99.71% True Martial World / Chapter 1378: Female Attendant

Chapter 1378: Female Attendant

Translator: CKtalon Editor: CKtalon

At that moment, the attendant that greeted Yi Yun returned. Following him was another thin and tiny middle-aged alchemist dressed in black and white. He had a sullen expression.

"Sir, I have already inquired for you. Our store has three of the herbs you are looking for: Ghee Fragrance, Snakethroat Grass, and Dragon Bloodworm," said the attendant.

Yi Yun was delighted. He never expected to be able to buy that many rare herbs at one go. He was pleasantly surprised that he could find three strains on sale.

"How much Spirit Jade for these three strains of herbs?" asked Yi Yun.

The attendant smiled and said, "Sir, our Heaven Refinement Pavilion seldom sells its herbs to external parties. Furthermore, our selling price is relatively higher than most."

"How much is it exactly?" asked Yi Yun calmly. In fact, he was already prepared to pay more Spirit Jade when he came to the Martial Numinous clan. The person had only said those things to admonish him.


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