their physique as well as the ability to use atmospheric energy in their own Skills was all strengthened in an overall major power boost.

Previously, though Zhou Weiqing had been able to use the Demonic Change State, and later on the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, to increase his own power, that was still after all not an actual Zong Stage body. Now, he had full confidence that he could face any enemy below the Heavenly King Stage, even if they were top elites from any Great Saint Lands.

The mother dragon nodded towards Zhou Weiqing and said: "My name is Duo Si, my husband's name is Hui Yao."

Zhou Weiqing continued: "Duo Si, let us begin then. We will need you to act together with us."

Duo Si nodded, her eyes filled with fervent glow as she looked towards her husband. Slowly, her giant dragon body got up, eyes filled with love. If she could revive her husband, even if it was at the expense of her life, she would be absolutely willing.

Zhou Weiqing continued: "There will be two steps to the revival process. First of all, what we need to do is to draw out that destructive energy from your husband's body before we can actually revive him. However, the sheer power of that energy is far beyond what we can contain or withstand, as such, during this process of drawing it out, we will need to trouble you to control that power, and prevent the outflow of it from being too great. I will be using the Devour Skill to slowly draw it out with your aid, only then can we ensure safety."

Duo Si's eyes were filled with worry. "That energy… it is extremely terrifying. Even just a little bit of it isn't that easy to withstand. Are you certain you can handle it?"

Zhou Weiqing and Tian'er both exchanged looks before saying: "We have confidence. No matter what, we have to give it a try." Although Zhou Weiqing knew that Duo Si could have sensed a little about their Saint Energy, he did not wish to spell it out. The Saint Energy was of utmost importance, and he would prefer to keep it a secret as much as possible.

Looking at Zhou Weiqing and Tian'er's resolute eyes, Duo Si felt her own confidence increase slightly. The massive wings behind her back unfurled, and in a single stride, she reached her husband's body, slowly wrapping her wings around them to embrace the still warm corpse of her husband.

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