13.37% Absolute Choice / Chapter 78: Princess Xiao Xiao

Chapter 78: Princess Xiao Xiao

Translator: CKtalon Editor: CKtalon

IAmNoPig was eliminated just like that? As the screen did not switch in time, no one knew what had happened. But as a result of what Biscuit and Sweets just said, the first thing that came to mind was—WindWithoutTrace and IAmNoPig's team had a rift, resulting in WindWithoutTrace killing IAmNoPig for the "Energy Pearl" and a point.

Or it could be said that this was the most logical explanation.

By the time the director switched the cameras to where IAmNoPig was, everyone was surprised to discover IAmNoPig lying on the ground. Protruding out of his fat chest was a silver shimmering crystal arrow! The crystal arrow had pierced through his chest from the back, while the cold arrowhead was still dripping with blood.

And what was oddest was that there was a hole spewing blood from IAmNoPig's throat!

These were two clearly different injuries, done by two different people. In the first few minutes of the match, two people had simultaneously attacked IAmNoPig?

What the hell was going on?

Thankfully, there was a tracking camera that followed every contestant, hence, the director aired the lost scenes.

The director replayed the last three seconds before IAmNoPig died. At that moment, WindWithoutTrace was putting away the "Energy Pearl", while IAmNoPig was smiling in an honest and silly manner, as though he did not mind.

Suddenly, a crystal arrow tore through the void from the shadows. WindWithoutTrace was first to react as he gave a warning shout. Although IAmNoPig took a moment to react, he managed to produce a Psionic Barrier that enveloped his entire body. However, the crystal arrow instantly shattered his barrier, piercing through his back and out front, splattering immense amounts of hot blood.

IAmNoPig did not die immediately. He took a step forward and pointed to WindWithoutTrace's chest while saying with a trembling voice, "Energy Pearl...give...me."

The Energy Pearl could recover a contestant's Psionic Power, stamina and health; hence, IAmNoPig immediately placed his hopes on the Energy Pearl before he died. He took another step forward, hoping that WindWithoutTrace would hold him up and give him the Energy Pearl.

However, what awaited IAmNoPig was a sudden stab from WindWithoutTrace. The spear penetrated his throat, causing him to fall backwards. When the crystal arrow's tail hit the ground, the crystal arrow that had half penetrated his body immediately pierced upwards, causing his entire chest to open up. At the same time, large volumes of blood spewed out from the hole in his throat. Two fatal injuries very quickly took IAmNoPig's life away.

At the moment IAmNoPig's consciousness left the virtual world, WindWithoutTrace said coldly, "Since you are about to die, I'll take this kill. Don't worry, I will kill the person who sneaked up on you to avenge you."

WindWithoutTrace did not give IAmNoPig another glance. He immediately turned around and used his Wind Walk to head in the direction from where the crystal arrow came.

This short replay did not last more than ten seconds, yet it caused a repressive situation amongst the audience. From their point of view, WindWithoutTrace definitely had sufficient time to push IAmNoPig out of the crystal arrow's attack range. He could also have used the Energy Pearl to save IAmNoPig's life. However, he did not do any of that. Instead, he added on a stab so as to score the kill!

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Just because it was a virtual world, could life be treated so lightly?

The two commentators also fell silent. Although everything was virtual, a competition that did not amount to anything, it was impossible to approbate WindWithoutTrace's actions. They even wanted to denunciate him, but due to their professionalism, they prevented themselves from doing so.

And at this moment, the screen was following WindWithoutTrace's quick Wind Walk. After dashing through the thickest of the jungle and coming to an opening, the assailant who shot the crystal arrow was standing silently in the jungle with a crystal bow in hand.

"Princess Xiao Xiao!?"

Numerous people exclaimed in shock, including the two commentators and WindWithoutTrace in the virtual world.

Who else but Princess Xiao Xiao could this silent white-dressed girl standing in the middle of the lush greenery be? But why was the person who shot the arrow her?

"I never expected that the person who launched the sneak attack was you!" WindWithoutTrace said with a hint of surprise in his tone.

"Sneak attack?"

Xiao Xiao smiled lightly and said, "That arrow was just a greeting shot. I never expected you to sit idle despite you clearly being able to save him."

WindWithoutTrace's breathing stagnated as he justified himself, "I wasn't sitting idle. I was just unable to react in a moment of shock."

Xiao Xiao sneered, "Not using the Energy Pearl and giving an additional stab, was all of that also because of a moment of shock?"

WindWithoutTrace's expression changed. He did not expect that his vile actions had been seen by Xiao Xiao. Immediately, killing intent rose in his eyes. With his spear, he took a small step forward.

"You should have left after shooting the arrow, yet here you boldly stand. Then, don't blame me for not letting you off." WindWithoutTrace's spear tip was already pointed at Xiao Xiao.

Xiao Xiao was a long-range bow-user, while WindWithoutTrace was a spear-wielding melee fighter. Now, WindWithoutTrace was only about ten meters away from her, entering a zone which he held the advantage. It could be said that Xiao Xiao was in extreme danger.

"Oh? Not letting me off? With that clumsy and laughable Wind Walk of yours?" Xiao Xiao's voice was cold and indignant.

WindWithoutTrace's eyes focused as he suddenly took another step forward, shooting straight at Xiao Xiao like a violent gust of wind.

"Just with my Familiarized Proficiency Wind Walk, I'll be able to kill you right here!"

The corner of WindWithoutTrace's lips suffused a confident sneer while his eyes were filled with killing intent. In the Psionic Mortal Realm, one's strength would far exceed other Psionic Mortal Realm opponents as long as a skill had reached the Familiarized Proficiency realm. It was a world that only belonged to geniuses. His Wind Walk and Wind Spear were both at the Familiarized Proficiency realm, so even though Xiao Xiao's realm was one level higher than him, she would naturally not be able to put up a fight since he had closed the distance.

He was approaching her. The delicate figure beneath the white dress was just several feet away. His spear was about to pierce through her beautiful body, and the scarlet petals of blood would bloom at that instant.

"So what if you are a princess from a rich family? So what if you are a student of Pehua University? So what if you are a proud daughter of Heaven? You will still die under my spear!"

At that moment, even though he knew this was a virtual world and that everything in here was fake and nonexistant, WindWithoutTrace still felt a sick sense of satisfaction.

He wanted to penetrate Xiao Xiao's body with his spear and see how wretched she looked like in her dying state!


With a light sound coming from the ground, dust gently flew up as WindWithoutTrace's Wind Spear stabbed into nothingness!


WindWithoutTrace stared with widened eyes as he watched Xiao Xiao retreat several meters in an instant!

WindWithoutTrace took a deep breath before raising his spear to attack again. This time he was in no hurry to stab, but attempted to close the distance with Xiao Xiao as much as possible.

However, what he clearly saw was Xiao Xiao's retreating footsteps. Countless dust and sand swirled around her feet while her body was distancing herself from him at an unparalleled speed.

"Wind Walk?!"

WindWithoutTrace, who was extremely familiar with Wind Walk, immediately realized that Xiao Xiao was using Wind Walk as well!

WindWithoutTrace was extremely alarmed. He was clearly using everything he got while chasing after her with his Wind Walk, but he was unable to catch up to the Wind Walking Xiao Xiao, who was retreating backwards while facing him. Their distance was even gradually opening up!

"Princess Xiao Xiao's Wind Walk has already reached the Exemplary Mastery realm. She is indeed fully deserving of being called a proud daughter of Heaven!"

In the commentator stands, Biscuit gave his judgment from his rich experience.

The audience was stunned silent. To be able to cultivate any skill to the Familiarized Proficiency in the Psionic Mortal Realm was an extremely impressive feat. Those who could cultivate to the Exemplary Mastery realm could only be described as freak geniuses.

And Princess Xiao Xiao was such a genius!

WindWithoutTrace, who was completely left far behind, also realized that Xiao Xiao's Wind Walk had reached the Exemplary Mastery realm. His proud heart was instantly shattered as the distance that slowly opened up between them was like the despairing distance between a true genius and him.

"Not letting me off? With that clumsy and laughable Wind Walk of yours?"

When WindWithoutTrace suddenly recalled Xiao Xiao's disdainful words, he suddenly found it hard to breathe. It was as though there was an invisible hand tightly grasping his throat.

Suddenly, his pupils abruptly shrunk because he saw that at a distance hundred meters away from him, Xiao Xiao had already pulled her bow open. The shimmering crystal arrow under the sunlight was already prepared to shoot.

  1. Green has the connotations of being a cuckold in Chinese, especially in 'wearing a green hat'.

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