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Chapter 71: Devil's Footwork

Translator: CKtalon Editor: CKtalon

"You don't know Tu Dahei! He is considered the most death-fearing rookie in the history of [Gaia]!"

When Yang Weiwei said those words, her eyes were filled with admiration.

Xia Lin could not help but exclaim, "The most death-fearing?"

Yang Weiwei smiled slightly and said, "Yes, Tu Dahei is extremely, extremely afraid of death. It is even so in the virtual world! And it's because he's afraid of death that makes him possess life-preserving methods that astound people. It is said that Shi Xiaobai fell in love with Tu Dahei because of his impressive ability of staying alive!"

"Do you get it? Manager Xia, this seven-person free-for-all is not a competition of strength. How to survive is the key to victory! If it was Tu Dahei, because of his fear of death, he would keep a very, very low profile right from the beginning. He would try his best to keep his presence to the minimum. Even if he is no match for the other contestants, he will hide from them better than anyone. He will definitely try his best to survive!"

"So Tu Dahei might not clinch final victory, but he will definitely not be the first loser! And if he is lucky, the death-fearing Tu Dahei's hiding and dodging might allow him to survive until there're only two people left!"

Xia Lin was stunned hearing this. He began murmuring to himself, "The person who fears death the most knows how to survive the best..."

For [Gaia] branch, as long as they were not placed last, it would be a tremendous improvement. Clearly, Wang Qiang would not be able to do it. He was not strong, furthermore, he was too provocative.

And if Tu Dahei was as Yang Weiwei described—a person who kept a low profile and was afraid of death—a miracle might be created?

"Alright, let's do it. Weiwei, contact Tu Dahei. He shall be this week's contestant! Also, if [Gaia] branch can escape the fate of being last this week, I'll double your salary and promote you!"

Xia Lin patted Yang Weiwei on the shoulder, calling out a rare "Weiwei".

Yang Weiwei was surprised. She was just trying to get out of this cramped room, who knew that she would receive such a pleasant surprise?

At that moment, Yang Weiwei felt that in this game called life, learning the technique of "speaking nonsense" was awesome!



In the virtual world, two figures were chasing each other with a giant colosseum as the background. It looked like they were having fun, but the atmosphere felt like enemies chasing after each other. One of them was dressed in a clown costume while the other one was brandishing a red saber. He was constantly attempting to slash at the clown.

The saber beams were bright red in color. Every slash seemed to burst out into a cold blood splash. But upon careful inspection, regardless of which angle the saber sliced in—top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right, or right to left—it was unable to touch the clown in any way. The clown's footwork was extremely strange, as though it was a devilish crab. And it was this strange footwork that would dodge several saber beams from a slight move from time to time.

The saber-wielding person appeared extremely irritated. The way he slashed his saber was already random without pattern. He was grumbling softly, swinging his saber at the clown who was running and stopping from time to time. Sometimes, he even used his saber as a projectile as though he was a child that had been teased to the point of losing his mind.

As for the clown, every time the saber-wielding person threw his saber, he would stop at his spot to wait for his opponent to pick up his saber. He did not attack the saber-wielding person at all, right from the beginning. His motions were not elegant, but the way he deftly avoided attacks made him look like an elegant gentleman.

Of course, in the eyes of the saber-wielding person, this extremely provocative clown that kept dodging was like an old hooligan who sexually assaulted women!


Suddenly, the saber-wielding person shouted. The flames in his eyes were flaring as he turned around and produced a cross cut with a vertical split. In an instant, he completed slashes from eight different directions. Eight red saber beams flew at an extremely fast speed at the clown, as though it was sealing off any route of escape!

"Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!"

Eight flesh tearing sounds erupted, as the clown's body was split into 9 sections instantly!

The saber-wielding person, having appeared to have completed his assault, sighed heavily instead. The sigh was filled with a deep sense of exhaustion.

The nine body sections distorted and disappeared into the light. It was just a phantom image!

The true clown was standing behind the saber-wielding person. He patted the saber-wielding person on the shoulder and whispered, "You can do it."

These three words seemed to give the saber-wielder infinite motivation, hence he...threw the blood saber to the ground. With a grumble he sat on the cement ground. With his sad and indignant look, he announced his wish to die.

"God DogLeading, please do me a favor and give me a quick death!"

Wang Qiang was very, very tired. It was a tiredness that came from his heart. He looked up at "IChooseDogLeading" who was dressed in a clown costume and had a clown mask on his face. This figure that was standing not very far from him had given him deep sorrowful feelings and an anger that came from the bottom of his heart.

"It's been an hour, a whole hour. Haven't you had enough fun?"

Noticing "IChooseDogLeading" standing there motionless, Wang Qiang could not help but shout out in anger.

This game of cat-and-mouse battle had lasted for an hour. Very early on, Wang Qiang had came to the conclusion that "IChooseDogLeading" was a darn smurf. That free and easy dodging posture, that funny but agile Crab Steps, and that Wavelet Shield which would remove any danger at the most critical moment, had dodged his attacks numerous times, as well as resolve his attacks numerous times. The abuse had disheartened him, making him question life.

Wang Qiang once thought of choosing to quit, but his laughable pride made him persist on.

This was because he was also a smurf. In reality, he was at the seventh level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. He lowered his power to the third level to enjoy the feeling of smurfing noobs. Of course, he would occasionally encounter more powerful smurfs too, but this was the first time he met such a sick smurf like "IChooseDogLeading".

This sick bastard did not use a single Psionic Ability offensive skill throughout the process. All he did was dodge and the way he dodged was not simple jumping up and down or scurrying around the battle grounds. Instead, the sick bastard would quietly stand on the spot and wait for his saber to slash over before easily dodging it. When he was infuriated and began to randomly slash forward in a charge, the sick bastard would use that bizarre and unpredictable Crab Steps to dodge them all. And before he even realized it, the sick bastard would appear behind him, patting on his shoulder and encourage him with a "You can do it!".

Sometimes, he would think that he had finally struck the sick bastard, but a shield would appear at the critical moment to block the attack. Other times, he would think that he had finally split the sick bastard into two, but be shocked to realize that it was just an unbelievable illusion.

Wang Qiang's strength was at the seventh level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, yet he was being toyed in a third level match. Hence, he came up with the simple conclusion that "IChooseDogLeading" was a smurf much more powerful than him.

Wang Qiang, who was also a smurf, also deeply understood why "IChooseDogLeading" did not use his Psionic Ability offensive skills the entire time.

"He is enjoying the pleasure of smurfing his enemies till they quit!"

Wang Qiang believed he had guessed at the answer. To prevent "IChooseDogLeading" from getting his wish, he had persisted on for an hour and did not choose to quit.

And the most important reason was that he wished to seize the opportunity to slash "IChooseDogLeading" to death and then mock him, "Idiot, you fucked up, huh?"

However, at this moment, Wang Qiang finally came to realize the harsh reality. There was no way he could slash "IChooseDogLeading". That clearly wasn't Crab Steps, that was clearly a devil's footwork in the guise of a D Class technique!

Wang Qiang felt despair and anger simultaneously.

Don't you enjoy the pleasure of smurfing your enemy till they quit?

Fine, I will not run then!

If you have the guts, then kill me!

With this thought in mind, Wang Qiang threw his saber and sat on the cement floor in the arena. His intentions were clear. I'm not playing with you, do whatever you wish!

IChooseDogLeading seemed to be surprised for a moment before he suddenly waved his fists and shout, "You can do it! Don't give up! Believe in yourself! Believe in miracles!"

Wang Qiang's lips twisted as he said with a deep voice, "God DogLeading, hurry up and give me a quick death! There is no phrase known as 'running away' in my, King of Leopards' dictionary. If you insist on not attacking, I'll keep sitting here. We can both waste time here together!"

IChooseDogLeading fell into silence for a few moments before he sighed and said, "You win."

Wang Qiang was stunned, what did that mean?

"Player IChooseDogLeading has left the room."

  1. Green has the connotations of being a cuckold in Chinese, especially in 'wearing a green hat'.


  • EdwinTr


    Hahaha he thinks he's a smurf 😂😂😂 and that Yan Yan sister is getting more and more corrupted😂😂😂

  • Xyverxin


    I don't know why,, But I keep on liking this girl "yang weiwei" becuase of her nonsense xD

  • QiLin_Ah



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